9 Exciting Ways To Kill Time In Changi Airport When You're Stuck In Transit

Changi airport – the pride and joy of Singapore.

Yesterday, its status as a world class airport was further confirmed as Changi Airport was once again crowned Best Airport in the World. This would be the eighth time it’s won the honour!

While most, if not all of us Singaporeans have been to Changi Airport at some point, not all of us have explored it enough to know everything it has to offer. Whether you’re stuck in transit or have arrived at the airport hours too early for your flight, here are 9 exciting things you can do at the airport to pass the time!

1. Entertainment Deck

The Entertainment Deck is the place to go for a group with diverse interests. You’ll find more than just a few sets of Xbox 360s and Playstation 3s, a Wii room, and even a LAN cafe you can use for free!

Image Credit: sunniesandstyle.com

Enjoy a game of tennis on the XBOX Kinect, kick back at the Music Area, or watch your favourite music videos at the MTV booth on a 50-inch plasma television with sound piped directly to your seat. So, let the good times roll at this one-stop multimedia entertainment centre!

Location: Terminal 2, Level 3, Departure Transit Lounge
Cost: Free

2. Movie Theatre

Movie buffs rejoice! There are free movies being screened 24/7 in Terminals 2 and 3 for your viewing pleasure.

movie theatre
Image Credit: Pinterest

While terminal 2′s theatre screens FOX movies, Terminal 3′s theatre shows more recent releases specially curated by the team at Changi Airport. So go ahead, relax and enjoy the show!

Location: Terminal 2 – Level 3, Departure Transit Lounge; Terminal 3 – Level 3, Departure Transit Lounge North
Cost: Free

3. Gardens

True to our “Garden City” reputation, even our airport has elements of nature in it! Feel refreshed by nature by visiting any of the 5 themed gardens spread through the different terminals.

butterfly garden
Image Credit: delectant.com

There’s the Cactus Garden and Water Lily Garden in Terminal 1, the Sunflower Garden and Orchid Garden in Terminal 2, and the Butterfly Garden in Terminal 3. From admiring Singapore’s national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim, to getting up close with 47 different species of butterflies, this is a great change of pace from the bustle of travel.

Location: Terminal 1, 2 & 3
Cost: Free

4. Social Tree

At almost 9 metres tall, the Social Tree is Changi’s largest interactive installation. Like a time machine, this allows users to be part of Changi’s history for decades to come. Surrounding the Tree are eight touch-screen photo booths that bring your selfies to a whole new level.

the social tree
Image Credit: Changi Airport

You even get to decorate your photo with adorable costumes and decorations, based on cultures from all over the world. Once you’re happy with your photo, send your selfie whizzing up The Social Tree by swiping it upwards into the air.

*Note: the Social Tree is shut down for its daily maintenance routine from 1.00am – 5.00am.

Location: Terminal 1, Central Piazza right after immigration counters
Cost: Free

5. Shopping at The Shilla

With up to 180 quality brands from Korea and the rest of the world, there has never been a more convenient one-stop shop for all things beauty-related. They are found in all 3 terminals, so you can definitely while the time away browsing at these huge stores.

Image Credit: Changi Airport

The Shilla Duty Free has a lowest price guarantee that’ll allow you to save up to a whopping 40% on your favourite beauty buys, compared to department stores downtown.

Location: Terminal 1, 2 & 3 –  Transit Area
Opening Hours: 6:00 am – 1:00 am

6. Children’s Playgrounds

If you’re travelling with kids in tow, the playgrounds found in all 3 terminals will keep them occupied for sure!

Equipped with a full three-level play area and a variety of tunnels and slides, the kids are sure to have a blast. You can sit back with a cuppa, and possibly get some down time while the kids run around, tiring themselves out.

children playground
Image Credit: Changi Airport

The best part is that it’s located indoors, away from the heat! So, relax at a comfortable corner while you keep a close eye on your little ones.

Location: Terminal 1 – Level 2, Departure Transit Lounge East; Terminal 2 – Level 2, Departure Transit Lounge North; Terminal 3 – Level 2, Departure Transit Lounge Central
Cost: Free

7. Interactive Art

At the Interactive Art stations, you can take home a personalised momento from Changi Airport. Remember colouring on a piece of paper over a carved wood block or patterned surfaces to create prints?

interactive art
Image Credit: Changi Airport

Here, they feature wood blocks with patterns inspired by Singapore culture, available for you to experience that all over again!

Location: Terminal 1 – Level 3, Viewing Mall (public) ; Terminal 2 – Level 2, Departure Transit Lounge South; Terminal 3 – B2, Next to the Fountain area (public) / B1-4, Departure Transit Lounge North
Cost: Free

8. Rooftop Pool

Did you know that there’s a pool at the airport? This Balinese-themed rooftop pool is strategically placed to allow for a view of planes taking off on the runway, a tranquil escape in between the stress of traveling.

rooftop pool
Image Credit: Changi Airport

Located at Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel at Terminal 1, there’s also a jacuzzi, a poolside bar and shower facilities. Travellers can relax and enjoy these facilities while waiting for their next flight!

*Note: Only complimentary for guests of Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel

Location: Terminal 1, Level 3, Aerotal Airport Transit Hotel, Departure Transit Lounge
Cost: $17

9. Snooze Lounge

Travelling can be such a physically taxing affair, having to lug around those heavy carry-ons and not getting proper shut eye while in transit. Sneak in a little snooze before you take to the skies in one of many the snooze lounges located around Changi Airport.

snooze lounge
Image Credit: Changi Airport

With their comfy leather chairs and relaxing environment, it’s the perfect place to catch some quick Zs. Just be careful, you don’t want to oversleep and miss your flight!

Location: Terminal 1, Level 3, Transit East; Terminal 2, Transit North Pier (opp E5 and E11); Terminal 3, Transit North Mezzanine
Cost: Free

There’s no better way to start a brand new travel adventure than to try out these airport-exclusive activities in literally the world’s best airport.

With an abundance of things to do, have fun exploring the next time you venture to Changi Airport!

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