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Always wanted to try skydiving but don’t have the courage or funds to do so? Why not try indoor skydiving for a taste of the real thing!

With a safe and controlled indoor environment, you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong. Plus, you will only need to pay a fraction of the price!

Located a stone’s throw away from Sentosa’s Beach Station, iFly Singapore is a state-of-the-art flight facility that is also the largest themed indoor skydiving simulator in Southeast Asia.

Designed with an airport theme in mind, features like a flight status board at the entrance for customers to check when to ‘board’ their flight and the sound of airplanes in the training room make a trip to iFly Singapore a total experience.

Finding Our Wings

We tried the First Timer Challenge Package ($119), which consists of 2 skydives of 45 seconds each. That is the same time it takes to free fall from 12,000 to 3,000 feet, as with an actual skydive!

After registering and signing the waiver and indemnity forms, you’ll watch a few video presentations which will take you through certain safety procedures and some things to take note of while flying in the wind tunnel.

Once all these nitty gritties are over and done with, it’s time to learn how to fly!

Your flight instructor will guide you through a practical training where you learn how to posture yourself during flight, how to enter and leave the wind tunnel, and some simple hand signals to communicate while in the wind tunnel. (You’ll be wearing earplugs while in there!)

You’ll finish with some light stretching, before heading to the Gear Up counter to get suited up!

DiscoverSG Ambassadors Vanessa, Nicholas and Hilda in their flight gear

During the flight, there isn’t much to remember: have your arms out at right angles, bend your legs slightly and keep your chin up.

Each flyer will enter the wind tunnel one at a time, which means you’ll get the instructor’s full attention while flying! He will be watching or holding on to you, depending on how much help you need.

Vanessa attempting ‘Belly Flying’, the most basic of the four positions of body flight

From inside the wind tunnel, you’ll be treated to a gorgeous view of the South China Sea. If you time your flight exactly right, you can even catch the fireworks from the nearby Wings of Time that happens nightly!

DSG Tip: To see the fireworks while flying, try catching a 8.00pm or 9.00pm flight. 

While your first flight might be a bit of a hot mess (as mine was), you’ll probably get the hang of it by the second flight. After knowing what to expect in the wind tunnel and having had some practice, you’ll be more at ease and enjoy the flight a whole lot more!

What You Can Expect…

One thing we definitely did not expect from our flight was getting saliva all around our mouths, and for some of us, even on our faces! Yep, that’s what happens when there are strong winds blowing at your face when your mouth is open while flying.

The usual body flight wind speed ranges from 160 to 190kmph, although the four fans that power the wind can produce air speeds of up to 200 kmph—faster than the average speed of an F1 car!

Another thing we found was that our hair got really tangled from the flight. Girls, expect to be fiddling away with your hair, detangling the knots in it hours after flying, especially if you have long hair! Make sure you take pictures before and not after flying!

DSG Tip: Bring a hair brush if you need to meet someone special/important post-flight.

All these minor inconveniences aside, the flight is definitely an exhilarating experience, especially if you have always wanted to try skydiving! You can even learn cool tricks like flips and flying upside down—but only after you’ve got the basics down.

Upon completion of your flight, you’ll receive a certificate stating the achievements you have made!

The other flyers and I felt extremely safe throughout our flights. iFly Singapore opens its doors to flyers from as young as 7 to as old as 106–that tells you something about the safety standards at the facility!

To give you that added peace of mind, all instructors at iFly Singapore have undergone intensive training complying with the rules and regulations of the International Bodyflight Association (IBA). So, rest assured you’re in capable hands.

Indoor skydiving was definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or someone seeking a new experience, indoor skydiving is definitely an experience worth trying. Who knows, you just might find yourself a new passion!

This was an invited session from iFly Singapore.

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