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A model, blogger, and fitness junkie – Collette Miles is certainly is a young lady with many talents. Did we mention that Collette was also a finalist for The New Paper New Face Pageant in 2009? Read on to find out more about DiscoverSG’s newest influencer!

1. Hi Collette! Tell us more about yourself!

Hi DSG! I’m currently a Communications major at the London School of Economics and am enjoying my last semester in university. I spend half my time writing my dissertation on social media influencers (really interesting stuff!). The other half is spent doing what I love outside of school – blogging, generating social media content and sweating it out at fitness classes.


2. We heard that fitness is a big passion of yours! How did that begin?

As a child, I loved outdoor activities like camps, martial arts and swimming. While this sporty enthusiasm died down during my teenage years, the spark was rekindled four years ago with yoga. I embarked on yoga because I wanted to be flexible. I also wanted people to stop commenting that I was “too skinny” – I knew I was stronger than I looked (and I’d like to think I still am haha). I am always up for a good challenge, so my first ever yoga class was actually a multi-level hot yoga class at 38 degree celsius!

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3. Wow! So how is your fitness journey since then?

Well, bear in mind that back then, I was as flexible as a biscuit – I couldn’t touch my toes standing up or sitting down! But I was hooked after my first yoga class. Along the way, I learnt that there is no end to one’s yoga journey – there will always be a more challenging variation to every yoga posture.

Even after you’ve mastered the art of standing on your hands or head, you can still take the pose to the next level by lifting one hand – or even both hands –  off the ground. Yoga aside, I also ventured into other forms of workout such as cross-fit and spinning to further strengthen my muscles.

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4. Apart from being a fitness enthusiast, we know that you model too! Could you give some insight into your modelling career?

It started when my mom enrolled me in pageant competitions when I was a kid. Her sole intention was to build up my self-confidence by having me perform in front of an audience at a tender age. The results of these competitions didn’t matter to her! As I grew older, I got cast in several print ads, but never really considered myself a model because I’m not tall enough for the runway.

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5. What is your story behind blogging and writing?

I first started blogging in primary school. Blogger was the most popular platform back then. Frankly, I did not expect to have an online following! I blogged because I wanted an avenue to upload the photos I took with my friends. Also, I wanted an outlet where I could share my problems (looking back, my teenage problems were minuscule, compared to today’s #adulting).

I was an aspiring journalist too. Growing up, I’ve always loved the English language! I’m a self-professed spelling and grammar neurotic. I guess blogging was also a way of expressing my love for English.

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6. With all the commitments you have, what do you usually do in your free time?

Unfortunately, juggling part-time work, writing for leisure and my dissertation in university leaves me with little time to do anything else. But whenever I have pockets of free time, I enjoy food-hunting and scooting around the city. I also love chilling at Tanjong Beach Club, or simply just napping at home to recharge my mind and body.


7. On to something closer to home: What do you love most about being a Singaporean?

Definitely the amazing hawker scene and how our culture is very much reflected in our food. Where else in the world can you find such diversity? I love eating – I’m always on the hunt for the best food in town and I don’t mind queueing for good grub!

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8. Speaking of being a Singaporean, we heard you have an interesting heritage!

Yes, I’m half-Peranakan and half-Eurasian that means I get to enjoy food from both cultures. I’d say that both are arguably the best cuisines in Singapore!


9. What are 3 things you absolutely cannot live without? Excluding electronics that is!

Food definitely tops the list – I live to eat! The next thing would be exercise. I feel unsettled when I’m not aching all over after a kickass workout. Lastly, I’d have say I can’t do without my trusty Moleskine notebook because I’m old school like that. Pen and paper over technology any day.

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10. Lastly, what is your motto in life?

My life motto is ‘to see the good in every situation’. I think life is too short to be anything but happy. So even at times when I’m completely bogged down by what life throws at me, I try not to let stress and all other negative emotions get the better of me. Instead, I focus on the positive things that could come out of such trying situations. Sometimes these obstacles can become valuable life lessons at the end of the day.

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Look out for her upcoming articles on our site, we can’t wait!

Instagram: @collettemiles

(Header image credit: Collette)

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