Up Your IG Game With Neon Installations And Catch A Pikachu Parade At Palawan Beach – Runs Till Dec 31

If the Disney-themed light up (and crowds) at Orchard Road aren’t for you, take a detour down south to Sentosa instead.

Island Lights 2018 is the second edition of Sentosa’s pop-up art festival featuring 10 photo-worthy installations scattered across Palawan Beach.

Night At Palawan Beach

Previously known as Pop Up Night, the inaugural Island Lights 2018 returns just in time for the year-end festivities. From now till 31 December 2018, Sentosa’s Palawan Beach has been made over with commissioned works from local artists.

You can expect to be transported to a multi-sensory wonderland with a series of photo-worthy opportunities to get your ‘gram on.

Here are some of the installations to look out for:

1. ASMR Wonderland

Step into ASMR Wonderland for a truly immersive experience.

Multi-disciplinary artist Yang, brings the social media trend to life with an original ASMR soundtrack wafting peacefully over the enclosed room of tarp-covered sand. Think ball pit but softer and relaxing.

2. Harmony

Possibly the coolest outdoor installation is Harmony by multi disciplinary designer – Tina Fung.

She explores the intersection between art, set design, interaction and the environment – in a neon lit setup of hands set against the backdrop of the sea.


KTVMTV by Mash-Up is a 90s dream come true. Mash-Up is an independent Singaporean label that creates bold garments featuring tongue-in-cheek references to pop-up culture.

This installation lets you unleash your inner teenage fantasies of being a superstar. Combining the traditionally tacky designs of karaoke studios and the vibes of a 1990s music video, live out your childhood dreams at KTVMTV.

4. Islands, Barnacles and Other Living Dreams

You definitely won’t miss this glittery pink installation!

Artist Soph O invites you to write a wish and hang it up with those of others before you. Who knows, your dreams might just come true.

5. Pikachu Night Parade

Everyone’s favourite Pokemon, Pikachu, will be joining the party as well! Catch the adorable parade from Japan which will take place at 7.30pm on 14 – 16 December and 21 – 23 December. This parade will feature nine LED-lit Pikachus dancing along a 100m route.

It’s bound to be sweaty, otaku-fuelled madness.

After all that walking and ‘gramming, check out the main area of Palawan Beach which has been converted into a twinkling dining area, complete with food, drinks and live performances from local bands.

If you’re looking to avoid the madness at Orchard Road this end of year, perhaps a trip down to Sentosa is the perfect option.

Also, it’s finally an excuse to go to the beach at night!

Island Lights 2018
Address: Palawan Beach, Sentosa
Date: 16 Nov 2018 – 31 Dec 2018

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(UPDATE) Neon Lights Festival Is Finally Back This November – Interpol And Yuna To Headline

Neon Lights Festival has been one of the biggest events on the local live music calendar. Since its inception in 2015, crowds have thronged to this festival to enjoy the biggest names in the world of indie music.

Unfortunately, this highly raved festival took a hiatus in 2017, for reasons yet unknown. With FoalsSigur Ros and Crystal Castles having performed back in 2016, fans are definitely looking forward to another exciting line-up this 2018!

[caption id="attachment_36694" align="aligncenter" width="1875"]neon lights festival Image Credit: Neon Lights Facebook[/caption]

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

A few days ago, Neon Lights finally updated their Instagram page which got all their fans excited again.


We know you’ve been on the edge of your seats, praying for updates but good news is coming very soon! Neon Lights is finally coming back this November for a spectacular 3-day festival.

It’s time to camp in front of your laptops guys because we’re pretty sure their tickets will sell out in a couple of minutes.

[caption id="attachment_36693" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Image Credit: Misshapes Facebook[/caption]

Neon Lights is back this November, bringing you a music and arts festival that promises a selection of eclectic acts performing at this three-day event. Malaysia’s sweetheart Yuna and Indie Rock band Interpol will be headlining Friday and Saturday respectively.

The line-up following these acts include big names in the Indie world such as Cigarettes After Sex, The Vaccines, Sticky Fingers.

And for those hoping to #SupportLocal, homegrown acts like Mediocre Haircut Crew, FAUXE and Perk Pietrek have recently been added as well!

Fastest fingers first!

Tickets are available at Ticketflap and SISTIC right now, with early bird deals still available at $99.

Meanwhile, you can relive Neon Light’s 2016 music playlist Facebook

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(Header Image Source: Neon Lights Facebook)

We Bet You Can’t Locate All 21 Neon Signs At Flashbang Singapore

This December, the open-air carpark at Grange Road is transformed into Singapore’s first and largest creative retail playground, Flashbang Singapore.

Open from 9 to 30 December, it features carefully-curated food and beverages, a retail market, interactive exhibitions, live music performances, creative workshops, an arcade and more.

You might have noticed that your Instagram feed has been taken over by an abundance of photos of neon lights at Flashbang Singapore.

That’s right, Flashbang Singapore has some of the prettiest and most Insta-worthy neon signs and we’ve compiled a checklist for you.

Shine On Neon

1. Flashbang

[caption id="attachment_32247" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @christineeyeo[/caption]

This one’s right at the entrance. You can’t miss it.

2. Take The Risk Or Lose The Chance

[caption id="attachment_32248" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @shauntzw[/caption]

Inspirational quotes are everywhere. Well, at least this one is not on a scenic background with a hipster font.

3. All We Have Is Now

[caption id="attachment_32249" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @0hmybutter[/caption]

All you have is now…till 30 December to take photos of this neon quote. #ShamelessPlug

4. Single, Taken, Hungry

[caption id="attachment_32250" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Image Credit: Invade[/caption]

Hungry all day, everyday. This one makes a good Tinder profile photo. A perfect opportunity to show the world your priorities. Repeat after me. Food is love, food is life.

5. Bang Bang

[caption id="attachment_32251" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @ericlohh[/caption]

By Jessie J and Nicki Minaj ft. Ariana Grande? Or the “universal round” used by the previous generation of NSFs? You decide.

6. Nomophobia

[caption id="attachment_32252" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @kennethteo77[/caption]

Here’s a fun fact for you. Did you know that Nomophobia refers to the irrational fear of being without or unable to use your phone? Do you have nomophobia?

7. Angel Wings

[caption id="attachment_32253" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @mayz13[/caption]

Angel wings may be cliché but they’re always fun to take photos with. How many different poses can you make, making sure that the angel wings look like they’re sprouting from your back?

8. Penguin In A Scarf

[caption id="attachment_32255" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @applqe[/caption]

NOOT NOOT! But no(o)t really. Who doesn’t like penguins? And he (or she. We don’t assume genders) has a scarf! *high pitch squealing*

9. Party Pig

[caption id="attachment_32256" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @d.visions[/caption]

You’ve heard of Spider Pig. Now, get ready for Party Pig. Always the life of the party, friends with various club owners, never settles, afraid of commitment and a heavy drinker.

10. Unicorn

[caption id="attachment_32257" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @edisonlishengda[/caption]

Whoever came up with the idea of turning a lightning bolt into a gorgeous unicorn, deserves a medal. Fabulous AF.

11. Puppy With A Bowtie

[caption id="attachment_32258" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @im_musicfreak[/caption]

We don’t know where this good pupper is headed, but we wish him well. Because he is the best boy. The nicest boy. The cutest boy. He deserves a treat.

12. The Duck With A Bowtie

[caption id="attachment_32259" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @eazhar[/caption]

Don’t trust this duck. He’s a quack.

13. Shooting Hoops

[caption id="attachment_32260" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @haoalex[/caption]

Look at this effortless basketballing. 888 points? Maximum huat.

14. Racing Arcade Machine

[caption id="attachment_32261" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @haoalex[/caption]

This one’s cute. It took us a while to figure out what this one is. But we got there.

15. David Bowie

[caption id="attachment_32262" align="aligncenter" width="875"] Image Credit: @dawnhyan[/caption]

RIP David Bowie. This is one of our favourites mainly because of that power stance. We are living for it.

16. Finger Heart

[caption id="attachment_32263" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @sunsethighway_[/caption]

The all-too-common Korean finger heart sign. Saranghae, readers.

17. The Lady On A Mission

[caption id="attachment_32264" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @haoalex[/caption]

One of the neon light installations at the entrance. Where is she going? Where did she come from? Is she just a small town girl? Living in a lonely world?

18. The Cat With A Balloon

[caption id="attachment_32265" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @flashbangsingapore[/caption]

Do you see that cat doing an almost-perfect split? Amazing. 8/10.

19. The Man Who Can’t Stand Properly

[caption id="attachment_32265" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @flashbangsingapore[/caption]

We don’t know what that man is doing. Honestly. Is he falling? Is he breakdancing? What is it? Please tell us because we need to know. For science.

20. Arcade Gaming Machine

[caption id="attachment_32266" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @flashbangsingapore[/caption]

We like this one. Though it does look a little like a jackpot machine.

21. Liang Po Po

[caption id="attachment_32267" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: @boonkaewnaree[/caption]

This is our favourite neon light installation. Liang Po Po is Singapore’s iconic granny played by Jack Neo in the old Chinese variety TV show.

This neon light installation sends waves of nostalgia to all of us who grew up watching Liang Po Po.

Flashbang Singapore is the coolest and most vibrant place to be this festive season. So banish your FOMO and don’t miss out on this colourful neon spectacle and retail market before it ends on 30 December!

Flashbang Singapore
Venue: 96 Somerset Road
Date: 9 Dec – 30 Dec 2017
Admission: Free

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(Header Image Source: Flashbang Singapore)

What’s Up, November! 13 Exciting Activities To Check Out [16 Nov – 30 Nov]

Mid November can be a little harsh. It’s crunch time before you go off for your Christmas holidays, where you still have no idea what gift to get for friends and family… Don’t even get us started with the year end rush of meetings and deadlines.

If you’re barely hanging in there, here are 13 fun and exciting activities to help you unwind and usher in the final month of the year.

Discover & Play

1. Neon Lights Festival

Singapore’s very own premier music and arts festival – Neon Lights Festival is back!

[caption id="attachment_18372" align="alignnone" width="960"]Image source: Neon Lights Festival Image source: Neon Lights Festival[/caption]

Catered to music and art lovers of all ages, this festival will bring together more than 150 music and art performances over two days!!

Featuring performers such as Yuna, Badbadnotgood, and Southeast Asian exclusive performances by Foals, Sigur Rós & 2manydjs, it’s gonna be a weekend of major ear candy for audiophiles.

Neon Lights Festival
Date: 26-27 November
Time: 2pm- 12am
Venue: For Canning, 51 Canning Rise, 179037
Event Page: Neon Lights Festival 2016

2. Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2016

Bored of the usual run?

How about joining Asia’s most exhilirating vertical race – the Swissotel Vertical Marathon?

[caption id="attachment_18376" align="alignnone" width="960"]
Image source: Run Society Image source: Run Society[/caption]

Set to take place at one of Southeast Asia’s tallest hotel (226m) Swissotel The Stamford, participants will need to blaze up 1,336 steps over 73 storeys in the shortest time possible.

Hardcore runners, CNN actually named this race as the most challenging race among 11 of the world’s coolest themed runs. Don’t miss the chance to add this to your running credentials!

Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2016
Date: 20 November, 2016
Time: 6:30am- 1:30pm
Venue: Swissotel The Stamford, 2 Stamford Road, 178882
Event Page: Swissotel Vertical Marathon
Tickets: Individual ($52-$62), Team of 2 ($108-$120)
Ticketing Website: Run Society

3. Upside Social

Like the idea of socialising and being empowered through health and fitness at the same time?

[caption id="attachment_18370" align="alignnone" width="960"]14963216_10153909797047115_8518283580499153744_n Image source: Upside Social[/caption]

Head to Spaces City Hall for a Saturday of good food, learning, meditating, and of course shopping!

Featuring Xtend Barre classes for your happy toes, Dosirak for your tummy, wellness and nutrition classes by HIC Juices, PAUSE Meditation and Jolin Tinkerbell, you’ll definitely walk away with something.

And for the shopping part, vendors such as Lorna Jane, We Are Cultured, Anaya Life, Pili Pushers, MA’ONA and Candles of Light will make sure you get a good dose of retail therapy.

Upside Social
Date: 19 November, 2016
Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm
Venue: Spaces City Hall, 410 North Bridge, 188726
Event Page: Upside Social
Tickets: $15-$25
Ticketing Page: Image source: A.D.I Concept Image source: A.D.I Concept[/caption]

4S: Stories After Bedtime revolves around the darker side of Malay legends and folktales.

From poisoning enemies through the use of winds and djins to summoning beings from other dimension, these stories, inspired by true incidents will make you rethink of the existence of supernatural.

Don’t blame us if you have problems falling asleep at night!

4S: Stories After Bedtime
Date: 17-19 November 2016
Time: 8pm (17 & 18 Nov), 3pm & 8pm (19 Nov)
Venue: Drama Centre 100 Victoria Street Level 5, National Library Building, 188064
Event Page: 4S: Stories After Bedtime
Tickets: $22-$25
Ticketing Page: 14717263_759113037576781_2848272099804754752_n Image source: Lila Sutra[/caption]

Inspired by Sex and the City, Sex in Singcity is an evening of open dialogue on sex, intimacy and pleasure with a panel of sexperts.

While you’re at it, you can also pick up the art of seductive strip tease…without the stripping.

And the best part of all, each entry ticket comes with a scrumptious dinner from Food Rebel and a free bubly drink from Bottles XO! Now, be a caring sister and share this with all your girlfriends.

Sex in Singcity
Date: 18 November 2016
Time: 7:00pm-9:30pm
Venue: The Hive, 59 New Bridge Road, 059405
Event Page: Sex in Singcity
Tickets: $25 (Early bird), $35 (Regular)
Ticketing Website: screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-3-17-37-pm Image source: AFA SG[/caption]

Who said you can’t enjoy anime in real life?

Head to AFA SG and bob your head to your favourite anime theme songs, performed live by T.M Revolution, KOTOKOAlisa Takigawa and many more over a period of 3 days!

To jazz things up even more, there will also be anime-based exhibits, activities, celebrity cosplayers, and a special Akiba stage.

Anime Festival Asia
Date: 25-27 November, 2016
Time: 9:30am – 8:00pm (25& 26 Nov), 9:30am-7:00pm (27 Nov)
Venue: Suntec City 1 Raffles Boulevard, 039693
Facebook: Anime Festival Asia
Website: 7. Monkey Goes West

Up for an adventure of a lifetime from Haw Par Villa to Jurong West?


Laughter is the best medicine and you sure can count on Ah Tang and his friends Wukong, Pigsy and Sandy to give you the best laughing therapy in town.

Monkey Goes West
Date: 18 November – 17 December 2016
Venue: Drama Centre Theatre, 100 Victoria St, #05-01 National Library Building, 188064
Time: 2:30pm and 7:30pm
Ticket Price: Restricted View ($50 – $60), Standard ($45-$80)
Seating Plan: Website: Monkey Goes West Is Back This Year With More Laughs & Catchy Tunes!


8. Amoy Street Bloc Party

You’ve probably seen a couple of new eateries popping up around Amoy Street.

What’s a better way than partying while getting to know these new kids on the block?


Set to take place on the 20th of November, Amoy St. Bloc Party will see our favourite Chinatown street transform into a festival filled with fun, food, drinks and community activities.

Dine and wine with the 8 new award winning eateries – Ding Dong, boCHINChe, Employees Only, Le Binchotan, Burger Joint, Maggie Joan’s, Gemmills and Birds of a Feather.

When sun sets, step into Ding Dong as the playful restaurant space is reimagined into a retro dance floor for the festival.

Amoy St. Bloc Party
Date: 20 November 2016 (Sunday)
Time: 3pm – 12:00am
Venue: Amoy Street
Event page: Amoy St Bloc Party
Instagram: @amoystblocparty

9. A Mashed-Up Affair: When Cocktails & Kaya Clash

Cocktail and ka.. WHAT?

Who cares if cocktail and kaya makes an unlikely pair? House at Dempsey is putting two of our favourite things together, and whipping up something delish.

[caption id="attachment_18378" align="alignnone" width="851"]Image source: House at Dempsey Image source: House at Dempsey[/caption]

Collaborating with homegrown brand Kayamila, House at Dempsey will be pairing 4 of their signature cocktails and mocktails with 4 unique kaya flavours (Calamansi, Sea Salt Caramel, Vanilla, and of course, Original) from Kayamila.

It’s something very new and we say… just take my money!!

A Mashed-Up Affair: When Cocktails and Kaya Clash
Date: 17 November 2016
Time: 7:00pm-8:30pm
Venue: House at Dempsey, 8D Dempsey Road #01-03 249672
Event Page: A Mashed-Up Affair
Ticket: $60
Ticketing Website: Image source: Master Chef Dining & Bar Image source: Master Chef Dining & Bar[/caption]

And that’s why you should check out the MasterChef pop-up dining experience at Ash and Elm, InterContinental Singapore, for an unforgettable culinary adventure. No more wanting to lick the TV screen!

This gastronomical experience will feature restauranter Marco Pierre White, MasterChef Australia’s finalist Reynold Poernomo, MasterChef Asia’s Judge Audra Morrice, MasterChef USA’s winner Luca Manfe and our very own MasterChef Asia Woo Wai Leong.

This could totally be the most delicious dining experience you’ve ever had.

Master Chef Dining & Bar
Date: 25 November – 9 December
Time: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10:30pm
Venue: Ash and Elm, Level 1, Intercontinental Singapore 80 Middle Road, 188966
Website: Shop

11. Affordable Art Fair

Always wanted to own an art piece but shrug whenever you look at the price tag?

Maybe you’ll find a master piece at the Affordable Art Fair.

[caption id="attachment_18371" align="alignnone" width="828"]
Image source: Affordable Art Fair Singapore Image source: Affordable Art Fair Singapore[/caption]

Back for its 7th autumn edition, this leading showcase for affordable contemporary art is set to take place from 18 to 20 November at F1 Pit Building.

The fair will feature a diverse range of contemporary art priced between $100 and $15,000, with 75% of art pieces under $7,500.

Now, that sure sounds like a steal!

Affordable Art Fair
Date: 18-20 November 2016
Time: 12pm-6pm (18 Nov), 11am-8pm (19 Nov), 11am-6pm (20 Nov)
Venue: 1 Republic Boulevard, F1 Pit Building, 038795
Event page: Affordable Art Fair
Tickets: $15 (Advance sales), $18 (Door sales)
Ticketing page: Image source: Free Folk Image source: Free Folk[/caption]

From handcrafted goods from local artists and designers, organic skincare products to women’s wear and even wire jewellery, this market will make you wanna take a longer lunch break.

Return to Wonderland Christmas Market
Date: 28 November – 4 December 2016
Time: 11am – 8pm
Venue: Millenia Walk, South Galleria Level 1, 9 Raffles Boulevard 039596
Event Page: Return to Wonderland Christmas Market

13. Tan Boon Liat Block Party

Singapore’s unofficial furniture and lifestyle hub, Tan Boon Liat Building, is the perfect destination for hipsters and young couples.


With 15 storeys of furniture and home accessories showrooms and lifestyle providers, this building is set to be the only place you need to shop this Christmas season! Expect interesting and unique pieces of furniture, and gourmet food.

On 26 and 27 November, 20 participating showrooms will open their doors. Enjoy design showcases and workshops, tastings, collection launches, and silent auctions. There are even $5,000 worth of prizes up for grabs!

Tan Boon Liat Block Party
26 and 27 November 2016
Time: 10AM – 7PM
Address: Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road, Singapore 169074

With 13 fun activities to choose from, November sure is an exciting month! Drop us a comment and let us know which one you’ll be checking out.

Header Image source: Neon Lights Singapore

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