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D0 you know that Gardens by the Bay is the inspiration to the fictional planet Xandar featured in the hit Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy?

Touted as the key to transforming Singapore from a ‘Garden City’ into a ‘City in a Garden’, you might be familiar with the Cloud Forest, Flower Dome and the iconic Supertrees.

But there is more to this popular attraction than meets the eye. And you’ll surely go…


Let’s find out.

1. A desert

What are you doing here, cacti-desert thingamajig?!


(Image Credit: Gardens by the Bay)

Get back to the desert, yo!


(Image Credit: Gardens by the Bay)

Not many know about this outdoor garden that features desert plants.

Aptly named Sun Pavilion, it is home to a whopping 1000 desert plants comprising of 100 different species.

Unlike the Flower Dome, admission is free.

Poke around (get it?) here if you have time.

2. A big secret

This aquarium is a fresh breath of water for those who want to look at something other than the usual floral stars in Gardens by the Bay.

Located just a stone’s throw away from Sun Pavilion, the Big Fish Aquarium lives up to its namesake- it houses large fish, duh.


(Image Credit: Trevellers)

Not many know about this hidden aquarium as it is not featured on any of the Gardens by the Bay maps.

Here, you can spot creatures like the pig-nosed turtles, catfish, and the one of the world’s largest fish, the arapaima.


Tired of looking at plants, and can’t get enough of watching aquatic life swim past? Try Arowana Aquarium which is situated near the Supertrees.

3. Topiaries

If you are lucky and have a keen eye, you might be able to spot the much loved otters that sometimes appear near the waters of Gardens by the Bay.

However, do not despair if you do not manage to spot one.

You can always settle for an orangutan!

Yes, you read that right.

In the World of Plants, you can not only admire the lush greenery but also these huge topiaries called the Web of Life.


(Image Credit: Nudge Sustainability Hub)

From a pangolin to a hornbill, you are sure to be impressed by the efforts that have been taken to creating these structures.


(Image Credit: Gardens by the Bay)

Not only that, this quiet park gives you a beautiful view of Marina Bay Sands. A concrete jungle next to a ‘real’ jungle!

4. Going back in time

Step back to 500 million years ago in this part of the World of Plants.


(Image Credit: Gardens by the Bay)

Like its name suggests, you can discover many ancient species of plants like the Multipinnate Cycas and Chinese Desmos here.

Because Gardens by the Bay is so cool, you can even learn about the rare dinosaur-era plants here and also, how they have evolved.

The ‘Discover’ aspect of the park allows you to not only rest your weary feet but also transport you back in time. Much wow!

5. A timely gift

This beautiful Floral Clock was created by Audemars Piguet (a luxury watch maker) for Gardens by the Bay in celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday in 2015.

Made from flowers such as the the Spider Flower and Madagascar Periwinkle, this clock is truly a sight to behold.


(Image Credit: Watch Collecting Lifestyle)

Luxury watch, what are you doing there? Get back on my wrist!


(Image Credit: Watch Collecting Lifestyle)

Located nearby are also sculptures worth visiting like the Guardian Lions and the Resting Budai. Further down leads you to the mysteries planet- or more commonly known as the ‘floating baby’.

Yea, Gardens by the Bay is pretty weird. We’re so proud of our SuperTrees, but WTH are these secret spots doing in our favourite garden?

We kid. Thank you Gardens by the Bay, for the desert, clock, and everything else.

(Header image credit: Nudge Sustainability Hub, words by editor)

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