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If you’ve ever wished you could switch out all the food on your dinner plate for something sweeter (basically, dessert for dinner), there’s a cafe in Singapore where you can do just that; that is, seem like you’re having a sensible meal, but in fact be enjoying dessert.

Nestled in Lorong Kilat, this place serves up typical diner-style food – except, the foods here aren’t what they seem.

Image Credit: Cake Avenue

A spot called “Cake Avenue“, its name should be the first clue that you’re not in for a regular meal of burger and fries.

Look closer and you’ll find burger buns that are actually made of cake, soup that’s made of jelly, salsa that’s made of strawberry compote… You have to see it to believe it.

A Diner-themed Dessert Menu

Cake Avenue has released a new diner-themed dessert menu, and if you’re a sweet tooth, you’ll love all 6 new menu offerings they’re plating up.

First up is the classic burger and fries combo – or rather, its dessert twin.

Image Credit: Cake Avenue

Instead of burger buns sandwiching a beef patty, what you’re seeing here is a dark chocolate ice cream “patty” sandwiched by vanilla butter cake “burger buns”. The vibrantly coloured “mustard” is passionfruit purée, and raspberry purée serves as the “ketchup”.

For sides, you get “fries”, which comprise more vanilla cake.

Image Credit: Cake Avenue

Dessert nachos – bad idea or totally genius? Decide for yourself!

This dish of nachos contains flatbread nachos topped with strawberry compote “salsa”, chocolate mousse “refried beans”, julienned peach “cheese” and pistachio ice cream “guacamole”.

Image Credit: Cake Avenue

Now, this is a dish we find quite intriguing.

A simple bowl of Alphabet Soup, scoop into it and you’ll find that beneath the rose jelly “tomato broth” is a lychee mousse with lychee and raspberry. If you’re wondering if the “alphabets” are actually alphabet pasta, think again – the people at Cake Avenue went all out, crafting the alphabets out of sweet milk agar.

More Unicorn Food

If there’s one foodie trend that seems to be powering on, it has to be unicorn food.

Image Credit: Cake Avenue

Pretty to look at and super Instagrammable, Cake Avenue has created a range of unicorn-themed shakes that come complete with ears and a horn!

In pastel hues of yellow, pink, and green, take your pick from mango, strawberry and matcha flavours respectively!

Raring to try these inventive creations? So are we! Unfortunately, these new desserts will only be available from 1 September onwards, so we’ll all have to wait for just a bit before we can get our hands on these adorable treats.

Cake Avenue 
Address: 33 Lorong Kilat, #01-01/02 Kilat Centre, 598132
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am – 8.30pm; Closed on Mon
Contact no.: 6877 9008

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