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CruCycle is a whole new ballgame for a workout. It is indoor cycling to upbeat music! I have been going to CruCycle ever since it first opened its doors more than a year ago. To me, it’s a dance party, cue untz untz untz.

The music


CruCycle has the best mixes in the house. Expect a healthy combination of the latest remixes. There’s even music that you can sing along to while pulsing it out on your bike. There are even themed rides you can sign up for – nostalgic 90s, gangsta rap etc. – you name it, they’ve done it.

The best part? The music-themed rides you can sign up for – nostalgic 90s, gangsta rap etc. – you name it, they’ve done it. Kinda feels like a party more than a workout!

The concept


CruCycle is modelled after the ever popular SoulCycle in America. Each ride is a 50-minute spin session with weights and abs in between.

CruCycle works around a “wolf pack” mentality. Everyone in class rides together to the beat of the music, leading with the right leg first.

To stay with the pack, you’re encouraged to follow the pace of the instructor and keep rhythm throughout the class. Everyone rides to the same beat, pretty cool uh.

The workout


Most of the time you’ll be off your saddle. You’ll need a good amount of coordination to ride to the beat, especially when hand movements are implemented. The basic dance (we’re kidding!) moves include:

  1. Pulse. With your hands at the top of the handle bar, you drop your elbows with each beat.
  2. Push. Extend your elbows outwards to do a push up over the handle bar.
  3. Tap back. Reach your bum as far back as you can, arms straight and extended.
  4. Sexy corners. Swaying your body over all four corners of the bike

Of course, there’s also the killer sprints where you’ll have to be off your saddle and pushing to the finish line for eight counts, 16 counts or more. This part of the class kills me the most – that’s when it stops feeling like a dance party, and more like a workout.

But you do get a rest at the halfway mark where you get to sit back down for abs and arm workouts. 0.5kg, 1kg or 2kg – you choice. I usually go for the 1kg which can be a challenge when you’re pulsing with your arms extended for a good minute or so.

The ab workout is super effective. I never fail to feel the burn the next day!

The music distracts you from your trembling muscles. So, enjoy the break before it’s time for you to get your bum off the bike again. You’ll have to lead with the left leg for the remainder of the workout.

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With such great music, CruCycle often feels like dance party more than a killer workout. However, don’t be fooled. The aching muscles at the end of the day will convince you that CruCycle is like a dance party and a workout!

68 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089527
Website here

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