Calling All Trainers In Singapore: A Pokémon Centre Is Coming To Jewel Changi Airport In 2019

If you’re saving up your yennies for a trip to the Pokémon Megastore in Tokyo, drop whatever you’re doing.

Your long-life dream is about to come true. From March 2019 onwards, Singaporeans and travellers can look forward to a whole new Pokemon experience at Jewel Changi Airport.

The Pokemon Centre at Jewel Changi Airport will be the first permanent store outside Japan!

Ready, Set, Pokémon Go!

If there’s ever a heaven for Pokémon fans on Earth, it’ll look something like this,

[caption id="attachment_37790" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]pokemon centre tokyo Image Credit: YouTube[/caption]

…and this

[caption id="attachment_37788" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Image Credit: Matcha[/caption]

…and this

[caption id="attachment_37792" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Image Credit: Nerd Out[/caption]

You get the point.

Long time fans of Pokémon can look forward to expanding their collections once the Pokemon Centre opens at Jewel Changi Airpot next year. Live out your childhood dreams of transforming your bedroom into a Pokémon Wonderland because the merchandise are endless!

From bedroom slippers to figurines, cushions, utensils and towels – there’ll be endless shelves of Pokémon merchandise in all shapes, sizes and forms.

[caption id="attachment_37793" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]pokemon centre tokyo Image Credit: Matcha Japan[/caption]

The obvious reason one might visit the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo is for the extensive range of Pokémon branded merchandise. Another reason would be to see the Pokémon statues. So we’re praying real hard that we’ll see a couple of these giant statues in Singapore’s Pokémon Centre as well.

We’re pretty sure once the Pokemon Centre opens in Singapore, it will be full of frenzied fans clutching shopping baskets overflowing with merchandise (because, you “gotta catch ’em all,” right?).

While there’s no news on how big the shop at Jewel Changi Airport will be, we’re sure it won’t disappoint!

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(Header Image Source: YouTube)

Play And Stand A Chance To Win NDP 2018 Tickets In This New AR Game

NDP Jalan!

If you loved playing Pokemon Go, then you’ll love this new app created for NDP 2018.

Introducing NDP Jalan!, a new location-based, augmented reality (AR) mobile game!

This app is the first interactive mobile game that’s launched in conjunction with NDP.

NDP Jalan!

While the name of the game is a little tacky (come on, Pokemon GO and this is NDP Jalan! Tell me you see the similarity here), I decided to download the app to try for myself.

To start off, the default avatar is actually quite well-designed. It’s cute.

[caption id="attachment_35472" align="aligncenter" width="720"]NDP Jalan! Image Credit: NDP Jalan![/caption]

You’ll get to choose your gender (of course), skin tone, 12 different colours for your clothing, and even the DESIGN on your backpack.

[caption id="attachment_35473" align="aligncenter" width="720"]NDP Jalan! Image Credit: NDP Jalan![/caption] [caption id="attachment_35474" align="aligncenter" width="720"]NDP Jalan! Image Credit: NDP Jalan![/caption]

The designs for the backpack were all designed by students from 18 Special Education schools specially for National Day 2018!

After customising and creating your Avatar, you’ll be directed to screen which is basically a tutorial for the game.

[caption id="attachment_35475" align="aligncenter" width="720"]NDP Jalan! Image Credit: NDP Jalan![/caption]

The app will lead players on specially curated trails, with various hidden checkpoints and quests to complete at each checkpoint.

[caption id="attachment_35476" align="aligncenter" width="720"]NDP Jalan! Image Credit: NDP Jalan![/caption]

As you pass each checkpoint, the app will reveal the location of the next one.

[caption id="attachment_35477" align="aligncenter" width="720"]NDP Jalan! Image Credit: NDP Jalan![/caption] [caption id="attachment_35478" align="aligncenter" width="720"]NDP Jalan! Image Credit: NDP Jalan![/caption]

Here’s the zinger: if you’re a Singaporean citizen or Permanent Resident and manage to complete EVERY quest in each trail, you will stand a chance to win tickets to the National Day Parade 2018!

[caption id="attachment_35479" align="aligncenter" width="720"]NDP Jalan! Image Credit: NDP Jalan![/caption]

There are 3 trails available – Arts and Culture, Nature, and NDP.

[caption id="attachment_35480" align="aligncenter" width="720"]NDP Jalan! Image Credit: NDP Jalan![/caption] [caption id="attachment_35481" align="aligncenter" width="720"]NDP Jalan! Image Credit: NDP Jalan![/caption]

Every 5 quests completed will allow players to redeem discount vouchers for selected food and beverage and retail outlets.

Every 20 quests completed per theme will give you the chance to win NDP 2018 tickets!

The NDP Jalan! app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play store for free.

Watch the trailer for NDP Jalan! below.

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(Header Image Source: NDP Jalan!)

Pokemon Go Gym – Tips To Battle Better Cos Competition In Singapore Is Intense!

If you’ve played Pokemon Go enough, you’d know that taking over a Pokemon Go gym in Singapore is no simple feat. The competition is intense – you take over one Pokemon Go gym, only to find that your prized Pokemon gets unceremoniously kicked out mere minutes (or even seconds) later.

However, just because it’s tough to win a Pokemon Go gym doesn’t mean you should miss out on the fun! After all, battling has always been one of the most exciting aspects of Pokemon, and also because winning simply feels awesome.

We know how shiok it feels like when you finally manage to take over a Pokemon Go gym (even if it’s just for 10 seconds). That’s why we’ve done the research. Here are some tips that will make it easier for you to take over a Pokemon Go gym!

If you’d like to know how to become a Pokemon Go gym leader with less effort, simply read on!

Image Credits: Pokemon 3

Image Credits: Credit: Dragon-type Pokemon are weak to Fairy-type, Ice-type and Dragon-type attacks

  • Flying-type Pokemon are weak to Ice-, Rock- and Electric-type attacks
  • Psychic-type Pokemon are weak to Bug-, Ghost- and Dark-type attacks
  • Some, however, are pretty tricky. If you didn’t know much about Pokemon before you started Pokemon Go, you may find them tough to remember.

    If you’re not sure what type your Pokemon is, it’s reflected at their profile page! Jynx – Ice & Psychic. Pikachu – Electric. Vaporeon – Water.

    [caption id="attachment_13073" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Credit: Techaeris Credit: Pokemon 2

    Image Credits: 3. Table of Pokemon types & moves

    Below is a table of Pokemon types and move types, as well as their respective effectiveness against various other Pokemon types.

    1x denotes a normal amount of damage, while 1/2x denotes half the amount of damage (“not very effective”) and so on.

    Pokemon 5

    Image Credits: Really complicated stuff, eh?

    So, why does all this matter? Knowing what works against your opponent makes for a speedier and easier battle, so you won’t have to spend too much time or resources simply battling one gym.

    Pokemon 4

    Image Credits: Alright, so this is a continuation from the tip above. Since it’s impossible to remember everything all at once, we’ve decided to shortlist some Pokemon often seen in gyms in Singapore and how to go about defeating them as efficiently as possible.


    Pokemon 8

    Image Credits:

    A dual Water- and Flying-type, this Pokemon is doubly weak against Electric-type moves, so bring out that Magneton, Electabuzz or Jolteon!


    Pokemon 4

    Image Credits: YouTube

    Lapras is both a Water- and Ice-type Pokemon, so again, Electric-type Pokemon can do the trick. Fighting-, Rock- and Grass-type attacks should be able to score some hits too. although Rock- and Grass-type Pokemon are weak to Water- and Ice-type attacks too, so exercise some caution.


    Image Credits: Pokemon 3

    Image Credits: YouTube

    This Normal-type Pokemon may have a lot of HP and good defense stats, but it’s weak to Fighting-type attacks, so use a Machoke, Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan if you can!

    If you don’t have a good Fighting-type Pokemon, fret not, because Pokemon like Magmar and Pinsir possess Fighting-type moves sometimes. Ghost-type attacks also don’t work on Normal-type Pokemon, so don’t bring your Ghost Pokemon into battle!

    5. Take down gyms with fellow teammates

    Although you may now know various tips and tricks to taking over gyms, doing it alone is still really tough. And that’s why you need to call your friends for backup!

    Fighting together means that you can take the Pokemon down much quicker. You’ll notice extra attacks from elsewhere targeting the opponent, which means your own Pokemon are less likely to faint. It’s really much faster this way, and you can save on those precious Super and Hyper Potions too!

    Pokemon 11

    Image Credits: Of course, even with all this knowledge, it’s still important to have strong Pokemon, so that you’ll be in better position to battle as well as hold on to your Pokemon Go gym leadership.

    Remember: be sure to collect your PokeCoins from the shop as soon as you’ve taken over (unless you’re super confident you can hold on to that gym for a while). Otherwise, your efforts would have been wasted.

    Now that you’ve read these tips, we hope that you’ll be more well-prepared to take over some gyms and finally be able to conquer ’em all! Let’s go!

    Header credits: Also, read Singapore’s Late Night Eats Near MBS, Yishun And More For Pokemon Go Addicts!

    [Pokemon Go Crucial Tips] Wanna Be The Very Best? You’ve Got To Know These!

    It’s official. Pokemon Go is EVERYWHERE. And you’re going to need some Pokemon Go crucial tips to be the very best! Over this past week or so, you’d be more likely than not to run into someone staring intently at their phone screens. They walk, abruptly stop, and may even exclaim in excitement. All these in the name of catching virtual creatures and battling gyms.

    However, getting to the top is never easy. With the sheer number of people playing this game so intensely, competition is stiff and very, very real. Especially in Singapore.

    So, if you’re one of those striving very hard to be the best, fret not! Team Discover SG is here to help! There’s more to Pokemon Go than simply catching ’em all. Read on for Pokemon Go crucial tips.

    1. How To Meet Stronger Pokemon

    In order to meet stronger Pokemon, you’ll first need to level up. While you can power up your Pokemon with some stardust and their respective candies, there’s no point in doing so. Especially if your level isn’t high.

    [caption id="attachment_12987" align="alignnone" width="1920"]Credit: BenTimm1 Credit: BenTimm1[/caption]

    2. How To Level Up Quickly

    After all, you’re definitely going to meet (and catch) stronger Pokemon out there. Focus on increasing your level and the stronger Pokemon will come.

    [caption id="attachment_12995" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Credit: imore Credit: If you’re looking to level up as quickly as possible, then evolution is your best bet: for every Pokemon you evolve, you get 500XP (experience points).

    3. Which Pokemon To Evolve For More XP

    Now comes the question. Which Pokemon to evolve?

    Answer: Caterpie, Weedle, and Pidgey. Why?

    [caption id="attachment_12989" align="aligncenter" width="1500"] Credit: Because these Pokemon are incredibly common. Not only that, you also only need 12 candies (3 catches) to evolve these Pokemon. Since you get the same amount of XP regardless of the Pokemon you evolve, this is the easiest and fastest method to level up!

    Plus, these Pokemon are practically everywhere. So, just collect as many and evolve them when you can! Don’t worry about having multiple useless Pokemon – simply transfer them for the candy.

    You’ll soon see your level climbing steadily in no time!

    4. Getting Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon

    When in the original games, you had to obtain Water, Thunder or Fire Stones to evolve Eevee to whichever Pokemon you want. In Pokemon Go, it all really depends on luck, meaning you’ll need to hope for the best.

    [caption id="attachment_12288" align="alignnone" width="1024"]IMG_0637 Image Credits: Author[/caption]

    However, there’s a trick to making sure you’ll get what you want all the time. It’s really simple – all you have to do is give the correct nickname to your Eevee before evolution.

    To get a Vaporeon, rename your Eevee to Rainer. For Jolteon, Sparky. If you’d like a Flareon, rename your Eevee to Pyro. That’s all there is to it!

    Also, for some reason, Jolteon seems to have the lowest Combat Power (CP) of the three, while Vaporeon tends to be the strongest.

    5. Fighting Gyms Gives You Benefits

    If you’ve noticed, there’s intense competition in battling for gym leadership. That’s because becoming a gym leader gives you benefits. When you take over a gym, you can assign any one of your Pokemon to the gym, making you a gym leader.

    [caption id="attachment_12998" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]Credit: IBtimes Credit: Pokemon 5

    Image Credits:

    You can then exchange these coins for in-game items such as Poke Balls, lure modules, lucky eggs and even bag upgrades. All without having to spend real cash on these items!

    So there you have it – Pokemon Go crucial tips so you can be the very best. Of course, we hope all you trainers out there can enjoy the game to the fullest. If there are any issues, feel free to feedback on the Niantic webpage.

    Header image credit: Also, read Be The Best With These Rare Pokemon! We Included Their Exact Spawn Locations!

    Singapore’s Late Night Eats Near MBS, Yishun And More For Pokemon Go Addicts!

    Pokemon Go has taken Singapore by storm for weeks now, with throngs of Singaporeans gathering at parks, malls and even the streets of Orchard Road and Marine Bay Sands till the wee hours.

    Because of this, we’ve decided to create a list of late night eats that are conveniently placed near Pokemon hotspots and places where you can catch the rarest Pokemon.

    Don’t expect any fast food joints on this list, it’s all local food that is bound to fuel you up after a long night of Pokemon catching!

    1. Night Safari

    If you have decided to go to the Night Safari to enjoy both the real and virtual animals, you would probably have stayed long past the closing hours of the Night Safari eateries.

    We found the closest eatery to this national attraction, and the good news is they’re open way past the Night Safari. The bad news? They’re a pretty long walk from the Night Safari.

    Springleaf Prata (susanwong)
    Image credit:SpringLeaf
    Image credit: Spring Leaf 2
    Image credit: ChompChomp
    Image credit: RK Eating House
    Image credit: RotiPrataHouse

    Image credit: RPH

    Image credit: Just Go La

    For those staying in the North and Central Singapore, Upper Thomson is the best place to grab some grub. With quaint cafes serving up some really good coffee in the day and small restaurants offering really affordable and delicious food by night, it’s no surprise that it’s grown so popular.

    A great place to get some cheap supper? If you’re a night owl who prowls the island for late supper you would have definitely heard of the Roti Prata House. They have a wide variety of pratas including durian and milo but if you’re a little more traditional stick to the firm favourites.

    Distance: 5 mins by car, 23 mins if you’re walking

    Address: 246M Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574370
    Contact: 6459 5260
    Opening Hours: 7am – 2am

    Image credit: Chef Quak

    Image credit: 353 8400
    Opening Hours: 24 hours

    4. Tampines West

    Al azhar 2
    Image credit: Al Azhar
    Image credit: 6785 1265
    Opening Hours: 24 hours

    Saffron shop
    Image credit:
    Saffron briyani
    Image credit: Foursquare

    A stone’s throw from Al-Azhar is Saffron’s Cafeteria, if you’re starving and need something to fill your stomach this is the place to head to. A firm favourite among patrons is the Briyani, according our sources the servings are huge, enough to fill two adults and they’re really affordable, at an average price of $6 that is a steal! Best part? It’s 24 hours! So you know where to head to when those midnight Bryani cravings hit!

    Address: Blk 201D Tampines Street 21, # 01-1163, S529393
    Contact:6787 6010
    Opening Hours: 24 hours

    5. Chinese Garden

    Image credit:
    boonlay nasi lemak
    Image credit: 6266 4466
    Opening Hours: 6:30AM–3:30AM

    curry puff 1
    Image credit: 6345 5225
    Opening Hours: 24 hours

    6. Marina Bay Sands

    Image credit: MBS2
    Image credit: rare Pokemons, but with so many eateries either closing before 11 or way beyond our price range, Makansutra Gluttons By The Bay is one place you can definitely have you fill under a budget.

    Makansutra Gluttons By The Bay is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat no matter the company, if you’re riding solo grab some Mee Goreng from The Old Satay Club or Soon Lee’s Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee. If you’re in a big group, do supper family style, share the famous Huat Huat BBQ Chicken Wings or the Alhambra Padang Satay.

    Distance: 3 mins by car, 15 mins if you’re walking

    Address: #01-15, 8 Raffles Ave, 039802
    Contact: 6336 7025
    Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs, 5pm-2am; Fri-Sat, 5pm-3am; Sun, 4pm-1am

    7. Lot One

    Image credit:
    Image credit: CCK3
    Image credit: CCK4
    Image credit: Pokemon Go Guide: How To Catch Pikachu & Where To Catch ‘Em All!

    Be The Best With These Rare Pokemon! We Included Their Exact Spawn Locations!

    If you’ve been out playing Pokemon Go all week, you probably know that Pokemon-spawning areas are virtually everywhere. However, where are the rare pokemon locations?

    There are some specific locales in Singapore that are home to rare and powerful Pokemon. We’re here to let you in on the rare pokemon locations, so you can find all 11 rare pokemon! Read on if you’d like to add these elusive gems to your collection and further your quest to become the very best!,

    1. Ponyta

    Pokemon 1

    Image Credits: With its luscious, red-hot flaming mane and tail, the incredibly rare Ponyta is one you’d want to collect for bragging rights. Easily one of the prettiest Pokemon around, this fire horse Pokemon – and its evolved form especially – is the closest you can get to catching a unicorn!

    Rare pokemon location – Ponyta has been spotted at:

    • Yishun Park
    • Resorts World Sentosa

    2. Chansey

    Pokemon 2

    Image Credits: Kind and caring, the adorable Chansey is a ball of happiness. If you’re an avid Pokemon fan, you would probably remember that this lovely creature was always at the Pokemon Centre.

    It was always helping Nurse Joy heal Pokemon back to health in both the game and animated TV series. Chansey also boasts an incredibly high HP. While it may not be a fighter, it can certainly hold its own in a gym.

    Rare pokemon location – Chansey has been spotted at:

    • Changi General Hospital
    • Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

    3. Snorlax

    nq6hxfc-e1468937601138Image Credits: All Snorlax likes to do is eat and sleep, but don’t let its lazy, cuddly appearance fool you. This Pokemon is extremely powerful in battle! Snorlax is backed by high HP and defence stats, making it a popular Pokemon for trainers holding gyms.

    Rare pokemon location – Snorlax has been spotted at:

    • Blk 401, Hougang Avenue 10
    • Bedok Point
    • VivoCity
    • Nex
    • 5 Tampines Central 6, Singapore 529482
    • Tampines St 83
    • City Plaza

    4. Lapras

    Pokemon 4

    Image Credits: YouTube

    With its friendly appearance and gentle nature, it’s hard not to fall in love with Lapras. Despite its docile look, this Pokemon also has relatively high combat capabilities. It is another popular choice for battles or gym takeovers.

    Rare pokemon location – Lapras has been spotted at:

    • Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
    • Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3
    • 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

    5. Vulpix


    Image Credits: Author

    Fire fox Vulpix is already stealing our hearts in its own right. Look how cute it is!

    However, its evolved form, Ninetails, will propel it to the top of your must-catch list. This Pokemon is an elusive one, with rare sightings in Singapore. Fire-type Pokemon are strong when up against Grass, Bug and Ice Pokemon, so it’s always useful to have some of them!

    Rare pokemon location – Vulpix has been spotted at:

    • Sentosa Siloso Beach
    • Beauty World MRT Station

    6. Dragonite

    Pokemon 5

    Image Credits: Dragonite looks like a cuddly teddy bear. However, don’t let Dragonite’s harmless appearance fool you! It is actually pretty impressive on the battlefield!

    The most advanced stage of Dratini’s evolution, this Pokemon is incredibly rare and hard to obtain. It is highly sought after by ambitious trainers. Dragonite is also evidently useful for holding gyms. Just take a look at the sheer number of Dragonites reigning in gyms all over Singapore!

    Rare pokemon location – Dragonite has been spotted at:

    • Suntec City
    • Tiong Bahru Plaza
    • Singapore Management University (SMU)
    • Marina Bay Sands

    7. Electabuzz

    Pokemon 6

    Image Credits: Now, this is a Pokemon you don’t usually chance upon! This shockingly (pun intended) fierce Electric-type Pokemon would make a great addition to your team. Especially since there aren’t many Electric-type Pokemon around at the moment. Just what you need to take down Golducks, Slowbros and Vaporeons.

    Rare pokemon location – Electabuzz has been spotted at:

    • Eco Park Tampines
    • Near White Sands Primary School
    • Resorts World Sentosa

    8. Arcanine

    Pokemon 7

    Image Credits: YouTube

    If you thought hunting for Growlithe is tough, wait till you try searching for Arcanine. A cross between a tiger, wolf and fox, this Pokemon is one you’d definitely want to catch. Arcanine is said to have one of the highest combat stats amongst the non-legendary first generation Pokemon.

    Rare pokemon location – Arcanine has been spotted at:

    • Clark Quay area (near Riverside Point)
    • Chinese and Japanese Gardens

    9. Hitmonchan

    Pokemon 8

    Image Credits: With a name that pays homage to renowned martial arts artist and action star Jackie Chan, Hitmonchan certainly packs a punch.

    You may be unsure if this Pokemon is worth hunting for. However, do note that fighting-type moves are the only moves that are effective against normal-type Pokemon! Hitmonchan would defo be useful in gyms. Time to take down that Snorlax!

    Rare pokemon location – Hitmonchan has been spotted at:

    • West Gate Mall
    • National University of Singapore (NUS)

    10. Porygon

    Pokemon 9

    Image Credits: Unlike any other Pokemon, this prism-like Porygon is completely made out of a computer program. It does not require any food or sleep to survive!

    Pretty cool, huh? While this Pokemon isn’t best suited for combat, Porygon’s sheer elusiveness justifies the need to catch one.

    Rare pokemon location – Porygon has been spotted at:

    • City Square Mall
    • Clementi Mall
    • Orchard Central Mall
    • Esplanade
    • 271 Bukit Batok East Avenue 4, Singapore 650271
    • Parklane Shopping Mall

    11. Pikachu


    Image Credits: Author

    We saved the best for last – you didn’t think we’d leave this out, now did you? Undisputedly the most famous Pokemon of all time, Pikachu remains as one of the most loved Pokemon to date.

    If you didn’t manage to catch Pikachu at the start or hatch it from an egg, fret not, because here’s where you can find it!

    Rare pokemon location – Pikachu has been spotted at:

    • Universal Studios Singapore (Sentosa)
    • Near Jurong West Temple
    • Tampines West Community Club
    • Marina Bay Sands
    • Gardens by the Bay (near carpark exit)

    And there you have it – 11 of the rarest Pokemon that have been sighted in our city! While we don’t have access to internal spawn data, trust us when we say that the aforementioned places are your best bet to catch ’em all. Happy hunting!

    (Photo header: Our Lives Have Changed Since Pokemon Go! 12 Things Every Player Can Relate To!

    Our Lives Have Changed Since Pokemon Go! 12 Things Every Player Can Relate To!

    Pokemon was the first true love for many of us 90’s kids. From collecting decks of Pokemon cards, to playing obsessively on the Game Boy, to catching up with the latest episode of the anime series. Our favourite after school activity was trying to outdo the super annoying Pokemon Go Is Available For Your Country!” email came in last Saturday, you made a sharp U-turn and rescheduled all your plans.

    2. You went to Orchard Road to hunt for Pokemon

    [caption id="attachment_12105" align="alignnone" width="780"]
    Image source: Straits Times Image source: Image source: SGAG Image source: SGAG[/caption]

    Of course, your girlfriend matters too but first…Pokemon! But wait, there’s a rare Pokemon at her place? Bonus la!

    4. Your dinner looks familiar

    [caption id="attachment_12107" align="alignnone" width="917"]Image source: SGAG Image source: SGAG[/caption]

    Erm…is that you Mr. Krabby? #sorrynotsorry #guiltynotguilty #foodie

    5. Queuing for food is more enjoyable now

    “Aiyoh why so long queue one”…and a wild Charmander appears! Swee la!

    6. You give funny names to your Pokemon…but that only lasted a day

    [caption id="attachment_12109" align="alignnone" width="540"]Image source: Ai Koon Image source: SGAG[/caption]

    At one point you just stopped renaming them and just stick to their Pokemon name.

    7. You attempted/thought of going Poke-hunting via the MRT

    [caption id="attachment_12110" align="alignnone" width="678"]Image source: SGAG Image source: SGAG[/caption]

    MRT Y U move so fast? My Abra abracadabra liao! *cries*

    8. Screen-shotting wild Pokemon in awkward situations

    [caption id="attachment_12114" align="alignnone" width="598"]Image source: SGAG Image source: SGAG[/caption]

    EH EH EH…privacy please!!

    9. You feel sorry for Magikarp

    [caption id="attachment_12115" align="alignnone" width="655"]Image source: comic book Image source: comic book[/caption]

    Look at that poor fish! Someone give Magikarp some water plzzzzzz…

    10. You went to a park/garden after X years

    [caption id="attachment_12116" align="alignnone" width="675"]Image source: Watermelon_Jesus on Reddit Image source: Watermelon_Jesus on Reddit[/caption]

    When was the last time you actually went to the neighbourhood park? Probably many many moons ago. If you’re wondering, that’s Jurong’s Chinese Garden by the way!

    11. You drag your pet out

    [caption id="attachment_12118" align="alignnone" width="806"]Image source: Image source:[/caption]

    “Sorry doggie… you look like you need some exercise”… But actually you’re just too scared to walk alone cause of hungry ghost and all.

    12. And you realised you’re not alone

    [caption id="attachment_12119" align="alignnone" width="930"]Image source: SGAG Image source: SGAG[/caption]

    Pokemon trainers unite to be the very best!! Sorry hungry ghosts, we’re just living out our long forgotten childhood fantasy! (But just in case, read Better Safe Than Sorry? But These 10 Hungry Ghost Superstitions Are Unbelievable!)

    We know the idea of catching ’em all is fantastic, but please be mindful of your surroundings! Being too engrossed in the game is inviting danger and Medium

    Also, read Play Till Late! 5 Hangout Spots So You Can Munch & Play The Night Away!

    Singaporeans Are Going Crazy Over Pokemon Go! Here’s The Evidence!

    When baked cheese tart hit our shores, we thought the queue was crazy. But when Pokemon Go landed in Singapore, Singaporeans take crazy to a whole new level!

    Day or night, shine or very hot sunshine, Singaporeans are all out Poke-hunting and we have the evidence!

    1. Hougang is gungho…real gungho

    [caption id="attachment_12166" align="alignnone" width="780"]Image source: @WEIXIANGLIMSG Image source: @WEIXIANGLIMSG[/caption]

    When word about “rare” Pokemon such as Gyarados was spotted at Block 401 of Hougang Avenue, the precinct gained notorious reputation overnight.

    2. ….doesn’t matter day or night

    [caption id="attachment_12167" align="alignnone" width="593"]Image source: @plince83 Image source: @plince83[/caption]

    Hot sun? What hot sun? Nothing is hotter than a Charizard that I’m about to catch!

    3.  Punggol Park is not spared either

    [caption id="attachment_12168" align="alignnone" width="690"]Image source: stomp Image source: Image source: Lim Zhuang Chen Image source: Lim Zhuang Chen[/caption]

    It’s normal to see a park with people in sports attire but in flip flops and their smartphone on their hands? That’s the Pokemon effect!

    5. Yishun Park at night

    [caption id="attachment_12173" align="alignnone" width="850"]Image source: @amiehetfield Image source: @amiehetfield[/caption]

    Dear, we’re not going to the movies tonight. Instead, let’s go catch some Pokemon! Pokemon Go – redefining date nights.

    6. Orchard Road

    [caption id="attachment_12170" align="alignnone" width="1179"]A Pokemon Go walk was held recently at Orchard Road during National Day Image source: Razergo[/caption]

    How to get a bunch of youths going on a public holiday? Organise a Poke-crawl on National Day!

    [caption id="attachment_12171" align="alignnone" width="690"]Image source: Razor Image source: Razor[/caption]

    The event started at 1pm (read: hottest time of the day) and yet our Singaporean youths braved the heat to be the very best! In fact, the turnout was so massive that Poke-crawlers were chased away by the security staff of ION!

    7. Orchard At Night

    [caption id="attachment_12172" align="alignnone" width="960"]Image source: Pokemon GO SG Hunt Image source: Pokemon GO SG Hunt[/caption]

    Just look at how everyone sits together so uniformly! It sure looks like they’re about to start a choir performance! Actually, they’re sticking as close as possible to leech from each other’s lure.

    8. Chinese Garden, Jurong

    [caption id="attachment_12174" align="alignnone" width="960"]Image source: PokemonGO SG Image source: PokemonGO SG[/caption]

    It may look less crowded in this picture but the Chinese Garden is a hot spot for Pokemon GO players as it houses 20 rest stops and 3 gyms. It’s very spacious so it’s great for people who don’t like crowd.

    9. Vivo City

    [caption id="attachment_12175" align="alignnone" width="960"]Image source: Pokemon GO SG Image source: Pokemon GO SG[/caption]

    We Singaporeans are all about efficiency. If we can get our shopping done at Vivo and catch some Pokemon too, why not?

    10. Bishan Park

    [caption id="attachment_12176" align="alignnone" width="595"]Image source: @euniceleong Image source: @euniceleong[/caption]

    Remember how people used to say that Bishan Park is really scary at night? This was taken at 1:30am and the park is still lively and buzzing!

    11. East Coast Park

    [caption id="attachment_12177" align="alignnone" width="595"]Image source: @camemberu Image source: @camemberu[/caption]

    East Coast Park is home to one of Singapore’s most haunting ghost stories. It’s one of those places people try to avoid going to at night. But ever since the launch of Pokemon Go, we’ve seen some really brave Singaporeans. And it’s the Hungry Ghost Festival now…

    Do you have evidence of the Pokemon Go craze in your neighbourhood? Drop us a comment and share with us!

    Header image source: Straits Times

    Also, read Pokemon Go Guide: How To Catch Pikachu & Where To Catch ‘Em All

    Pokemon Go Guide: How To Catch Pikachu & Where To Catch ‘Em All!

    The Pokemon Go craze has hit Singapore. Unless you live a social-media-free life, your news feed is probably swamped with all things Pokemon. Like it or not, this craze is probably gonna be around for a couple of months. Whether you’re already playing, or late to the game, here’s our guide that will help you ace Pokemon Go!

    Hidden Tips Every Trainer Should Know

    Get A Pikachu When You Start

    [caption id="attachment_12083" align="alignnone" width="780"]screen-shot-2016-07-14-at-12-18-27-pm-11 Image source: Image credit: Credit: Jalan Tikus[/caption]

    Where to get Razz Berry? You can get them at Pokestops! Where have we sighted or caught our Pikachus? Gardens By The Bay (near the car park exit), and Bishan CPF building!

    Switch Off AR To Make Capturing Easier

    [caption id="attachment_12077" align="alignnone" width="1088"]
    Image source: Phandroid Image source: Image source: Image source: Phandroid Image source: Phandroid[/caption]

    Incense is extremely useful if you want to bring Pokemon towards your location. To activate Incense, tap the Pokeball, followed by ‘Items’ and click Incense (make sure you have Incense in your inventory, otherwise, get it at Pokestops). A robot vacuum cleaner looking item will show up and you’ll need to tap it one more time to activate it. A clock will appear and count down for 30 minutes. Incense works really well when you’re on the go. If you activate Incense when you’re static, you’ll only be able to lure one Pokemon in every 5-6 minutes.

    Make Good Use Of Pink Petailed PokeStops

    [caption id="attachment_12086" align="alignnone" width="700"]Image source: K&G Image source: Image souce: Tipsandtricksfor Image souce: Tipsandtricksfor[/caption]

    Once you’ve reached Level 5, you’ll be able to access gyms and put your mons in battles. Gym battles can be a little chaotic mess of tapping and swiping (tap to attack, swipe to dodge). During battles, you should keep your eyes at the series of squares underneath your Pokemon’s HP bar. When all the squares turn blue, you can unleash your mon’s “Special Power”. You can only use this special power once per battle.

    Catching Pokemon For Candy

    [caption id="attachment_12229" align="aligncenter" width="750"]once-you-have-enough-candy-click-evolve.jpg Credit: Image source: Helloあsia Singapore Image source: Helloあsia Singapore[/caption]

    Where To Catch ‘Em All?

    Now that you’ve got some tricks up your sleeves, head to these hot spots around Singapore to expand your Pokedex. Just remember to be aware of your surroundings! Don’t put yourself and others in danger.

    1.  Orchard Road

    [caption id="attachment_12091" align="alignnone" width="675"]Image source: @kuekj Image source: @kuekj[/caption]

    Just look at the number of PokeStops! No surprise that Singapore’s most happening road is one of the most happening places to Poke hunt. According to  eight Pokemon Gyms and 78 Pokestops can be found at 4 parks –  Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari and the Singapore Zoo. The WRS has also developed Poke maps to help Trainers get the most from their hunt. One word of advice: Animals generally do not like intruders. Do not enter any of the animal exhibits!

    26873775 26873808 26873924 26874129

    3. Botanic Garden

    [caption id="attachment_12093" align="alignnone" width="1670"]
    Image source: Your Singapore Image source: Redditor, “there are 5 Gyms, and Pokestops every 10 steps” at the Singapore Botanical Garden. And the best part of all, the Garden is shaded with many pitstops selling drinks and food. We’re pretty sure you won’t want to be Singapore’s first Pokemon Master to be hospitalised for dehydration! Other than that, do wear proper shoes and beware of dog poop

    4. MRTs

    [caption id="attachment_12094" align="alignnone" width="780"]Image source: Tiffany Goh for The Sunday Times Image source: Image source: rwsentosablog Image source: !

    6. Chinese Garden

    [caption id="attachment_12097" align="alignnone" width="870"]Image source: Sugar and Space Image source: maxres

    Also read: Better Safe Than Sorry? But These 10 Hungry Ghost Superstitions Are Unbelievable!