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Living in Singapore isn’t just about malls and shopping (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE malls and shopping), you can find some pretty exhilarating and unique things to do on our tiny island. We sourced out some of the best adult playgrounds you can find across Singapore!


Bounce 1(Imagre credit: Timeout Singapore)

Growing up watching American tv shows, I envied the way kids and teens could just skip over to their backyard to jump around on their very own personal trampoline.If like most Singaporeans you’ve lived in high rise apartments your whole life, jumping around trampolines was just a dream unfulfilled.

Not anymore.

Originating from Melbourne, BOUNCE has opened its doors on our sunny island. This indoor playground is fun for all ages but especially for adults! Where else can you run and jump around like you did as a kid?! BOUNCE is split into 3 areas, depending on your expertise. Conveniently located at Orchard Cineleisure, tickets are available for $24 per person for 60 minutes, which is more than enough time to try out some backflips and full twist jumps!

What’s the best part about BOUNCE? They host birthday parties and events!

So if you’re looking for something new to try out the next time your town. Head on over to BOUNCE!

Tip: Book in advance, BOUNCE gets full on the weekends and holidays!
Look Out: You MUST purchase a pair of BOUNCE grip socks at $3 before you can start having fun at BOUNCE.

Where: Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, #09-01, S239695
What Time: Mon-Thurs: 10am-10pm, Fri:10am-11pm; Sat: 9am-11pm; Sun: 9am-10pm
Who Do I Call?: 6816 2879

2. Laser Tag

Laser Tag 1(Image credit: The Smart Local)

If you’ve seen even a single episode of How I Met Your Mother, you would have seen how Barney Stinson is crazy about laser tag. After trying it out myself, I can see why.

Laser tag gets a bunch of people involved in combat, don’t worry it’s 100% safe! You’re given a vest that tracks how many times you get shot and a gun. You’re then given scenarios and now the fun really begins!

The arena is chock full of hiding places and sharp turns, with thumping background music and flashing lights laser tag is bound to get your heart racing!

While it might be a little pricey, depending on the scenario and the number of missions you could be paying anywhere between $15 and $35 per person. But if you’re looking for something that encourages a little more team play then laser tag is a great way to get your heart pumping!

What’s great about laser tag here in Singapore? You can choose your location! Adrenaline Laser Tag allows you freedom to choose where you want to play! Bummer is you have to enquire and book in advance! If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional and controlled, opt for LaserOPS. They’re at a convinently located at Orchard Road and they accept walk-ins!

What: Adrenaline Laser Tag (Outdoor)
Where: 111 Clementi Street 13, #08-48, S120111
Who Do I Call?: 9084 5056

Where: LaserOPS (Indoor)
Where: 60A Orchard Road, B1-04/05/06, S238890
Who Do I Call?:+65 6884 4890 / +65 8375 4143

3. Flying Trapeze

Flying Trapeze 1(Image credit: The Straits Times)

Situated in Sentosa and owned by Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa, this flying trapeze is the only one of its kind in Singapore. Open to all ages, the flying trapeze gives you the chance to fly high above the crowd in a controlled environment!

The flying trapeze is overseen by a certified trapeze instructor, so you’re free to try out some stunts in mid air just like the ones you’ve seen on Cirque du Soleil!

If you’re an adrenaline junky or how it feels to soar 8 meters above the ground this might just be the perfect option for you! At $10 per swing, it might not be the cheapest activity out there but it’s definitely worth the price!

Where: 101 Siloso Road, Sentosa, S098970,
What Time: Mon-Fri: 2.30pm – 6.30pm; Sat-Sun: 2.30pm – 7pm;
Who Do I Call?:(65) 6275 0100

4. Go Karting

GO Kart1(Image credit: Karting Singapore)

With F1 Singapore happening next month, there’s no better time to go Go-karting! Lucky for us F1 fanatics, there are 2 places you can head to if you’re keen on go-karting; KF1 Karting and Kartright.

Both venues are pretty busy throughout the week so be sure to check their online schedules before heading down. Kartright has strict rules and regulations that need to be adhered to before you can get a turn around the track so be sure to check them out! KF1 is popular among go-kart fanatics, so look out for upcoming events they have organised!

Expect to pay between $28 – $38 depending on time,day and duration. If you’ve a fan of the F1, the Fast & Furious or if you’re looking for some heart pumping activity go-karting is perfect for you!

What: KF1 Karting
Where: 1 Turf Club Ave,S738078
What Time: Mon: Closed; Tues: 3pm-10pm; Weds: 1pm-10pm; Thurs: 1pm-4pm; Fri: 1pm-10pm; Weekends: 9am-10pm
Who Do I Call?: +65 68911191

What: Kartright
Where:511 Upper Jurong Road, #01-05, S638366
What Time: Mon-Fri: 11am-7pm; Weekends: 9am-7pm;
Who Do I Call?:+65 6265 3303

5. MegaZip Adventure Park


(Image credit: Tripadvisor)

Located in sunny Sentosa, MegaZip Adventure Park is adventure and heart pumping adrenaline all rolled into one. MegaZip Adventure Park has 4 main attractions; MegaZip, ClimbMax,ParaJump, and NorthFace.

MegaZip, at 75 meters high and 450 meters long  gives you the chance to soar above the treetops and witness spectacular views. It’s also the first 3 wire zip line, so you can race against family and friends!

ClimbMax, is an experience like no other. A high ropes adventure, you get the chance to make your way through a rope course amongst 5-10m high Eucalyptus trees!

ParaJump, ever wanted to experience a parachute free fall jump? Look no further, the ParaJump lets you experience falling at 15m above the ground! Heart pumping and definitely not for the faint of heart!

NorthFace, if you’re seeking for something with a bit more control and a little less heart racing, scale the 16m rock climbing wall!

What’s great about the MegaZip Adventure Park is the flexibility, from the timid to the fearless, there’s something for everyone here!

Expect to pay $15-$45 for an individual attraction, but do not fret! You can purchase combination tickets as well priced at $50-$90

What: MegaZip Adventure Park
Where: Imbiah Hill Road, Sentosa Island, S098967
What Time: 11am-7pm
Who Do I Call?:(+65) 6884 5602

Those were out top picks for the best activities you can do this weekend! So grab some friends and head on over to any of these spots to have a weekend you won’t forget! Let us know if you know of any new, unique and heart pumping activities you can do on the weekends!