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Located off Australia’s south coast, Tasmania is an isolated island state filled with rugged picturesque scenery.

Because it was one of the world’s major apple producers, literally the apple fruit, it became known as the “Apple Isle”. But it’s more than just an apple producer.

Just to put things in perspective, the Apple Isle (68 km²) is 95x the size of Singapore (719 km2)! Despite that, Singapore (5.5 mil) is 10x more populated than Tasmania (517k). What does this mean? Wilderness & beautiful scenery abounds in Tasmania!

Tasmania holds so many gems on its vast wild landscape that you will wanna visit over and over again! Discover why Tasmania is the new MUST visit place for a life full of wilderness!

1. This Mountain-Lake with Southern Lights

For a few days, hike through fascinating glacier-carved valleys, ancient rainforests, alpine meadows, waterfalls and more beautiful scenery. You can end your long walk at Lake St. Clair. Soak in the amazing and tranquil scenery at the deepest lake in Australia!

Image Credit: Craig Gibson

Even if you don’t feel fit enough for the 65 km long alpine walk, fret not. There is a variety of day walks for visitors who are looking for a great scenic hike at Cradle Mountain.

Image Credit: Aaron Jones Photography
Image Credit: Aaron Jones Photography
Image Credit: Signature Luxury Travel

Don’t forget to look out for native wild vegetation, glacier rocks as well as the photogenic boat shed along the walk. Note that Cradle Mountain is also a hotspot to catch the spellbinding southern lights. So make this your first stop for some awesome Tasmanian wilderness!

2. Check out towering sea cliffs + more spots for Southern Lights

Image Credit: A Penchant for Travelling

How does walking along one of the most spectacular coastlines, with some of the country’s tallest sea cliffs sound to you? If that’s your idea of fun, follow the Tasman coastal trail within the splendid Tasman National Park.

Image Credit: Isolate Yourself

Discover the power of nature from the impressive rock formations at Tasman Arch. Also, try standing on the edge of the lookout to see if you can spot the bottom of the steep soaring cliffs.

Image Credit: Yuichi Takasaka

Of course, this popular Tasmania nature spot is also one of the best places to see the impressive southern lights!

3. Roam freely in the largest lavender farm in the world

Many people flock to Hokkaido in summer for the pretty lavender farms. But do you know that the world’s largest commercial lavender farm is actually in northern Tasmania?

Image Credit: Bridestowe Lavender Estate

Bridestowe Lavender Estate is about a 45-minute drive from the state’s second largest city – Launceston. If you visit the Apple Isle from November to January, seize the opportunity to visit the beautiful lavender farm in full bloom.

Image Credit: Bridestowe Lavender Estate

Run through the purple lavender fields without a care in the world. Feel in heaven with the aromatic fragrance of the blooming flowers. As you roam freely on the 260-acre huge fields, capture picture-perfect shots anywhere you want.

4. Feel on cloud nine at Mount Wellington

Accessible via a short drive from Hobart CBD, Mount Wellington is one of the top wilderness spots in Tasmania. It offers fantastic bird’s eye views of southern Tasmania as well as great walking and mountain biking trails.

Image Credit:
Image Credit: Jennifer Holder

Literally feel on top of the world as you look down from the 1,270 m summit!

Of course, at such high altitudes, do prepare warm and windproof clothing as you ascend the summit. Surely you want to be in your best form when walking on cloud nine, don’t you?

5. See adorable native animals up close

Last but not least, how can we forget about Tasmanian wildlife? After all, you can’t be bushwalking in the marvellous national parks with your eyes closed, can you?

Image Credit: Barry Irons

Look out for the Tasmanian Devil, the largest carnivous marsupial found only in the wild in Tasmania. The cute bear-like marsupial is a local pride and joy of the island state.

Image Credit: Animal Kingdom

Besides the Tasmanian Devil, there’s a rich variety of fauna that can be found on the island. Keep your eyes open for the likes of adorable wombats, pademelon, eastern quoll as you enjoy the great walks in the numerous national parks.

Essentially, you don’t get to see them up close anywhere else except in Tasmanian wilderness!

With so many natural gems on the Apple Isle waiting for you to unveil, it’s probably hard not to fall in love with the rugged scenery! Filled with activities that will satisfy all, Tasmania certainly deserves more attention than it does now.

Rather than make repeat visits to the usual Australian cities such as Perth, Sydney or Melbourne, why not check out a different side of Australia? Create a unique Tasmanian holiday that will make you wanna live in wilderness!

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