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A common excuse I give for not being able to clock in a workout is that “I’m too busy” – and I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of this. We neglect our bodies because we get so caught up with work sometimes. It’s important to strive to sweat once a day. That’s why Elvina Cheong, founder of Freedom Yoga, decided to put in place a 30-minute Energiser Express class. It’s perfect for busy individuals like you and me.

Credit: Freedom Yoga
Credit: Freedom Yoga

The Space

To cater to the corporate crowd, Freedom Yoga is strategically situated in the heart of the CBD. Its large, minimalistic interior, cosy chill out space, and high ceilings are a breath of fresh air – a change from the confines of a cramped office.

It is the perfect place to retreat to when you need a pick-me-up during your lunch break or a nice, long stretch after spending the day crouched over your desk.



The Energiser Express

I popped by Freedom Yoga at lunchtime on a weekday to clock in my 30-minute sweat. I love a strong practice, but I entered the class with no expectations of a challenging sequence.

I thought, “Just how challenging can a 30-minute class be?” But boy, was I wrong.

Credit: Freedom Yoga
Credit: Freedom Yoga
Credit: Freedom Yoga
Credit: Freedom Yoga

Elvina made the most of the 30 minutes, and worked every muscle in my body. There were no warm-ups to begin with, just a few vinyasa flows before we dived right into it.

“Plank, right knee to elbow, right knee to wrist, right knee to opposite elbow, right knee to opposite wrist, three-legged dog!”

My core was crying, but Elvina reminded us that we had to repeat the same sequence on our left side as well. She even managed to squeeze in an arm balance – my favourite crow pose, before transitioning into a vinyasa.

Talk about a quick and powerful workout!


The 30-minute class didn’t kill me like a 90-minute class would, but it sure made me work extra hard to burn as many calories in that little amount of time.

Thank goodness for shower rooms, because I surprisingly worked up a sweat in that 30 minutes (and I don’t even sweat easily!). I was refreshed, awake, and ready to take on the rest of the day. Looks like the Energiser Express class truly lives up to its name!

Freedom Yoga
Location: 137 Cecil Street, #12-01, Singapore 069537.
Website here

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