9 Fun And Educational Places To Bring Your Kids To That Are Wallet-Friendly

Being a parent is tough. Teaching a child is tough. Looking after a child is tough.

But what if it doesn’t have to be? Don’t worry I’m not trying to sell you anything (fight me, insurance agents).

I’ve compiled a list of places to take your kids that’s both educational and inexpensive. Because honestly, we’re quite done with the zoo, and the rooftop play area at VivoCity.

So parents, aunties, uncles, guardians, LISTEN UP.


Mainland Tropical Fish Farm

Personally, I love fishes and marine life in general. So I spent a good amount of time visiting fish farms as a child. If you live in the East, then you might want to pay a visit to Mainland Tropical Fish Farm instead.

[caption id="attachment_35325" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Mainland Tropical Fish Farm Image Credit: Little Tree House[/caption]

While the place primarily sells aquarium fishes and supplies, there are activities available for the kids too. Spend a dollar or 3, on packets of food pellets and feed the fishes in the outdoor pond.

For $4, equip your child with a fishing net and a bucket for them to try their hand at catching their very own “longkang” fish! Just make sure they don’t fall in.

Mainland Tropical Fish Farm
Address: 1 Pasir Ris Farmway 1, Singapore 519352
Opening Hours: Daily: 8.30am – 7pm
Contact no.: 6287 3883
The Animal Resort Image Credit: @emilymhx[/caption]

The Animal Resort is home to stallions, a variety of birds that includes a Cassowary and Marabou Stork, a German Shepherd dog training ground, rabbits and guinea pigs, fishes, a pet grooming centre, and a pet shop.

[caption id="attachment_35326" align="aligncenter" width="1082"]The Animal Resort Image Credit: @fourlittlepalms[/caption]

You can buy the animal feed from the pet store. No outside food should be brought in.

[caption id="attachment_35327" align="aligncenter" width="1078"]The Animal Resort Image Credit: @benayers1[/caption]

It’s a great place for children to interact with different animals in a relaxed and laid-back environment.

The Animal Resort
Address: T81 Seletar West Farmway 5, Singapore 798061
Opening Hours: Daily: 10am – 5pm
Contact no.: 6482 1160

Bollywood Veggies

Tucked away in the Kranji countryside is a 10-acre farming facility complete with a bistro, food museum and even a cooking school!

[caption id="attachment_35328" align="aligncenter" width="1364"]Bollywood Veggies Image Credit: @lowjolin[/caption]

After familiarising yourself with the different species of flora and fauna within the farm, visitors can enjoy a myriad of dishes made from local produce at the bistro, Poison Ivy, to nourish your body.

If you ever need a break from the fast-paced city life we’re all used to, make a trip down to Bollywood Veggies and experience an afternoon of serenity for a change.

Bollywood Veggies
Address: 100 Neo Tiew Road, Singapore 719026
Opening Hours: Wed – Fri: 8am – 5.30pm, Sat – Sun: 8am – 6.30pm
Contact no.: 6898 5001
Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve has much to offer. Explore the vast mangroves and trails that span all over the reserve as you contemplate the beauty of your surroundings.

[caption id="attachment_35330" align="aligncenter" width="1566"]Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Image Credit: 2011 Bird Checklist released by the National Parks Board, over 200 different species of birds have been recorded on-site at the reserve!

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
Address: 301 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 718925
Opening Hours: Daily: 7am – 7pm
Contact no.: 6794 1401

Kranji Marshes

For those unfamiliar with Kranji Marshes, the 56.8-hectare freshwater marshland is home to unique biodiversity.

Kranji Marshes is actually split into two main areas – the public area that is open to all members of the public, and the restricted core conservation area that is deemed to be ecologically sensitive. You can enter the core conservation area if you sign up for a guided tour.

[caption id="attachment_35331" align="aligncenter" width="1262"]Kranji Marshes Image Credit: @fannaiaiwong[/caption]

According to NParks, Kranji Marshes is home to more than 170 species of birds, 54 species of butterflies, and 33 species of dragonflies! Alongside Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve, it plays an important role in providing a habitat for the conservation of wildlife in the Kranji area.

[caption id="attachment_35332" align="aligncenter" width="1282"]Kranji Marshes Image Credit: @damithprs[/caption]

Moorhen Blind and Swamphen Hide are 2 bird-watching stations that overlook marsh landscapes, perfect for taking in the sights of nature.

The park is open from 7am-7pm daily. Do note that there is no lighting in the evenings! The park is also wheelchair- and pram-friendly, with the exception of the Raptor Tower.

Kranji Marshes
Address: 11 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718814
Opening Hours: Daily: 7am – 7pm
Contact no.: 6794 1401

Play And Learn


If your child has a fascination for excavators, cranes, and dump trucks, then they’ll love Diggersite.

[caption id="attachment_35333" align="aligncenter" width="2048"]Diggersite Image Credit: Diggersite[/caption]

Diggersite is a one-of-a-kind edutainment centre that provides realistic experience in operating small scale construction machinery. The main motive is to help your child build motor skills, which are vital for writing, crafts, and other fine motor activities.

[caption id="attachment_35334" align="aligncenter" width="2048"]Diggersite Image Credit: Diggersite[/caption]

The experience is quite legitimate. Your child will get to put on a construction safety helmet, build small blocks, and operate a construction digger!

Address: Find your nearest Diggersite Clip ‘n Climb

If you’re a member of HomeTeamNS, then you’re in luck. HomeTeamNS is the first to bring in the New Zealand-born Clip ‘n Climb to Singapore!

[caption id="attachment_35335" align="aligncenter" width="1722"]
Clip 'n Climb Image Credit: @heyitsnicole.sg[/caption]

Unlike most rock-climbing facilities, Clip ‘n Climb also caters for climbers of all ages with 19 different colourful climbing challenges. Meaning, kids can join in the fun too!

Clip ‘n Climb is great for improving a kid’s concentration and focus as well as sensory and motor skills.

Check out the packages and pricing at Clip ‘n Climb here!

Clip ‘n Climb
Address: Our Tampines Hub, 51 Tampines Ave 4, #03-03, Singapore 528523
Opening Hours: Mon – Thu: 12pm – 9pm, Fri – Sat: 10am – 11pm, Sun: 10am – 9pm
Contact no.: 6705 9410


I remember the days when ORTO used to be Bottle Tree Park.

Today, the 555,000 square feet space has been completely revamped and taken over by ORTO. Located in the North, it is Singapore’s first multi-recreational park that is open 24 hours a day.

Today, it houses a prawning and fishing facility, a paintball park, a trampoline park, a drift karting circuit, and even a sporting facility for rent!

[caption id="attachment_35336" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Katapult Image Credit: Katapult[/caption]

Kids can bounce around in ORTO Image Credit: ORTO[/caption]

What’s more, with a whole list of dining places at ORTO, it’s the perfect place for a family day out!

Address: 81 Lorong Chencharu, #01-01, Singapore 769198
The Artground Image Credit: The Artground[/caption]

The Artground is an accessible play space for children aged 12 and below, and they aim to provide positive art experiences through interactive art installations that changes tri-annually.

[caption id="attachment_35339" align="aligncenter" width="1080"]The Artground Image Credit: The Artground[/caption]

Children are encouraged to climb over, under or through the interactive art installations, which helps to develop their motor skills.

[caption id="attachment_35340" align="aligncenter" width="1080"]The Artground Image Credit: The Artground[/caption]

On the weekends, there will also be various art-related programs that families with young children can participate in.

The best part? Entry to The Artground is FREE!

The Artground
Address: Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, Block J #01-40, Singapore 439053
Opening Hours: Wed – Thu: 9.30am – 5pm, Fri – Sun: 9.30am – 6pm, Mon – Tue: Closed
Contact no.: 6925 0621

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(Header Image Source: @fourlittlepalms and The Artground)

Prawn To Your Heart’s Content At These 5 Prawning Spots In Singapore!

Prawning. The baby brother to fishing. It’s grown pretty popular in recent years due to its uniqueness, simple concept, and that feeling of accomplishment right after bagging a catch! There are several different places where you can go prawning here in Singapore, but we’ve sourced THE BEST prawning facilities to head to!

1. Hai Bin Prawning

(image source: . Seen as one of the most popular spots to prawn. Hai Bin has 2 venues, Sembawang and Punggol, both of which are 24 hours. Prawns are continuously poured into the ponds so you have a very good chance of not going home empty handed. Because of its popularity, there’s a high chance of the Hai Bin getting pretty crowded on weekends!

Rods go for $18/hr ; $33 – 2 hours + 1 Free

6 Tebing Lane, #01-04 , S828835
Contact: 6447 8693

HomeTeamNS @ Sembawang, 301 Canberra Road #01-08, S759774

2.Riviera 24hrs Prawn Fishing

(image source: Riviera is the place for you. Located beside the Punggol Golf Course this place is pretty quiet on weekdays. The perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle, Riviera has food and drinks on site if you get hungry while prawning!

Rates are $15/hr; $25 – 2 hours ; $33 for 3 hours. 

Riviera 24hrs Prawn Fishing
60 Punggol East, #01-11, S828825
Contact: 6886 4998


(image source: Rates are $20/hr; $30 – 2 hours; $36 – 3 hours; $108 – 10 hours

81 Lor Chencharu, S769198
6257 8858

4.Fish @ Bugis+

bugis bugis
(image source: Fish@Bugis+ is no ordinary fishing facility, for one, it’s in the middle of the city! For another, it’s Singapore’s only fishing facility that is indoors and has air conditioning! Located on the 7th floor roof-garden of Bugis+, it has a bar, a fish spa and longkang fishing for the kids! Like most prawning facilities they’re also open 24 hours! So if you’re looking for a prawning facility that’s a bit more comfortable Fish@Bugis is where you should head to!

Rates are $18/hr; $29 -2 hours; $35 – 3 hours
Promotion: Prawning at $10/hour (Weekdays only)

Fish @ Bugis+
201 Victoria Street, #07-05/06, S188067
Contact: (65) 83386530 / (65) 90080201

5. D’Lifestyle Corner @ Pasir Ris Town Park

(image source: D’Lifestyle Corner is located at Paris Ris Town Park a stone’s throw from Pasir Ris MRT. The facility is pretty big so even if it gets crowded on the weekends you’ll still have plenty of space. Thoughtfully decorated and with several huts, this spot is a great place to spend with the family! Best part? You can fish here too! So if you’re more keen to pick up fishing while your friends and family are prawning D’Lifestyle Corner is a really great place to head to!

Prawning: $18/hr; $54 – 3 hour + 1 hour free
Fishing: $25/hr; $75 – 3 hour+ 1 hour free

D’Lifestyle Corner @ Pasir Ris Town Park
96 Pasir Ris Central, S519638
Contact: 6584 8620

(feature image: Who Says You Need Money To Have Fun? Here Are 7 Things You Can Do For FREE At The Singapore River Festival 2016!

$23.90++ For All You Can Eat Seafood Buffet At Aroy Jing Jing

How much seafood can you get for less than $30? Half a kilogram of crab? A full kilo of prawns? A handful of shellfish maybe? If you love seafood and you’re on a tight budget (just like us), April must be your lucky month because Thai restaurant Aroy Jing Jing is having an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet promotion that will keep you hooked!

[caption id="attachment_5457" align="alignnone" width="1022"] Image source: ORTO Yishun (formally known as Bottle Tree Park), Aroy Jing Jing is offering a seafood buffet at an all time low promotional price of $23.90++ (regular price $29.90++) for the month of April! The spread features servings of the freshest slipper lobsters, flower crabs, half shell scallops, white clams, blue mussels, tiger prawns, salmon, squid, as well as chicken, and pork belly meat skewers.



This seafood goodness buffet is available from Tuesday to Sunday, 6pm onwards. You need to make a reservation to secure your table. They had to turn walk-in customers away due to the overwhelming response. This shows how much Singaporeans love a good buffet and seafood deal!


To make your reservation, you can either email [email protected] or drop a message on their Facebook page. Reservations via phone is not encouraged as they might not be able to attend to their main lines during peak period.

[caption id="attachment_5461" align="alignnone" width="960"] Image Source: Aroy Jing Jing[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5476" align="alignnone" width="960"] Credit: Aroy Jing Jing[/caption]

How the buffet works

Aroy Jing Jing will provide a charcoal stove along with a BBQ wire mesh. Select your choice of fresh seafood, and enjoy the dinner chatting with friends and grilling your seafood!

[caption id="attachment_5781" align="aligncenter" width="1005"] Credit: ORTO[/caption]

Just imagine grilling succulent fresh seafood (at affordable prices) over a charcoal-fired stove surrounded by the serenity of greeneries… mmm that sure sounds like a catch!

Aroy Jing Jing
Address:  ORTO,  81 Lorong Chencharu #01-05 Singapore 769198
Contact: +65 6257 2328
Buffet Hours:
Tue – Sun from 6pm onwards

*Seafood buffet starts from 6pm
**Promotion only valid for month of April 2016

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(Header image credit: original image by Aroy Jing Jing, edited by editor)


7 Cool Spots To Hang Out In Yishun That Doesn’t Involve Cats, Murder Or Tasers

You are in the midst of an intense catching up session with friends. But after clearing your plates, the waiter glances at you, looks at the line of waiting customers and back at you. With some reluctance, you and your friends decide to take the conversation to Starbucks, only to find yourselves competing with the whole Yishun population for tables. God.

It may not be your hipster neighbourhood lined with cafés whose names you can barely pronounce, but the north isn’t as barren as you think.

We recognise the need for after dinner hangout spots, that having to Google for them can get frustrating. From dessert cafes to activity-filled venues, listed below are seven such hangout spots located in and around Yishun.

1. Handlebar 

[caption id="attachment_2071" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Image Credit: Foodesteem.com[/caption]

I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars, no handlebars.

Flobots’ song aside, if you’re looking for a little after-dinner exploring and drinks, biker-themed restaurant bar Handlebar is a great option. It may not be the most accessible of places, but the unique interior of this bar will have you go the distance.

Besides its unique furniture adapted from modified vehicle parts, there is a pool table made from a car’s body. So go ahead, knock back a few billiard balls and a few drinks; it’s always good to feel like a badass every once in awhile.

Address: 57 Jalan Mempurong, S759057
Tel: 6475 9571
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: Tue-Fri 5pm-1am, Sat & Sun 3pm-1am

2. Quench!

[caption id="attachment_2074" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Image Credit: Sg.asia-city[/caption]

Wish to grab a few drinks but Handlebar is just to remote to travel to? Located at ORTO (previously known as Bottle Tree Park), this bar offers a variety of bottled beers ($10+) that will leave you spoilt for choice.

With alfresco seating overlooking a large fishpond, enjoy the laid-back vibes of this bar as you sip away at some ice-cold beers. The best part? The bar is open till 3am daily so you never know; Quench! may just become your new favourite watering hole.

Address: 81 Lorong Chencharu #01-10, S769198
Tel: 6257 3657
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-3am, Sat & Sun 9pm-3am

For more on beer and bars, read 3. Holy Cow Creamery [caption id="attachment_2076" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Image Credit: Holycow-creamery.com[/caption]

Shying away from alcohol, and craving for something sweet? Holy Cow Creamery is an ice-cream parlor that offers ice-cream and cake. Go crazy with some of their bold and exotic ice-cream flavours ($3/scoop) such as Mr. Potato Head (chocolate coated potato chips with salted caramel) while catching up on the latest gossip.

You can also top up your ice-cream with a waffle at an additional $4.50. For cake lovers, Holy Cow Creamery offers a range of cakes that includes Brownie ($4), Apple Crumble ($5) and Chocolate/Matcha Lava Cake ($6). Pretty reasonable prices, if you ask us.

Address: 292 Yishun Street 22 #01-291, S760292
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: Tue-Thu, Sun 11.30am-10pm, Fri & Sat 11.30am-11pm

4. Doughwory Bakery

[caption id="attachment_2078" align="alignnone" width="480"] Image Credit: Blanketsandcoffe.blogspot.sg[/caption]

Doughwory, be happy. When you’re out of dough, all you knead is love. Okay, we’ll stop.

If dinner didn’t manage to fill your tummy, an after-dinner visit to this pastry café would. With croissants, curry puffs and lemon cheese tarts going at $3 tops, it’d be hard to resist trying all of the bakery’s delicious-looking treats.

On the down side, this hidden gem has only a few available tables. Do be prepared to wait or tapau to #5 – Yishun Dam.

Address: 504 Yishun Street 51 #01-03, S760504
Tel: 6425 5028
Operating Hours: Daily 8am-10pm

5.Yishun Dam

[caption id="attachment_2082" align="alignnone" width="640"] Image Credit: Clubsnap.com[/caption]

Okay don’t roll your eyes just yet. It may not be much, but this location offers you as much space and serenity (depending on the crowd) as you need.

Since it’s basically free, you can simply buy some drinks before settling down for a good HTHT (heart-to-heart talk) session. If you’re looking to hang until late, you can bring along your grill and prepare your own supper.

The catch however, is its inaccessibility but you don’t necessarily have to be a car owner to enjoy this spot. A bicycle will be more than sufficient.

Address: Yishun Avenue 1, S769130


[caption id="attachment_2081" align="alignnone" width="597"] Image Credit: Bumblebeemum.net[/caption]

Previously known as Bottle Tree Park, this new establishment, Orto, has retained most of its facilities such as its spacious prawning and fishing ponds.

Not only does prawning ($20/one hour, $30/two hours, $36/three hours) and fishing provide you a breather from the urban city space, the adrenalin rush when reeling in a catch can be pretty rewarding.

Plus, you get to lepak over some barbequed prawns afterwards. Its location may lean towards Khatib, but, if you’re looking to indulge in a light activity with a friend, prawning can be pretty therapeutic.

Address: 81 Lorong Chencharu #01-10, S769198
Tel: 6257 2972
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: Daily 24 hours

7. Cosmic Bowling

[caption id="attachment_2083" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Image Credit: Thesmartlocal.com[/caption]

Looking for a more hands on but indoor activity? With a semi dark bowling alley, glow-in-the-dark pins and pop music in the background, bowling has taken on a groovy twist.

Of course, this activity is for the not-so-serious bowlers because well, the dimmed lighting and neon pins aren’t exactly best conditions for one to score three turkeys in a row.

Still, if you’re looking for a sporty activity that is fun and not so intense, give Cosmic Bowling at Yishun SAFRA a go.

Address: 60 Yishun Avenue 4, #02-02 S769027
Tel: 6759 9737
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: Sun-Thu 10am-1am, Fri & Sat 10am-3am
Price: $4.20/off-peak, $4.80/peak. Promotions available for certain cardholders

So there you have it, places you can now hold your catch up sessions at without having the waiter breathe down your neck. Of course, if you know of other hangout spots, do let us know. Good things must share, hor.

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