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Private home dining is all the rage these days. It’s not difficult to understand why as the modern consumers can be tired of ‘outside’ food and would prefer a ‘simple’ home style cooking.

As the saying goes, the best food is the kind that’s cooked at home. We all love the comfort of a good home-cooked meal but the idea of stepping into a stranger’s home for dinner might sound a little crazy to some.

However, having attended a private home dining experience, I can ascertain that it is an experience like no other. Some menus may cost anywhere between $80 – $100, some with unique creations and a long waiting list you have to book months prior.

Even though the price-tag seems high, a lot of Singaporeans are willing to fork out good money as many of these concepts offer recipes that which are not commonly found anymore.

Timbre Meets Home Chefs

If you’ve never attended a private home dining session but curious as to what they have to offer, Timbre Group is collaborating with three renowned local home-chefs for the launch of Timbre X.

The first collaboration at Timbre X venues sees three renowned home-chefs, Alvin See (@chefandsommelier), Shen Tan (@ownselfmakechef) and Serene Yeo (@serenesupperclub) putting their signature dishes on Timbre’s menu. Each chef has also picked out 2 – 3 signature dishes from their menu and generously shared their treasured recipes with Timbre’s culinary team for execution.

Image Credit: Timbre

The dishes are available at Timbre X @ The Arts House, Timbre X @ The Substation, Timbre X @ Gillman and Switch by Timbre X from 24 October 2018 to 23 January 2019.

Here’s a look as to what each chef has to offer:

1. Shen Tan (@ownselfmakechef)

When was the last time you had Chef Shen Tan’s food?

Perhaps it was at Revolution Coffee, where her signature nasi lemak is served for under $10 or her first restaurant, Wok & Barrel on Duxton Hill? Well, if you’re a fan on her take of modern Singaporean cuisine, the latest place she has been unleashing her creativity is at her new private kitchen called Ownself Make Chef.

Housed in in a three-room HDB flat in Commonwealth, the living room and dining room seats up to twelve and can also function as a show kitchen for cooking demos.

Serving up her Signature Nasi Lemak, the famous dish is painstakingly cooked by steaming the rice twice over four hours. The resulting aromatic rice is fluffy with a flavour packed lemak taste. Complemented with her smokey coffee sambal, crispy fried chicken, omelette and crispy white bait, this is one dish you HAVE to try at Timbre X.

Reminiscent of local favourite bak chor mee (also Chef Shen’s favourite local dish), her Bak Chor Mee Pasta features al dente fettuccini tossed through a tart piquant sauce of chilli, lard and fish sauce. The tender juicy slices of pork shoulder ARE marinated in 5-spice powder, coffee grounds, sugar and herbs, elevating this humble hawker dish.

2. Alvin See (@chefandsommelier)

Alvin See is a passionate home cook who whips up dinner for his family almost “every weekend”. In 2010, started a popular blog called Chef And Sommelier,where he doles out tales of his life in the kitchen — recipes included. 3 of his popular blog recipes will be featured on the home-chefs menu at the various Timbre X outlets.

The Roast Pork Belly is definitely a show stopper. This is a tested and proven recipe which he has been using for years and on countless gathering occasions. It has never failed to impress the guests. You can expect a layer of crispy airy crackling atop and juicy, warm and tender meat.

His Dukkah Coated Lamb Chops with Mango Salsa and Roasted Mustard Garlic Potato is another dish you can’t miss. The coat of dukkah spice mix elevated the juicy lamb chops, giving it a robust flavour with a stunning rustic crust while the minty and refreshing mango salsa provides a great balance.

For those who love their steak, the Peppercorn Steak with Creamy Brandy Sauce features a 400g Black Angus Ribeye steak crusted with white peppercorn which rests on a bed of creamy brandy sauce.

3. Serene Yeo (@serenesupperclub)

Inspired by her time living in London and volunteering at Italian-Japanese-Brazilian chef Luiz Hara’s Nikkei supper clubs, Serene shares with guests the origins of Nikkei cuisine and explains each course as it is made from her open-concept kitchen.

One would not know that Japanese and South American flavours form an incredibly delicious partnership had it not been for Serene Yeo who is passionate about it. A marketing manager by
day and Nikkei home cook by night, she runs a Nikkei supper club which serves up Japanese home-cooking with a South American twist.

The Sea Bass Rice With Yuzu And Green Jalepeno is definitely a unique creation. The dressing of olive oil, yuzu juice and green jalapeño chillies, mixed into the rice just before serving gives a kick you’ll love.

Another delicacy offered by Nikkei families at street markets are Pastéis. These pastéis includes a generous filling of chicken, cream cheese and green olives wrapped in gyoza skin and deep-fried to crispy golden perfection.

In a queue to try out private home dining by these 3 chefs? You can now try their signature dishes at the newly rebranded Timbre X venues!

Timbre X
Date: 24 October 2018 – 23 January 2019
Venue: Find Your Nearest Timbre Outlet Here

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