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Chicken rice might seem like a simple dish – easy to cook, but hard to perfect.

In Singapore, you’ll find that most stalls offer up Hainanese chicken rice, served up with sides like braised eggs, vegetables and tau kwa (braised tofu).

Makcik Chicken is here to change the chicken rice game, putting a modern twist on the classic Singaporean dish!

Legend has it that there is a makcik with chicken rice skills second to none

Mackcik Chicken is run by a couple who used to work at a media advertising agency, which would explain why their branding game is so on point.

Makcik Chicken maintains that a very camera-shy makcik wants everyone to try her secret recipe. We’re going to assume that makcik exists, so here goes nothing!

Our boxes of chicken rice arrived in simple brown cardboard boxes, no frills attached. But as soon as you open the box, you’ll be greeted by the comforting fragrance of chicken rice. Smells good? Check.

Simple yet satisfying chicken

In case you were wondering what’s so special about Makcik’s chicken; the chicken is cooked sous-vide style. For those who didn’t learn to cook from a French chef, that means your chicken was cooked in a vacuum bag to keep it from becoming overcooked. As promised, the chicken was juicy, tender and bursting with flavor with every mouthful.

If you don’t like spice, you probably won’t be impressed by the rice (although it does come in a huge portion). Once you add a lil red or green chili, it’s like the rice suddenly came alive in your mouth. The red chili is potent, with loads of garlic, whilst the green chili is slightly sourer because of the vinegar.

Tastes good? Check.

Pick from red or green chili!

Makcik be working her magic with lava eggs and glittery drinks

The Hanjuku eggs (soft boiled eggs) was the ultimate deciding factor that made me decide that I liked Makcik’s chicken rice. Seriously, their Hanjuku eggs can even compete with the ones that are sold at 7-Eleven.

Cik Rose Syrup Limau (left), Bandung Baik Gila (right)

Grab a drink to accompany your meal while you’re at it. Makcik has stirred up three concoctions to choose from; a crazy good Bandung that even comes with rose petals, a Calamansi Fantasti that comes with a refreshing tinge of mint, and Cik Rose Syrup Limau, a combination of rose syrup, lime and pomegranate drink to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you have $10 to spare, you might want to consider trying Makcik’s Jambu Jampi Juice, a rose apple drink that swirls with shiny, sparkly edible glitter. Plus points for presentation!

Let makcik work her magic (Image Credit: makcikchicken)

The only downside that we could really foresee is that there isn’t space for you to dine in when you visit their outlet; there’s only a bench outside right now.

Your best bet is to order Makcik Chicken through Deliveroo, Ubereats, or Honestbee so that you don’t need to hunt for a place to enjoy your meal before it becomes cold.

The only thing really stopping me from ordering from my dear Makcik everyday is the $9.50 price tag. While you might not be able to afford to have it everyday, it’s definitely worth trying. Or maybe every once in a while as a treat.

Makcik Chicken
Address: 77 Aliwal Street
Opening Hours: Wed – Sat, 11am – 8pm

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