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If you’re in search of a sure-fire way to shed those pounds, smoothen out nasty cellulite, and have crazy fun all at the same time, BBOUNCE it out! BBOUNCE was opened only a few months back by former national swimmers Joel Tan and Leslie Kwok. It is the first of its kind in Singapore!

Bbounce in Singapore – Hybrid Rebounding

BBOUNCE is known to laypeople as “the trampoline thing”, though not to be confused with free-and-easy trampoline parks. BBOUNCE requires so much more than being an energizer bunny. The workouts in this studio are in fact called Hybrid Rebounding – an intense cardio session that is two times more effective than running.



In addition, it also helps in toning muscles and building up core strength. You are forced to keep your core tight to gain momentum and maintain your balance.

Disclaimer: a strong core is not necessarily determined by whether or not you have a six-pack, so don’t feel demoralised if your abs have not made an appearance after your tenth class!

However, you can trust that your core has indeed become stronger – and a strong core is extremely important in helping to protect the spine!

Our experience

The fun begins when you grab a pair of 1kg weights (or 2kg if you’re up for the challenge) and pick a trampoline. If you bring along a bunch of friends just like I did, the class will be more fun and less painful. My first class was a beginner’s class called BBOUNCE Lite, where all of 50 mins was spent on the trampoline.

Other classes such as Hybrid Rebounding, BBOUNCE’s signature class, has you on the trampoline for 30 mins. You’ll spend the rest of the time off the trampoline, working your way to your dream bod.

We were lucky enough to have the founder, Joel, push us to our limits during our first beginner’s class. Joel mentioned that a single class can burn up to an insane amount of 500 calories. Indeed, he worked us hard to reach that goal. We bounced to the rhythm of club hits and Mambo beats (who could forget Zouk’s iconic Mambo nights).

The class became tougher when hand movements and weights were incorporated, and when we were instructed to shuffle our feet. The friction between my shoes and the trampoline net made my quads work extra hard. My core was burning from making sure that my feet stayed within the confines of the trampoline.

The workout wasn’t just a test of stamina, but also a test of coordination – and boy did it feel good to be in sync with the music. My total calorie count at the end of it all: 352. I blame my lack of stamina for disallowing me to lift my feet off as high as I wanted to. However, I do see how 500 calories is possible if you gave your hundred percent.


Tip: Wear flat-soled shoes or cross-training shoes instead of running shoes. Running shoes are designed to make you go forward, but at BBOUNCE, the only way is up.

176 Orchard Road #06-09, The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843
Tel: 6262 2273
Website here

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