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  • 6 Seriously Addictive Salted Egg Yolk Snacks You Must Try In SG!

    The salted egg yolk trend has taken Singpapore by storm and all foodies would have craved for anything salted egg yolk. You have seen salted egg yolk buns, croissants, crabs and even on cakes and waffles! With salted egg yolk, everything tastes better – from chips, salmon skin, to even lotus root. With this in […]

  • Hai Di Lao Tips: Essential Hacks That Will Save You Time, Money, And More!

    Hai Di Lao? Yes, you heard it. When it comes to this legendary hotpot establishment, tales abound. By now, you must have amassed your own encyclopaedia of “black market” Hai Di Lao tips to take your Hai Di Lao experience to greater heights. To add to your plethora of knowledge, we have gone undercover and infiltrated […]

  • Bitter or Sweet? Guide To Identifying Your Favourite Durian Types

    The king of fruits’ season is here again. Every year, between June and August, is the best time to savour durians. However this year, after a prolonged dry spell, the peak season is delayed. Durian season this year could be later and longer as flowers are still blooming. Nonetheless, you’ll still need to know how to choose […]

  • 6 Affordable Japanese Buffets So You Can Gorge On Fresh Sashimi!

    With free flow of fresh sashimi and more, who can resist Japanese buffets? Though some restaurants at hotels charge exorbitant prices for a buffet, we’ve found 6 places where you don’t need to spend a bomb. Here’s our list of affordable and good Japanese buffets to indulge in. At the same time, you don’t have to burn […]

  • 10 Food In Bukit Merah So Good That They’ll Make You Weep Tears Of Joy

    We’ve always harbored the assumption that Bukit Merah was a ghost town with little or nothing to offer. We had no idea what started it but my oh my, how foolish we were. Turns out, Bukit Merah is home to so many great places that offer quality food. With this, Discover SG has completed yet […]

  • Makan All Day Long! Singapore’s First Vending Machine Cafe Opens In SengKang

    The vending machine culture in Japan has finally arrived in Singapore! With this 24-hour vending machine cafe by VendCafe, you will never have to worry about being hungry in the wee hours of the morning ever again!! Newly opened in SengKang, VendCafe provides hot food, all readily available within 3 minutes. Think of piping hot seafood hor fun, […]