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New kids on the block, A Poke Theory, strongly believes that healthy food does not equate to tasteless food. Sibling duo, Joey and Vannessa, have always dreamt of starting a business together. Therefore, as foodies themselves, opening a fast food-first concept was undoubtedly the perfect plan.

A Poke Theory


Situated right in the heart of the CBD, A Poke Theory was born out of Joey’s love for roasts, and Vannessa’s passion for wholesome grub. Take a peek into their personal Instagram accounts. You’ll notice the stark difference in food preferences. Joey (@buttergoggles) lives for meat. While Vannessa (@feedvannessa) swears by fruits, vegetables, and smoothie bowls.

However, everything converges nicely to create food that is healthy without compromising on taste or ingredients.

What are poke bowls?


Poke bowls originated in Hawaii. They were once served as snacks for the fishermen who seasoned and ate the cut-offs from their catch while out at sea. Poke bowls can be closely compared to the Japanese chirashi don, where fresh sashimi is served on top of a bed of sushi rice.

The concept


At A Poke Theory, the choice is yours.

  1. Start by picking a base that best suits your dietary requirements – signature sushi rice, jasmine brown rice, lemon herb quinoa, or romaine lettuce.
  2. Then, choose your star of the show – salmon or tuna, with either spicy or non-spicy options.
  3. Complimentary toppings include Japanese cucumber, cherry tomato, pineapple, shredded carrot, edamame, tobiko, furikake and nori flakes.
  4. It’s the premium toppings that shake things up in your poke bowl. Premium toppings include Barbequed corn, lime avocado, kale chips, crispy salmon skin and roasted honey and spice cashews. If you’re lucky, you might even catch Joey’s signature roasts before they sell out. These seasonal meats are roasted on the spot in limited quantities. Be sure to snag some before everyone else does. At $1 to $2 a pop for premium toppings, you can go crazy! A tiny splurge goes a long way for a party in your mouth.

My customised poke bowl


For the love of avocado, I very predictably picked the avocado miso salmon. My additional toppings? You guessed it – more avocado and cashews!

Two words describe my poke bowl: absolutely divine. Credits don’t go to my impeccable choice in toppings. Rather, it’s the thoughtful concoction of flavours that were infused into each ingredient. Of course, the freshness of the seafood made a big difference too!

The buttery salmon blended perfectly with the creaminess of the avocado dressing. The accompanying fruits and vegetables were refreshing, and cleansed the palette well. Even though my poke bowl was on the house (Joey is an old friend from Ngee Ann Poly!), it’s safe to say that the premium ingredients are well-worth every penny.

Credit: A Poke Theory
Credit: A Poke Theory

The premium ingredients all had a little twist to their flavours – a dash of spice or a zest of tang. For someone whose record is six bowls of rice in one sitting, I have to add that I really enjoyed A Poke Theory’s signature sushi rice. Infused with garlic, chillis and seasoned with sushi vinegar, the rice is sticky. The taste of vinegar, though not as strong as your typical sushi rice – which was exactly to my liking, but otherwise highly subjective.

Sweet endings


Remember to leave room for dessert – guilt-free superfood smoothie bowls. I was spoilt for choice. Part of me wanted a refreshing smoothie bowl as I was stuffed from my poke bowl. The other part knew that I had to get either the Cacaoholic or the Maca Nutter. That’s because I usually only eat dairy-based flavours for dessert

Cacaoholic did not disappoint. The texture was akin to ice cream without the bite, or a popsicle without the structure. I especially enjoyed the raw cacao nibs that added a nice crunch to the smoothie bowl. Just had to buy a bag of roasted honey and spice cashews for the road because they were way too addictive!


All in all, A Poke Theory is a great concept. It’ll suit anyone, from the busy professionals who are looking for a delicious, easy-to-eat meal to health-conscious individuals in search of tasty alternatives, and picky eaters like myself who love a highly customisable meal.

A Poke Theory
Location: 27 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069623
Website here

Poke bowls start from $11.50 for a 100g serve, superfood smoothie bowls are priced at $6 each.

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