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Singaporeans are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to food and shopping.

Gone are the days when we need to travel long distances from our homes in the heartlands for a shopping spree, or to feast on cuisines we cannot find at neighbourhood kopitiams.

For one, the folks at Westgate want to satisfy all your cravings without you needing to take that long train ride to town.

If you’re looking for some recommendations for F&B places to check out during your next visit to the mall, Westgate is running a ‘Tantalising Treats Are Made Of These’ campaign showcasing the diverse flavours that they have to offer.

From mouth-watering Korean barbeque to an indulgent xiao long bao feast, there’s something for every craving!

Here’s a breakdown of some of Singaporeans’ most favourite cuisines, and the eateries that you can visit.

Chinese Cuisine

Move aside salted egg, mala is the flavour for the year 2019.

We’re all familiar with the tongue-numbing goodness of a huge bowl of mala xiang guo, but have you tried mala tang?

The soupy variation of the unofficial Singapore dish of the year, Gong Yuan Ma La Tang’s (#04-07) piping hot bowl of mala soup is the perfect complement to a cold, rainy day.

For those unable to take too spicy food, Gong Yuan also offers soup bases like pork broth and pickled vegetables.

Regardless, we would still recommend that you try out their signature mala soup base with a selection of your favourite ingredients for a unique mala experience you can tell your friends about!

Still need more mala in your life?

Pop by Ooh (#02-K1) and grab a pack (or ten!) of their signature mala potato chips, a perfect match for your Netflix marathons.

If you want to indulge with a little less guilt, Ooh also offers mala cassava chips.

Known to be a healthier alternative to potato chips, cassava is said to be a good source of protein and vitamin K!

Digging into a whole grilled fish over a flame is the new steamboat, and TANYU (#B1-02) is one of the more well-known brands serving that option in Singapore.

Westies will be glad to know that TANYU now has an outlet in Westgate, and fans will be able to savour 12 different kinds of grilled fish flavours on its menu.

If you like the numbness that mala gives you but not so much the spiciness, we’d recommend you to try TANYU’s Grilled Fish with Green Peppers, which has garnered rave reviews from customers! 

If you’re into more traditional eats, all-time favourites Paradise Dynasty (#02-13) and Crystal Jade (#04-42) are also there to whet your appetite.

Since a round of xiao long bao is already a given, why not add on a plate of fragrant fried rice to end off the feast?

Korean Cuisine

You don’t have to be a fan of K-Pop to enjoy the bold flavours of Korean cuisine.

In the spirit of communal dining, grab some friends and cook up some spicy chicken galbi at the ever-popular Yoogane (#03-08).

Don’t forget to add the cheese ring!

Cool all that spicy chicken off with naengmyeon, a chilly and refreshing bowl of buckwheat noodles in a slightly savoury broth topped with slices of sweet Korean pear and cucumbers. We guarantee that your tastebuds will thank you for the break!

If you’re looking for Korean fare with a twist, why not check out NY Night Market (#01-08) for some Korean-Western fusion fare?

Hailing from Seoul, NY Night Market brings you to Korea and the US with every morsel.

Want to try something that will definitely leave your dining buddies in awe? Try their 50cm Baguette!

An intimidating-looking 50cm-long baguette loaded with beef, salsa, cheese, jalapeno and more, the experience that comes with sharing one with friends is one that cannot be missed.

Cool it all off with over 15 different flavours of bingsu at Nunsaram (#04-37). From the classic injeolmi flavour to local favourites like Milo, there’s a bingsu flavour for every preference.

To recreate the experience of snacking at a roadside cart in Korea, Nunsaram also sells savoury dishes like tteokbokki and fried treats.

We’d recommend you to try Nunsaram’s Special Tteokbokki, which comes with rice cakes, fishcakes, fried dumplings, seaweed rolls and half a roll of gimbap!

Japanese Cuisine

For fans of the all-time popular Japanese cuisine, head down to Gochi-So Shokudo (#01-02) for some next level rice bowls.

Using Iberico Pork, Gochi-So Shokudo grills their meat over charcoal, resulting in a delectably smoky flavour in every bite.

Did you know: The Premium Iberico Pork they use in their delicious rice bowls contains oleic acids which have a beneficial effect on blood cholesterol levels!

Craving for a hearty bowl of ramen? Ippudo (#03-03) is a renowned ramen chain which has captured the hearts and stomachs of ramen lovers all around the world!

Try out Akamaru Shinaji, where Ippudo’s signature  tonkotsu soup is enhanced by fragrant black garlic oil, which adds depth to the already rich broth!

Indian Cuisine

Delight your taste buds with the wonderful world of Indian cuisine!

If you can’t decide between North or South Indian cuisine, Anjappar (#04-08) has got any craving you have covered.

Bringing Singaporean foodies the best that the cuisine has to offer, we suggest you get their Chicken Briyani which comes with chunks of flavourful chicken and fragrant basmati rice.

For a garlic naan and butter chicken feast, check out Zaffron Kitchen (#01-20) for mouth-watering dishes that will leave you hungry for more.

Once you’re done, wash it all down with a cup of Teh Halia, which mixes milk tea with ginger for a comforting combination.

Did you know: South Indian cuisine tends to use rice and rice-based items while North Indian cuisine leans towards breads like naan and chapati?

Western Cuisine

We’ve covered Asian favourites – what about some Western-style cuisine?

Check out homegrown brand COLLIN’S (#01-05) for some delicious yet wallet-friendly steaks, pizza, pastas and chicken chops.

If you’re looking for a little treat, try out COLLIN’S Grilled Tiger Prawns and U.S. Scallops, which comes at a rather affordable price tag of $22.

For something more indulgent, order a sharing platter and a round of chilled beer at Brotzeit (#01-04) and get immediately transported to Germany!

A sharing platter comes with crispy pork knuckles, pork ribs and a generous variety of sausages so get your fill of meaty goodness at Brotzeit!

If you’re bored of froyo, check out the IG-worthy acai bowls at An Acai Affair (#B1-30).

With every bowl packed with fresh fruits, organic ingredients and superfoods, who says healthy food needs to be drab?

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