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Last Thursday (29th September), teen blogger Amos Yee was sentenced to 6 weeks imprisonment. In addition, he was ordered to pay a fine of $2,000.

Teen blogger, Amos Yee, convicted for wounding religious feelings.

Refusal to pay the fine will result in an additional 10 days in prison. The incarceration commences on 13th October later this month.

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The Charges

In total, Yee pleaded guilty to 8 charges against him. Two were for failing to turn up at police stations after being served notices. The remaining six were for wounding christian and muslim sentiments.

What does this mean for bloggers or YouTubers in Singapore?

Nothing much has changed. Unless you are hell bent on promoting extremely radical and vulgar views that are meant to incite the public.

Nobody likes a pseudo intellect mouthing off whatever comes into his/her head without considering the consequences.

So sensitive topics are out of bounds for discussion?

Issues in Singapore are here to stay. In a society as culturally diverse as ours, problems surrounding these issues are bound to arise.

Principal District Judge Ong Hian Sun stated during the sentencing, ss

“His contemptuous and irreverent remarks have the tendency to generate social unrest and undermine the religious harmony in our society…”

Had Amos Yee voiced his discontent with the Singapore government or the different religions without resorting to such vile, spiteful methods, he probably would not have been in the position he is in today.



Hell, even a cigarette needs a filter, much less what comes out of his mouth.

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