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It’s probably safe to say that we’ve come to a point where technology lets us do amazing things we never thought was possible.

MOSH! (Moshi) is definitely proof of that. The first interactive digital family edutainment park in Singapore, it makes use of technology to redefine our idea of play. 

Mosh! Sentosa
Image Credit: The Wacky Duo

Children and adults alike are invited to explore their creative side through state-of-the-art multimedia technology from Japan.

Create imaginary worlds of your own in this immersive, virtual creative space! The unique play-to-learn concept covers the realms of land, air, sea, space and even fantasy.

Land: Hide & Seek

Ever played virtual hide-and-seek?

This multi-touch detection display table contains a myriad of characters that interact with any object you place on its surface.

Image Credit: MOSH!

Watch adorable digital friends appear under your palm, hide amongst letters, and then disappear in a puff of smoke when you touch them again!

It’s sure to be a hit among the little ones, who will have a great time running around the table, trying to catch these shy creatures.

Air: Paper Plane Adventure

This is an almost magical twist on the classic paper planes we all played with as children. 

Fold and launch paper airplanes at this floor to ceiling projection, and they’ll turn into unique aircrafts and fly far, far away.

Image Credit: MOSH!

Each plane even transforms differently, depending on the distance traveled and force of contact.

Will yours be a propeller plane or a jumbo jet? No matter which, each aircraft takes visitors on a flight through different dreamscapes, like leafy jungles and rocky caverns.

Sea: Doodle Aquarium

Maybe you’ve been to the S.E.A. Aquarium.

Well, this digital one features creatures you won’t find anywhere else. After all, they are the brainchildren of the little ones’, created from the imaginations of young children.

Image Credit: MOSH!

Start off by hand drawing and colouring in aquatic animals of your wildest dreams.

Then, breathe life into them and watch them leave the paper to interact and make friends with other sea creatures in the huge tank!

Space: Firework Party

Ever wanted make your own fireworks display?

Here, you can float around in space and control fireworks with just your body movements!

Image Credit: AsiaOne

Creativity shines on this dance floor, where every step leaves a trail of stardust and every move creates a stunning burst of fireworks!

Travel across the globe and design a whole light symphony with fellow composers in the night skies.

Fantasy: World of Wonder

Leave the real world behind in this cute land of the MOSH!cots. 

Make your very own MOSH!cot, and let him loose in a fantasy world of wonder.

Image Credit: MOSH!

All you have to do is colour in your MOSH!cot on paper, put it under a special scanner, and they’ll soon be on their way!

Watch them bounce around the screen, introducing themselves to the rest of the royal MOSH! family.

MOSH! Cafe

You’ll probably be tired after a day of play, so drop by the cafe for a yummy boost!

Sip on coffee and chow down on snacks or a full meal, all with a scenic birds eye view of the beach.

Image Credit: MOSH!

One thing you must try here is their aromatic coffee and signature Shibuya Toast.

Where else can you live out your wildest dreams of orchestrating fireworks, inventing aquatic creatures, or launching a jet from your hand?

MOSH! is truly the perfect spot for exciting adventures together as family.

Address: Palawan Kidz City Sentosa, 31 Beach View, #03-01, Singapore 098008
Opening Hours: 10 AM – 9 PM, Last Admission: 8 PM
Admission: Child (age 3 – 12 Years): $22, Adult: $28, Senior Citizen (age 55 years and above): $20, Family Bundle (Admits 1 Adult, 1 Child): $48
Contact no.: 6238 8296

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