7 Nearby Travel Destinations To Consider For Your 2017 Long Weekends!

Wanderlusters rejoice! This 2017 brings about a fantastic slew of seven long weekends, signalling you to dig out that travel bucket list and finally tick off some places.

If you are stumped for ideas on where to head to, here are some travel destinations you should totally consider. Whether you fancy a romantic getaway or an adventurous trekking expedition, we have complied a list of seven nearby travel destinations you can consider heading to for your 2017 long weekends!

1. Hua Hin, Thailand

Forget the shopping paradise of Bangkok. Thailand’s seaside beach town, Hua Hin, boasts a delightful mix of cosmopolitan meets seaside ambience. Located a short 3.5 hours bus ride away from Bangkok, Hua Hin is a cheaper and more convenient location than heading to the other resort islands!

Credit: bangkok.com

This small bustling Thai town boasts a plethora of dynamic markets, tasty street eats, and exquisite long beaches. With numerous luxury resorts situated along its beaches and strategically located near some of Hua Hin’s sights, you will certainly be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a resort!

Credit: aleenta.com

Furthermore, being a seaside town, seafood is bountiful and of course, highly affordable! There is nothing more satisfying than tucking into freshly-caught seafood while enjoying a pint of cold Thai beer and soaking up the idyllic beach ambience. A perfect destination to soak up the sun and relax the long weekend away.

Ideal weekend getaway for: beach-lovers and large group of fun-loving friends

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2. Boracay, Philippines

Located right in the heart of Philippines, Boracay is no doubt the ideal weekend island getaway for sun-lovers and young couples. Its pristine white beaches and clear turquoise-blue waters are postcard perfect and will certainly make you want to lounge in the sun all day.

Credit: www.lonelyplanet.com


Besides suntanning, Boracay also offers various exciting water sports that are bound to keep you occupied the whole time! Indulge in exhilarating activities such as diving, snorkeling, paragliding, windsurfing and many more in the day.

At night, choose from a huge variety of restaurants and bars dotting the beach that serve up delectable multi-cuisines and cold drinks.

Credit: actionsportasia.com

From 5-star luxury seaside resorts to modest beach hotels and backpacker hostels, you will certainly be able to find one that best meets your travel budget.

Ideal weekend getaway for: sun worshippers, water sports enthusiasts and young couples

3. Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia is a popular destination for avid trekkers and one commonly overlooked place is Yogyakarta. Located near to two volcanoes, Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi, most would fly in to Yogyakarta before heading to the small village of Selo (approximately two hours drive away) which is the starting point for these treks.

Credit: www.justgola.com

While the trek up both Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi is relatively challenging, the views are absolutely breathtaking. Likewise, both treks can easily be completed within a day, though we highly suggest an overnight climb as climbing in the day would prove to be extremely hot.

Credit: www.travelmoodz.com

Yogyakarta is also known for its rich culture and traditional arts. Of course, no trip is complete without paying a visit to the world-famous Borobudur Temple!

Ideal weekend getaway for: beginner and intermediate climbers

4. Sapa, Vietnam

Set in the mountainous region of Northern Vietnam, Sapa is increasingly becoming a hotpot for photography-enthusiasts. Host to several hill tribes, expansive rice terraces and lush vegetation, Sapa is a no doubt a picturesque town.

Credit: en.vietnamitasenmadrid.com

With its pristine mountain settings, Sapa is also a popular trekking base, including challenging treks up the highest peak in Vietnam – Mount Fansipan. Alternatively, you can also fully immerse yourself into their local culture such as learning how to make their handicrafts!

Credit: vietnamtravelsonline.com

The best way to get to Sapa is an overnight train from Hanoi. With its peaceful and serene atmosphere coupled with exquisite surrounding natural beauty, Sapa is certainly a paradise for photographers and those looking for a respite from the busy city life.

Ideal weekend getaway for: avid photographers or those simply looking for a digital detox

5. Penang, Malaysia

A mere 1.5 hour flight away from Singapore, enjoy a culinary adventure over the long weekend right here at Penang! Dubbed as the food capital of Malaysia, the wide variety of cuisines will definitely satisfy all your food cravings!

Credit: www.penang.ws

Savour the extensive array of cuisines, from the famous Penang Laksa to Chendol, Prawn Noodles and many more. Similarly, head over to Penang’s food paradise, the popular Gurney Drive, which is a one-stop place for you to indulge in tantalising hawker cuisines.

Credit: www.flickr.com

Take a stroll by along the seafront at Gurney Drive to walk off those full stomachs. Alternatively, explore the artsy-fartsy side of Penang by finding the numerous hidden street art located within the UNESCO Heritage site of Georgetown.

Ideal weekend getaway for: foodies and friends of foodies

6. Melbourne, Australia

Heading to Melbourne over the long weekend might seem a little far-fetched but it certainly is possible with the numerous flight deals! If cafe-hopping and getting high on caffeine sounds like your idea of a perfect long weekend getaway, then Melbourne is the place for you!

Credit: www.agentscompare.com.au

Host to an overabundance of cafes, you will easily be able to pop into any one along the streets and grab one of Melbourne’s signature cuppas. In addition, Melbourne also boasts a wide selection of shopping options, from local designers to international brands.

Credit: www.top100experiences.com.au

The vibrant cafe atmosphere of Melbourne will certainly promise you a fantastic cafe-hopping getaway like no other!

Ideal weekend getaway for: coffee and cafe fanatics

7. Seoul, South Korea

For some retail therapy and food mini-break, look no further than Seoul! This capital city of South Korea is host to a plethora of Korean clothes, make-up accessories and not forgetting the mouthwatering Korean cuisine!

Credit: asiagreentravel.org

You absolutely cannot miss trying their local army stews, bibimbap and korean pancakes. Likewise, a food trip to Seoul will not be complete without indulging in delectable and savoury meats at a Korean barbecue restaurant! Additionally, if you have the time, you might even be able to catch a concert featuring some of Korea’s famous music artists or bands.

Credit: www.pinterest.com

With the onslaught of shopping and departmental malls, coupled with plenty of night markets, restaurants and cafes, Seoul is undeniably a heaven for foodies and avid shoppers alike!

Ideal weekend getaway for: major Korean pop fans, foodies and those seeking some retail therapy

Escape the hustle and bustle of the Singapore city life by heading to these destinations over the long weekends! Whether you are looking for a mad weekend getaway or a quick digital detox, these travel destinations will certainly fit the bill.

It is never too early to start making those travel plans for the upcoming long weekends in 2017! Furthermore, with the brand new year already starting, we highly suggest that you start scouring for exclusive travel deals now. As the saying goes: if not now, then when?

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