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So we’ve had the driest and 2nd warmest month on record for March. April doesn’t look good too – we’ve had our hottest day of 35.6 deg C on 3 April! Rather than do what we always do best – complain, we can also take this opportunity to chill at a beach.

When it comes to beaches, we often think about the white sandy beaches of Maldives, surfing in Sri Lanka, island hopping in Phuket, sun-kissed at Bali…. The truth is these trips require a lot of planning. From air tickets to local logistics, accommodation to leave application (there goes the precious annual leave you’ve been saving for special occasions), they can be quite a headache.

While Singapore might be a small country comprising of edgy and contemporary architecture, there are pretty awesome beaches that cater to different preferences and occasions too! Here are 5 best beaches in Singapore to check out this weekend for a hassle-free beachcation!

St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island

St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island might just be Singapore’s best well-kept beach gems. To get to these islands, visitors will have to purchase ferry tickets on the spot at Marina South Pier as pre-bookings and reservation services are not allowed. If you want a ticket, be sure to be early!

These southern islands are separated at the jetty itself; turning left would lead you to the unobtrusive Lazarus Island and turning right would be to St. John’s Island. Do pack your own food and drinks as the islands are committed to preserving their natural state, thus there are no restaurants and proper eateries. In case you forget, it’s okay! There’s a provision store and small eatery at the Marina South Pier. Do make your purchases there before you get on the jetty!

Our verdict: These islands are less mainstream and definitely suitable for those who love places that are off the beaten track. Packing your own food may be a little troublesome but the view there is worth every effort.

1. St. John’s Island:

2. Lazarus Island:

3. Siloso Beach

Sentosa is famous for its 3 beaches – Siloso, Palawan, and Tanjong. Known to be one of the most popular must-visit beaches in Singapore, Siloso beach is an impressive man-made beach has got everything a sun-basking lover needs. From bistros, restaurants, a man-made whirl wave for surfing to even a whirlpool, this is definitely where fun-loving people hang out.

If you think beaches are quiet after the sun has set, you may need to think again. Siloso comes alive with parties and music after dark. Now, can you already imagine yourself sipping on a cocktail watching the sunset and then partying all night long?

Our verdict: Siloso literally spells fun under the sun (and stars). Best to go with a group of fun-loving friends. While you’re at it, check out the Bikini Bar, Singapore’s first and only Bintang Bar for a wide range of ice-cold beers, cocktails and house poured spirits.

4. Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach is a family-friendly beach that boasts fun shops and eateries that are a favourite with adults and children alike. Parents can watch their kids have fun at the designated wading pools, water fountains and children’s seaside club while enjoying an iced drink at the bistros and bars nearby.

Unlike its happening neighbour, Siloso, Palawan is more laid back and relaxing, making it a great picnic spot. They also have a suspension bridge linking beach-goers to the southernmost point of Continental Asia (Asia’s closest point to the Equator).

Our verdict: Palawan beach may not be as upbeat as Siloso but it is also vibrant and energetic, making it a great spot to throw a birthday party or picnic for both kids and adults. There is also a ‘Port of Lost Wonder‘, Singapore’s first kids’ club by the beach, designed to provide a unique family experience.

5. Tanjong Beach

If you like peace and serenity, Tanjong Beach is the place for you! It is a little more private and quiet than the other two beaches, and is a walking distance towards the hip Siloso Beach.

Perhaps when you’re bored of sun tanning or reading that book, you can head over to explore Siloso Beach and Palawan – all within walking distance! Bring your significant other together with you for a night time stroll too. With twinkling stars and the help of more twinkling lights of the ships at the shore, it’s lovers’ paradise.

Our verdict: Tanjong Beach is not only great for intimate and romantic dates, but also to catch up on your reading list or bring your girls and work the abs with some paddle board yoga.

Can’t wait for some fun under the sun? Do share this with your friends and family, and plan a beach trip soon. Just don’t forget the sunblock and water, you won’t want to look like a steamed crab!

(Featured image credit: KLM)