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If you’ve been following the news closely, Madam Halimah Yacob should be no stranger to you – especially with the Presidential Elections coming up.

A woman who will make Singapore history if elected president, Madam Halimah Yacob has quickly become a favourite for the position, given her long years in public service and the support she’s garnered over that time.

Thumbs up! (Image Credit: Halimah Yacob)

Because Halimah is human – and Singaporean – too, we had one very important question for her: What is her favourite food?

We sat down with Halimah and asked her what she loves to eat. As it turns out, even her tastebuds are humble too.

(Image Credit: Halimah Yacob)

If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life…

Like a true blue Singaporean foodie, Halimah had a hard time deciding between three of her favourite foods: mee rebus, laksa and nasi lemak.

Eventually, she decided on mee rebus – specifically, the one served at Teh Tahrik Makan Restaurant, tucked away in an obscure coffee shop in Marsiling; this is her go-to place for the dish.

Simple but dripping with DELICIOUSNESS (Image Credit: Parman Abdullah)

Ownself ask, ownself answer 

A woman after our own hearts, Halimah gets excited when talking about her favourite foods.

Without missing a beat, Halimah continued, “Since you asked me what food I like, you must ask me what dessert I like ‘cos I’m thinking of food already. I like tau suan and goreng pisang.”

Image Credit: Junkgirl

Proving that she’s just like every one of us, she admits that the foods she likes are delicious, but not necessarily the healthiest.

Buffets are a no-go

Halimah loves food a lot and she even finds it a problem! That said, buffets are not her thing because there are just way too many choices. She’s strictly a one-dish kind of person.

On her love affair with tau suan

Image Credit: Singapore Local Favourites

Just before she took her leave, Halimah managed to squeeze in one final story about how her love affair with tau suan (mung bean soup) began.

“Before I have to go, let me just tell you why I like tau suan. I used to stay at Selegie House when I was younger. Last time the uncle will come carrying two barrels – one full of tau suan the other one full of boiled sweet potato – to the void deck. I grew up with these kind of dishes, which is why I still love them today!”

If you’ve ever wondered what Madam Halimah Yacob likes to eat, now you know! Pop down to her favourite mee rebus haunt for a simple but hearty bowl of mee rebus! Who knows, you just might bump into her the next time you visit.

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