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Let’s face it. When it comes to love and relationship, mention the word sex and everyone starts to get really uptight, sweaty palms and flashes the “sshh, that’s a taboo” look.

We tend to avoid talking about the hush hush and you have to look twice to make sure no one is peeping behind you to see what hanky panky you’re about to Google. *clears search history*

The Elephant In The Room

Image source: Pexels
Image source: Pexels

You probably have a couple of sexy tips bookmarked from Cosmo or Men’s Health but how many of us Singaporeans can actually relate to the materials found online?

Sometimes we just have too many questions about the topic and wish to talk about it with our peers in a healthy and inspiring perspective. Yet, something so natural, essential to our survival and a complement to a romantic relationship is often conceived with negative associations.

So what do you do with these late night thoughts? Address it After Hours!


After Hours

Image source: After Hours
Image source: After Hours

Addressing The Taboo

After Hours is an online production where four Singaporean social influencers – Eunice Annabel, Audrey, Dew, and Johnathan, discuss anything to do with love, sex and relationship. All those conversations that society has been trying to keep in inside the closet, they take it online.

According to studies conducted on adults aged between 20 to 59, women have an average of 4 sex partners while men have an average of 7 during their lifetime. You don’t have to feel shameful about wanting to know about your partner’s history or current sexual activities.

If you find it hard to open up the conversations around sex with your partner, just share with them the link to After Hours to get the conversation going. They have discussed various topics such as Dating Apps, Bro Codes, and even Sexual Fetishes where some sounds really out of this world.

Image source: After Hours
Image source: After Hours

They recently wrapped up Season One of the series and will be back with a new Season Two some time soon. But if you need some advice or have a question, you can always leave them a comment and get it answered by them (or even a wise passer by).

So what have we learnt from watching After Hours? Singaporeans, though seemingly prudish and traditional, are rather open-minded! Well, at least for most of the millennial who are trying to break free from the cultural norms.

Watch After Hours for a different perspective on topics we usually keep quiet about, and you might even have your burning questions about virginity, fetishes, and even friends with benefits answered.

Lastly, as wise man Dew says, it’s always safer to keep a Durex in your wallet. You never know when your partner might be feeling the heat.

After Hours

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