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It’s no secret that we Singaporeans love our food. We will queue for them, travel for them, pay for them; we will go to any lengths to get ahold of the foods we love.

While we’re always on the lookout for the next big food craze, we’ll admit, there’s a special place in our hearts for our very own local delicacies – our messy, greasy plates of char kway teow, our savoury, vinegary bowls of bak chor mee, our deliciously sinful, spicy bowls of laksa…

Most of us have a go-to local dish – the dish we head straight for when we’re in a food court; the one we miss when we’re out of the country; the dish we absolutely cannot imagine our lives without.

Whatever your go-to may be, it reveals plenty about you. Here’s what your go-to Singaporean food says about you:

1. Yong Tau Fu

Yong Tau Fu from Ding Hao Yong Tau Fu (Image Credit: Deliveroo)

You’re either someone who is very health conscious, or someone who likes to feel like you’re making at least some healthy choices in your life. You can be a picky eater, and when ordering food online, you will browse through the entire Deliveroo catalogue until you find something that perfectly suits your mood.

You like feeling like you’re in control at work, at home, and in life in general. You’re careful, meticulous, and reliable. You prefer to err on the side of caution and more often than not, you stick with the safer option.

2. Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice from Buffet Town (Image Credit: Deliveroo)

You like your food like you like your days – good, but in a safe, predictable kind of way. You are a creature of habit and you truly believe you can eat chicken rice every single day.

You take great comfort in routine and familiarity, and you are faithful and loyal to the people and the things you love. You are simple, easy-going, and you don’t sweat the small things.

3. Laksa

Image Credit: AspirantSG

You live for a bit of risk. You’re adventurous, fiery and passionate. You say go big when others say play it safe. You’re always jio-ing your friends to try cool new eateries with you and you’re often drawn to the most unusual items on the menu.

The Deliveroo catalogue is like a playground to you, and you often have a hard time nailing down what to eat, and where you should even order from. Novelty and things that are outrageous excite you, and you constantly seek out these experiences in your life.

4. Bak Chor Mee

Bak Chor Mee from Yammee Teochew Fishball Noodles (Image Credit: Deliveroo)

You’re someone with very particular tastes. With food and with every other aspect of your life, you know exactly what you want, and you will go out of your way to get it. You have your go-to pick for everything from the supermarket, to the place you do your hair, to the app you use to order your food. If Deliveroo is your go-to, there’s a good chance you’re sticking with it till the end of time.

While you do get distracted once in a while, you always remember to get back on track – that’s just the laser-focused kind of person that you are.

5. Char Kway Teow

Image Credit: Burpple

Your favoute phrase is ‘treat yo’self’ and you whip it out as often as you can. You love indulging in the things that make you happy and you couldn’t care less what others have to say about it. You’re independent, smart, sassy, and have a mind of your own. Whether it’s bubble tea, pasta, or Chinese food, your Deliveroo order is always at least a little bit different from the rest – and you take pride in that individuality.

Aside from the ones closest to you, what others say or think about you and your decisions don’t faze you. When your mind is made up, there’s no stopping you.

6. Cai Fan/Nasi Padang

Image Credit: Malay Mail Online

You’re an impatient character and you want your food, chop chop, right now. You don’t ask for your food to be amazing – decent is good enough. While you’re normally quite sui bian when it comes to food, you like to spoil yourself once in a blue moon. That’s when you go all out, ordering all the delicious grub you’ve heard and read about.

That said, food is not where your passion lies. You prefer to spend your time, effort, and energy improving yourself, nurturing your interests, or on your work; these are the things that give your life meaning, and you pour yourself wholeheartedly into them.

7. Roti Prata

Roti Prata from Casuarina Curry (Image Credit: Burpple)

You’re the life of the party. You have plenty of close friends, and you’re the person everyone calls (or texts) to talk to in the middle of the night. You’re outgoing, extroverted, a little bit cray, and you believe in making good memories over food.

To you, both with food and with people, the more, the merrier. You’re always that person who orders extra sides to share – and you’re happy to pay for it too. You’re all about having a good time, and your infectious energy never fails to light up the whole room.

Were your food “readings” accurate?

We Singaporeans are spoiled for choice when it comes to good food. Now, we’re even more spoiled by Deliveroo, who will bring all these tasty hawker staples right to our door step! (Well, all except for cai fan, but you can always order tze char and make your own cai fan.)

Whether you’re up to your neck in work at the office or decide to spend a lazy day at home, Deliveroo is just a couple of clicks away, and they’ll have all your dining needs covered!

This article is written in collaboration with Deliveroo.  

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