6 Obvious Ways To Impress Your Future In-Laws This Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and you know what that means – home visits, lots of red packets and even more food! If you’re seeing someone, CNY will also probably be the time that you visit your significant other’s parents. Don’t get the jitters because we’ve got 6 great ways to impress the future in-laws this Lunar New Year.

1) Wear Red To Impress

Okay, this one is easy.

Red, red, and MORE red right? Duh.

[caption id="attachment_21331" align="alignnone" width="477"] Image Credits: Instagram Amerbeverly[/caption]

It’s a sure win colour. You’ll definitely be well-received if you look like a red ang pao walking through their doors bringing good luck to their family.

2) Bring A Gift

Bring a pair of Mandarin Oranges. That will be obviously expected of you.

[caption id="attachment_21329" align="alignnone" width="600"] Image Credits: Singapore Florist[/caption]

If you want to make a super impression, bring awesome gifts or food, like…

a Golden Pineapple Cake


a huge Huat Tart

(both from Goodwood Park Hotel)

or a Yu Sheng, so you can Lou Hei together!

[caption id="attachment_22016" align="aligncenter" width="596"] Peach Blossoms Yu Sheng[/caption]

We bet they’ll love you after this.

3) Offer To Help

There’s always so much to do and so little help during Chinese New Year.

If your partner’s family is hosting a huge gathering, offer to take out the trash, serve food to relatives, and look useful all the time.

You’ll get compliments in no time!

If you’re invited for an exclusive meeting (just your partner’s immediate family), volunteer to help in other ways – scoop the rice, wash the dishes, and be gentlemanly. You’ll ace the meeting, we promise.

4) Know The Taboos And Superstitions And Avoid Them

We know – there are just SO many Chinese taboos to avoid!

No washing your hair because you’re washing away your good luck, no sweeping the floor because you’re sweeping away your family’s good luck, and the list goes on…

[caption id="attachment_21325" align="alignnone" width="1066"] Image Credits: An American Girl in Shanghai[/caption]

These superstitions are amusing but let’s not take any chances with the future in-laws.

The most applicable taboo this Chinese New Year will probably revolve around meal times.

Well, we all know not to stick our chopsticks in rice because it resembles offerings. But did you know that while eating fish, you should not break any of the fish bones?

There are so many taboos and superstitions, it’s best to check with your other half, so you know what matters to their family.

5) Get Ready To Talk & Interact

We’ll let you in on a secret.

Everyone’s favourite topic is themselves.

[caption id="attachment_21327" align="alignnone" width="2000"] Image Credits: Dreamtime[/caption]

So, get rid of all those awkward moments with his/her relatives by asking them about themselves! They’ll be talking non-stop like a machine gun. Just nod your head in approval and listen, in case they ask for your opinion.

6) Lastly, Be Yourself

So cliche but so true!

You shouldn’t claim to be knowledgable about American or Chinese politics just because your partner’s father is.

He’ll see through your lies and lack of knowledge in no time. Better to keep quiet and nod your head than speak and show you’re a fool.

Let your own personality and interest shine through instead.

Wrapping up!

Chinese New Year can be a great opportunity to meet the future in-laws because everyone’s cheerful and happy.

[caption id="attachment_21335" align="alignnone" width="700"] Image Credits: Cucas[/caption]

While certain traditions should be adhered to and certain actions should be avoided, do not let them intimidate you. Grab a pair of oranges and put on a smile while you take your relationship to the next level and meet the parents.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is meeting your parents, don’t forget to share this with them.

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Rich And Famous, But These 5 Local Artistes Show That Success Is More Than That

Confirm poor. No future. Difficult to succeed. These are thoughts that probably cross your mind when you think about local artistes and the music industry. Well, think again! Despite it being a tough industry to break into, here are 5 of our local artistes who have MADE IT internationally.

That’s right: record deals, multiple albums, tours and the big bucks. These over-achieving local artistes inspire us to dream big and work hard, without sacrificing the truly important things in life.

Let’s take a closer look at the stories of our nation’s 5 shining music stars.

1) JJ Lin

With 12 studio albums (yes, 12!) and 4 world tours tucked under his belt, JJ Lin is one of the most successful local artistes to this date.

[caption id="attachment_20695" align="alignnone" width="640"] Image Credits: Her World Plus[/caption]

Besides playing DOTA, JJ Lin has snagged numerous music awards for singing and song writing from the Golden Melody Awards, Global Pop Awards and the Apple Entertainment music awards.

[caption id="attachment_20694" align="alignnone" width="765"] Image Credits: AsianTVAwards[/caption]

Though JJ Lin, whose English name is Wayne, is influential (friends with Harlem Yu and A-Mei), he remains humble and very much a family man. He actually invited his mother, father, and brother to perform on stage with him for his Genesis World Tour concert in Singapore.

JJ Lin’s artiste summary
Which record label? Warner Music Taiwan
How rich? According to Forbes, JJ Lin’s net worth was reported to be $50,940,000 in 2016! This makes him the 31st most bankable Chinese Star in the world.
Famous in? Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, America
No. of awards? Over 100
No. of albums released to date? 12
No. of world tours? 4

2) Stefanie Sun

When a singer has her own Madame Tussaud’s wax twin standing in Sentosa, you know she’s made it. Singapore’s Queen of Mandopop has 12 studio albums and sold over 30 million copies of them to date.

[caption id="attachment_20688" align="alignnone" width="458"] Image Credits: Pinterest[/caption]

Together with notable singers Wang Leehom, Wang Feng and Jane Zhang, she recorded the theme song for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games titled “Light the Passion, Share the Dream”.

[caption id="attachment_20689" align="alignnone" width="991"] Image Credits: AsianPopNews[/caption]

The myriad of awards under her name are but the echo of Sun’s spectacular success.

Despite her success, Stephanie Sun remains as tongue-in-cheek and down-to-earth as possible.

When a picture of her looking like an aunty queueing at McDonald’s surfaced, she took the opportunity to show that beauty is more than skin-deep.

Stephanie Sun’s artiste summary
Which record label? Universal Music
How rich? Taiwanese tabloid has reported her as earning up to SGD 1,348,630,404. That makes her a billionaire. But, most of that sum came from her property investments (3 in Singapore), and other property and stock market investments.
Famous in? China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia
No. of awards? 69
No. of albums released to date? 12
No. of World tours? 3

3) Kit Chan

“This is home, truly, where I know I must be..”

Yes, Kit Chan is the songstress of our nation’s favourite NDP song, Home!

She also happens to be an extremely successful singer with 14 albums (she released her latest album just this year) and has set up her very own record label, Banshee Empire.

[caption id="attachment_20692" align="alignnone" width="2400"] Image Credits: Newsasiaone[/caption]

Chan’s ability to sing in Mandarin, Cantonese and English has propelled her to perform in many parts of Asia, the United States, Hong Kong, and even New Zealand.


[caption id="attachment_20693" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Image Credits: Youtube[/caption]

Further, she was given the title of Singapore’s “national treasure” for good reasons. Ever since she debuted in 1993, she has displayed the multiplicity of her many talents – in singing, theatre, television drama, poetry, song writing, and entrepreneurship (she runs two floral boutiques in Singapore: Flowers in the Attic and Roses in the Loft).

As if that wasn’t enough, Kit Chan was continually involved in community involvement projects – as ambassadors for National Youth Council, National Heritage Board, and relief organization “World Vision”.

Kit Chan’s artiste summary
Which record label? Banshee Empire (Her own company)
How rich? Definite Millionaire
Famous in? China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore
No. of awards? 9
No. of albums released to date? 25
No. of World tours? –

4) A-Do

You wouldn’t believe it, but A-Do (Do Cheng Yi) started out as a humble construction worker right here in Singapore. He was scouted by local producer Billy Koh in a talent search audition. Everything in his life changed after that. A-Do was propelled to astounding fame across Asia when he released his first album in 2002.

[caption id="attachment_20687" align="alignnone" width="600"] Image Credits: Lollipopsg[/caption]

While his life story sounds like it came right out of the movies, there is no mistaking how talented and successful this local singer is. A-Do is famed for his unique husky vocals which won him over 20 awards to date.

[caption id="attachment_20686" align="alignnone" width="600"] Image Credits: Lollipopsg[/caption]

He is adored for his bashful personality and modest demeanour, especially among his Chinese fans. In spite of his wealth and success, he drives a small Honda, is still best buddies with his former construction colleagues, and is afraid to get on an airplane, as reported by  Image Credits: MMIA[/caption]

Chua is also effectively bilingual, which has enabled her to release 10 Chinese and 4 English albums thus far. In fact, bilingualism is but one of her many musical talents.

[caption id="attachment_20691" align="alignnone" width="763"] Image Credits: The Straits Times[/caption]

She has written and produced a number of songs for prominent singers like Fish Leong, Stefanie Sun, and S.H.E.

Tanya Chua has been praised as a “musician”, not just a mere “performer” by the widely-revered Taiwanese producer and songwriter Jonathan Lee because of her profound musical abilities.

Unwilling to settle for karaoke-friendly ballads, she continues to learn and explore music and song-writing. Rather than write songs for the market, she aims to keep her music fresh, creative, and real. Her passion and courage to go against the grain, take risks and seek growth makes her not just admirable, but also inspirational.

Tanya Chua’s artiste summary
Which record label? Asia Muse
How rich? Possible millionaire
Famous in? China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore
No. of awards? 8
No. of albums released to date? 18
No. of World tours? 1

Singapore may be a small country but it has nevertheless produced some BIG talents in the music industry. Even the biggest and brightest of names had to start from humble beginnings, like A-Do, before working their way up. All while maintaining close bonds with their loved ones like JJ Lin, or declaring their love for our home country in an NDP song like Tanya Chua and Stefanie Sun!

Indeed, these 5 individuals are role models for us all, and remind us that success is not all about the glitz and glamour, but remembering the things closest to our hearts.

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Food For Thought – A Day In The Life Of A Singaporean Hawker

When a steaming plate of Chai Tow Kway is presented to us Singaporeans, we are probably consumed by the thought of gobbling it up. However, the scrumptious local dishes we enjoy and relish are the fruit of our Hawkers’ labour. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to take a walk in the shoes (or rather, rubber boots!) of our local hawkers?

A Tale of Two Hawkers

[caption id="attachment_13771" align="alignnone" width="745"]image credits: Tiger Beer image credits: Tiger Beer[/caption]

Mdm Wang Li Er and Ms Deniece Tan are amongst two of our country’s hawkers. While most of us still lie in bed sleeping, these two individuals are up to prepare for the bustling day ahead even before the sun rises!

[caption id="attachment_13772" align="alignnone" width="747"]image credits: Tiger Beer image credits: Tiger Beer[/caption]

Let’s go behind-the-scenes and uncover the various tasks, joys, and tales that pepper the days of a Singaporean Hawker.

Mdm Wang from Cambridge Rd Hong Kong Roast Pork

[caption id="attachment_13755" align="alignnone" width="1438"]image credit: Tiger Beer image credit: Tiger Beer[/caption]

Think of Mdm Wang as Chef Gustav from Ratatoullie – she’s a seasoned hawker and a veteran in the Hawker scene. Having run her stall, Cambridge Rd Hong Kong Roast Pork, for years, Mdm Wang is certainly familiar with the tough labour associated with the Hawker trade.

Tolerating the unbearable heat from standing next to the fire all day. Replenishing dishes as they run out. Washing the plates and bowls at the end of the day. Can you imagine doing this everyday

[caption id="attachment_13773" align="alignnone" width="744"]image credits: Tiger Beer image credits: Tiger Beer[/caption]

These are tasks that have become part and parcel of Mdm Wang’s life, yet she enduringly carries them out!

Going The Extra Mile

Mdm Wang doesn’t stop at her hawker duties. She also goes the extra mile to give back to the community.

[caption id="attachment_13774" align="alignnone" width="731"]image credits: Tiger Beer image credits: Tiger Beer[/caption]

She takes a little bit of time each day to print and distribute food coupons to the elderly, as some of them simply cannot afford meals. These coupons can then be exchanged for a free meal at her stall.

Talk about an unsung hero- Mdm Wang’s story certainly tugs at our heartstrings.

[caption id="attachment_13766" align="alignnone" width="1440"]image credits: Tiger Beer image credits: Tiger Beer[/caption]

Preparing and distributing these coupons on top of her regular job may be tough physically and financially, but Mdm Wang finds it very fulfilling. In her eyes, helping others brings her more happiness than money can buy!


Deniece Tan From Truly Test Kitchen

[caption id="attachment_13775" align="alignnone" width="753"]image credits: Tiger Beer image credits: Tiger Beer [/caption]

Deniece didn’t start off as an aspiring hawker. In fact, this 27-year-old was a regular working adult. Having graduated with a degree in business, Deniece landed a prestigious job in foreign exchanging banking. Ultimately, she knew her heart belonged somewhere else.

[caption id="attachment_13776" align="alignnone" width="735"]image credits: Tiger Beer image credits: Tiger Beer[/caption]

Deniece’s father, Mr Tan, had owned a hawker stall selling curry rice since she was little. Indeed, Deniece was brought up with good local home-cooked food. In a bold (and shocking!) move, she left a job with enviable career prospects and started Truly Test Kitchen to continue her father’s legacy.

It was a 360-degree change for her. However, Deniece has never regretted her decision. To her, the early mornings and hard work are but small sacrifices as she chases her dream!

[caption id="attachment_13777" align="alignnone" width="745"]image credits: Tiger Beer image credits: Tiger Beer[/caption]

“There’s just so much joy and satisfaction when you see that you have made so many people happy”, said the inspiring 27-year-old with a smile.

Show Your Love to Local Hawkers With a Message 

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 7.21.31 PM

Being a hawker is often a thankless job. Think about it: when was the last time you showed appreciation to them for all their hard work? Tiger Beer makes it easy for us to show our gratitude to hawkers like Mdm Wang and Deniece Tan.

A little thanks goes a long way for our hawkers who toil day and night to deliver our favourite local dishes to us! All we have to do is take a photo of our favourite hawker fare, share it on social media with a thank you message, and include #uncagestreetfood.

Tiger Street Food Support Fund

[caption id="attachment_13765" align="alignnone" width="646"]image credit: ytimg image credit: ytimg[/caption]

In a bid to keep this proud and roaring flame for local food alive, Tiger Singapore has set up a fund to encourage aspiring hawkers like Deniece to enter the trade. It can be hard to grapple with costs for an inexperienced hawker, so that’s where Tiger’s Street Food Support Fund comes in!

20 cents from each 6-can pack of beer purchased will be channelled to the Tiger Street Food Support Fund. Budding hawkers can apply for this fund from now till 15th November. Successful applicants will receive up to SGD $10,000 funding from Tiger Beer!

Go Nuts for Local Businesses!

[caption id="attachment_13768" align="alignnone" width="648"]image credits: Tiger Beer image credits: Tiger Beer[/caption]

Hawkers aren’t the only local businesses that propel our nation’s food culture: Local food brands do too!

Tiger has partnered with local nut brand, Camel, to launch the limited edition Nasi Lemak Sambal Flavoured Nuts! You know, the salty, crunchy and spicy ikan billis and peanuts that we know and love? It can be purchased at convenience stores with a purchase of two 500ml cans of Tiger Beer. It’s available from now to 30th September 2016!

You can also indulge in this exclusive packet of nuts with a purchase of draught beer or a bucket of Tiger Beer from 1st September to 31st October 2016 at select bars and pubs.

Food For Thought

[caption id="attachment_13778" align="alignnone" width="735"]image credits: Tiger Beer image credits: Tiger Beer[/caption]

Being a hawker is no easy life. That is why our Hawker heritage needs preserving. A small gesture of appreciation from you and me, like thanking them and flashing a smile, could just be the encouragement they need to make their hard work and sacrifices worthwhile.

[caption id="attachment_13756" align="alignnone" width="1200"]image credit: Tiger Beer image credit: Tiger Beer[/caption]

The next time you receive your plate of hawker food, don’t forget to thank your hawker!

From now to 8 September, also take a picture of your hawker food before you dig in! Join in the fun and upload the picture to social media. Include #uncagestreetfood, and your picture may be included in a Tiger Beer video! It’ll be a collective thank you to those who keep our great food and unique hawker culture alive.

[caption id="attachment_13779" align="alignnone" width="753"]Credits: MissTamChiak Credits: MissTamChiak[/caption]

Deniece and Mdm Wang represent the present and future when it comes to upholding Singapore’s food culture. Do your part to ensure an enduring hawker tradition today!

Have You Thanked The Hawker Who Served You Food Today?

You probably just had your Wanton Mee, Mee Rebus, or Prata. The food hit all the right notes, and you couldn’t be happier. However, did you remember to thank the hawker who works tirelessly to serve you the same great food every day?

Fret not, most of us take our delectable Singapore local food for granted. In fact, we love our Singapore food, especially our local hawker food so much, that the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is the best description of us ever.

Our Love for Hawker Food

[caption id="attachment_13752" align="alignnone" width="1776"]source: misstamchiak source: misstamchiak[/caption]

Without hesitation, we engage in discussions and debates over the best Bak Chor Mee, Indian Rojak, Nasi Lemak, and the list goes on. When the Michelin Guide came rolling around to Singapore, not only did we question their processes and decisions, we offered better suggestions, and even defended our own favourite hawkers.

It’s as if we were Smaug from The Hobbit that woke from a deep slumber. Singapore suddenly came abuzz with chatter and discussion about our pet topic – food.

Our Hawker Scene


However, what most of us Singaporeans fail to realise is that this beloved national hobby – eating good hawker food, may one day become a luxury. Just like the pasar malams that are far and few between, our dying local hawker scene is real. How many youths would willingly step up and pursue the career of a hawker?

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way

[caption id="attachment_13755" align="alignnone" width="1438"]image credit: Tiger Beer image credit: Tiger Beer [/caption]

Rather than talk pointlessly about this issue, we could instead, remind ourselves to thank our unsung hawker heroes! They are the ones whose cheeks are flushed from spending long hours next to the flame. Their rough but skillful hands have chopped many a dozen vegetables. Being a hawker is definitely no walk in the park. And it’s time we show our appreciation and thanks!

#uncagestreetfood by Tiger Beer

“Knowing that their efforts have not gone to waste and that their food is enjoyed and appreciated is what keeps our hawkers going,”

“And for all they do, it’s time to say thank you.”

Taking the lead to remind us of our hawkers’ hard work, Tiger Beer has provided Singaporeans the perfect opportunity and platform for us to express our gratitude. This film of Mdm Wong from Hong Kong Roast Pork at Pek Kio Hawker Centre flawlessly encapsulates the effort and dedication it takes to be a great hawker.


Mdm Wong doesn’t just stop at dishing out warm plates of great hawker food; she goes the extra mile to provide food coupons to senior citizens. Fully aware that some elderly in the neighbourhood struggle to pay for their food at times, she allows them to exchange the coupon for a free meal at her stall.

[caption id="attachment_13756" align="alignnone" width="1200"]image credit: Tiger Beer image credit: Tiger Beer[/caption]

Mdm Wong walks the talk by giving back to society. Surely, you can too, by just thanking a hawker and taking a photo!

Show Your Love to Our Unsung Heroes With a Message

 Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 7.21.31 PM

Tiger Beer makes it easy for us to show our heartfelt appreciation to hawkers like Mdm Wong. All we have to do is take a photo of our favourite hawker fare, share it on social media with a thank you message, and include #uncagestreetfood.

Who are the hawkers who serve you daily? Could it be that friendly uncle at the Prata stall under your block who greets you with a smile every morning? Or the generous auntie at the nearby mixed vegetable rice store who gives you an extra portion of steamed egg because you’re a regular customer?

An Epic Food Trial Journey to Start You Off

[caption id="attachment_13760" align="alignnone" width="647"]Image Credits: hungrygowhere Image Credits: hungrygowhere[/caption]

Not sure how you should kick start this movement to show gratitude to our hawkers? How about exploring Pek Kio Hawker Centre, where Mdm Wong has her stall?This food centre is known for its wide variety of scrumptious local fare.

Cambridge Rd Hong Kong Roast Pork (#01-08)

[caption id="attachment_13759" align="alignnone" width="650"]Image Credit: keropokman Image Credit: keropokman[/caption]

Pop by Mdm Wong’s stall first to say hello! Her signature roast pork rice is succulent and crispy. We heard that there’s a lunch queue at times, so be prepared for some waiting.

 Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles (#01-15) 

[caption id="attachment_13761" align="alignnone" width="636"]Image Credits: hungrygowhere Image Credits: hungrygowhere[/caption]

This store is famous for their aromatic prawn noodle soup, served with their signature large and juicy prawns. The soup has a delicious depth of flavour that doesn’t overwhelm, even when you’re on your second bowl!

Operating hours: 7.30am to 2pm (Closed on Monday and Tuesday)
Prices start from $5

Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun (#01-25) 

[caption id="attachment_13762" align="alignnone" width="643"]Image Credits: hungrygowhere Image Credits: hungrygowhere[/caption]

If you’re craving handmade, silky Chee Cheong Fun with just the right amount of bite, look no further. There’s a reason why this store only sells Chee Cheong Fun. It’s just that good! Take a leap of faith and order the creative renditions of this local dish: Chee Cheong Fun filled with char siew, prawns, scallops, and even Abalone.

Operating hours: 6.30am to 1.30pm (Closed on Alternate Wednesdays)
Prices range from $3-$16.80 per plate

Sheng Seng Hokkien Mee (#01-40)

[caption id="attachment_13763" align="alignnone" width="636"]Image Credits: hungrygowhere Image Credits: hungrygowhere[/caption]

Their springy noodles are slick with flavourful, viscous gravy. You’ll probably spot this store immediately thanks to its long queue, so be sure to get there early before this plate of steaming goodness sells out!

Operating hours: 11.30am to 5pm (Closed on Mondays)
Price: $2.50

Tong Siew Fried Rice (#01-23)

[caption id="attachment_13764" align="alignnone" width="654"]Image Credits: hungrygowhere Image Credits: hungrygowhere[/caption]

With three crowd-pleasing dishes: fried rice, hor fun and oyster omelette, you’re spoilt for choice! Famous for their quality and their quantity, Tong Siew Fried Rice stall offers very generous portions for all these dishes at an affordable price. The must-try of this stall is definitely their namesake – the Fried Rice. We heard that the crunchy texture of the ikan bilis perfectly complements the soft and fragrant rice!

Operating hours: 12.30pm to 12mn
Hor Fun ($2.50), Fried Rice ($4) and Oyster Omelette ($4)

Tiger Street Food Support Fund

[caption id="attachment_13765" align="alignnone" width="646"]image credit: ytimg image credit: ytimg[/caption]

The above are but a few picks from Singapore’s wide palette of hawker stalls. In a bid to keep this proud and roaring flame alive, Tiger Singapore has set up a fund to encourage aspiring hawkers to enter the trade.

20 cents from each 6-can pack of beer purchased will be channelled to the Tiger Street Food Support Fund. This fund helps hawkers to offset start up costs. Budding hawkers can apply for this fund from now till 15th November. Successful applicants will receive up to SGD $10,000 funding from Tiger Beer!

Go Nuts for Local Businesses!

[caption id="attachment_13768" align="alignnone" width="648"]image credits: Tiger Beer image credits: Tiger Beer[/caption]

Mmm… That familiar crunchy, salty and spicy goodness of Nasi Lemak’s sambal peanut and ikan billis is no stranger to us! Tiger Beer has also collaborated with local nut brand, Camel, to bring a cool twist to this local creation.

This limited edition Nasi Lemak Sambal Flavoured Nuts can be purchased at convenience stores with a purchase of two 500ml cans of Tiger Beer. It’s available from now to 30th September 2016!

You can also indulge in this exclusive packet of nuts with a purchase of draught beer or a bucket of Tiger Beer from 1st September to 31st October 2016 at select bars and pubs.

Thank Your Hawker

[caption id="attachment_13766" align="alignnone" width="1440"]image credits: Tiger Beer image credits: Tiger Beer[/caption]

Knowing the sweat and toil that each hawker goes through only makes them more admirable. The story of Mdm Wong certainly pulls at our heartstrings. However, her tale is but one in Singapore’s multitude of hawkers. Our everyday hawkers lead different lives, and face different challenges and difficulties. We’ll probably never have the privilege of being in their shoes.

The next time you receive your local street food, don’t forget to thank your hawker! For now to 8 September, also take a picture of your hawker food before you dig in! Join in the fun and upload the picture to social media. Include #uncagestreetfood, and your picture may be included in a Tiger Beer video! It’ll be a collective thank you to those who keep our great food and unique hawker culture alive.

After all, a little thanks goes a long way, and it just may be long enough to secure an enduring hawker heritage for our country.

Boutique Fairs Is Back, And It’ll Make You Say “I Do” All Over Again

Boutique Fairs returns this November for yet another round of unique and immersive shopping extravaganza!


Boutique Fairs

Happening 4th and 5th November at the F1 Pit Building, Boutiques promises to dazzle and impress with 150 vendors! A resplendent layout of products ranging from women’s to men’s and even home decor promises shoppers plenty of inspiration for this Christmas’ gift giving.

Indeed, you’ll certainly be able to find a gift for almost anyone with such a diverse and unique spread! Oh, and have we mentioned that over 80% of the vendors are socially-conscious businesses?


What sets Boutiques apart is definitely its one-of-a-kind concept: each shop is set up just like a boutique shopfront. Each storefront will be decorated with unique concepts be it chic, modern or fun! Shoppers, be transported to a whole new world when you visit each store.

The beautifully crafted products set in their gorgeous shop fronts is definitely a feast for the eyes!

With so many vendors, we’ve listed our top 9 picks that will make you say ‘I Do’ to every single product!

01: Bloesem

Bloesem - MyDeerPoster7

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 5.45.15 PM
Those beautiful stationary flatlays can now be yours with these picture perfect notebooks and stationaries from artisan My Deer. You can also get chic home pieces and accessories here (like the gorgeous framed posters you see above!).

Otherwise, just head down for some interior inspiration! Prices start from $19 for ceramics, $65 for posters and $22 for notebooks.

Bloesem and Hill Studio have also partnered to conduct an exclusive workshop during Boutiques! Adults and kids alike can experience making personalised wall weavings, macrame knots or even Christmas ornaments.

What better way to give your home a new lease of life than with something you made yourself?

02: Domestic Objects

Domestic Objects

Remarkably well-made teepees, play tents and accessories are Domestic Object’s area of forte. Inspired by her own children’s love for hiding under things, creator Sarah Jagger started making quality tents that quickly made its way to the market.

Designed to promote imaginative play for all ages, it doesn’t help that the fabrics used are a delight to look at too! Prices for a tent ranges from $90-$240.

03: My Moniko

My Moniko 3 My Moniko 2My Moniko is yet another admirable brand whose products are proudly made ethically. Their clutches are made from silk vintage Japanese Kimonos, and are boldly adorned with opulent colours that complement any outfit.

To produce its dazzling pattern, the design motifs are woven, hand painted or embroidered. My Moniko will also be exclusively launching Hashi, a makeup pouch, at Boutiques! Prices are $60 and up.

04: Arête Goods

Arete Goods
Classic, modestly stylish and elegant. These are the words that describe Arête Goods. Their range of well-made products ranges from exquisite ballet flats, to leather bags and pouches. Arête Goods will also be launching a collection of 100% silk sleeved shirt dresses exclusively at Boutiques.

If you’re on the hunt for quality gifts for your girl friends or mothers, this store might just be for you!

05: Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant - Attache-Tan

Translated, the French phrase Bon Vivant literally means “one who lives well”. And indeed with these buttery handmade leather bags, who wouldn’t?

Bon Vivant is a fresh face at Boutiques and will be introducing a select range of products at the two-day fair. Prices range from $150.

06: Eck & Art

eck&art design studio 1 eck&art design studio 2

Eck & Art design studio makes incorporating a little bit of Singapore into your home classy and effortless. Their vintage-style travel posters pay tribute to popular travel posters reminiscent of the early 1900s.

The studio will be presenting new designs in their latest series at Boutiques, featuring places like Orchard Road, East Coast and Bukit Timah. Prices start from $69.

07: Italic & Bold

ITALIC & BOLD - Odeme-Kerchief Set ITALIC & BOLD 3 - Izola-Whisky Flask

Italic and bold is the one stop gift destination for absolutely anyone – be it your colleagues or even your father in law! Their sleek hip flasks, tasteful hankie sets, minimalist card cases and brass cufflinks keep things practical while staying classy.

Italic and Bold will be also launching new Men’s Society sneaker cleaning kits and shoe shine sets during Boutiques. Prices start from $30.

08: Madie Moo


Madie Moo

For the vibrant, colour loving souls, do check out Maddie Moo’s quality frocks and separates. Ethically made and designed in Bali, the fabrics are an explosion of rich colours that celebrate the youthful energy of children! Prices range from $50.

09: Style Deco

Stylodeco Stylodeco 2 Stylodeco - mirror with brass frameEver wanted your home to look like those in Kinfolk magazine or Vogue Living? Well, Stylodeco makes it easy as pie with their effortlessly chic homewares!

They carry an assortment of home accessories, furniture and lighting for everyone in the family. Prices start from $10.

With such a large spread of beautiful and functional items sold at Boutiques, we don’t have to tell you twice where you should be headed for shopping this year!

Boutique Fairs shopping event is held at the F1 pit building, on 4th and 5th November.

What Do You Get When You Put Burger And Japan Together? Burger King’s New Japanese Burger!


What does Pokemon Go, Japan Food Town and Teriyaki sauce have in common? You got that right. Japan! It’s no secret that us Singaporeans are obsessed with everything Japanese at the moment, and even our everyday burgers can’t seem to escape the Japanese wave. Hopping on the Japan-crazed bandwagon with their new TeriyaKing Japanese Burger is our favourite burger joint, Burger King!

[caption id="attachment_12149" align="alignnone" width="759"]Image Credits: BurgerKing Image Credits: BurgerKing[/caption]

King of the Grill

Launched just this week, the TeriyaKing burger draws inspiration for its name from the well-loved Japanese Teriyaki sauce. What most people do not know is that the Japanese word “Teriyaki” actually means “grill”. Ingeniously put together, TeriyaKing actually means King of the Grill! This is certainly an apt name since Burger King takes pride in flame-grilling all its burgers!

[caption id="attachment_12148" align="alignnone" width="760"]Image Credits: BurgerKing Image Credits: BurgerKing[/caption]

A Closer Look at the Burger

As the name suggests, Burger King’s lip-smacking teriyaki sauce will glaze both beef and chicken patty options. The sauce is not too sweet and full of flavour, covering the tender patties like a warm and oozy blanket.

Of course, a Burger King burger wouldn’t be complete without the iconic whopper patty! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the actual patty is a whole inch larger than the bun itself, so there’s more flame-grilled goodness to go around.

The patties are grilled to perfection – just look for those signature grill marks on the tender meat! A signature piece of crisp seaweed certainly adds the wow! factor. It brings with it the salty taste of the ocean, while a slice of tomato and lettuce keeps each bite crisp and refreshing. Oishii!

Together with a bun that’s perfectly toasted on the outside, and warm and comforting on the inside, TeriyaKing is sure to please.


Although this exquisite burger is available a la carte, we prefer to go big with the set meal option. It comes with thick cut fries and everyone’s favourite drink – iced green tea!


Burger King has truly outdone itself with this new TeriyaKing burger. No guesses for what we’ll be having for our meals for the next few days!

TeriyaKing is available islandwide at all Burger King outlets

The set meal with fries and an iced green tea is priced at $8.55, while the a la carte burger is $7.25.

This article is brought to you by Discover SG x Burger King

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Collette Miles: Fitness Enthusiast, Accidental Model & Her Love For Singapore’s Hawker Food!

A model, blogger, and fitness junkie – Collette Miles is certainly is a young lady with many talents. Did we mention that Collette was also a finalist for The New Paper New Face Pageant in 2009? Read on to find out more about DiscoverSG’s newest influencer!

1. Hi Collette! Tell us more about yourself!

Hi DSG! I’m currently a Communications major at the London School of Economics and am enjoying my last semester in university. I spend half my time writing my dissertation on social media influencers (really interesting stuff!). The other half is spent doing what I love outside of school – blogging, generating social media content and sweating it out at fitness classes.


2. We heard that fitness is a big passion of yours! How did that begin?

As a child, I loved outdoor activities like camps, martial arts and swimming. While this sporty enthusiasm died down during my teenage years, the spark was rekindled four years ago with yoga. I embarked on yoga because I wanted to be flexible. I also wanted people to stop commenting that I was “too skinny” – I knew I was stronger than I looked (and I’d like to think I still am haha). I am always up for a good challenge, so my first ever yoga class was actually a multi-level hot yoga class at 38 degree celsius!

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 8.20.05 pm

3. Wow! So how is your fitness journey since then?

Well, bear in mind that back then, I was as flexible as a biscuit – I couldn’t touch my toes standing up or sitting down! But I was hooked after my first yoga class. Along the way, I learnt that there is no end to one’s yoga journey – there will always be a more challenging variation to every yoga posture.

Even after you’ve mastered the art of standing on your hands or head, you can still take the pose to the next level by lifting one hand – or even both hands –  off the ground. Yoga aside, I also ventured into other forms of workout such as cross-fit and spinning to further strengthen my muscles.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 8.18.28 pm

4. Apart from being a fitness enthusiast, we know that you model too! Could you give some insight into your modelling career?

It started when my mom enrolled me in pageant competitions when I was a kid. Her sole intention was to build up my self-confidence by having me perform in front of an audience at a tender age. The results of these competitions didn’t matter to her! As I grew older, I got cast in several print ads, but never really considered myself a model because I’m not tall enough for the runway.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 8.19.24 pm

5. What is your story behind blogging and writing?

I first started blogging in primary school. Blogger was the most popular platform back then. Frankly, I did not expect to have an online following! I blogged because I wanted an avenue to upload the photos I took with my friends. Also, I wanted an outlet where I could share my problems (looking back, my teenage problems were minuscule, compared to today’s #adulting).

I was an aspiring journalist too. Growing up, I’ve always loved the English language! I’m a self-professed spelling and grammar neurotic. I guess blogging was also a way of expressing my love for English.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 9.45.38 pm

6. With all the commitments you have, what do you usually do in your free time?

Unfortunately, juggling part-time work, writing for leisure and my dissertation in university leaves me with little time to do anything else. But whenever I have pockets of free time, I enjoy food-hunting and scooting around the city. I also love chilling at Tanjong Beach Club, or simply just napping at home to recharge my mind and body.


7. On to something closer to home: What do you love most about being a Singaporean?

Definitely the amazing hawker scene and how our culture is very much reflected in our food. Where else in the world can you find such diversity? I love eating – I’m always on the hunt for the best food in town and I don’t mind queueing for good grub!

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 8.16.26 pm

8. Speaking of being a Singaporean, we heard you have an interesting heritage!

Yes, I’m half-Peranakan and half-Eurasian that means I get to enjoy food from both cultures. I’d say that both are arguably the best cuisines in Singapore!


9. What are 3 things you absolutely cannot live without? Excluding electronics that is!

Food definitely tops the list – I live to eat! The next thing would be exercise. I feel unsettled when I’m not aching all over after a kickass workout. Lastly, I’d have say I can’t do without my trusty Moleskine notebook because I’m old school like that. Pen and paper over technology any day.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 9.47.25 pm

10. Lastly, what is your motto in life?

My life motto is ‘to see the good in every situation’. I think life is too short to be anything but happy. So even at times when I’m completely bogged down by what life throws at me, I try not to let stress and all other negative emotions get the better of me. Instead, I focus on the positive things that could come out of such trying situations. Sometimes these obstacles can become valuable life lessons at the end of the day.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 9.48.01 pm

Look out for her upcoming articles on our site, we can’t wait!

Instagram: @collettemiles

(Header image credit: Collette)

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Owning The Night – Singapore Night Festival 2016 Is EVEN BETTER Than Before!

Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival[/caption]

Inventions and Innovation

This year’s iconic Night Fest celebrates the passion of creation with the theme: Inventions and Innovation. Join the revelry as science fiction and fantasy intertwine! Get ready to enjoy unforgettable performances and light art, inspired by the zeal that drove inventors in their quest to discover the new and unconventional.

[caption id="attachment_12268" align="alignnone" width="834"]Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival[/caption]

Festival Revelries

Located once again at the Bras Basah and Bugis precinct, visitors can watch street and classic facades come alive with spectacular light art installations. And, as usual, look forward to engaging activities and roving street performances by Singapore and international artists!

Explore the wonders of a young inventor’s lair and watch as performers wearing fishbowls (with live goldfish!) perform. That’s not all! We have also shortlisted several highlights that will definitely enthral and amaze. So, summon up your inner night bug and be prepared to have some fun!

[caption id="attachment_12269" align="alignnone" width="834"]Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival Children activities available too! Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival[/caption]

Highlights – House of Curiosities by CAKE Theatrical Productions

Firstly, let local contemporary performance company, CAKE, draw you into a world of adventure and discovery. In “The Mechanical Heart”, spectators will journey together with Professor Chambers and his son Christopher. They will go on a thrilling expedition to find crystal caves.

[caption id="attachment_12279" align="alignnone" width="834"]Image Credits: Singapore Night Festiva Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival[/caption]

Visitors of all ages will also be fully engaged with this fun experiential extravaganza! They can step into a ‘Time Machine’ and wander through a tunnel of mirrors. You can even meet towering characters, take part in a funky fashion parade and ‘invent’ a mechanical heart at the craft booths! Grab your tickets to this riveting event at SISTIC right now.

Location: Cathay Green
Dates: 19, 20, 26, 27 August / 6pm-8pm, 8:30-10:30pm, 11pm-1am
Adults: $16
Concession/ Students/ Senior Citizens/ NSF: $13
(Tickets are available for purchase via Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival[/caption] [caption id="attachment_12280" align="alignnone" width="834"]Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival[/caption]

In this journey, two traveller-gatherers embark on a road to nowhere. With its unique portable stage, the audience, you, can actually WALK ALONGSIDE them as the story unravels! On this stage, the only way to go is forward. We love it, and we bet you will too!

Location: Mainground
Dates: 19 and 20 August, 8pm-8:25pm, 9:25-9:50pm, 10:50-11:15pm
Admission is free

Leave the Nightlight On

This year’s Night Festival brings together a collage of brilliant night shows! As always, the entire precinct will be transformed into a spectacular visual feast.

[caption id="attachment_12276" align="alignnone" width="834"]Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival[/caption] [caption id="attachment_12281" align="alignnone" width="834"]Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival[/caption] [caption id="attachment_12284" align="alignnone" width="834"]Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival[/caption]

Watch the stately National Museum of Singapore’s facade light up with Keyframes, or jaunty LED stick-men telling micro-stories about urban life while paying homage to tradition. Immerse yourself in art as the kaleidoscopic projections on Peranakan Museum flit and flutter in response to moving shadows.

Most interesting of all is #showerthoughts: a light exhibition that recreates the unexpected inspiration moments we often experience while showering. Do pack a camera, you’re going to want to immortalise this night forever.

Location: Along the streets of Bugis/ Bras Basah.
Dates: 19-27th August
Admission is free

Festival Village: Eat, Shop, and Chill to Great Vibes

Night Fest wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate epicurean experience at the Festival Village! There are 17 booths selling festival favourites. Leave no stomach hollow with food like Bacon bombs with potato and cheese, and churros and creamsicles.

[caption id="attachment_12278" align="alignnone" width="900"]Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival[/caption] [caption id="attachment_12282" align="alignnone" width="834"]Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival[/caption]

Be on the look out for paus stuffed with salted egg yolk and soft-shell crab and duck leg confit burger! Don’t forget to go for the free face painting session with Cosmoprof Academy. Otherwise, browse through handcrafted creations by local artists at the flea.

[caption id="attachment_12272" align="alignnone" width="834"]Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival Image Credits: Singapore Night Festival[/caption]

Festival-goers can also groove to live performances. Local and international musicians will be playing and enhancing the whole experience. The HubbaBubbas, Stopgap, and Linying will grace the stage with their stellar voices alongside Australia’s Alice Ivy and more.

Location: Singapore Management University Campus Green and University Square
Dates: 19, 20, 26, 27 August, 6pm-1am

Own the Night

It is evident that this event gets progressively better each year. From what we’ve seen so far, the 9th edition promises to be more electrifying than ever before. Grab a bunch of friends this weekend, head down to the Night Fest and own the night!



Singapore Night Festival 2016 will take place over two weekends on 19 and 20th August, and 26 and 27 August from 7:30pm-2am around the Bras Basah precinct.

More information ULTRA Singapore – Super Sick Lineup & Resistance Stage Artists Announced!

(Header image credit: popspoken)

All image credits: Singapore Night Festival

Who Knew That These 4 Weird-Looking Produce Are Actually From S’pore

When you think of Singapore, the phrase ‘local produce’ probably seems odd. Given our country’s (occasionally intolerable) sunny and humid weather, limited land mass and natural resources, growing any form of produce here would prove to be a challenge. However, local farmers are working to elevate Singapore’s local produce scene.

You will be as surprised as we were when we found these 4 premium local produce growing within our shores! Get ready for the unexpected…

1. Hashima


[caption id="attachment_11888" align="alignnone" width="2448"]Image Credit: neddely.wordpress Image Credit: neddely.wordpress[/caption]

Firstly, Hashima! With such a mysterious name, you probably won’t guess that it really refers to the dried oviducts (fallopian tubes) of female frogs! In fact, you’ve probably had Hashima while enjoying traditional Chinese desserts such as Snow Jelly or Double-boiled Hashima with American Ginseng. Previously only available to emperors, this highly-prized dessert ingredient is sold in a dried form, then rehydrated before use. It is typically boiled with rock sugar for a sweet aroma.

How is Singapore able to produce Hashima locally? Well, our own Jurong Frog Farm has conquered the challenge of Singapore’s sweltering climate. American bullfrogs have been bred since 1981 at a whopping 20,000 frogs at a time! And that’s excluding their 80% mortality rates. We know, we’re as amazed as you are.

Hashima from Jurong Frog Farm
56 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6, Singapore 719164
Website Image Credit: expatliving Image Credit: expatliving[/caption] [caption id="attachment_11894" align="alignnone" width="4866"]Image Credit: Farfoodnation Image Credit: Farfoodnation[/caption]

Next up, every foodie’s dream! Pacific oysters are native to Japan and have been cultivated for centuries. It is usually eaten by itself and can be recognised by its flat shell and radical sharp folds. These delicious oysters tend to be sweeter in taste compared to the briny characteristics of Atlantic oysters.

Singapore’s only oyster farm, Farmers @ Ubin, has been in business for 5 years now. It is located behind Pulau Ubin and faces Malaysia. It has declared that it has the “freshest LIVE oysters in town”!

While it is widely believed that oysters don’t grow in warm waters, Singapore’s tropical conditions are surprisingly more favourable than most people realise. Our warmer waters are no hindrance to the thriving oyster farm, whose quality remains consistent throughout the year.

In fact, their premium Pacific Oysters are available from farm to table on the very same day to anyone on our island! How cool is that?

Oysters from Sea Farmers @ Ubin
Pulau Ubin
Website Image Credit: Michelin Guide Image Credit: Michelin Guide[/caption] [caption id="attachment_11893" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Image Credit: circahappy.com Image Credit: circahappy.com[/caption]

Thirdly, we have the delectable pink oyster mushrooms! These highly perishable mushrooms are a pretty sight to behold, and are also found in gold and blue.

They are usually found in pasta, risotto, stir-fry dishes, and are even known to top sushi! European restaurant Portico cleans oyster mushrooms before they are sautéed and deglazed with dashi and teriyaki sauce. Even the bits that are trimmed off is put to good use. Portico includes them in their stock for dishes such as the three-grain mushroom risotto.

Pink oyster mushrooms require cooler weather ranging from 18 to 27 degrees to grow which is a tough feat for our 32-degree afternoons. Thankfully, Kin Yan Agrotech has ingeniously made use of technology to control temperatures and humidity with great precision. Do pay them a visit to see how these picturesque premium mushrooms bloom in our sunny island!

Pink Oyster Mushrooms from Kin Yan Agrotech
220 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 718830
Website Image Credit: Michelin Image Credit: Michelin[/caption] [caption id="attachment_11887" align="alignnone" width="660"]Image Credit: cookwithwhatyouhave Image Credit: cookwithwhatyouhave[/caption]

Lastly, we have purple sorrel! This exquisite plant is renowned for its rich colour and lemon-like taste. However, it is too tangy to be eaten alone. Chefs prize it for its ability to brighten up salads. In fact, sorrel serves as a wonderful compliment to chicken, fish or sauces!

Purple sorrel is known to be an extremely delicate plant to grow. It thrives between 15 to 27 degrees celsius and is thus especially vulnerable in Singapore’s intense weather. Too high a temperature and the plant wilts and browns. Too much rain and humidity will effectively rot the bulbs or attract pests.

Though an uncommon plant to find in tropical climates like Asia, Comcrop has found success in harvesting Sorrel here. Singapore’s first commercial rooftop farm can be found at- wait for it- SCAPE! That’s right, these greens are grown and can be bought in the heart of Orchard road.

Purple Sorrel from Comcrop
#04-01, 2 Orchard Link
Website here

It’s pretty cool to find out that these rare edibles grow in Singapore against all odds. With innovative trends such as urban rooftop farming, who knows what the future holds for our farming scene? All we can say is, only time will tell.

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[WIN] An Extravagant Dinner Buffet For 2 At The Line, Shangri-La!


This National Day, get ready for a huge treat! The Line (at Shangri-La Hotel), one of Singapore’s best international buffets, is taking Singaporeans on a journey through our unique food culture!

You can expect innovative twists of our local favourite dishes! Exactly what kind of twists? We’re talking about out-of-this-world bizarre creations.

Have you heard of Chendol – but served in bubble form? What about Tau Huey Popcorn, or Oyster Omelette served on an Oyster shell? As weird as these dishes sound, you need not fret!

[caption id="attachment_11716" align="alignnone" width="4912"]Image Credits: Rebecca Ong Chendol Bubbles – it looks cute, but you’ll be surprised – each sip you take is full of flavour![/caption]

We’ve gone ahead to taste and savour these not-to-be-missed unique creations. They’re as good, if not, even better than the originals of our local favourites.

The best part? You can enjoy these local delights alongside the best international selection. That’s right – there’ll be fresh cuts of sashimi, seafood on ice, beef, and not to mention, a wide selection of desserts and pastries, including the best chocolate lava cake (we had 2 servings, guilty as charged).

Image Credits: Alvin Ho

Without further ado, we’ll quickly take you through a few highlights. There’s just so much good food, that we can only pick and choose the very best. Keep reading, because you will stand a chance to win this dinner buffet for two as well!

Flavours of Singapore at The Line

Image Credits: Shangri-la Hotel

In celebration of National Day, Shangri-La’s famous buffet dinner at The Line will transform into a traditional food street from the 1960s.

Local Delights

Chef de Cuisine Vincent Wong is a figure you won’t miss at the buffet – passionate, tattooed, and engaging, he stands out among the others. The brains behind the delectable and innovative dishes, he brought us through the story behind each dish he conceptualised.

Chendol Bubbles

Take, for example, the Chendol Bubbles. Deftly and expertly, these bubbles of goodness were scooped into this cup. It looks deceivingly bland, but trust us, this is full of flavour. Its intriguing appearance is due to pockets of Chendol-infused air. There’s red bean mousse, and standard Chendol toppings waiting at the bottom of the cup. This is the epitome of guilt-free dessert – all the flavours you want in a Chendol, but without the guilt.

[caption id="attachment_11716" align="alignnone" width="4912"]Image Credits: Rebecca Ong Crowd favourite Chendol Bubbles[/caption]

Tau Huey Popcorn

If you’re in the mood for another dish that’s out of this world, try the Tau Huey popcorn! You heard us right! Here’s a hint: the futuristic kitchen at The Line uses nitrogen gas. Our local soya bean beverage will be chilled to a point where it solidifies.. and resembles popcorn! Its extremely light and delicate texture will melt in your mouth in mere seconds, only to leave you begging for more.

Keep a lookout on our FB and IG for videos of Chef Vincent preparing and explaining these dishes!

Other Creations

There are more favourite old-time delights that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Think Chicken Rice Maki Rolls (with the best chicken rice chilli), Chilli Crab Brioche, Kaya-flavoured Arabic Bread and Nasi Lemak: canapé style!

[caption id="attachment_11728" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Chicken Rice Maki with the best chilli Chicken Rice Maki with the best chilli[/caption] [caption id="attachment_11717" align="alignnone" width="4912"]Image Credits: Rebecca Ong Chee Cheong Fun Nasi Lemak[/caption]

Our local Oyster Omelette takes on an imaginative twist with deep fried egg artistically placed on each fresh and tender oyster. We couldn’t help filling our plates with these mini crowd-pleasers!

Image Credits: Rebecca Ong

A Durian Alfresco Fruit Stall!

[caption id="attachment_11729" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]The jovial Durian Master The jovial Durian Master[/caption]

Durian lovers will be ecstatic to note that there will be an alfresco fruit stall full of specially-imported tropical fruits! When we were there, we were treated to D13 and Pheonix durians, all opened fresh in front of you by a charming and jovial Durian Master. So rich, creamy, sweet, and good, we had a few servings each! There may also be other tropical fruits like mangosteen, rambutan, longan, and jackfruit.

All the durians you see in the picture were wiped out at about 9:30PM! Yea, that’s how good it is.

Other Delights



Besides all these, there are stations serving Satay, Laksa, Drunken Prawn, warm food dishes, childhood snacks and drinks, and local pastries and desserts – the coconut durian cake was the best!

International Spread

Marine Harvest Seafood

The Line is well known for one of the largest buffet spreads in Singapore. Its fame stems from its generous selection during the Marine Harvest Seafood nights (Tuesday & Thursday). You name it, they have it! A few types of lobsters, oysters, clams, mussels, shrimps, crab claws, prawns, are served on a cold bed of ice.

The Oysters are also shucked live and fresh in front of you!

Image Credits: Vanessa Chin

Other Stations


[caption id="attachment_11733" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Here's a close shot of how good it looks! Here’s a close shot of how good it looks![/caption]

In addition, there is also a Roast Station offering salmon, and different kinds of beef. The Japanese station serves up a wide selection of sashimi; Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail, Swordfish, Octopus, and more!  If you like to have some greens for every meal, you can count on the Salad Bar. Lovers of cheese, we counted at least 5 different types of cheeses to go with biscuits, bread, or ham!

Tip: You can request for salmon belly at the sashimi station.

Unlimited Wines, Beers, Juices, & Drinks

Only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for Marine Harvest night, enjoy a selection of unlimited sparkling, red and white wines, beers, soft drinks, and juices!


[caption id="attachment_11734" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]That's not all. There are like 6 shelves of desserts. That’s not all. There are like 6 shelves of desserts.[/caption]

Our best advice? Always save space for dessert. We adore the delicate toffee and nut tartlets, chocolate lava cake with matcha ice cream, and durian coconut cake. There is even a selection of local sweet treats such as kuih and traditional cream cakes for those who want to take a walk down memory lane.

Tip + food hack: Drizzle olive oil, and sea salt (from the salad bar) on their vanilla soft serve for a delightfully sweet treat with a salty crunch. Our initial scepticism about this combination melted away the moment we took a bite.

We Never Wanted To Leave


The Line undoubtedly remains one of the best buffets to be found on our island. We loved how approachable the chefs were at their stations. They entertained the crowd as they cooked on the spot, engaged and explained the dishes, and served up hot and fresh food along with a joke or two.

If you’d like to enjoy Shangri-La‘s The Flavours of Singapore dinner buffet at The Line, make a reservation here and revel in old-world charm, makan-style! You could also stand a chance to…

Win a dinner buffet for 2 at The Line, Shangri-La!

Simply LIKE and SHARE this post on Facebook, and LIKE Shangri-La’s Facebook to stand a chance to win The Flavours of Singapore dinner buffet* for two! Yes, it is that simple! That’s all you need to do for a chance to feast at The Flavours of Singapore dinner buffet. This giveaway ends 4th August, and the lucky winner will be notified through Facebook.

*Not valid for use on the eve of and on public holidays

The Flavours of Singapore dinner buffet will run from 18 July to 14 August 2016.
Monday, Wednesday, Sunday: $79 per adult, $39 per child
Friday and Saturday: $92 per adult, $46 per child
Tuesday Marine Harvest: $98 per adult, $44 per child
Thursday Marine Harvest: $108 per adult, $44 per child
The Marine Harvest dinner buffet includes an enhanced seafood selection, and a selection of unlimited sparkling, red and white wines, beers, soft drinks, and juices.
Click here to book a table.

All prices exclude 10% service charge and 7% GST.

This was an invited food tasting session. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

This article is brought to you by Discover SG x Shangri-La Hotel


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