This Cafe's Unique Éclairs Will Have You Choux-ing Them Over And Over Again

When you think of éclairs, a cream-filled pastry with chocolate icing probably comes to mind.

Made the same way in pretty much every bakery that sells its, there’s a cafe in Singapore that’s re-energising the pastry, one unexpected flavour at a time.

Image Credit: Burpple User Cassie Ong

L’éclair is Singapore’s first éclair specialty store and cafe. Set up by a duo that was trained at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, the two are all about discovering and expanding the possibilities of the éclair.

Their inventive handcrafted éclairs are not only an exquisite treat for the tastebuds, they’re also extremely easy on the eyes and look great on the ‘gram.

Located at Dhoby Gaut, this cafe is a short 5 minute walk from Dhoby Gaut MRT Station.

A Taste Of Paris

While L’éclair has created quite a variety of éclairs to date, you’ll find that they only serve 10 flavours each day – a blessing, considering that you’ll have enough trouble picking just one to eat.

Kaya Pandan Éclair (Image Credit: @leclairpatisserie)

One day, you’ll find a Kaya Pandan Éclair, a fancy twist on Singaporeans’ favourite breakfast toast; and another, you’ll find a Baileys Cheesecake Éclair that’s filled with baileys pastry cream, topped with baileys cheesecake cream, and drizzled with baileys ganache for good measure – a triple hit of the delicious Irish cream liqueur.

Ispahan Éclair (Image Credit: @leclairpatisserie)

Some of the customers’ favourites here include the Ispahan, a pretty pink éclair filled with a light rose cream, cut lychees and fresh raspberries. Another beaut is the Matcha flavour, which comprises a smooth, premium matcha cream and white chocolate – a match made in dessert heaven.

Made using only the finest and freshest ingredients, you get all your money’s worth off these éclairs that are priced between $8 – $9 each.

A Mid-Autumn Special

Limited edition flavours are not unusual for the creative team at L’éclair.

To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, they’ve created 3 brand new flavours: Salted egg yolk lotus, black sesame red bean, and taro macadamia.

L-R: Salted egg yolk lotus, black sesame red bean, and taro macadamia (Image Credit: @leclairpatisserie)

Available from 9 September onwards, you can pre-order these éclairs for first dibs on these mooncake-inspired éclairs!

In the past, they’ve also created a bunch of Chinese New Year-themed mooncakes, with CNY staples like pineapple tart, bak kwa, and pork floss making an appearance in these typically sweet pastries.

(Image Credit: @leclairpatisserie)

High Tea Degustation

Can’t quite decide on just one? Treat yourself to a whole meal of éclairs with L’éclair’s High Tea Degustation!

Image Credit: L’éclair

Savour an assortment of 5 assorted mini éclairs, alongside savoury bites including a Truffle Egg Mayo Choux Puff, Foie Gras Pate & Tomato Relish Crostini, Roasted Mushrooms Vol au Vent, Tomato & Basil Bruschetta, Signature Chicken & Bacon Pie, and Smoked Salmon & Dill Mousse Tartlet. You’ll also get one beverage per person to go with your elegant bites.

Super Insta-worthy individually and as a whole set, you’ll want to keep your phones on standby because you won’t be able to get through this tea without snapping at least a couple of pics.

The degustation will set you back $50 on weekdays (Tue – Fri) and $60 on weekends and public holidays, and are by reservation only. With limited slots daily and only 3 seatings per day, call ahead to secure a spot at this high tea!

If you’re on the hunt for a cafe to while the afternoon away with your girlfriends – and one that doesn’t offer your standard brunch fare – this is a good pick. With delectable pastries, pretty eats and some solid coffee, you’re in for a great time at L’éclair, whether you share a bunch of éclairs or go all out with their high tea!

L’éclair by Sarah Michelle
Address: Singapore Shopping Centre, 190 Clemenceau Avenue, #01-28 Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore 239924
Opening Hours: Tue – Fri: 11am – 8pm; Sat: 11am – 9pm; Sun: 11am – 6pm; Closed on Mon
Contact no.: 9101 1971

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(Header Image Source: @leclairpatisserie)

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