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Where should you head to this 2017? Keen to catch the ruggedness of a rugby match? Or simply looking to immerse yourself in a new cultural experience and enjoy a superb digital detox? Perhaps the usual travel destinations like Thailand, Japan, and Korea are a little too ordinary for you? Here, we bring you a list of 7 quiet and unexpected countries that are quickly stealing the hearts of true adventurers – these places will definitely have to be in your 2017 travel bucket list!

1. Travel to Bermuda

This British island territory of Bermuda is known for its pink-sand beaches and breezy island life.


Its capital, Hamilton, offers a distinctive blend of British and American culture. Furthermore, it is easily accessible from most major east coast US cities with a quick hop onto any of the boat operators.


Bermuda will also be playing host to the 35th America’s Cup. All eyes will turn to watch the world’s best sailors compete in Bermuda’s iconic Great Sound. The temperate climate and favourable winds make Bermuda the perfect location to host this historic sailing event – and your next trip as well!

 2. New Zealand

Love rugby? Then New Zealand should definitely be part of your travel plans for this year!


Besides being famously known as the filming site of “Lord Of The Rings”, New Zealand will also be hosting the British and Lions tour in June and early July.


Loathe rugby? Not to worry!

With breathtaking scenic views of the fjords and vast mountainous regions, New Zealand is a great place for a road trip. Look forward to a myriad of activities – trekking, glacier walks, ice hiking, canyoning, kayaking, and more. Together with the postcard-perfect scenery, it is undeniably a beautiful photography paradise.

3. Mongolia

Bordered by China and Russia, Mongolia is notable for its nomadic culture and vast rugged plains.


This 2017, Mongolia will raise the curtains on its new Ulaabaatar International Airport, establishing its status as an up and coming modern country.


However, Mongolia still retains its ruggedness and an immersion in its nomadic culture is an absolute must. You can sleep in a herder’s ger or even help round up the sheep. Additionally, the locals are known to be extremely hospitable – where else do you find people opening up their “doors” to strangers?

4. Russia

As Russia gears up to host the much-anticipated FIFA World Cup in 2018, it is set to show the world what it can offer as the world’s largest nation.


Be treated to landscapes ranging from tundra and forests to subtropical beaches, not to mention its striking architecture the likes of Moscow’s Bolshoi.


Of course, the best of Russia can be seen from the window of the legendary Trans-Siberian train. Additionally, a trip to Russia will not be complete without catching one of its world-class ballet performances. Russia certainly offers some magnificent sights if you give it a chance!

5. Vietnam

Vietnam has seen a rapidly-growing tourism industry in recent years.


With its cosmopolitan cities coupled with lush natural greenery and rice terraces in its surrounding villages, it is no wonder many continue flocking to this incredible country.


Set sail on a traditional boat at Vietnam’s iconic Halong Bay or indulge in the plethora of cafes along the streets of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. Alternatively, Vietnam’s exquisite rice terraces and mountains at Sapa will no doubt provide a perfect respite from the bustling city life.

6. Finland

Having been fought over by both Russia and Sweden for over 800 years, Finland finally gained independence in 1917.


Naturally, the Fins will want to celebrate their centenary with gusto in every region.


With al fresco concerts to dining festivals and numerous exhibitions, expect a celebratory atmosphere all year round!

Furthermore, this Nordic country will also be playing host to the World Figure Skating Championships as well as the Nordic World Ski Championships this year. There is certainly no better time to explore Finland’s unique culture and beautiful landscapes!

7. Myanmar

Formerly known as Burma, the lifting of British influence on Myanmar has made this country a magnet for tourists.


Their booming tourism industry is somewhat expected, given the spectacular sights that this religious country has to offer.


From fields of ancient Buddhist temples in Bagan and white sandy beaches of Ngwe Saung Beach to the impressive Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar certainly offers a unique mix of modern meets traditional. Leave the ordinary world behind and witness for yourself the emergence of this mysterious city from ancient times.

Plan your dream holiday at these fantastic destinations. Rather than mere “sight-seeing”, these destinations will allow you to immerse in the local culture and be right at the heart of exciting events and activities. We’ve got to say that these 7 destinations are surely worth your 2016 bonus! Go ahead, book those tickets.

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