10 Labels You Need To Know From Singapore Fashion Week 2016

The orgy of high fashion hit all the right notes this year at Singapore Fashion Week 2016. Held at the National Gallery, this year’s style extravaganza topped last year’s venue at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza.

During the 5-day fashion festival (26 – 30 Oct), the spotlight was trained on an eclectic mix of Asian designers whose collections were showcased on not just one, but two different stages.

This year’s highlights

Indeed, the highlight of this year’s Singapore Fashion Week was none other than its emphasis on Asia; be it Asian-born designers, or designers based in Asia.

Out of nearly 22 featured creations, 20 in the show were from Asian designers – the greatest number in all of 15 years.

This was a distinct departure from the previous year, where American designer Diane von Furstenberg opened the show, and British style meister,Victoria Beckham, closed it.

Today, we bring you a quick round-up of some noteworthy designers at this year’s Singapore Fashion Week and their spectacular collections!

1. Day 1 – Guo Pei opens the event

Kicking off the event on the main stage was designer Guo Pei.

The Chinese born-and-raised dressmaker is best known for dolling Rihanna up in a canary-yellow, floor-trailing gown during the MOMA 2015.

[caption id="attachment_17929" align="aligncenter" width="962"]Credit: dailymail.co.uk Credit: SingaporeFashionWeek Guo Pei SingaporeFashionWeek Max Tan SingaporeFashionWeek Sheranut SingaporeFashionWeek Aijek SingaporeFashionWeek Exhibit SingaporeFashionWeek Chi Chi Von Tang Singapore Fashion Week Naeem Khan HashtagbyLily SingaporeFashionWeek From left to right: Arissa Cheo, Nida Shay, Elyn Wong SingaporeFashionWeek Han Chong's Designs SingaporeFashionWeek Mashizan Style with an Edge: Hardy Hardy 2016

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