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On 4 and 5 Nov, the Singapore River One is transforming the Singapore River into Singapore’s capital of the arts. Singapore River Festival returns this year with a “River Connections” theme. Chock full of music, performances and food this year’s Singapore River Festival 2016 highlights how the Singapore River connects and has brought people of different backgrounds and cultures together.

We’ve decided to source out 8 things that are a must catch for Singapore River Festival 2016! Best part? Most of them are free!

1. Headline Act: ‘Crossings’

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What do you get when you put Cirque De Soleil and Singapore’s history together? You get ‘Crossings’. Inspired by the history of the Singapore River, this performance pays tribute to the development of Singapore. Look out for dazzling choreography, music effects, multimedia projects and for the first time in history, a balancing act on a tightrope extended across the Singapore River!

Clarke Quay
4 – 5 Nov; 8pm/9.30pm

2. Silent Disco

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Gaining popularity in Singapore, Singapore River Festival 2016 is bringing festival goers the opportunity to try out a Silent Disco! With Clarke Quay’s Fountain Square as your dance floor and amazing mixes by the resident DJ, you are bound to have a ball of a time with friends and family!

Clarke Quay Fountain Square
4 – 5Nov; 8.30pm/10.30pm

3. Barter Market

image source: indigoism)

Want to know what shopping felt like way before the concept of “currency” came about? The Barter Market is bringing concept of bartering to the Singapore River Festival! Cash and coins are no good here, instead be prepared for a list of odd and amusing things you have to give up in exchange for some goods and services!

Circular Road, Clarke Quay
5 Nov

4. Quayside Cinema

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What better way to enjoy an evening out, than at an outdoor cinema. Featuring local films, the Quayside Cinema is free! We recommend getting some bites, exploring the Singapore River Festival before settling down for a quiet relaxing evening under the night sky.

Quayside, Robertson Quay
5 Nov; 8.30pm – 10.30pm

5. Riverside Carnival

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A feast for the eyes, the Riverside Carnival is where you’ll find several multi-sensory acrobatic acts. Using elements of fire, music and even BUBBLES! Look out for circus themed roving performances which include a hypnotic umbrella dance and a hula hoop performance! Perfect for any age group, the Riverside Carnival is definitely a sight to behold!

Clarke Quay Central
5 Nov
6pm – 10pm

6. Music Performances

(image source: Wobo logy YouTube)

The Singapore River Festival is all about showcasing the arts and they’ve brought in some amazing local and regional talents for this year’s festival! Bringing together a mishmash of different genres and incorporating dance, all the musical acts at Singapore River Festival 2016 are pushing the boundaries of “conventional” music.

Bantus Capoeira (Brazilian music and percussion) is a treat for both eyes and ears, watch as performers tumble and twist to Brazilian tunes! If you’re seeking something out of your comfort zone, Masia one & Reggae Remedy is bringing to life the Reggae tradition alongside hiphop lyricism.

Wobology and Flame of the Forest are introducing, a blend of traditional and current music concocting their own original sound!

Circular Road, Boat Quay
5 Nov

7. Light/Sound/Art

(image source:

The Singapore River Festival are bringing with it some unique, inspiring and amazing art performances and installations. The Light Installation by Flex and the Performance Art by Justin Shoulder is bound to ‘wow’ you, incorporating different facets of digital art they’re bringing to life art in a whole different way.

Want to support a local artist?  Samantha Lo better known as SKL0 or Sticker Lady (YES. THAT Sticker Lady). Back in 2012, she brought one of Singapore’s favourite proverbs (My Grandfather’s Road) to life and now SKL0 is attempting to paint her largest ‘My Grandfather Road'(in chalk!) right in the heart of Circular Road!

Circular Road, Boat Quay
5 Nov

8. SR Singatures

(image source: Poached)

We Singaporeans love eating and what would a Singapore festival be without its favourite past time?

This year, 21 mouth watering dishes have been awarded the prestigious accolade of ‘SR Signature’. From Traditional Italian Carpaccio di Polipo ( that’s octopus for us non-chefs!) to Signature Ma Po Tofu, SR Signatures has something for everyone!

Check out the other 19 dishes that were awarded the SR Signature!

The Singapore River Festival 2016 is bringing together an amazing mix of food, art, music and activities fit for both young and old! If you’re tight on budget, don’t fret! These activities are free! (sans SR Signature) What better way to spend a weekend with friends and family than at an amazing night festival right in the middle of Clarke Quay?!

(feature image: Singapore Travelholic)