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This time last year, I came across an Instagram account belonging to a group of all-male bakers who call themselves “The Four Baker Boys“.

I never really had a FOMO moment in my entire life until I met them. This baking club of theirs looked so fun and exclusive and for once, I wished that I was a boy just so I could be the fifth member of their club.

I mean, Spice Girls had 5 members. Just saying.

I had the pleasure of meeting these 4 guys last year at one of their charity bake sales.

Meet Qamarul (@theboywhobake), Syahid (@prettyawkwardpastry), Aidil (@daintycandy) and Lutfi (@bkosfood), the dream team behind The Four Baker Boys.

Image Credit: @fourbakerboys

Saving The World One Cake At A Time

These four amazing guys give back to charity by utilising their specialised skill set of baking as a way to raise funds for their chosen organisation.

The first time I met them last year, you could tell that they were four VERY different guys bonded by their love for baking. Aidil, the brainchild of The Four Baker Boys, established a baking-only charity organisation in 2014 because there was a growing trend of male bakers entering the market.

Image Credit: @fourbakerboys

They all started off as four individuals with a passion for baking but eventually joined forces to give back to the community.

When I went to one of their bake sales last year, they were raising funds for Majulah Community who were travelling to Aceh to help the victims who were affected by the earthquake.

Image Credit: @hfaszley_fotografia

Their bake sales are typically held at 62A Arab Street. It’s a small but cosy space for the male bakers to all come together and set up tables full of bakes.

They’re also joined by other male bakers from a community called The Baker Boys Club. So you’ll meet other familiar male bakers like Arman (@armnrhmn), Muz (@mmuzs) and more!

Image Credit: @fourbakerboys

Once inside, you will be given a box to stock up on desserts to your heart’s desire, proceed to the cashier and make the payment.

I especially love Syahid’s (@prettyawkwardpastry) tarts. If you’re a tart over cake kind of person, then you’ll love his Thai Milk Tea tarts which is usually available at the charity bake sales.

Image Credit: @prettyawkwardpastry

You can also get huge cake slices from Aidil (@daintycandy). His Pengat Pisang cupcake is to die for. This cupcake is the perfect balance of something old and new.

Image Credit: @hfaszley_fotografia

If you’re a cookie person, then you’ll love Lutfi’s (@bkosfood) cookies. He offered me a taste of his black pepper cookie. Which I initially thought was an extremely weird combination because cookies are supposed to be sweet but guess what, I still dream of his black pepper cookie till today.

You’ll be spoiled for choice because there’s just too many bakes to choose from. Be prepared to leave with two huge boxes if you’re craving for some sweet treats.

Image Credit: @hfaszley_fotografia

Not only are the bakes pretty but they taste amazing too.

This all-male bake club has a simple concept which is to combine their love for baking to help others in need. So if you’re looking to meet the 4 guys behind Four Baker Boys and the Baker Boys Club, then look out for their future bake sales.

You don’t only get to satisfy your sweet tooth but you also get to contribute to a good cause and help others who are in need.

So guys, are you opening up a slot for a fifth female member anytime soon?

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(Header Image Source: @fourbakerboys )