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A model, blogger, and travel enthusiast– Kimberley Yong is certainly a force not to be trifled with. Read on to find out more about Discover SG’s 20 year old brand ambassador!

1. Hi Kimberley! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello, my name is Kimberley and I’m 20 years old this year. Being someone who loves adventure, traveling is definitely a huge hobby of mine. For the longest time, it has been my dream to travel all over the world. I hope I will be able to accomplish that dream someday. We’ll see.

2. What got you into blogging/photography?

I guess writing and capturing picture worthy moments is just a part who I am. Many people who don’t know me wouldn’t expect me to be sentimental. But in actual fact, I am. When I am in a new place or when I experience something new, I want to document every moment of it. I guess it’s just me trying to give my future self something to look back on.

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3. What is your favourite place to eat and hang out?

I like to hang out at a Starbucks near my house. The story goes way back but let’s just say I made a handful of life long worthy friends there. That place just feels as good as home.

4. What’s your favourite bar ? Do you have a favourite drink?

My favourite bar has got to be Empire. I’m a huge fan of rooftop bars and Empire has it all.  I love the fries at Empire and nothing beats sipping a glass of gin and tonic while enjoying the view.


5. What is something you have too much of?

I think I have too much clothes. For some reason, I always feel as if I have nothing to wear.

6. What is something you never have enough of?

I can never get enough of spending time with the people I love.

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7. Is there something you hope to achieve in 5-10 years?

I envision myself being happily married to the love of my life. Probably starting a family of my own and of course, pursuing a career that I enjoy.

8. Tell us one country/place you really want to visit

I really want to visit Cambodia. It may be very unexpected of me to say Cambodia but I really want to visit the country I was born in.


10.What is your biggest regret?

My biggest regret would be not believing in myself enough when I was younger. Due to my insecurities as a young teenager, I didn’t feel very confident and that led me to stop pursuing what I actually loved at that age – which was continuing my blogshop and being a YouTuber.

11.What is your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment so far would be that one time when I sung a solo in front of 1000 people during a play for my school’s 150th anniversary.


13. What is your go-to piece of clothing?

Crop tops. I think they’re cute, effortless and easy to style. It’s a go-to look for me especially when I’m living in such a hot country like Singapore.

14. What is one makeup product you can’t live without?

I can’t live without eyeliner. There’s just something about the intensity it brings out in my eyes I can’t leave the house without. It makes me feel sexy.

 15. Lastly, I love your sense of style! Where do you shop?

My usual shopping places are TEMT, H&M, Forever 21 and Editor’s Market.


Instagram: @kimberleyyong_

Feature image credit: Kimberley Yong