Baby Photographers: These Amazing Pictures Of Little Ones Will Melt Your Heart

As The Avons sang, “We’re Only Young Once”, children will only be tiny munchkins for that precious instant in their lives. Who wouldn’t want to capture their lovely, tiny human at the pinnacle of their childhood charm? Before all your tiny darlings start shooting up like Jack’s magical beanstalk, book one of these outstanding baby photographers to freeze all those precious moments and expressions.

Photography Style: Versatile and Ingenious

1. Bambini Photography

If your baby is crying like a burst dam, it may make perfect sense to call off your photoshoot. Or even better, why not let Bambini Photography turn that moment into a breezy au naturel photo opportunity?

[caption id="attachment_19575" align="aligncenter" width="885"] Bambini[/caption]

Also, they are such dedicated baby photographers that they’ll even bring their props and backdrops to your home for a photoshoot if that’s what will make baby and you feel more comfortable.

[caption id="attachment_19577" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Bambini[/caption]

Bambini Photography
P.S. I Love You Photography[/caption]

Whether it’s recreating a nautical scene on a beach, or depicting your baby as a hen, game on.

P.S. I Love You Photography
The Studio Loft The Studio Loft[/caption]

Helmed by an all-women team, this boutique photography studio specialises in dreamy, whimsical shots with playful use of costumes and props.

[caption id="attachment_19501" align="alignnone" width="1500"]The Studio Loft Photography Style: Surreal and Edgy

4. Jen Pan Photography

This baby photographer’s shots will speak to your inner wild child, as her shots are snazzy and mystical all at once.

[caption id="attachment_19651" align="aligncenter" width="918"]
Photography Style: Simple and Classic

5. Bamboo Shoots Photography

[caption id="attachment_19583" align="aligncenter" width="686"]
Bamboo Shoots[/caption]

Cici from Bamboo Shoots Photography believes in delivering simple, sincere and elegant shots. What better way to do this than capturing her subjects under natural light?

[caption id="attachment_19584" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Bamboo Shoots[/caption]

Besides her artful integration of nature into the photography process, she is adept at capturing her subjects’ emotions. No wonder she’s on the 2016 Best list of Singapore Tatler!

Bamboo Shoots Photography
Nina Tantzen Photography Style: Humorous and Candid

7. The Family Man

[caption id="attachment_19384" align="alignnone" width="1200"]The Family Man Photography Style: Sophisticated and thought-provoking

8. Sealey Brandt Photography

With the blood of photography running through her veins, Tatler’s listed Sealey Brandt has photographed over 1,000 families across the globe. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to experience the magic of what her and her camera can do.

[caption id="attachment_19585" align="aligncenter" width="1440"]
Afghan Girl, you’ll be in good hands with Sealey Brandt.

[caption id="attachment_19386" align="alignnone" width="1440"]Sealey Brandt Photography Not IKEA: 4 Places To Buy Good & Cheap Furniture So You Don’t Have To DIY

Hai Di Lao Soup Base: Where To Buy, How Much It Costs & Packaging Issues

The winter season is nigh upon us. While there are no snowflakes falling from the sky or visible breaths of smoke when we talk; it’s still holiday season! It’s time for reunions with friends and family; and there’s no better place to meet up and catch up then home sweet home. Looking to prepare steamboat at home? We’ve done the research, so you will know where to buy Hai Di Lao soup base for your year end reunions!

Hai Di Lao needs no introduction. With 4 outlets in Singapore, the Sichuan originated hot pot cuisine still easily commands at least a 2-hour wait thanks to the plethora of fresh ingredients, excellent service, and mouthwatering soup base.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="435"] Image Credits: With the Hai Di Lao soup base, you can easily recreate Hai Di Lao in the comfort of your own home this coming holiday season.

Hai Di Lao soup base flavours

There are a total of 6 commonly available Hai Di Lao soup base flavours to choose from (from left to right): Ma La, Tomato, Ma La Xiang Guo, Mushroom, Shrimp and Clear Soup.

[caption id="attachment_19210" align="aligncenter" width="671"]Sweetam, Qoo10, Posharp Store, Sweetam, Pandafood, Bydeals Image credits: Hai Di Lao soup base packaging

To all you eagle-eyed shoppers, you may have noticed that the Hai Di Lao soup base comes in 2 different packagings.

Packaging 1 VS Packaging 2

Packaging 1

[caption id="attachment_19238" align="alignnone" width="263"]Qoo10 hdl-soup-base-2

Fret not, the only difference lies in the packaging. Beneath the wrapper, both soup bases taste equally awesome without any difference in quality or ingredients.

The first packaging is designed for soup bases that are to be sold in China. The second packaging is meant for soup bases destined for importation into Singapore.

In order to meet AVA regulations, the product name has to be printed in English, and the packaging design was also changed to differentiate the sale destination of the products.

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Where to buy Hai Di Lao soup base

1. Buy Hai Di Lao soup base at supermarkets

According to gazillion forum posts and blogs, it is possible to buy them at 2 local supermarkets: Giant and Sheng Shiong.

There are a total of 62 Giant outlets and img_6656-min

The Hai Di Lao soup bases are neatly arranged on the shelf, together with other Chinese sauces and pastes.


Here are the prices and what is available:
Mushroom flavour: $4.00
Tomato flavour: $4.60
Mala Xiang Guo flavour: $4.60
Shrimp flavour: $4.90
Mala flavour: $5.40.

Sheng Siong Supermarket


FYI: To beat a steamboat craving in the unearthly hours of the night, just know that Sheng Siong Supermarket is open 24 hours.


Here are the prices and what is available:
Mushroom flavour: $4.00
Tomato flavour: $4.50
Mala Xiang Guo flavour: $4.50
Clear soup: $4.90

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2. Buy Hai Di Lao soup base online

Thinking of buying the Hai Di Lao soup base online?

Why not? 1. screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-11-20-36-pm

2. screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-11-25-42-pm

3. screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-11-27-38-pm

2. Taobao

Right, who could forget the CHEAPEST shopping site? We’ve sniffed out some legit, “gold medalist” sellers whom you can trust, so keep calm and shop on!

1. 各地选美食

This shop has been operating for 6 years. Do the math, and you get more than half a decade of reputation and reliability.


That’s not all, buy 3 packets of soup base from this seller, and you get a free packet of Hai Di Lao kebab flavouring for a “dry hotpot” experience!

2. 香盈食品调味店

This shop refuses to be beat – it offers a free pack of Hai Di Lao bean paste dip for every 3 packets of Hai Di Lao soup base purchased.


As you can probably tell by now, Taobao is awash with awesome bargains like this.

3. 川都食品

This seller asks for its buyers to choose 5 packs of soup bases out of 10 different flavours available in China, an easy feat considering the variety of flavours offered.


Best thing is, shipping fees are covered by the seller.

3. Shopee.Sg


4. Carousell

1. savour.ent

If the shop name sounds familiar, you’re not imagining things.


savour.ent has a shop on Qoo10 too, check it out in the list above!

2. sgsoupbase


Like savour.ent, this enterprising online store has left its mark in fullsizerender2

Seller camila57 sells a whole array of other Hai Di Lao products such as regular soup stocks and sauces, apart from hot pot soup bases.


Looking at what’s available online, the prices are between SGD$5 and SGD$10.

Note that the soup bases are subjected to availability, which is why you should probably start snapping up these soup bases early.

There you go, a complete guide on where to buy your Hai Di Lao soup base in Singapore!

Header image credit: Hai Di Lao Tips: Essential Hacks That Will Save You Time, Money, And More!

Secrets From Experts: Tips On Buying The Right Furniture & Personalising Your Home

You know what they say, there ain’t no place like home! And for good reason too, because when you shop at Tan Boon Liat, your crib is gonna be pretty hard to beat.

[caption id="attachment_18880" align="alignnone" width="580"]Tan Boon Liat Ethnicraft Online (#02-01) takes the cake for quality and durable furniture.

Retailing modern, solid teak, walnut and oak wood pieces designed in Belgium, their furniture is also known for its environmental stewardship and ethical craftsmanship.

[caption id="attachment_18881" align="alignnone" width="970"]Ethnicraft Online Ethnicraft Online[/caption]

What’s more, they provide lifetime warranty and lifetime maintenance service on all products.

Tip: To ensure that your pieces live to a ripe old age, it’s best to look for pieces from reputable, well-established brands or companies. These pieces are fumigated to ensure the absence of mould and pests, and kiln-dried to minimize the risk of warping and cracking. Last but not least, make sure your purchase is covered by a product warranty or after-sales maintenance services.

2) Purchase modular pieces to mix and match, and furniture designed with extra functionality in mind

Pieces that can be taken apart and re-arranged will increase their mileage as you assemble them to create an infinite number of new looks.

For instance, the Theo Wall Unit from Journey East (#03-02) is the master of all trades.

Tip: A module-based system gives homeowners the power to customise the furniture based on their needs.

[caption id="attachment_18882" align="alignnone" width="1800"]Journey East Journey East[/caption]

Where space constraint is the name of the game, this versatile piece contains modular units that can be taken apart, or combined together in a multitude of ways to fit any space. Plus, it’s made of hard-fumed oak, which translates to high quality.

Next up is the PLAYplay collection from Journey East as well.

Designed by award-winning design studio Lanzavecchia + Wai for Journey East, each piece was carefully conceptualised with the modern home in mind; in terms of design, proportion, and functionality.

Hamburger Side Table

These colourful little “hamburgers” are sure to be conversational starters.

[caption id="attachment_18905" align="alignnone" width="5760"]Journey East Journey East[/caption]

Take off the top “bun” for a slightly larger coffee table surface when you have friends over during a house party. Take your pick from 3 designs: round, oval and pentagon.

Cots from  (#07-05).

[caption id="attachment_18910" align="alignnone" width="4110"]
Fynn Cotbed from Deer Industries Fynn Cotbed from Ethnicraft Online Ethnicraft Online[/caption]

Neatly hidden when not in use, no one will be any the wiser when you whip out this party trick.

3. Seek out items with high transformative value and small price tags

Tip: A little goes a long way. Here’s why – small accessories can play up the value of a piece of furniture, transforming a cut-rate table to one that looks like a big-ticket item straight out of a designer showroom.

For home accessories, head to Arete Culture (#06-01), Make Room (#11-09B), or Plain Vanilla Home (#08-06). Bang-for-your-buck accessories include:

  • Flowers: Arete Culture stocks a wide range of high-quality artificial flowers that require no maintenance, and they can even be washed.

Arete Culture

[caption id="attachment_18924" align="alignnone" width="3344"]arete-culture_fake-flowers-2-min Floral Kokoro.

[caption id="attachment_18926" align="alignnone" width="600"]Floral Kokoro Cochine, Maison by Amanda Dyer, and Park London. [caption id="attachment_18911" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Cochine Candles Cochine Candles[/caption]
  • Trays: Trays are always useful when entertaining at a house party or serving dinner guests. Featured below are Ethnicraft Online’s Notre Monde Trays, which are individually hand-crafted and double as pieces of art.
[caption id="attachment_18930" align="alignnone" width="3362"]Notre Monde Tribal Quest Trays from Ethnicraft Online Ethnicraft Online‘s Notre Monde Tribal Quest Trays[/caption]

4. Collect meaningful memorabilia and make full use of Nature’s gifts to personalise your home

To go about making your home the most beautiful place on earth:

  • Travel mementoes and personal memorabilia are a fun way of incorporating your personality throughout the home!

Tip: The trick is to edit: Display only your absolute favourites.

[caption id="attachment_18912" align="alignnone" width="650"]Tip Junkie Pinterest Pinterest[/caption]
  • Pick a wall and paint a mural or a statement colour. You can also wallpaper it.
[caption id="attachment_18920" align="alignnone" width="600"]Decoist
  • Bring the outdoors in: Natural touches such as branches and shells are an elegant way of adding more organic textures and shapes to your home. This lends a tranquil touch to a visually-interesting space.
  • [caption id="attachment_18928" align="alignnone" width="455"]Pinterest Pinterest[/caption]

    Bonus Tip: How to Doll Up Your Home for the Christmas Season

    • For some holiday cheer, all you need is a little sparkle. Create a simple but stunning table centerpiece with some tree branches in vase, which you can spray paint or decorate with Christmas baubles.
    • To spice things up for the Christmas season, fill up a clear bottle or vase with festive items e.g. coloured eggs for Easter, and pussy willow for Chinese New Year.

    The best part? Make Room currently has a collection of Christmas items, such as recycled wooden Christmas trees and a wide range of Christmas décor.

    To keep things sophisticated, stick to the same colour family. Silvers and golds add a touch of glamour, and red is a good idea for the season.

    [caption id="attachment_18932" align="alignnone" width="554"]Pinterest Pinterest[/caption]

    To lend your home a burst of character, do also drop by Singapore Trading Post (#07-01) or FairPrice Antique (#01-10) for fun and eclectic accessories.

    Tan Boon Liat Block Party

    This weekend (26 and 27 November), Tan Boon Liat will be throwing its first ever Block Party!

    14680714_1331649423546202_5091117934796405056_n20 participating showrooms such as Journey East, Arete Culture and Make Room will be opening their doors for a train of design workshops, food and wine tastings, seasonal gift ideas and special offers.

    It doesn’t just end there – over $5,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs!

    For more information, check out their Facebook Page.

    Tan Boon Liat Building
    315 Outram Road, Singapore 169074

    Header image credits:

    Perfectly Nailing It! This Lacquer Bar Can Make Any Nail Polish Colour You Want

    Nail Deck – you could call it a nail polish GPS – guiding you to that oh-so-specific hue of nail paint you’ve been lusting over. Or better yet, think of it as the Shazam of nail polishes.

    [caption id="attachment_18467" align="alignnone" width="750"]Nail Deck TechinAsia Nail Deck TechinAsia[/caption]


    [caption id="attachment_18468" align="alignnone" width="750"]Nail Deck TechinAsia Nail Deck TechinAsia[/caption]

    Not only will homegrown , it’s the real life version of the virtual Nail Deck app.


    Nestled in acclaimed nail salon, esBoudoir, in Vivo City, customers can watch their perfect nail colour being mixed by hand.


    Despite being tailor-made to cater to your wildest whims, a 5-ml bottle of your desired colour only costs $11, while a 10-ml bottle goes for $16.

    From 17 October 2016 to 31 December 2016, feel free to bring in discontinued lacquer and a picture or an item of colour you wish to bottle. Within 10 minutes, Lacquer Bar will have that colour blended and packaged like a genie in a bottle.

    If you have no colour in mind, the colourist will most gladly assist you.

    Our Experience at the Lacquer Bar

    We popped by, and were blown away by the warmth of the colourist in session and the staffs’ level of professionalism.

    For the first time in our lives, we felt as though we were peeking behind a magician’s curtain.

    Except, instead of pulling rabbits out of hats, we were creating concoctions that went onto our nails.

    [video width="960" height="540" m4v=""][/video]

    At the lacquer bar, we had an impromptu flash of inspiration from a pair of beloved faded denim shorts.

    During our one-on-one consultation with the colourist, we asked for the nail polish colour to resemble “old jeans”, an all-time comfort wear close to our hearts.

    We pointed at a sky blue pamphlet close by for reference, and requested for the colourist to “add a bit of grey into that blue”.

    The Science of Beauty

    Now, here’s where some technical jargon comes in.

    The colourist used a device, called a spectrometer, to analyse the colour of the pamphlet and pick out the exact shade of blue on it. After that, the spectrometer used an in-house algorithm to convert the digital colour to a formula. How cool is that?

    From there, the colourist used chemistry laboratory equipment to blend the colours by hand.


    After the colours were blended, we were given small samples to test on our nails, under white and warm lights respectively.

    We thought that this was especially thoughtful of them!

    This countered one of our greatest worries as discerning nail polish buyers.

    Our major pet peeve when buying a nail polish, is when it turns out looking like a new colour under a different lighting from the one we tried it under. Say, when it looks like a lovely violet indoors but ends up like a Barney purple outdoors.

    Once the colourist had finished making adjustments to the hue, he bottled up the lovely shade for us.

    FYI, never be afraid of commenting on the colour, because the Lacquer Bar accurately tailors your polish according to all the information you tell the colourist.


    We even got to name our newly-created colour! We called it “Ripped Jeans” because we’ll always be rebels at heart. 


    Our ambassador, Diana, also visited the Lacquer Bar! Here’s what she had to say:

    Modus Operandi

    Lacquer Bar keeps a record of every colour made by any customer, so you can always go back to purchase a colour you previously created.


    To shake things up, the Lacquer Bar comes up with new colours every month. This November, their signature colour is a sumptuous dark plum, heralding the start of the winter season.

    According to the colourist, Tiffany Blue and nude hues are the most popular nail polish shades created at the Lacquer Bar. Just so you know, this is where you can lay your hands (and nails) on them!

    What is in the Works

    Though crème is the only finish available at the moment, other finishes such as shimmer and glitter will be unleashed very soon.

    Currently, the Lacquer Bar has an internal catalogue and a database of every colour they’ve ever made. Yes, yours and ours too.

    We’re over the moon to know that they’re working on a catalogue for customers to choose colours and derive inspiration from.

    Last but not least, Lacquer Bar’s upcoming Collaboration Collection will see them cooperating with local businesses and iconic personalities, so stay tuned!

    Nail Deck
    Download the app

    Lacquer Bar

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    Sarnies’ New Menu Packs A Solid Punch: From Curry Pasta To Overflowing Burgers!

    Oft regarded as a tranquil sanctuary for coffee buffs and Aussie grub addicts, Sarnies has bowled us over with its latest dinner menu of hearty, honest-to-goodness cuisine.

    In celebration of their 6 years of serving up comfort food and specialty coffee, Chef Zak has concocted a new dinner menu with dishes packing a solid punch.


    Sarnies has always placed an emphasis on providing wholesome meals made from scratch using only fresh, quality ingredients.

    Their new dinner menu (served from 6pm onwards) features grass-fed beef, chicken free from any hormones or antibiotics, bacon cured in-house, and bread kneaded by hand.


    1. Spicy Buffalo Wings ($12)

    For starters, we tried the Buffalo Wings and boy, did it awaken our raging appetites!

    Less sweet and more flavourful than typical Buffalo wings, these wings packed a mouthful with their aromatic combination of spices – no fewer than 20 different spices were used.

    [caption id="attachment_18049" align="alignnone" width="4320"]Dayumm hot wings Dayumm, hot WILE (Wings I’d Love to Eat)[/caption]

    The kick of chilli was spicy enough to whet our palates just right, and to our relief, not enough to make us sweat our pores off.

    The lime juice contained in the marinade added a refreshing, zesty tang to the wings, to which we give two thumbs up.

    After being marinated, the wings are slow-cooked for approximately 5 hours to render the meat tender, then fried till crisp.

    2. Slider trio: Grilled Haloumi, Cherry Tomatoes & Onion Jam ($13)

    Their slider trio comes with a choice of Grilled Haloumi with Onion Jam & Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, or Pulled Pork with White Slaw & Homemade Barbeque Sauce.

    Safe to say, we enjoyed every bite, right down to the bread buns lovingly kneaded and baked in-house daily.


    The salty umami flavour of the grilled haloumi gave a boost to the rest of the ingredients, while its faint hint of milkiness gently awakened our tastebuds.

    [caption id="attachment_18051" align="alignnone" width="4320"]Spot the haloumi grilled to golden perfection Haloumi grilled to golden perfection[/caption]

    At the same time, the roasted cherry tomatoes went to work in the texture department as they burst readily with a bite, releasing juicy tomato-ey goodness in an obscenely extravagant fashion.

    Alongside all that hullabaloo, the onion jam served as a great accompaniment. Ever so tart and fruity, it gave the slider a final polish before it went sliding down our throats.


    1. Blackened Grass-fed Sirloin, Colombian-style Chimichurri & Olive Oil Mash ($24.50)

    We took a bite and imagined ourselves dining on green pastures roaming with cows – that’s how good it was, we’re not kidding.

    Cooked to medium and artfully charred on the outside, the beef was tender with a firm bite and a clean, meaty flavour.

    [caption id="attachment_18053" align="alignnone" width="698"]That delectable pink centre Look at that delectable pink centre[/caption]

    This was complemented by the refreshing Colombian-style chimichurri which gave the dish a refreshing twist.

    Beneath the sirloin steak, lay a bed of silky smooth mash decadently flavoured with truffle oil – talk about hidden treasures, now you’ll get to taste it too.

    2. Southern Indian Style Hand-Cut Pappardelle with Prawns, Coconut Milk & Curry Leaves ($19.50)

    This was, in short, the best part of our night!

    The broad, flat pasta noodles were hand-made and hand-cut by the chef himself, cooked to al dente perfection with a lovely springy bite.

    Tossed in a generous amount of creamy coconut sauce, its bold curry fragrance hit us from across the café.

    [caption id="attachment_18054" align="alignnone" width="698"]Tumeric golden as a Sultan's crown Golden af, my eyes hurt but my mouth waters[/caption]

    Aromatic curry leaves were sprinkled atop the pasta to complete the picture of perfection.

    We would love to say that it was delicious, but that wouldn’t do it sufficient justice.

    3. Texas Style Burger with Overnight Smoked Brisket, White Slaw, Dijon, Gherkins, BBQ Sauce & Hand Cut Wedges ($26.50)

    The best burgers are those overflowing with messy goodness and outrageously ridiculous proportions, as this one has taught us.

    It gave new meaning to the phrase “a tall order”, as it was so chock full of smoked beef strips and creamy slaw that we couldn’t get it into our mouths all at once.

    [caption id="attachment_18056" align="alignnone" width="4320"]More stacked than you, bro More stacked than you, bro[/caption]

    The beef brisket was tender and finely-sliced, with a prominent smoky aroma it had acquired from being thoroughly infused with fragrant woodsmoke.

    Paired with a soft burger bun freshly kneaded and baked that very day, there was absolutely nothing to gripe about.

    For potato and truffle lovers, the burger comes with hand-cut wedges and a velvety truffle dip to pacify your cravings.


    Churros with Salted Caramel & Chocolate Sauce ($10)

    Crisp on the outside and doughy soft on the inside, this is exactly what we call good churros, no?

    The dark chocolate sauce magically transformed the sweet choux pastry into a wand of bittersweet devilry.

    Lovely sticks of sin

    Our personal favourite was the combination of the churros and the salted caramel sauce. The latter was ooey, gooey and very much like a more buttery version of melted toffee.

    We went away utterly convinced that some friendships are meant to be. Crispy, fluffy churros and rich sticky caramel are gonna be BFFs for life.

    Our ambassador, Valerie, visited Sarnies too! Here’s her experience:

    By night’s end, we wound up with delicious grubby fingers, food-full bellies, and our belts two notches looser. If you’re keen on wholesome eating which tastes as good as sin, come grab some grub at Sarnies!

    136 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068601
    Tel: 6224 6091
    Operating hours:
    Monday & Tuesday – 7.30am to 10.30pm
    Wednesday to Friday – 7.30am to midnight
    Weekends – 8.30am to 4pm

    9 Places With Wholesome Good Food That Will Inspire You To Eat Clean!

    10 Labels You Need To Know From Singapore Fashion Week 2016

    The orgy of high fashion hit all the right notes this year at Singapore Fashion Week 2016. Held at the National Gallery, this year’s style extravaganza topped last year’s venue at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza.

    During the 5-day fashion festival (26 – 30 Oct), the spotlight was trained on an eclectic mix of Asian designers whose collections were showcased on not just one, but two different stages.

    This year’s highlights

    Indeed, the highlight of this year’s Singapore Fashion Week was none other than its emphasis on Asia; be it Asian-born designers, or designers based in Asia.

    Out of nearly 22 featured creations, 20 in the show were from Asian designers – the greatest number in all of 15 years.

    This was a distinct departure from the previous year, where American designer Diane von Furstenberg opened the show, and British style meister,Victoria Beckham, closed it.

    Today, we bring you a quick round-up of some noteworthy designers at this year’s Singapore Fashion Week and their spectacular collections!

    1. Day 1 – Guo Pei opens the event

    Kicking off the event on the main stage was designer Guo Pei.

    The Chinese born-and-raised dressmaker is best known for dolling Rihanna up in a canary-yellow, floor-trailing gown during the MOMA 2015.

    [caption id="attachment_17929" align="aligncenter" width="962"]Credit: Credit: SingaporeFashionWeek Guo Pei SingaporeFashionWeek Max Tan SingaporeFashionWeek Sheranut SingaporeFashionWeek Aijek SingaporeFashionWeek Exhibit SingaporeFashionWeek Chi Chi Von Tang Singapore Fashion Week Naeem Khan HashtagbyLily SingaporeFashionWeek From left to right: Arissa Cheo, Nida Shay, Elyn Wong SingaporeFashionWeek Han Chong's Designs SingaporeFashionWeek Mashizan Style with an Edge: Hardy Hardy 2016

    Eyescream And Friends: Shaved Ice GELATO That’s Super Cute, All Natural, And More!

    When you’re sizzling in the Land of a Thousand Suns, you can’t help but crave for something cold… some shaved ice perhaps? Or, gelato would really hit the spot too. It sure is a tough decision when both seem equally yummy… Well guess what, now you can have both! That’s a food fantasy come true, as Eyescream and Friends has hit Singapore’s shores.


    The mastermind of this refreshingly ingenious concoction, Mr Joad Lopez, took inspiration from shaved ice he ate at a Taiwanese night market.

    Back in Barcelona where gelato was aplenty, he decided to matchmake the two. And that, was how Eyescream and Friends was born.

    Eyescream And Friends – Compass One

    As its name suggests, Eyescream and Friends represents the 7 basic flavours – a quirky medley of characters with distinct personalities and names to boot.

    [caption id="attachment_16768" align="alignnone" width="1028"]Eyescreamandfriends It goes on for miles! The toppings never end.[/caption]

    Woah, too many toppings, too little time! What a torture to have to choose, can’t we have all of them?


    Here are some of the toppings – caramelized cookies, gummy bears, banana nut crunch, forest berries sauce, white chocolate sauce, and marshmallows.

    Eyescream and Friends has just released its kiwi, watermelon and rockmelon toppings as well as a lovely salted caramel sauce.


    As of now, there are 8 different flavours and a whopping 15 different toppings to please your palate as you mix-and-match.

    This guarantees that you’ll experience the dessert in novel ways each time, as you play with endless new flavour combinations.

    Oreo Yoghurt Flavour Complete Pack ($6.90)

    The Complete Pack ($6.90) which we got, comes with a cup of shaved gelato and 2 toppings. The packaging is really cool, as it’s designed to hold a cup of gelato and 2 fun-size cups of toppings, so that you can stroll around the mall while you eat!

    The tray even has a spot at the side to clip a piece of tissue or two. This way, your hands are free to tackle your yummy target.

    [caption id="attachment_16769" align="alignnone" width="4320"]img_6408-min Those eyes! He’s really camera-shy, being a newbie.[/caption]

    The Oreo flavour was strong but not overpowering, and accurately encapsulated the taste of the crisp tidbit. No hint of stale biscuit there, we are talking Oreos fresh out of the packet.

    We were surprised by how the shaved gelato managed to be creamy, yet not cloying. The icy texture of the gelato, which was smooth and slushy-like, prevented the Oreo flavour from coming across as too dense.

    Add to that the tartness of the yoghurt flavour, which shook up the whole treat. Who would have thought that Oreo and yoghurt go this well together?

    Wild Berry Complete Pack ($6.90)


    If you could capture the joys of childhood in one flavour, this would be it. The wild berry shaved gelato tasted really fun and mischievous, like a mix of grape-flavoured Hi-Chew, Kyoto grape, and strawberry bubble gum.

    The fact that it had just the right kick of sourness lent it a really refreshing touch, without going overboard.

    It’s the perfect pick-me-up in the mornings, an invigorating treat in hot afternoons, and a perfectly spunky dessert to round off the night.

    Chocolate shaved gelato ($4.90, without toppings)

    Despite being a really common flavour, this chocolate shaved gelato is curiously different from the norm. It comes with a touch of je ne sais quoi that is hard to place.


    While tasting similar to a hazel-nutty Ferrero Rocher, it has the added depth of the dark concentrated cocoa powder gathered at the bottom of a hot chocolate drink.

    Cheesecake shaved gelato ($4.90, without toppings)

    This was virtually a cheesecake blended into a slushy. However, with the pronounced taste of natural yoghurt, it’s a lighter, more refreshing version of your regular cheesecake.


    For an interesting and yummy combination, try the  cheesecake-flavoured shaved gelato topped with forest berries sauce or strawberry sauce. We did just that, and couldn’t have been more pleased with the results!

    The creaminess of the cheesecake flavour complemented the fruity tartness of the berry sauce, which was tangy and ripe with flavour.

    How Eyescream’s Shaved Gelato is Made

    We managed to capture how these little, tasty wide-eyed creatures are created!

    [video width="640" height="360" mp4=""][/video]

    First, a cylindrical block of ice maintained at an optimum temperature (for the right balance between creamy and icy), is loaded into an ice-shaving machine.

    This contraption, which is flown in from Barcelona, then carves delicate layers of shaved gelato into a bowl.

    Gelato shakes and lollipops

    Apart from shaved gelato, Eyescream and Friends truly lives up to its philosophy of creating smiles, by offering gelato shakes ($5.90) as well as handmade lollipops ($4.90).

    [caption id="attachment_16780" align="alignnone" width="720"]Eyescream and friends Facebook Eyescream and friends Facebook[/caption]

    Among the lollipops, mango and apple are the most popular flavours. They’re all extremely fresh, as Eyescream and Friends flies them in from Barcelona regularly.

    [caption id="attachment_16779" align="alignnone" width="790"]eyescream-and-friends-lollypops1
    BAKE Cheese Tart Continues Singapore Invasion At Its Second Outlet In Westgate Mall!

    Deepavali: 8 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Celebrate The Festival Of Lights

    Deepavali is here! Lo and behold, this Festival of Lights springs from the simple act of lighting a single oil lamp. A humble gesture that has transcended the ages and the seas, it aptly tells of the triumph of light over darkness and goodness over evil.

    As part of the festivities, families light oil lamps and decorate their floors with rangoli, traditional patterns made on the floor using coloured rice or flour.

    Sweets such as laddu, and savoury snacks like chakli are exchanged and shared between family and friends, who go all out in their finest garb to drink and make merry.

    Hold tight, and hop on our magic carpet ride. We’ll take you through a list of places so fancy and awesome, you’ll be looking forward to Deepavali 2017!

    1. Little India’s Deepavali Festival Village

    For the ultimate Deepavali experience, head down to Little India! The Festival Village on Campbell Lane and Hastings Road comes to life with a bazaar, which will tantalize your senses in all the best ways.

    [caption id="attachment_16023" align="alignnone" width="1600"]Travellingsingapore Thehungrybackpackers Thehungrybackpackers[/caption]

    What’s tasty and neon orange in colour? Yes, it’s a jalebi. A traditional Indian sweet, it’s a coil-like pretzel made of deep-fried wheat batter soaked in sugar syrup.

    With a curiously appetising texture, it manages to be both slightly chewy and crunchy at the same time. Really fun to eat!

    [caption id="attachment_16025" align="alignnone" width="1632"]Gurgaonmoms Foodwandering Foodwandering[/caption]

    Temple flowers and flower garlands are sold by the dozen, in numerous stalls frequented by devotees who purchase them as temple offerings.

    Hint: You might need to drop by here if you’re heading to Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple (read on for more info).

    Here’s to dressing like a Bollywood star, right down to the bling!

    [caption id="attachment_16032" align="alignnone" width="1600"]Singaporekitty Pinterest Pinterest[/caption]

    At the end of the day, wind down and gaze upon the mad skills of henna artists, offering henna tattoos at $5 a pop.

    [caption id="attachment_16035" align="alignnone" width="960"]Themaharanidiaries Asiaone Asiaone 1987engineer 1987engineer[/caption]

    With lifelike figurines of deities in striking colours and ornate carvings on literally every inch of the temple, it truly is a magnificent sight to behold.

    Buzzing with life from the throngs of loyal devotees who visit regularly, this temple is an even greater hub of activity during festivals such as Deepavali.

    All are welcome, so feel free to step inside to witness the prayers and processions!

    29 Oct, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, 141 Serangoon Rd, 5am-12.30pm, 4pm-9.30pm

    4. 48as: Halloween X Deepavali Edition

    Is it a Deepavali party, or a Halloween fest?

    Shophouse The Social Hostel is celebrating a genius fusion creation – a Deepavali party with Halloween spice thrown in. The best of both worlds indeed.

    [caption id="attachment_16045" align="alignnone" width="2000"]Booked Die Die Must Party: 10 Halloween Parties That’ll Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You!

    5. Bollyween Masquerade

    All those sinful Deepavali snacks may make your taste buds happy, but your waistline might not be.

    If that is cause for lament, or if you’re up for a buzz of activity, we recommend this ZUMBALICIOUS party.

    [caption id="attachment_16046" align="alignnone" width="960"]Zumbalicious Facebook Zumbalicious Facebook[/caption]

    Shake and shimmy up a storm with zumba instructor Erich Edralin and Miko Valenzuela. Their zumba sessions are legendary, and you’ll be dancing like a pro in no time. You’re bound to have a great time with your fellow zumba mates with the hype at an all-time-high!

    29 Oct, 1pm – 2.15pm. TMP Fitness Club, 55 Newton Road, #05-02 Revenue House. Tickets go for $20, and only 35 slots are available, so hurry! Call 9178 3443 for ticket reservations.

    6. SICCI ‘Retro’ Deepavali Nite 2016

    Ooh, a grand dinner to wrap up the Deepavali season would really hit the spot.

    Join in this party and come decked in your best retro glam à la Audrey Hepburn and Clark Gable.

    [caption id="attachment_16049" align="alignnone" width="720"]Allevents Allevents[/caption]

    It’s time to raid your parents’ wardrobes, for the theme of this party is the evergreen era of the 60s, 70s and 80s. In other words, it’s retro with a capital R.

    Get ready to be dazzled by top-notch singers, comedians who actually crack you up, and dance groups from both Singapore and India.

    Held at Marina Bay Sands (MBS), you’ll enjoy an outstanding gastronomical experience. With a sumptuous spread of fine Mughlai food served by noteworthy MBS culinary experts, we give it two thumbs up!

    26 Nov, 6.30pm – late, Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue. SICCI members pay $150, non-members pay $165. E-mail [email protected], or call 6508 0140 / 6508 0142 for any enquiries.

    7. Deepavali Arts Carnival

    Frisk and frolic your way through this arts carnival!

    [caption id="attachment_16050" align="alignnone" width="960"]OasisLittleIndia Facebook OasisLittleIndia Facebook[/caption]

    Like no other, it’s a melting pot of diverse artists and art lovers coming together to add a splash of fun to the Festival of Lights.

    There’ll be interactive arts installations, art and photo exhibitions, dances, fashion shows, sand art sessions and tons more fun stuff.

    15th October:

    • 11am – 12pm: Music
    • 12pm – 2pm: Rhythms Aesthetic Society – Spice Art
    • 2pm – 3pm: Malaysian Dancers
    • 3pm – 4pm: Fashion Show

    22nd October:

    • 11am – 12pm: Music
    • 12pm – 2pm: Bhaki-Rasamrta: The Rhythmic Waves of the Mellows of Love
    • 2pm – 4pm: Malaysian Dancers

    NOTE: Both event days feature these staple activities as well – Interactive art for the community, Art Jamming and Sand Art Station

    Look forward to mind-boggling abstract art with meanings so obscure, even Da Vinci wouldn’t understand.

    Here, it’s fun for all, and all for fun. Come with your friends and family for a great weekend of community art workshops and hands-on activities!

    8. Deepavali Craft & Heritage Exhibition: Project Oasis in Little India

    Lelong, lelong!

    Hailing from India, traditional craftsmen and a parrot astrologer are here to showcase their skills and hawk their unique wares this Deepavali season.

    [caption id="attachment_16056" align="alignnone" width="600"]craftheriexhibit

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    Die Die Must Party: 10 Halloween Parties That’ll Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You!

    Here are the million-dollar questions: Do pontianaks dance? If zombies are technically dead, will they get high on alcohol? How does it feel to be scared witless, praying that your heart doesn’t go KABOOM by night’s end? Come on down to some frightful Halloween parties, and we guarantee you’ll find the answer to these queries.

    Here’s the bonus: you’ll have a hair-rising, heart-lurching good time. This Hallows’ Eve, it’s time for the demons to play!


    A note of caution: Come in your goriest or loveliest get-up to avoid being the next target.

    Not only that, the best-dressed stand to win cash prizes, Zoukout VIP tickets, flight tickets and more. Entry is not guaranteed if the club is full, so arrive early!

    The Scream Diner by Zouk Halloween
    29 Oct, 10pm-late
    Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim Street
    Admission for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $33/$38
    Free and priority entry are given to those in FULL costume (pending approval by door attendant)

    2. Battle Royale



    “Come at me!”

    “Why, you…!”

    And… that, ladies and gentlemen, is only the beginning.

    [caption id="attachment_15843" align="alignnone" width="960"] BattleRoyale on Facebook[/caption]

    This year, only one will be crowned the King of The Ring. Fight it out with the biggest and the baddest at Overeasy Orchard.

    On this night, unleash your inner Bruce Lee, or channel your trusty WWE champ.

    For a touch of the orient, pummel the baddies as Ip Man or Huang Fei Hong. Manny Pacquiao would do too, just power up that devilish glare and turn em’ rivals to stone.

    [caption id="attachment_15830" align="alignnone" width="750"]Timeout Singapore Battle Royale by Overeasy
    29 Oct, 10pm-2.30am
    Overeasy Orchard, 541 Orchard Road #01-01, Liat Towers
    Free entry

    3. Allevents Cirque Le Soir[/caption]

    We dare you to come in your freakiest, most outlandish costume to “outfreak” the freaks!

    It’ll be a mystical, bewitching night that’ll haunt your dreams a little longer than eternity.

    Cirque Le Soir
    Oct 29, 9pm-late
    CÉ LA VI, SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands, 1 Bayfront Ave
    Purchase online pre-sale tickets at $48, or purchase it at the door at $68 – both options include one premium pour

    4. Allevents Atlantis Fright Night

    With a name like the Wavehouse, what do you expect? You’re bound to get soaked!

    [caption id="attachment_15836" align="alignnone" width="910"]Peatix Atlantis[/caption]

    Yes, that means you had better bring along your itsybitsyteenieweenieyellowpolkadotbikini!

    Atlantis Fright Night
    22 Oct, 6pm-late
    Wavehouse Sentosa, 36 Siloso Beach Walk
    Early bird entries are priced at $35 and prices at the door are $50
    Both include 1 complimentary drink and 3 hours of free flow drinks
    Ladies who register on the online guest list get free entry until 10pm

    6. icosmosenterprise

    Ghost stories are merely tales, aren’t they?

    Well… here at *Scape, you’re in for the plot twist of your life! The story is true, and shows how life can truly be stranger, and bloodier, than fiction.

    [caption id="attachment_15838" align="alignnone" width="430"]Peatix

    Ahoy, ahoy!

    Harking back to the 1800s where everyone mysteriously died on the ship, their restless spirits have finally awakened this Halloween. Join them in diabolical revelry, as you gobble and guzzle the night away.

    [caption id="attachment_15839" align="alignnone" width="842"]Peatix The Forest: Shanghai Dolly

    Ask any traveller worth his salt, and he’ll have you know that one of the spookiest places to get lost in, is the forest. Some might drop the name Aokigahara, while others might rain evil on the Devil’s Tramping Ground (the name says it all), or the demonic Pembrey Woods.

    [caption id="attachment_15840" align="alignnone" width="678"]Shanghai Dolly on Facebook Shanghai Dolly on Facebook[/caption]

    Inspired by the stuff of nightmares found in cursed forests, Shanghai Dolly brings you into the inky, winding woods this Halloween.

    Pray that you don’t get lost, but be warned: Prayer might not work in the forest, where the Heavens can’t hear you scream.

    The Forest: Shanghai Dolly
    Call 6336 7676 / 9232 4181 to reserve your seats early
    Stay tuned to Shanghai Dolly’s Facebook page for more updates

    10. Nerf Halloween 2016: Paranormal High School

    Your footsteps echo off the deserted hallways that seethe with darkness. Somehow, you can tell that it’s not just the mildew and the mouldering walls, but something older, and angrier.

    [caption id="attachment_15867" align="alignnone" width="784"]NerfHalloween on Facebook NerfHalloween on Facebook[/caption]

    You are armed with nothing but conviction, and a Nerf gun. Your ammo is running low, and it is hard to see with nothing but the moonlight.

    Still, you press on. “All those FPS games had better come in handy now,” you mutter under your breath…

    According to rumours, a pair of sisters disappeared in this school, one so notoriously haunted that it’s now known as Paranormal High School. Tonight, it is your duty, to seek this pair of sisters, before the evil in the school gets to you first.

    Mortals, dare you brave this school from the bowels of Hell?

    Nerf Halloween 2016: Paranormal High School
    28 and 29 Oct, 7pm-late
    Potong Pasir Community Club, 6 Potong Pasir Ave 2
    Early bird promotion is going at $10, and the regular price is $15

    The first 150 pax for the early bird registration gets a pack of 10 piece NERF Dart pack sponsored by Hasbro Singapore

    To answer your questions, pontianaks do dance and zombies do get woozy after being hit by a tower of alcohol…for these Halloween parties at least!

    And the feeling of screaming yourself silly with a bunch of buddies? Absolutely priceless.

    Header image source: Knittingzone

    For less scream-inducing activities this October, check out these Top 5 Events You Cannot Miss!

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    Hai Di Lao Tips: Essential Hacks That Will Save You Time, Money, And More!

    Hai Di Lao? Yes, you heard it. When it comes to this legendary hotpot establishment, tales abound. By now, you must have amassed your own encyclopaedia of “black market” Hai Di Lao tips to take your Hai Di Lao experience to greater heights.

    To add to your plethora of knowledge, we have gone undercover and infiltrated the depths of the Hai Di Lao world, right down to unearthing their new outlet in VivoCity!

    Today, we are proud to present our findings – Hai Di Lao tips that are 100% legit and guaranteed to work.

    Queue-killing hack

    To beat the queue, arrive very early… anytime before 5pm is fine. Preferably, call before you head down. Otherwise, you’ll be faced with a horrendous queue that’ll shock the living daylights out of you.

    Anytime from 10 pm is good, as the dinner crowd would be gone by then and Hai Di Lao is open till 6 am.

    To ensure that your table is ready by 10pm, call in early to take a queue number and let them know that you’ll arrive at 9pm.

    [caption id="attachment_16494" align="alignnone" width="1024"]hai-di-liao Credits: Hai Di Lao[/caption]

    Each time you dine there, you will chalk up points, which can be used to redeem gifts at no extra charge.

    Every $1 you spend entitles you to 1 point. The gifts change every 6 months, so snap up that Philips steam iron before it disappears!

    #1 Soup hack – thick (浓) soup base

    To get the most bang for your buck, be sure to request for thick (浓) soup base during refills. Otherwise, what you get will be a more diluted version of the original soup base.

    They’ll hand you a bowl of thick (浓) soup, but don’t pour it all in at once! Instead, you can adjust how thick and savoury you want your soup to be.

    #2 Soup hack – 4 soup bases

    If you believe that variety is the spice of life, Hai Di Lao offers 4 soup bases at virtually the same price, or even cheaper, as compared to that of 1 or 2 soup bases.

    The price of 4 soup bases also depends on your ultimate choice and combination of soup. Based on our experience, it was always cheaper or the same price as choosing 2 soup bases.

    [caption id="attachment_16493" align="alignnone" width="1024"]
    untitled-design-44 youngberghillCredit: youngberghill

    If you come with wine or alcohol, Hai Di Lao will even open your bottle and serve it to you and your companions, free of charge!

    Now, who’s up for a glass of spirits?

    Mini pot hack

    If you think germs and bacteria are creepy… or if your idea of fashion is a Hazmat suit, Hai Di Lao’s individual hot pots are perfect for you.

    Credits: LAMagCredits: Credit: be the next Freddy Krueger try Hai Di Lao’s paper crane challenge.

    [caption id="attachment_15563" align="aligncenter" width="1532"]Credits: wfenzz Credits: wfenzz[/caption]

    For every 30 paper cranes you fold, Hai Di Lao will reward you with a free $6 dish of your choice.

    Fret not if you do not know how to fold these cranes, the staff will teach you how!

    Health hack

    Fats? *shudders* Coagulated fats? *fear intensifies* 

    Congratulations, you have just discovered the hidden horror… and we’ll let you know how to overcome it. Not with a crucifix, but with your trusty ol’ ladle!

    The longer you boil your soup, the more concentrated it becomes. This causes the soup to become loaded with nitrates, fats and excess protein.

    [caption id="attachment_16186" align="aligncenter" width="1824"]Credit: butter believer Credit: butter believer[/caption]

    That white film floating on the surface of your soup isn’t the trail left by the Loch Ness monster.

    It’s actually coagulated fats, nitrates and protein, which is no good for you. So, ladles up, and scoop away the white stuff!

    Redeemable manicure hack

    Who would pass up the opportunity of a free manicure? Not me!

    The good news is, Hai Di Lao’s renowned manicure services are redeemable. Should the long queue prevent you from getting your manicure before dining, all is not lost.

    [caption id="attachment_16496" align="alignnone" width="640"]
    hai-di-lao-nail-art credit: cdn-geo dayre[/caption]

    Should you wish to celebrate your grandma’s birthday there, the restaurant also offers a free platter of longevity buns to senior citizens on their special day.

    This is in addition to the small gift that Hai Di Lao will present to the birthday guest, and the birthday songs that they will croon in 3 different languages.

    [caption id="attachment_16185" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]credit: c3.staticflickr credit: c3.staticflickr[/caption]

    Protect-your-phone hack

    A cracked phone screen is the ultimate nightmare for every phone user. This is why Hai Di Lao offers free phone screen protectors to keep your phone screens shiny and spanking new.

    [caption id="attachment_16198" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Credit: Credit: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #03-09, VivoCity, Singapore 098585
    Telephone numbers: +65 6250 7557 (for reservations) +65 6250 7667 (for enquiries)
    Opening hours: 10.30am – 6am

    Price: varies depending on the dishes ordered
    Official website:

    Header image credit: where to get Hai Di Lao soup base!