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Boobs. We all have them. For ladies they not only make your favourite dress look AMAZING they’re also functional as well (they feed lives)! While us ladies talk about boobs all the time – “where do you get your bras?” “what’s your cup size?” We never really get down to the tough and sometimes uncomfortable questions we worry about!

Here are 10 questions that EVERYONE has about boobs! And we’ve got the ANSWERS!

1. Mine are too small/big can I make them bigger/smaller?!

Every other girl I know isn’t happy with their boob size, and that’s pretty normal (the grass is always greener on the other side)! Here are some tips to make your breasts smaller or bigger!



(i) Lose Weight – Boobs are mostly fat, so by losing weight through working out and eating healthy you’ll definitely lose some breast volume!

(ii) Get Fitted For A Proper Bra – Getting a fitted bra that supports your boobs will seriously minimise breast, back, shoulder and neck discomfort!

(iii) Consult With Your Doctor – Discuss with your doctor some options you might have. In some extreme cases, plastic surgery may be the only option but it’s mostly good to get a doctor’s perspective!



(i)  Work Out – There are tons of exercises that can you do that can increase your breast size too! Exercises like push ups and incorporating dumbbells into your workout can really up your cup size!

(ii)  Wear A Push Up Or Padded Bra – A quick and easy fix, wearing either of these bras can make your boobs look a lot bigger! Our tip though, don’t go too crazy and get a bra that’s TOO padded.

(iii) Increase Your Calorie Intake – Don’t us wrong, we’re not telling you to binge on fatty or oily foods but having the occasional sweet treat and having slightly larger meals can also help up up your boob size!

2. How do I get rid of acne on my boobs?


Acne sucks, no matter where it is. Good thing is, treating acne on your boobs is exactly like treating acne on your face! Cleanse your chest area daily and use acne cream! Wearing loose fitting clothes and keeping your chest from sweating can stop acne from breaking out on your chest!

3.Will not wearing bras cause my boobs to sag?


There are only 2 reasons that cause boobs to sag. Gravity and age. Unfortunately wearing bras do not stop either of there! Alternatively, if you’re exercising, wearing sports bras do help sagging! So remember to put on your favourite sports bra when you’re working out!

4. My nipples itch, is that normal?


While itchy nipples aren’t normal, it’s quite common. Known as Atopic Dermatitis, it is usually caused by dry skin, certain chemicals in skin products or stress. To ease the itching, remember to moisturise after showering and avoid known triggers.

5. When SHOULD I see a doctor?


If you find:

  • a painless lump in your breast or armpit
  • a distinct change in the shape of your breast
  • your nipples start bleeding or discharging.

6. I have tiny hairs on my nipples? Is that normal? Can I remove them?


Yes it’s totally normal! Usually caused by hormonal changes, hair growing on your nipples is just part of cycle! While you don’t have to remove them, you can use tweezers to pluck! Try to avoid shaving it might cause ingrown hairs and nicks if you’re not careful.

DO NOT PUT HAIR REMOVAL CREAM:  Stay away from hair removal creams as it’ll cause your nipples to inflame (OUCH)!

7. I have bumps on my breast are they cancerous? How do I know which bumps are cancerous?


Don’t worry! While MOST bumps on your boobs are non-cancerous, it’s best to visit your doctor if you do find painless lumps on your breast alongside these other signs:

  • changes in the shape of your nipple
  • a lump that doesn’t go away after your period
  • nipple discharge
  • swelling around the collarbone or under the arm

8.My boobs are lopsided. Can I do something about it?


Having uneven breasts is actually really common! Using padded bras can help your breasts look more symmetrical. But if you’re constantly worried about how they look, it might be worth asking your doctor about breast augmentation!

9. Are men susceptible to breast cancer?


Yes men can get breast cancer. While men do not have high breast volume, they do have breast tissues too. Symptoms for breast cancer in men are similar to those in women, but men are more likely to delay seeing the doctor!

10.Why do my boobs hurt?


  • Changes in hormone (your period is well on its way!)
  • Pulled muscles (from workouts, lifting heavy things etc)
  • Wrong bra size
  • Exercising without a sports bra

Temporary aches and soreness in your boobs shouldn’t raise any red flags. But if the pain gets worse or if it’s been going on for a few weeks, you should consult your doctor!


Boobs are sometimes a pain (literally!) but they want make us feel well…us! Without them, we might not feel as feminine or as powerful! No matter what size we’re born with.

Which is why breast cancer is such a painful and difficult process to go through. Ladies who have had breast cancer and are now cancer free never feel the same about their body or themselves.

Breast cancer is the leading cancer that affects ladies and in 2012, it was reported that 1.7 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer! The silver lining? There are a lot of companies who support the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign! Bobbi Brown, Clinique and Estee Lauder are all supporting the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2016 by donating part of their profits to the campaign!


So if you’re looking to treat yourself with new facial products or make up why not purchase these products? They’re not only seriously good for your complexion but they’re also going towards a really meaningful cause!

If you’re interested in getting to know the people behind the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2016 and finding out more about breast cancer, you’re in luck! You can sign up for the Pink Ribbon Walk 2016 happening on 1st October 2016, held by the Breast Cancer Foundation. So come down and join in a meaningful cause, while keeping yourself in the pink of health.

Keen on donating instead? You can donate straight to the Breast Cancer Foundation either via cheque, online or even through GIRO! You can find out more about the fundraising activities carried out by the Breast Cancer Foundation at the Breast Cancer Foundation website!

(feature image: Caroline Cancer Services)

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