What Do You Get When You Put Burger And Japan Together? Burger King's New Japanese Burger!


What does Pokemon Go, Japan Food Town and Teriyaki sauce have in common? You got that right. Japan! It’s no secret that us Singaporeans are obsessed with everything Japanese at the moment, and even our everyday burgers can’t seem to escape the Japanese wave. Hopping on the Japan-crazed bandwagon with their new TeriyaKing Japanese Burger is our favourite burger joint, Burger King!

Image Credits: BurgerKing
Image Credits: BurgerKing

King of the Grill

Launched just this week, the TeriyaKing burger draws inspiration for its name from the well-loved Japanese Teriyaki sauce. What most people do not know is that the Japanese word “Teriyaki” actually means “grill”. Ingeniously put together, TeriyaKing actually means King of the Grill! This is certainly an apt name since Burger King takes pride in flame-grilling all its burgers!

Image Credits: BurgerKing
Image Credits: BurgerKing

A Closer Look at the Burger

As the name suggests, Burger King’s lip-smacking teriyaki sauce will glaze both beef and chicken patty options. The sauce is not too sweet and full of flavour, covering the tender patties like a warm and oozy blanket.

Of course, a Burger King burger wouldn’t be complete without the iconic whopper patty! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the actual patty is a whole inch larger than the bun itself, so there’s more flame-grilled goodness to go around.

The patties are grilled to perfection – just look for those signature grill marks on the tender meat! A signature piece of crisp seaweed certainly adds the wow! factor. It brings with it the salty taste of the ocean, while a slice of tomato and lettuce keeps each bite crisp and refreshing. Oishii!

Together with a bun that’s perfectly toasted on the outside, and warm and comforting on the inside, TeriyaKing is sure to please.


Although this exquisite burger is available a la carte, we prefer to go big with the set meal option. It comes with thick cut fries and everyone’s favourite drink – iced green tea!


Burger King has truly outdone itself with this new TeriyaKing burger. No guesses for what we’ll be having for our meals for the next few days!

TeriyaKing is available islandwide at all Burger King outlets

The set meal with fries and an iced green tea is priced at $8.55, while the a la carte burger is $7.25.

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