10 Exciting Events And Eats That Will Wake You Up Before September Ends [16-30 Sep]

Okay, so F1 is overrated, and there isn’t an election happening anymore. So what else can you get up to on the later half of this month?

We picked out 10 events and new places to check out while waiting for September to end. Psst, there’s free cake at one of those new places too!

Play & Discover

1. Local Motion by 4Fingers x Eatmepoptart


Munch on chicken wings and listen to good local music!

Eatmepoptart is doing their part on encouraging local music, and 4 Fingers, well, we never really expected a fried chicken chain to support local music, but what would you know. You can expect the likes of Lost Weekend, Jasmine Sokko, Bakers in Space, Jojo (not the Jojo that sang Too Little Too Late) and – of course – Eatmepoptart. #4Fgoeslocal indeed.

The best part about this music festival is that there’s no entry fee! All you have to do is sign up at this Fort Canning Park
When: 23 Sep

2. The Color Run Night 2017


[caption id="attachment_29328" align="alignnone" width="960"] This, but at night. And glowing in the dark! (Image Credit: The Color Run)[/caption]

For the first time ever, The Color Run Night will be hitting our shores. This is a run like you’ve never experienced.

GLOW UP in the dark by turning yourself into the most colorful, neon mess with The Color Run. It’s time to update your Facebook DP and show the whole world that you were part of The Color Run Night!

Psst, see a cute guy or gal you want to hit up? Well, here are some (corny) pick up lines that you can use to start the conversation.

The Color Run Night 2017
Venue: Suntec City Convention Hall 401-402
When: 23 Sep

3. Canon Photomarathon Singapore XV 2017

How good are you at photography? No matter how new or how experienced you are, you stand a chance to win a prize with various categories to cater to different experience levels.

As usual, the competition’s three themes will only be revealed on the day itself, and each person can only submit one entry per theme. Here’s the challenge: the photo must be shot on the day of the competition! Also, you only get three hours to shoot each theme.

Some of the prizes up for grabs are Adobe subscriptions, photo printers, memory cards and even a EOS 5D MK IV. Sign ups are still Suntec City Convention Hall 401-402
When: 23 Sep
Sign Up Here

4. Asian Fighting Championship 2017

[caption id="attachment_30101" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Image Credit: @wynnneo[/caption]

The Inaugural Asian Fighting Championship will be introducing the high-octane fights of Muay Thai! Being a fighter is not simply a matter of knocking out your opponent in the ring. It is a matter of putting in the work, putting in the time, and putting on a fight, even if the odds are stacked against you. Watch local and regional fighters come together and battle it out to be known as the top Muay Thai Fighter round here.

Asian Fighting Championship 2017
Venue: Hall A, Sands Expo And Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands
When: 23 Sep, 6pm
Price: VIP: $117.05** (U.P. $133) | Advance Tier: $81.35** (U.P. $91) | Advance Tier (Corner): $58


5. Halloween Horror Nights 7

The annual scare fest is back again, and this year you be facing 7 Deadlier Sins. Themed after seven new incarnations of sins present in modern day life – Cruelty, Deception, Malice, Manipulation, Narcissism, Perversion and Obsession – the seven manifestations will come alive to haunt you.

With five terrifying haunted houses, two scare zones, and two killer shows will have you quaking as you leave all screamed out.

Halloween Horror Nights 7
Address: Universal Studios Singapore
When: 29 Sep – 29 Oct

6. CIA Crisis By Xcape Singapore


Location-based games are the new escape rooms! There are no limits when you are out in the real world. Pretend you are a detective for the day in the heart of the city with Xscape Singapore. Real-time missions will be sent through your smart phone as you try to find the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Chief who has AWOL.

It’s time to activate your inner James Bond! Do your part in helping prevent a national security crisis from happening.

CIA Crisis By Xcape Singapore
Venue: Bugis Village, 158B Rochor Road, S188435
When: 23 – 24 Sep
Image Credit: Banana Leaf Pork Briyani Facebook[/caption]

Colorful foods always brightens up our lives, and now we can have our pratas in all colors of the rainbow too!

Head to Banana Leaf Pork Briyani in Woodlands to have colorful prata. Yes, your green prata is completely safe to eat! It’s worth the trip all the way to the north, I promise.

Besides the usual chicken briyani, they also do a kicking pork briyani that will have you coming back for more. It’s that good.

Banana Leaf Pork Briyani
Address: 71 Woodlands Industrial Estate Park E9 Wave 9 #01-04, Singapore 757881
Opening Hours: Daily, 7am – 10.30pm
Contact no.: 9321 8081

8. The Apothecary

[caption id="attachment_30097" align="alignnone" width="930"] Image Credit: The Apothecary[/caption]

This bar might be called The Apothecary, but the only remedies they serve up are the age-old boozy elixirs that will be sure to cure all that ails you. With tonics like Sailor Painkiller and Croak And Wheeze Relief, you’ll be heading to The Apothecary whenever you are feeling a little under the weather!

The Apothecary at Oxwell And Co.
Address: 5 Ann Siang Road, 069688
Opening Hours: Wed – Sat, 6pm till late
Contact: 6438 7036
There’s no such thing as too much katsudon (Image Credit: Fry Pan Shokudo)[/caption]

Eat straight off the pan – you won’t get judged here! Fry Pan Shokudo has just joined the Isetan Scotts Food Republic, which means more Japanese food at affordable prices.

Their signature dish is their katsudon, which guests can choose to have pork or chicken drizzled in Namban Sauce ro Wafu-Oroshi sauce. Chicken Karaage, another Japanese staple, will satisfy any fried chicken cravings you might have.

If you really really love katsudon, then attack their Katsu-Tower, which comes stacked sky high with katsun which tastes as good as it looks.

Fry Pan Shokudo
Address: Isetan Scotts Food Republic @ Shaw House #B1-02 350 Orchard Road, Singapore 238868
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm
Contact: 6235 0995 (Food Republic)

10. Original Cake



Move over Ah Ma, the Original Cake from Taiwan is here! Original Cake will be giving out 800 FREE castella cakes when they open in a week’s time on 23 September, 10am. And you don’t have to make a purchase to get your hands on the freebies.

Other than the original flavor, it’s still not known which other flavors like chocolate and cheese will make it to Singapore.

Fluffy and jiggly, it looks like the castella cake trend ain’t gonna end anytime soon!

Original Cake
Address: 3 Gateway Dr, #02-24 Westgate, Singapore 608532
Opening hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm
Tel: 9688 7012

From food to gigs and things to do, you don’t have to worry about not having anything to do when all the F1 excitement dissipates. So many things, so little time…

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(Header Image Source: )

Drown Your Problems At This Pharmacy-Themed Bar Cos There’s Nothing Alcohol Can’t Cure

Ann Siang Hill is chock full of bars and rooftop clubs that come alive at all times of the night, and it’ll take you forever to uncover the hidden gems. Here’s another one for you to add to your list of bars to visit – The Apothecary.

[caption id="attachment_30096" align="alignnone" width="928"] Image Credit: The Apothecary[/caption]

Oxwell and Co. has introduced a secret apothecary (read: bar) somewhere on the third floor of their shophouse, where you have to locate a hidden door to enter the cosy dining room.

The bar, simply called The Apothecary, specializes in elixirs, tonics and potions, with a promise to ‘treat all that ails you’. Side note: just in case you haven’t realized, their potions are age-old remedies of booze.

All sorts of remedy for everyday life problems

[caption id="attachment_30097" align="alignnone" width="930"] Image Credit: The Apothecary[/caption]

Don’t believe us yet? Here’s one to cure that cough virus going around – the Croak And Wheeze Relief. The Glenfiddich 12-year-old whisky is infused with honey sage syrup, orange bitters in a concoction that is sure to soothe any throat irritations.

If you have a headache from staring at a computer screen all day, take the Sailor Painkiller. The tonic uses Sailor Jerry Rum as a base, and has notes of orange, pineapple, cream of coconut, palm sugar and nutmeg. After a couple of shots, you won’t remember your day’s problems anymore.

[caption id="attachment_30099" align="alignnone" width="926"] Image Credit: The Apothcary[/caption]

The Butterfly Corpse Effect is an interesting mix of Hendrick’s, fortified wine, blood orange and pea flower tea for a herbal remedy. It didn’t escape our notice that gin and wine both have health benefits if taken in moderation.

A playground for dinner and drinks

[caption id="attachment_30098" align="alignnone" width="930"] Image Credit: The Apothecary[/caption]

The medieval pharmacy-themed bar is filled with mismatched vintage bobs and ends, transporting you back to the primitive times. It really feels like you’re having a sneaky cocktail, or two, after work in the intimate room big enough for only 12 people.

Other than drinks, there are also bar bites like Salt And Pepper Squid and Crispy Salmon Fingers and Tartare Sauce that you can snack on the road to recovery. Head back down to the dining restaurant on the first floor for more substantial fare.

If you start to feel too claustrophobic after a couple of drinks, just head up a two floors to the rooftop bar that is also part of Oxwell and Co to continue your night with a breath of fresh air.

Are you feeling better yet?

The Apothecary at Oxwell And Co.
Address: 5 Ann Siang Road, 069688
Opening Hours: Wed – Sat, 6pm till late
Contact: 6438 7036
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(Header Image Source: The Apothecary)

Your Room Will Smell Absolutely Scent-sational Once You Light Up These Candles

Candles come in so many shapes, sizes and smells, you can never have one too many!

Let’s face it, candles are pretty versatile and should become a necessity in every house.Not only to they do beautify your room, the scents they give off when lit will soothe your frazzled nerves and can freshen up any room almost immediately.

Plus, candles come in super handy if you are planning a romantic night in (if you know what I mean).

We waded through the tons of options out there and chose some of the more interesting scents that will make your house smell absolutely scent-sational.

1. Bath & Body Works – But First, Coffee! 

[caption id="attachment_30034" align="alignnone" width="1006"] Is it the coffee or the smell of coffee that wakes you up? (Image Credit: Where to get it: at Takashimaya or The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands
A clean, minimalistic addition for your candle collection (Image Credit: Glasshouse via Naiise)[/caption]

Revel in the smells of thatched bungalows and the salty sea breeze with Glasshouse‘s tropical scent.

The flowery yet tangy smells courtesy of cilantro, tangerine and orange blossoms will leave you with the thoughts of clear sandy beaches when you are actually in a hot and stuffy HDB flat.

Where to get it: Naiise outlets or online

3. fresh – Sake

[caption id="attachment_30046" align="alignnone" width="490"] Image Credit: 4. Artisan’s Garden – Citronella Candle 

[caption id="attachment_30048" align="alignnone" width="720"] De-stress and de-mozzie (Image Credit: Artisan’s Garden)[/caption]

The Citronella Candle caught my nose with its grassy, floral smell that reminds me of the clean smell of wet grass.

Not only is citronella said to help reduce stress when used in aromatherapy, it also works as a mosquito repellent! Perfect for our tropical weather.

Artisan’s Garden sells the this candle in a small travel tin so that you can easily carry it around if you are thinking of going camping or traveling to tropical countries.

Where to get it: online
Use the holder to store trinkets once it’s finished (Image Credit: 6. NARS – Acapulco

[caption id="attachment_30051" align="alignnone" width="1196"] All candles come with the logo on it! (Image Credit: Beautyfreshfave)[/caption]

Yes, this is the same beauty brand that you find in Sephora. Not many people are aware that NARS carry candles (mainly because they don’t bring it to Singapore), which you have to buy through the NARS US website or Amazon.

And yes, the shipping fee is definitely worth it, because the candles can seriously compete with their make up range. My pick would be Acapulco, a chocolate-based candle that comes layered with traces of whipped cream and coffee beans. It’s delicious, but not overly sweet – kind of like dark chocolate.

Where to get it: NARS US website or Amazon
Such brew-tiful smells (Image Credit: TWG Tea)[/caption]

Another underrated candle from a brand that specialises in selling something else!

If you love the smell of your TWG tea, you can now get their candle version so that you can enjoy the delicious smells without having to brew a pot.

Their White Earl Grey Tea Scented Candle is a fresh, raw fragrance of bergamot and imperial silver needles that smells as good as it tastes.

Where to get it: online
Choose your poison of choice! (Image Credit: Spicy Orange And Hot Peppers Scent and Marijuanna-Weed Scent that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Where to get it: online or through Etsy
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(Header Image Source: Pinterest)

Gifs Are A Legit Art Form, And This Festival Dedicated To Them Proves It

If you’re a millennial, chances are GIFs are a part of your everyday communications.

You pepper your conversations with them, whether on WhatsApp or on Facebook Messenger. Reaction GIFs, cute animal GIFs… Whichever is appropriate for the conversation, you’ll drop a GIF for good measure – sometimes, even in place of actual words.

That’s millennials for you.

Whether you’re someone who drops the occasional GIF, or have been told that you’re your group’s resident GIF king/queen, there’s an art festival you’ll want to attend that features – no prizes for guessing – the GIF.

Noise Singapore will be bringing us a festival entirely dedicated to GIFs.: SPELLBOUND.GIF.

Happening from 4 – 11 October, this GIF-fest will take place at Gillman Barracks.

Put together by Noise Singapore and Kult Studios, you won’t find your typical meme GIFs here, but GIFs created by local artists.

While there is currently limited information on what will be going down at this festival, if GIF fest’s Instagram account is anything to go by, we’ll be seeing plenty of hypnotic, trippy GIFs.

These GIFs will be presented in an immersive multi-media exhibition. If you’re expecting this to take place in a traditional art gallery or space, think again. The experience will be more akin to visiting a “night club or space museum”.


A Call For GIFs

The festival is currently calling for GIF submissions.

If you’re lucky, your masterpiece just may be selected to be showcased at the festival, alongside some of the festival’s best GIFs.

Here are some GIFs that caught our eye.







There’s even one inspired by Monty Python (watch it with the sound on)!


The founder of Kult, who is part of the organising team, shared a little peek on what to expect, and it looks set to be pretty mind-blowing.


Whether you’re a casual GIF user, or have the tendency to overuse GIFs on the daily, mark these dates down in your calendar. A totally different kind of art exhibition, we have a feeling plenty of awesome ‘gram shots (or boomerangs) will come out of this!

Noise x GIF Fest 2017 – SPELLBOUND.GIF
Address: Gillman Barracks, 9 Lock Road, Singapore 108937
Dates: 4 – 11 Oct

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(Header Image Source: Noise X Gif Festival)

You Can Eat Off The Table At Cajun On Wheels And No One Will Judge You

Eating off the table at Cajun On Wheels is not frowned upon. In fact, it’s even encouraged!

Cajun On Wheels, a Louisiana-style seafood restaurant, has just opened its second branch in the heart of town – Plaza Singapura. The seafood joint took on an American spirit by setting up a permanent food truck at Pasarbella in Suntec City, but the Plaza Singapura branch is a diner-style restaurant, complete with exclusive menu choices.

[caption id="attachment_29963" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Seafood heaven! (Image Credit: cajunonwheels_sg)[/caption]

A quick lowdown on how Louisiana does Cajun-style seafood: the seafood is usually boiled in a huge pot filled with potatoes, onions, corn and loads of spices. Crawfish (or crayfish) is usually the seafood of choice, but shrimps and crabs are also popular alternatives.

Customize your own personal Ocean Box 

The trouble with going alone to a seafood restaurant is that sometimes the dishes are too big for one person to finish.

Sometimes you might just need some alone time, and Cajun On Wheels has just the perfect personal portion for you.

[caption id="attachment_29962" align="alignnone" width="1362"] The Ocean Box featuring fish and torpedo prawns! (Image Credit: Cajun on Wheels)[/caption]

Their Ocean Box, a popular take-away choice, is a totally customizable personal meal from your sides to the sauce. For your seafood, you have a wide range to choose from – fish, mussels, prawns, soft shell crab, fish and torpedo prawns, and mixed seafood for a little bit of everything.

After picking your sides, you can then pick your preferred sauce. Sauces available include Herb & Butter, Cajun Cheese, Sambal Chilli Egg, Salted Egg Yolk, Thai Red Curry, Spicy Cheesy Soil, Singapore Chilli Crab. Your sauce will come as a dip on the side so that your meal won’t be soggy if you chose the takeaway option.

A little bit of everything

Sharing is caring, which is why it’s also an option on the menu.

The sharing platters can feed two to three people, while the seafood buckets can easily feed three to five people. The fun part about getting the sharing platters is that you your food arrives in a bucket, and you’ll get to experience eating off the table. Don’t be afraid to dig in, because a bib will be provided to catch any strays drops of sauce!

[caption id="attachment_29959" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Poseidon Bucket (Scottish Dungeon Crab, Sri Lankan Crab, Sweet Corn, Chicken Spam and Potatoes) featuring Salted Egg Yolk sauce[/caption]

The Poseidon Bucket, featuring Scottish Dungeon Crab, Sri Lankan Crab, Sweet Corn, Chicken Spam and Potatoes is the best value-for-money choice if you love crabs. The Just Be Shellfish Bucket proffers a range of shellfish, and comes with prawns, mussels and white clams which are definitely worth getting messy for. 

Chicken spam, which are only available in the share buckets, and potatoes are good choices for sides as they soak up the sauces well. Corn also makes for a good side, as they add a sweet crunch to your meal. 

The Salted Egg Yolk is spiced up with curry leaves and chilli padi for a flavorful kick. The Herb and Butter sauce is for those who want to enjoy the fresh taste of the seafood, while the Spicy Cheese Soil is equal parts spicy and cheesy.

If you decide to pick the pilaf rice, the Thai Red Curry sauce goes really with the rice. The Thai Red Curry Sauce also matches well with the fish, and it totally kills any remaining fishy aftertaste.

Craving for a burger?

If eating off the table doesn’t appeal to you, you can get one of their rolls or burgers.

[caption id="attachment_29964" align="alignnone" width="1174"] Our version of Burgers & Lobsters? (Image Credit: mightyfoodie)[/caption]

The Crusty C.O.W. Lobster & Beef Burger is a combo that lets you have the best of both worlds. The burger comes with a succulent premium beef patty, and is served alongside half a lobster drenched in herb & butter sauce. Definitely worth the $39.90 price tag if you have the appetite to match!

Our only gripe was that the burger could have done with a dash of sauce. After all, that’s what Cajun On Wheels is famous for right?

Cajun On Wheels has got our stamp of approval if you intend on feasting on seafood. You won’t be disappointed, especially if you love spicy food.

Cajun On Wheels

Address: PASARBELLA @ SUNTEC, #01-455 North Wing, Suntec City
Opening Hours: Daily; 10am – 10pm

Address: Plaza Singapura, #03-92 (new wing), 68 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238839
Opening Hours: Daily; 11am – 10pm


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A Makcik Revamped Nasi Ayam With Lava Eggs And Sous-Vide Chicken – But Is It Worth $9.50?

Chicken rice might seem like a simple dish – easy to cook, but hard to perfect.

In Singapore, you’ll find that most stalls offer up Hainanese chicken rice, served up with sides like braised eggs, vegetables and tau kwa (braised tofu).

Makcik Chicken is here to change the chicken rice game, putting a modern twist on the classic Singaporean dish!

Legend has it that there is a makcik with chicken rice skills second to none

Mackcik Chicken is run by a couple who used to work at a media advertising agency, which would explain why their branding game is so on point.

Makcik Chicken maintains that a very camera-shy makcik wants everyone to try her secret recipe. We’re going to assume that makcik exists, so here goes nothing!

Our boxes of chicken rice arrived in simple brown cardboard boxes, no frills attached. But as soon as you open the box, you’ll be greeted by the comforting fragrance of chicken rice. Smells good? Check.

[caption id="attachment_29922" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Simple yet satisfying chicken[/caption]

In case you were wondering what’s so special about Makcik’s chicken; the chicken is cooked sous-vide style. For those who didn’t learn to cook from a French chef, that means your chicken was cooked in a vacuum bag to keep it from becoming overcooked. As promised, the chicken was juicy, tender and bursting with flavor with every mouthful.

If you don’t like spice, you probably won’t be impressed by the rice (although it does come in a huge portion). Once you add a lil red or green chili, it’s like the rice suddenly came alive in your mouth. The red chili is potent, with loads of garlic, whilst the green chili is slightly sourer because of the vinegar.

Tastes good? Check.

[caption id="attachment_29929" align="alignnone" width="1192"] Pick from red or green chili![/caption]

Makcik be working her magic with lava eggs and glittery drinks

The Hanjuku eggs (soft boiled eggs) was the ultimate deciding factor that made me decide that I liked Makcik’s chicken rice. Seriously, their Hanjuku eggs can even compete with the ones that are sold at 7-Eleven.

[caption id="attachment_29914" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Cik Rose Syrup Limau (left), Bandung Baik Gila (right)[/caption]

Grab a drink to accompany your meal while you’re at it. Makcik has stirred up three concoctions to choose from; a crazy good Bandung that even comes with rose petals, a Calamansi Fantasti that comes with a refreshing tinge of mint, and Cik Rose Syrup Limau, a combination of rose syrup, lime and pomegranate drink to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you have $10 to spare, you might want to consider trying Makcik’s Jambu Jampi Juice, a rose apple drink that swirls with shiny, sparkly edible glitter. Plus points for presentation!

[caption id="attachment_29920" align="alignnone" width="1180"] Let makcik work her magic (Image Credit: makcikchicken)[/caption]

The only downside that we could really foresee is that there isn’t space for you to dine in when you visit their outlet; there’s only a bench outside right now.

Your best bet is to order Makcik Chicken through Deliveroo, Ubereats, or Honestbee so that you don’t need to hunt for a place to enjoy your meal before it becomes cold.

The only thing really stopping me from ordering from my dear Makcik everyday is the $9.50 price tag. While you might not be able to afford to have it everyday, it’s definitely worth trying. Or maybe every once in a while as a treat.

Makcik Chicken
Address: 77 Aliwal Street
Opening Hours: Wed – Sat, 11am – 8pm
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Pasir Ris Will Be Getting Its Own Version Of Timbre+, But With More Diet-Friendly Options

It’s time to make hawker centers cool again.

A new hawker center is scheduled to open in Pasir Ris Central in November, and it sounds like the next up-and-coming hipster enclave.

Divided into two stories, the Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre will offer both traditional hawker fare and more ‘hipster food’ and is the first . The hipster food area will be called Fareground, and will house 22 stalls featuring modern Singapore cuisine (read: fusion food)

NTUC Foodfare, who will be managing the space, intends on using Fareground to host arts and crafts markets and music gigs. Good news for Easties because the fairs and markets are finally heading your way!

Making life easier for you

Becuase we are in the Smart Nation age, the hawker centre is all about making eating out a breeze.

All stalls will offer cashless payment through Plus! Cards/ Plus! Pay and DBS Paylah! You can also redeem your Link Points at the hawker centre – your meal is pretty much free!


Even hawker food is now becoming healthy

Hawker food has a history of being unhealthy, oily and really salty. But not Foodfare and Fareground.

Every single stall must have at least one Healthier Choice meal under 500 calories on the menu. All hawkers must also use healthier oil in their food preparation. Eating out is now possible, even for those health buffs!

If you ever wanted to open up a new stall, now is the time. Foodfare and Fareground is opening up applications for their stalls on Monday, 11 September. Stalls are a good chance to tread the waters in the F&B industry if you are not confident about committing to a cafe.

Applications will close on 22 Sept, and you’ll be able to view a list of all the exciting food offerings then.

Based on what we’ve heard, we think everyone will be rushing to visit Pasir Ris this November. Healthy hawker food? We’ll be there.

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(Header Image Source: NTUC Foodfare)

After You’s Thai Thai Must Try Shibuya Toasts Are Coming To S’pore For One Weekend

As part of The Finest Thai Festival organized by the Royal Thai Embassy, After You will be bringing their sweet desserts to Singapore so that you don’t have to step one foot off the island to feast on their legnedary Shibuya Toasts.

This weekend, from 8 to 10 September, stop by the Thai Embassy in Orchard to explore the best of Thailand.

There’s always room for dessert

This is the first time ever that After You will be coming to Singapore, even if its just for one weekend. This is your chance to eat all the Shibuya toasts!

[caption id="attachment_29827" align="alignnone" width="1030"] We just can’t get enough of durian? (Image Credit: After You)[/caption]

Their most popular item is the Shibuya Honey Toast, that comes in all sorts of flavors like sticky toffee, cheese, strawberry cream and nutella. There’s even a durian sticky rice shibuya toast!

[caption id="attachment_29826" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Ferrero Toast that comes with a side of ice cream (Image Credit: After You)[/caption]

The Shibuya Special Black Toast is for those wondering how charcoal toast would taste like.

If that’s too much bread for you, After You also has other desserts like buttermilk pancakes, brownies, and an absolutely delicious chocolate lava cake.

[caption id="attachment_29828" align="alignnone" width="1118"] Look at all that gooey chocolate (Image Credit: After You)[/caption]

Eat, shop, try the lucky draw. Repeat!

Besides After You, there are plenty of other Thai food stalls, local brands and fashion designers that will be at the festival.

Aromatherapy label HARNN is one to look out for if you love natural, soothing skin care. They carry everything from essential oils to body scrubs, so that you can recreate the spa experience in the privacy of your own home. April’s Bakery will also be bringing their trademark pork pies that currently aren’t available at the Singapore outlets – be sure to grab one while they’re hot!

Another reason to stop by the festival is the Thai traditional lucky draw at the Soi-Dao Tree by the Sansiri Family, where you stand a chance daily to win a round-trip to Bangkok from Singapore.

If you are planning on stopping by The Finest Thai Festival, remember to bring loads of cash as NETS or credit cards are not accepted.

It’s going to be an exciting weekend, so be sure to go early so that you won’t miss out anything.

The Finest Thai
Address: Royal Thai Embassy, 370 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238870
Date: 8-10 September, 12pm – 9pm

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(Header Image Source: beterinaryo/ After You)

Prodigal Roasters Has The Most Bizarre Cheese Tart Flavors To Complement Their Seasonal Coffee Menu

Prodigal Roasters pride themselves on their own roasted beans, which differ every single month as they are constantly getting in new beans from all over the world.

But we think its the ultimate pairing of their freshly brewed coffee and interesting bizarre cheese tart flavors that got to us.

[caption id="attachment_29808" align="alignnone" width="1170"] Freshly roasted (Image Credit: Prodigal Roasters)[/caption]

Their bizarre cheese tarts somehow works 

Get this, their bestseller is a Miso Cheese Tart, which tastes as delicious as it sounds bizarre. The miso caramel sauce is drizzled over a creamy cheese tart before its served. The sauce is kind of similar to salted caramel, but miso-style.

[caption id="attachment_29782" align="alignnone" width="640"] Tart’s up! (Image Credit: Natalie Wong via Burpple)[/caption]

If you prefer your tarts to be on the chocolate-y side, go for their Rocky Road Tart. The thick and fudge-like chocolate is slightly bittersweet (it uses dark chocolate), and is full of crunchy nuts and chewy marshmallow.

Another interesting one to try is the Sweet Potato Tart, which is mixed with chocolate and tinged with the mellow sweetness from the sweet potato.

On a superfood diet? Get the Acai Cheese Tart.

[caption id="attachment_29783" align="alignnone" width="730"] Superfoods in desserts so that you don’t abandon your diet. (Image Credit: Xing Wei Chua via Burpple)[/caption]

Classic flavors like lemon meringue and creme brûlée are also on the menu if you want to play it safe.

Something more substantial?

Prodigal Roasts started out selling tarts, but have since expanded to selling hearty mains in limited portions. Just like everything else, the menu is not fixed, so there’s no saying what you’ll get.

The chefs at Prodigal Roasters are very open to ideas from customers, which results in pretty unusual dishes. If you really want to be kept updated on their latest food creations, follow their Instagram!

Just a couple weeks ago, they had an interesting burnt cream pasta, which comes topped with pomegranate, one week old fermented onions, capers, celery and dusted with coffee grounds. Your tastebuds will be working overtime! 

[caption id="attachment_29773" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Coffee in pasta? (Image Credit: Prodigal Roasters)[/caption]

The only drawback is that these creations are not permanent fixtures on the menu (even though we think they deserve to be), but don’t be afraid to ask the chefs to whip something up on the spot.

They’ll try their best to oblige, although this is not always possible as they might not have the ingredients on hand.

Journey all over the world with their seasonal roasts

The guys at Prodigal Roasts love experimenting with their coffees as much as they love experimenting with their foods.

You can expect new coffee flavors every month as they are constantly trying out new bean profiles from all over the world. Taste coffees from Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Ethiopia, Thailand, Rwanda and more.

[caption id="attachment_29809" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Bring home some beans! (Image Credit: Prodigal Roasters)[/caption]

They also sell freshly roasted beans if you can’t get enough of your brew. Get some beans so that you can make your own cuppa whenever the cravings hit you.

Whether you’re a coffee lover or just want to try something new this cafe is definitely worth a trip to the heartlands for!

Prodigal Roasters
Address: Blk 625 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9 #01-112, Singapore 560625
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri, 12pm – 10pm; Sat – Sun, 9am – 5pm; Closed on Wednesdays

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(Header Image Source: Prodigal Roasters)

The F1 Side Events This Year Are As Lit As The Main Event – Here Are 5 Free Ones To Check Out

We are less than two weeks away from the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix, and the entire city is already gearing up for the weekend with an influx of off-track activities. Hello, exclusive F1 party that I cannot afford.

Maybe you didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a grandstand to watch your money flash by in barely a second, or maybe you just aren’t that into racing.

Here are 5 things that your broke ass butt can do to make fully make use of all the exciting events and promotions happening during the Singapore Grand Prix weekend. You deserve to enjoy the weekends!

1. Dance the night away in Haji Lane

Here’s one for those who cannot afford the ridiculous prices at all those F1 parties (nobody has $900 to spare for Amber Lounge). Blu Jaz Cafe will be hosting a street party in Haji Lane, and hip-hop, reggaeton, and 90s R&B will be your soundtrack for the night.

[caption id="attachment_29747" align="alignnone" width="960"] Blu Jaz is famous for their street parties! (Image Credit: Blu Jaz Cafe)[/caption]

Not only is there be free admission and lucky draw prizes to be won, there will also be FREE SHOTS for the first 200 people! You don’t need to say no more, I’m so there.

Haji Lane F1 Street Party (Open Air Hip Hop X Rnb X Reggaeton)
Address: 241 Beach Road & Haji Lane, Singapore 189753
Date: 9 September 2017
More info

2. Watch Lau Pa Sat transform into a fashion runway

Lau Pa Sat, our favourite CBD makan spot, will turn the heat up during the F1 weekend (and not because of excessive orders for satay and chicken wings).

[caption id="attachment_29748" align="alignnone" width="749"] How will Lau Pa Sat fare as a backdrop for a fashion runway? (Image Credit: Sarah Reid/ Lonely Planet)[/caption]

Heineken will be presenting their own fashion collection on a catwalk for the first time in Asia! Expect to see models like Sheila Sim, Angie Watkins and Jason Godrey. Former F1 racer David Coulthard will also be making an appearance at the show which features the latest pieces from the collections of local designers Sabrina Goh and Amos Ananda.

Even if you don’t have front row tickets, you’ll be able to catch a bit of the action from the sidewalk. There will be a live mannequin performance and roving iPad magic show nearby, which you might bump into if you’re lucky.

Heineken F1 Fashion Party
Address: Lao Pa Sat, along Satay Street
Date: 13 September, 9pm – 10.15pm

3. Get free supper delivery from foodpanda

Okay, it’s actually $5 credit off your order. But its pretty much the same as free delivery, plus a couple more dollars off your meal.

foodpanda wants to extend thanks to all those workers and volunteers who worked hard in order to ensure the smooth success of the Singapore Grand Prix, but no one is stopping you from using the code.

The code ‘VOLUNTEER’ will get you $5 credit, and is only redeemable from 16 to 18 September, between 1-3am.

4. Try out the race car simulator onboard the Grand Prix’s roving truck

[caption id="attachment_29743" align="alignnone" width="680"] Spot the truck! (Image Credit: Singapore Grand Prix)[/caption]

Maybe it’s too late for you to realize your full potential as a F1 race car driver. But you can always indulge a little by hopping aboard the GP roving truck for a chance at taking on the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

If you didn’t catch the race car simulator at its various pop-ups, your last chance to try it out will be this weekend at Ang Mo Kio Hub. Time to get your a

GP Roving Truck 
Address: Ang Mo Kio Hub
Date: 9 – 10 September

5. Make use of the extended MRT times to have a couple more drinks

If you are one of those who don’t really care for racing or partying, this one’s for you. All weekend from 15 to 17 September, bus and train services will be extended by about half an hour.

Four bus services – 222, 222G, 181 and 243G – will also be extended. You can finally say yes to one more round!

There you have it. Just because you are too poor to afford concert tickets to go watch OneRepublic or Calvin Harris, there are still plenty of ways for you to enjoy the F1 weekend. You don’t have to empty your wallet to have a good time!

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(Header Source Image: Singapore Grand Prix)