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5 Best No Fuss Lightweight Foundation Every Singaporean Gal Should Know

  • 10 Shiok Experiences And Eats To Turn Things Up A Notch The Second Half Of May [15-31 May]

    The year seems to be flying by so quickly. In the blink of an eye, we’re already at the end of May! Who says we have to wait till the June holidays to have fun? There are tons of things to do and new chow places to try out right now! Think themed parties of all […]

  • We Found Out How We’ll Look Like In 30 Years’ Time – We Didn’t Like It

    Apps that distort and enhance (some both, oddly) your face are aplenty, and it’s safe to say that we would have had fun with them at some point in the past. AgingBooth, an app that been around for a few years now, is one that I’ve heard of, and seen photos of plastered on my Facebook […]

  • DBS Marina Regatta Is Bringing The Beach To The Bay, With lululemon Workouts, Potato Head’s Coconut Bar & More!

    If you’ve been spending all your hours cooped up in the office rushing to meet deadline after deadline, we think it’s time to get out and feel the warmth of the sunshine on your face again. Where, you ask? Look no further than the CBD. This 1-4 June, DBS brings the beach to you. Back […]

  • This Outdoor ‘Escape Room’ Sent Us All Over Chinatown – Here’s How To Ace The Game

    Always wanted to go on a treasure hunt? Now you can at Whisper of the Guardians! The 3rd event of its kind, brought to life by LockdownSG and Think Out Events, this year’s epic adventure will take place in and around Chinatown. Previously, we wrote about the premise of this adventure. Essentially, a shop house owner found an old […]

  • 10 Electrifying Experiences To Enjoy To Close Off April [16-30 April]

    We’ve been having a rad April so far, and we hope you have too! If you haven’t, don’t fret! The second half of the month has even more to offer. There are parties, runs, run parties, and so much more! Not forgetting the many new food spots that have sprung up, to satisfy cravings we didn’t […]

  • 20 Guys Share Their Insecurities (Cause Society Has Ridiculous Expectations Of Men Too)

    Today is not an easy society to survive in. From fierce job competition and the volatile nature of job stability, to the fear of being judged on both the superficial and personal levels, society today is a brutally tough crowd. While women may find it easy to talk about their insecurities, the same unfortunately, cannot be said for […]