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Most of us have heard of BOUNCE Singapore, Singapore’s largest adrenaline arena chock full of larger than life trampolines! But if you’re new to town or you’re never heard of BOUNCE here’s a recap on BOUNCE Singapore!

Originating from Melbourne 2012, BOUNCE has catapulted onto the world stage with venues across the globe! BOUNCE started from a unique yet simple premise, trampolines! Here in Singapore, getting access to a trampoline is no easy feat! Unless you live in a landed property (which most of us do not), access to a trampoline can be pretty restricted.

Not Anymore!

BOUNCE Singapore is the Disneyland of trampolines! Featuring 3 different Trampoline Zones, depending on your experience with trampolines! But that’s not all, here are 7 features that have made BOUNCE Singapore one of the most popular attractions in Singapore!

1. The Wall


One of the most attractive features at BOUNCE Singapore, The Wall uses all that energy from jumping on trampolines to run up a wall! While it might take a few tries for you to successfully climb the wall, you’re going to have a lot of fun just trying it out!

2. Slam Dunk


If you’re a basketball fan, Slam Dunk is going to be the first feature you should head to when you arrive at BOUNCE. Involving a basketball ring high above some runway trampolines, you can now finally slam dunk just like the pros! Drag some friends and get a little creative!

3. Big Bag

Seen those twist, turns and flips that adrenaline junkies seem to pull of flawlessly?  The Big Bag sits at the end of 2 trampolines, so you get the chance to pull off those advance moves you’ve been dying to try out! Best part? Even if you completely wipe out, the Big Bag is there to make sure you don’t break a bone!

4. Trampoline Dodgeball

(image source: BOUNCE inc)

Dodgeball. If you haven’t played it you would have definitely heard of it! At BOUNCE the same rules apply but with trampolines involved, so you know it’s no ordinary game of dodgeball!

5. X-Park


Put trampolines and Ninja Warrior together and you get X-Park! Combining elements of climbing, jumping and free-running, X-Park was designed to allow something challenging to expert trampoliners! Developed in collaboration with parkour enthusiasts, the X-Park requires agility and coordination, the X-Park is no walk in the park (pardon the pun)!

6. Parties & Events

(image credit:Ivan Joshua Loh)

Can’t find a unique and exciting place to hold your birthday party? Don’t fret because BOUNCE has got you covered! With 3 different Birthday Party Packages for birthday parties inclusive of food, you know you’re gonna have a ball of a time at BOUNCE!

(image credit:BOUNCE inc)

BOUNCE even has its own After Dark Party! With a DJ spinning all night long and lighting effects, you get to see BOUNCE in a whole different light! And with an amazing party like this, you know BOUNCE isn’t just for kids!

7. Bounce Fit


If you think BOUNCE is just about jumping around on trampolines you could not be more wrong! BOUNCE has its own fitness class, BOUNCE FIT! A supercharged 45 minute exercise class that uses trampolines, this cardio workout is going to get you fit while having fun at the same time (Yes please)!

We decided to send our ambassadors to test out BOUNCE Fit and see if it’s worth the hype and if it’s as fun as promised! No surprise, THEY HAD A BLAST! Having a go at The Wall and the Free Jumping Arena, our ambassadors (Clare Chang, Noreen Fong) came out of BOUNCE Fit with huge smiles! And let’s be honest, where else would you be able to have a cardio workout without the ordeal?!

BOUNCE Fit classes are

$24/ Single Session, $108/5 Sessions, $192/10 Sessions $336/20 Sessions

Classes run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10am – 11am and 7pm – 8pm.

Entry to BOUNCE Singapore is pretty cheap at $24 for the 1st hour and $19 for each additional hour! Best part? They have student discounts as well! So what are you waiting for?!  Head on down to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard( yes it’s right in the heart of Orchard Road!) and test out BOUNCE Singapore yourselves!

BOUNCE Singapore
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, #09-01, S239695
Opening Hours: Mon – Thu, 10am – 10pm; Fri, 10am – 11pm; Sat: 9am – 11pm; Sun: 9am – 10pm
Opening Hours: 6816 2879

(feature image: TimeOut Singapore)