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When we think of an island getaway in Singapore, Sentosa immediately pops into mind. But let’s be real—with themed attractions and man-made beaches, is it really the natural beach getaway that we sometimes crave for?

While there’s Bali and Phuket, another little known paradise is Langkawi, also known as the Jewel of Kedah, Malaysia. Merely a 1.5 hr flight from Singapore (and usually less than SGD100 for return flight tickets), Langkawi is a duty-free island that receives more than 3 million tourists annually.

Lucky for us, another world-class hotel has joined the western coastline of Langkawi just recently. That hotel is none other than Aloft Hotel Pantai Tengah, which adds to Aloft’s fleet of over 150 hotels open in over 20 countries.

Having said that, the location of Aloft Hotel Pantai Tengah and personalised features of the hotel to its landscape helps it to stand out and hold its own charm and uniqueness.

On top of Aloft Hotel Pantai Tengah’s aesthetics and facilities, there are also other experiences that will make your trip to Langkawi a memorable one. 

1. Sail on a yacht out onto the Andaman sea and have a sunset dinner cruise

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Aloft Langkawi Pantai Tengah collaborates with local tours such as Crystal Yacht Holidays to provide guests with a chartered yacht experience, at a lower packaged rate.

The package is all-inclusive, with a BBQ buffet dinner, free flow drinks, and a salt water natural jacuzzi. The cool sea breeze and beautiful sunset is sure to melt your worries away and give you the recharge you need.

Tip: Be careful not to run on the yacht as it can get a little slippery. And try to get a good seat in front of the yacht for an unobstructed view of the horizon.

2. Experience a 4-hr jet ski adventure

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If you haven’t hopped onto a jet ski before, you’re missing out! It may look (and sound) scary at first, but the guide from MegaWaterSports (another partner of Aloft Langkawi Pantai Tengah) is very assuring.

He tells us that there’s nothing to worry about, as long as we maintain our speed and ride fast through the waves. The slower you go, the easier it is for the waves to jerk or knock the jet ski. But then again, who would want to go slow on such an adventure?

Our top speed on the jet ski is about 60km/hour, which is more than enough to keep that adrenaline rush, but also safe enough for you to not completely lose it.

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We make several stops throughout the 4-hour ride with our guide leading the way and also keeping watch on us to make sure we’re all comfortable on the jet ski. 

Each stop has a special experience, such as eagle watching, swimming in a part of the Andaman sea with an unusually high salt concentration, getting up close with the limestone formations, walking along a private beach, and more. 

Tip: Bring along sunblock because you’ll definitely be needing it! And don’t worry about getting your gadgets wet, your personal items can be kept in a waterproof bag in the jet ski’s front compartment.

3. Take a dip in the largest freshwater lake in Malaysia

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Dayang Bunting Lake is one of the stops during the 4-hr jet ski ride and it’s too interesting to not mention it as a separate point. The Island of the Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden) is the second largest island within the Langkawi archipelago (fancy word that means group of islands) and it contains the largest freshwater lake in Malaysia.

The location of the lake is extremely unique because it’s right next to the sea, and only separated by a thin ridge of limestone. 

The name of the lake is inspired by a local legend of a fairy princess who married a human prince and got pregnant after drinking the water from the lake. The outline of the hills around the lake also resembles the shape of a pregnant maiden lying on her back.

Visitors can swim in the lake, rent a kayak or paddle boat, or just sit by the deck and dip your feet in the cool water. And we were extra, extra careful to not swallow any water from the lake. You know, just in case.

Tip: You have to climb up about 100 or so steps to get to the lake. It’s not too physically tiring and will take about 10 minutes.

However, there are a lot of wild monkeys along the steps who are curious and not afraid to grab your personal belongings, especially if you’re carrying food. They’re not aggressive, but it’s best to hold your things close to you and do not engage with them.

4. Dine on Malaysian heritage and Western favourites

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Nook at Aloft Langkawi Pantai Tengah is tastefully designed with an array of geometric patterns and bold matching colours. More importantly, their all-day dining offers a selection of Malaysian cuisine and some classic international favourites.

For dinner, we got to feast on some authentic Kelantanese dishes and I still occasionally have cravings for their white percik chicken (broiled chicken in sweet coconut gravy).  

Tip: Instead of taking cordial juice during breakfast, look for the fresh juice bar where they will mix fruits of your choice and you can have a customised fresh drink!

5. Chill at the only elevated infinity pool in Langkawi

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Aloft Langkawi Pantai Tengah currently happens to be the only hotel along the Langkawi Western coast that has an elevated infinity pool. There’s also a sunken pool lounge area and jacuzzis (inside large water features).

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Tip: Order a signature cocktail from the Splash bar to complete your sunken pool lounge experience. We tried the Passion Portion, Absolutely Fabulous, and Mojito Mix Berry—each priced about SGD6—no regrets.

6. Take advantage of Aloft Langkawi Pantai Tengah’s world class facilities

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After a long day of activities, Aloft Langkawi Pantai Tengah has the right facilities you’d need. With complimentary high-speed WiFi connectivity and 49” Smart TVs, you can choose to rest in your room (all of the hotel’s 208 rooms have its own balcony).

Or head down to the Re:mixSM lobby for a game of billiards and get a drink at the W XYZSM bar. If you’re hungry for a midnight snack, you can also grab something from the 24/7 grab-and-go Re:fuelSM. There’s also the fully equipped, 24-hour fitness centre, Re:chargeSM

Tip: If you’re travelling with kids and you want some alone time, take advantage of the hotel’s Kids Club that has board games, toys, art supplies and daily movie screenings.  Don’t worry, your kids will be under the supervision of trained talents there too.

Itching for your island paradise retreat? Get more information about Aloft Langkawi Pantai Tengah here, or email [email protected].

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