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  • Pokemon Go Guide: How To Catch Pikachu & Where To Catch ‘Em All!

    The Pokemon Go craze has hit Singapore. Unless you live a social-media-free life, your news feed is probably swamped with all things Pokemon. Like it or not, this craze is probably gonna be around for a couple of months. Whether you’re already playing, or late to the game, here’s our guide that will help you […]

  • Here Are 6 Singapore Offshore Islands You Can Visit To Get Away From The Crowd!

    Singapore is actually made up of 63 offshore islands! 62 surround the main island that we live in. If you’re looking to spend your weekends at somewhere less crowded, you can try island-hopping in Singapore! Yes, time to correct that mindset. Singapore is not just a city of one island. It’s SIXTY THREE! Besides the […]

  • 8 Enchanting & Secret Photography Spots You Never Knew Existed

    As a dense and developed country full of skyscrapers and shopping malls lining the city, it can be difficult to find the perfect spot for your pre-wedding shoots. Choosing a pre-wedding shoot can be just as hard as deciding where the wedding ceremony will be held. Of course, you can fly elsewhere to popular romantic destinations […]

  • Be The Best With These Rare Pokemon! We Included Their Exact Spawn Locations!

    If you’ve been out playing Pokemon Go all week, you probably know that Pokemon-spawning areas are virtually everywhere. However, where are the rare pokemon locations? There are some specific locales in Singapore that are home to rare and powerful Pokemon. We’re here to let you in on the rare pokemon locations, so you can find all […]

  • Disneyland Singapore – A ‘Could Have Been’ For Singapore

    (Image credit: Way back in the early 2000s, you must have heard whisperings of a famous theme park being built on our tiny island. If you heard the rumours, the theme park was suppose to be a Disneyland and the place where it was suppose to be built was that huge empty space between […]

  • That’s Not A Fish! 4 Places In Singapore Where Crocs Roam Free

    Nature photographers who are expecting birds, otters, or monitor lizards are now also able to spot crocodiles in Singapore. Well, you don’t have to visit the zoo or a safari to see these crocodiles. In recent years, there is a growing number of crocodile sightings in Singapore. Wander around the wetland reserve or nature park […]