From Surviving Horrific Monsters To Epic Intergalactic Battles, Escape Reality At V-Room Singapore

Want to know what the future looks like?


With virtual reality, now you can!

Experience anything from fighting intergalactic invaders to surviving terrifying monsters with a virtual reality experience. Rather than spend thousands on a lonely VR experience at home (~$2000 for a good gaming PC + ~$600 for a VR headset), have a ball in another dimension, surrounded by your friends!

You and your real life friends can spend an hour at V-Room and experience up to 23 unique VR games, available for both solo and team players!

DiscoverSG Ambassador Evelyn headed down to V-Room SG at Jcube to experience virtual reality for herself.

To ensure participants are suitable for the virtual reality experience, each participant is required to sign an indemnity form and attend a 10 minute VR trial experience. This is to ensure that if you have a history of motion sickness, this experience will not be physically uncomfortable.

Armed with hands-on experience on how to navigate the virtual reality world and a feel for the hand-sets, Evelyn headed off to experience some of the 23 games available!

There were tons of genres for all the different gamers out there: Zombie fighting, intergalatic space-fighting… You can even be a robot chef/waiter!

Here’s a sneak peak of one the games Evelyn enjoyed the most!

Tasked as either the chef or the robot waiter, this game is best played with 2 players. The player playing as the chef dons the VR headset while the player playing as the robot waiter controls his character with a computer keyboard.

Facing a flood of hungry robots craving handmade burgers, the two of you struggle to cook and serve food as quickly as possible, to keep your customers happy. Also, each time you successfully complete a round, balloons and confetti appear everywhere!

Headed by the owner of Lockdown SG and CoffeeMin, V-Room SG also has an adjoining CoffeeMin! A timed cafe concept, customers pay a small fee of $6 (weekday) or $8 (weekend, PH) per person for the first hour, with an additional $1 each for every 10 additional minutes spent there. With that, all drinks, snacks, board games, Xbox and even PC games are free of charge!

At JCube’s CoffeeMin outlet, there’s even a snooker table to help you and your friends acclimatize back to the real world!

Suitable for people above the age of 17 and perfect for friends, family and colleagues, try your hand at virtual reality with V-Room SG for an out of this world experience!

After paying a one time fee of $5 for the 10 minute VR trial before your actual VR session, you automatically become a lifetime member at V-Room SG. Also, with every 4th visit, you get amazing vouchers and promotions when you present your membership card!

So, grab your friends and get ready to travel beyond your wildest imaginations!

V-Room Singapore
2 Jurong East Central 1, JCube, #02-11, Singapore 609731.
Contact no.6904 4045
Operating Hours: 11am-10pm daily
Price: $30/hour on weekdays, $36/hour on weekends/PH for 1 VR Room (max. 3 persons/room)

For The Budget Singaporean: 6 Best Spots To Get Christmas Decorations On The Cheap!

With Christmas around the corner, it is inevitable to overspend during this festive period. What’s more with Christmas shopping and scrumptious festive food. Hoping to save a few bucks while decorating your humble abode? Fret not, DiscoverSG has collated a list of 6 places where you can get cheap Christmas decorations without burning a hole in your pocket!

1. Juz My Party by Yeo GM Trading

Previously nestled in Rochor Centre, this decorations specialist has since shifted to Upper Cross Street 4 months ago, injecting the Christmas spirit to that row of shophouses.

[caption id="attachment_19706" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption] [caption id="attachment_19890" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

With baubles going as low as $3 per packet of 6 and tinsels retailing at $3.80 each, you could have your ideal Christmas set up without breaking the bank.

[caption id="attachment_19707" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

In addition, a spending of $200 and above will entitle you to a free home delivery. You won’t have to worry about transporting that tall and heavy Christmas tree you’ve been eyeing!

[caption id="attachment_19708" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption] [caption id="attachment_19891" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

If you have any questions, the staff will be more than happy to share with you their knowledge. You’ll be a step close to injecting your home with that Christmassy spirit.

Juz My Party by Yeo GM Trading
Address: 46 Upper Cross Street, #01-02A, The Platinum, Singapore 058345
Operating hours: Monday – Saturday, 10am – 8pm; Sunday and Public holidays, 10am – 5pm
Website:  Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

If you ever want to experience the Christmas spirit in sunny Singapore, you should head here. This warehouse with good but cheap Christmas decorations is a cross between a shop and a Christmas Wonderland.

[caption id="attachment_19715" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption] [caption id="attachment_19893" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

With a history of 84 years, the shop has remained in its location at the edge of Geylang Road since the beginning. The classic red brick walls and the icy cold blast in the store carry the ambience of a traditionally decorated Christmas home.

[caption id="attachment_19716" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

Packages of 6 baubles here range from 4 packages for $10 to $8 per package. Smaller ornaments can be found in the red baskets, going for as low as 5 pieces for $10.

[caption id="attachment_19717" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

They also stock other Christmas goods such as Christmas crackers, which is priced at $15 per box.

As the shop is warehouse style, be prepared to purchase in bulk. So round up your friends and family before coming down!

Heng Yak Henry Christmas Wholesaler Jing Yuan (Sin & Cn) Trading
Address: 734 Geylang Road, Singapore 389645
Operating hours: Opens from October to December. Monday, Noon – 8pm; Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 8pm 

3. Spotlight

[caption id="attachment_19709" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

With only one store in Plaza Singapura, Spotlight from Australia is the go-to store for everything. It carries a diverse range of items, from crafts items to bedsheets, all at a bargain price.

[caption id="attachment_19710" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

Not forgetting cheap Christmas decorations, Spotlight is now offering up to 50% off for them! Expect tinsels retailing at $3.50 each, and baubles (1 set contains 9 baubles) going at $1.99 per set.

[caption id="attachment_19894" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption] [caption id="attachment_19711" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

This adorable tray of gingerbreads is priced at $5 after the 50% discount!

[caption id="attachment_19712" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

Also, you can find all their Christmas decorations at Snowy Splendour, an exhibition of Christmas goods by Plaza Singapura on level one. Expect to find Christmas cookies, toys, ornaments, toiletry sets and gifts by brands such as Marks & Spencer, Hamleys, and Cold Storage.

[caption id="attachment_19895" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

Address: Plaza Singapura, Level 5, Unit number 05-11 to 19, Singapore 1 238839
Operating hours: Daily from 10am – 10pm

Snowy Splendour
Address: Plaza Singapura, Front Plaza, Level 1
Operating hours: From 6 to 25 December 2016, 11am – 9pm
Website:  Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

For those staying in the west, you do not have to travel far to enjoy cheap Christmas decorations. Big Box, a megastore that opened in 2014, is home to a plethora of lifestyle products and services at affordable prices.

[caption id="attachment_19898" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

Located at the Atrium, level 2, you can find an array of Christmas ornaments and gifts.

[caption id="attachment_19719" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

The boxes surrounding the Christmas tree contain ornaments within the price range of $2 to $2.50. Sets of baubles are going for $9.90 each. Also, tinsels are retailing at $3.90 each!

[caption id="attachment_19900" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption] [caption id="attachment_19720" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

Big Box also stocks miniature Christmas trees going at $4.90 each. You can purchase the dark green one for a traditional feel, or opt for the light blue for a frosty Christmas.

[caption id="attachment_19721" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

In addition, there is a buy 1 free 1 sale for some designs now, so pop by if you would like to buy some cheap Christmas decorations that feel and look luxe.

[caption id="attachment_19899" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

Big Box
Address: 1 Venture Avenue, Singapore 608521 (Next to Jurong East MRT Station)
Operating hours: Monday – Friday, 11am – 10pm; Saturday – Sunday, 10am – 10pm
Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

Be prepared to find Giant’s own range of presentable and cheap Christmas decorations!

[caption id="attachment_19723" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption] [caption id="attachment_19902" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

24 pieces of Giant’s Christmas baubles are only going at $3.90 per set, while wreathes retail at $16.90 (small) and $19.90 (large).

[caption id="attachment_19724" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

Items in lanes of ornaments are going at as low as $2.90 each.

[caption id="attachment_19725" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

Display a snowflake globe ($4.90 each) on your desk for some festive spirit!

[caption id="attachment_19904" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

Giant Hypermarkets
Click here for location information on the Giant Hypermarkets and their operating hours.


[caption id="attachment_19907" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Credit: Gravity Home[/caption]

Oh who can forget the nation’s favourite furniture store? Hailing from Sweden, IKEA not only sells affordable furniture, but also pretty and cheap Christmas decorations.

[caption id="attachment_19909" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

Expect baubles to be sold from  $14.90 to $19.90, with an assortment of classic colours such as navy blue, maroon, gold, and silver.

[caption id="attachment_19910" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

Fancy unconventional Christmas decorations? Take your pick amongst the artificial miniature plants, with white Christmas trees going at $19.90, and potted flowers at $4.90 each.

[caption id="attachment_19911" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

Or if you would like to have your star dangling from the ceiling instead of being perched on your tree, this star shaped light is going at a mere $5.90!

[caption id="attachment_19912" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

There is also a wide range of LED lightings, so you can express your creativity with your Christmas decorations.

[caption id="attachment_19913" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Credit: Goh Jia Xuan[/caption]

Forget the usual Christmas wreaths; unleash your creativity and use baubles instead!

[caption id="attachment_19908" align="aligncenter" width="798"] Credit: Gravity Home[/caption]

Address: Alexandra – 317 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159965; Tampines – 60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528764
Operating hours: Daily 10am – 11pm

Don’t hold back from that fabulous outfit you have been eyeing for a Christmas party or the perfect present for your loved one. With tens of dollars saved here and there while shopping at these places selling beautiful but cheap Christmas decorations – you will be able to splurge on other desires!

Armed with this list, you will have an equally magical Christmas, with your wallets feeling only a tad lighter.

Header Image Source: There’s Nothing Like A Real Christmas Tree: Here’s Where To Buy Them & Care Tips!



Trick Or Treat In Singapore: The Best 7 Places To Get Spooked This Halloween!

Unknown to many, the good old Halloween tradition of trick or treating is very much alive here. There are several trick or treat activities and places in Singapore – complete with elaborate decorations and houses that do give out awesome sweets!

This Halloween, get your entire family and friends decked out in Singapore-related Halloween costumes for the good old tradition of trick or treating!

For all ages

1. Halloween Trick or Treat @ Woodlands Woodgrove

Head down to this massive Trick-or-Treating event in the neighbourhood of Woodlands Woodgrove!

[caption id="attachment_16838" align="aligncenter" width="940"]Credit: Credit: Credit: Credit: Credit:

Credit: 2. ACM After Dark: Horror Mash Up

What happens when pontianaks meet vampires? Or when Asian supernatural meets Western horror? Find your answers here at ACM After Dark: Horror Mash Up.

[caption id="attachment_16988" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Credit: Credit:[/caption]

Dress to scare as you roam the museum galleries, hearing haunting tales and watching out for a zombie outbreak.

[caption id="attachment_16989" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Credit: Credit: Credit: 3. Scream Fest 3 – The School Maze at JCube

This year JCube is pulling out all the stops for their third Scream Fest! Uncover the mystery behind Ren Ai School as you make your way through a school maze full of scares and spokes!

[caption id="attachment_17037" align="alignnone" width="850"]jcube-edit JCube Scream Fest 3 – The School Maze[/caption]


Admission tickets are priced at $8. Good news for shopaholics out there, if you spend $50 at JCube or $20 at J.Avenue you get free entry into this scarefest!

Not for the faint of heart this school maze will make you hope you never step into a school again!

Best part? Each admission ticket to Scream Fest 3 lets you ice skate your heart out at The Rink for $7 (U.P $17.50)! So if you’re looking for a spot where you can shop, ice skate AND get scared, JCube is the perfect place to be!

Scream Fest 3 – The School Maze
JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, Level 3, Singapore 609731
When: 7 Oct – 6 Nov

Price: $8 per entry, FREE if you spend at least $50 at JCube or $20 at J.Avenue

Find out more at JCube’s Official Facebook Page

Find out more about The Rink at The Rink’s Official Facebook Page

For kids only

4. Spooky Boo! Halloween Fun Fair at Go-Go Bambini

Here’s a spooky Halloween party for the little ones!

Be entertained by spine-tingling magic shows and a Halloween-themed photo booth. Of course, there’s a wide array of creepy-looking nibbles and candies up for grabs.

[caption id="attachment_16913" align="aligncenter" width="2000"]Credit: Credit: 5. eXplorerkid Halloween Spooktacular Party

Drop your kids off for a spooktastic time at this exclusive eXplorerkid Halloween Spooktacular Party!

At this strictly all-kids only Halloween event, spooky highlights include pumpkin-making balloons and exciting Halloween games and activities, not forgetting some scarily delicious nibbles.

[caption id="attachment_16881" align="aligncenter" width="4752"]Credit: Credit:[/caption]

Let your kids show off their quirky and unique Halloween costumes with the Trick or Treat parade! Furthermore, the best-dressed costume stands to bag even more treats and goodies.

[caption id="attachment_16877" align="aligncenter" width="4032"]Credit: Credit:[/caption]

Do register your little “vamps” and “monsters” early to not miss this FANGtastic party!

eXplorerkid Halloween Spooktacular Party
Where: Downtown East / AMK Hub
When: 29 October 2016, Saturday
Time: 1pm to 5pm
Price: $30 (eXplorerkid Member) / $40 (public)
More information here

6. Safari Boo @ River Safari

Get up close and personal with glowing monsters, mythical mermaids, aliens and many other creatures at this not-so-spooky, merry-not-scary kids Halloween event: Safari Boo @ River Safari! 

[caption id="attachment_16920" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Credit: Credit:[/caption]

Walk along the Monster Boo trail to fight against the evil Professor V alongside a gang of fun-loving animal monsters!

Take up the trick or treat challenge that spans across the entire River Safari and keep a lookout for tricks amongst the treats at the monstrous scale of trick or treat.

[caption id="attachment_16921" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Credit: Credit:[/caption]

Safari Boo @ River Safari
Where: River Safari, Singapore Zoo, 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826
When: 21 – 23, 28 – 30 October 2016
Time: 6pm to 10pm. Last admission is at 9pm
Price: $8 for children, $18 for adults
More information here

7. Spooky Seas @ S.E.A. Aquarium

Aaargh mate!

Are you in for a swashbuckling time at the Spooky Seas of S.E.A. Aquarium this Halloween?

Let your little ones follow Captain Spooks as he guides them through the trick and treats trail! Be ready for some little challenges along the way though, that is, if you want to score some delicious candies.

[caption id="attachment_16923" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Credit: Credit: Credit: Die Die Must Party: 10 Halloween Parties That’ll Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You!

BAKE Cheese Tart Continues Singapore Invasion At Its Second Outlet In Westgate Mall!


Cheese. Us Singaporeans love it, give to us on fries, melted from a wheel and even in a tart! Cheese baked tarts have become a Singaporean favourite in the past few months with cheese tarts popping up in bakeries and cafes alike!

One cheese baked tart that has been become especially popular with Singaporeans is the BAKE Cheese Tart. Originating from Kinotoya, a long-established Western confectionery store in Sapporo, Hokkaido BAKE Cheese Tarts is known for its crumbly crust and its warm gooey cheese filling!

[caption id="attachment_16591" align="alignnone" width="768"]tart_1 BAKE Cheese Tarts[/caption]

Want to know why their tarts are so amazingly good? For one, their cheese tarts use 3 different types of cheeses! And to ensure that every cheese tart is of only the best quality, the cheese tarts are first made in Japan before they get dispatched to the various countries for a final bake!

BAKED Cheese Tart @ Westgate

[caption id="attachment_16592" align="alignnone" width="1024"]outlet BAKE Cheese Tart @ Westgate[/caption]

If you’re a huge BAKE Cheese Tart fan, we’ve got good news for you! BAKE Cheese Tart is opening their second outlet! Located at the basement floor of Westgate, the newest outlet opens today(17 Oct) and is set to see queues similar to the ones at ION Orchard. So if you’re looking to avoid the crowd, we recommend heading down between 10 and 11.30am (you can thank us later!)

So what are you waiting for?! Head on down to BAKE Cheese Tart and indulge in their amazing cheesy goodness!

BAKE Cheese Tart
Westgate #B2-04
3 Gateway Drive S608532
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

ION Orchard #B4-33
2 Orchard Turn S238801
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

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Hai Di Lao Tips: Essential Hacks That Will Save You Time, Money, And More!

Hai Di Lao? Yes, you heard it. When it comes to this legendary hotpot establishment, tales abound. By now, you must have amassed your own encyclopaedia of “black market” Hai Di Lao tips to take your Hai Di Lao experience to greater heights.

To add to your plethora of knowledge, we have gone undercover and infiltrated the depths of the Hai Di Lao world, right down to unearthing their new outlet in VivoCity!

Today, we are proud to present our findings – Hai Di Lao tips that are 100% legit and guaranteed to work.

Queue-killing hack

To beat the queue, arrive very early… anytime before 5pm is fine. Preferably, call before you head down. Otherwise, you’ll be faced with a horrendous queue that’ll shock the living daylights out of you.

Anytime from 10 pm is good, as the dinner crowd would be gone by then and Hai Di Lao is open till 6 am.

To ensure that your table is ready by 10pm, call in early to take a queue number and let them know that you’ll arrive at 9pm.

[caption id="attachment_16494" align="alignnone" width="1024"]hai-di-liao Credits: Hai Di Lao[/caption]

Each time you dine there, you will chalk up points, which can be used to redeem gifts at no extra charge.

Every $1 you spend entitles you to 1 point. The gifts change every 6 months, so snap up that Philips steam iron before it disappears!

#1 Soup hack – thick (浓) soup base

To get the most bang for your buck, be sure to request for thick (浓) soup base during refills. Otherwise, what you get will be a more diluted version of the original soup base.

They’ll hand you a bowl of thick (浓) soup, but don’t pour it all in at once! Instead, you can adjust how thick and savoury you want your soup to be.

#2 Soup hack – 4 soup bases

If you believe that variety is the spice of life, Hai Di Lao offers 4 soup bases at virtually the same price, or even cheaper, as compared to that of 1 or 2 soup bases.

The price of 4 soup bases also depends on your ultimate choice and combination of soup. Based on our experience, it was always cheaper or the same price as choosing 2 soup bases.

[caption id="attachment_16493" align="alignnone" width="1024"]
untitled-design-44 youngberghillCredit: youngberghill

If you come with wine or alcohol, Hai Di Lao will even open your bottle and serve it to you and your companions, free of charge!

Now, who’s up for a glass of spirits?

Mini pot hack

If you think germs and bacteria are creepy… or if your idea of fashion is a Hazmat suit, Hai Di Lao’s individual hot pots are perfect for you.

Credits: LAMagCredits: Credit: be the next Freddy Krueger try Hai Di Lao’s paper crane challenge.

[caption id="attachment_15563" align="aligncenter" width="1532"]Credits: wfenzz Credits: wfenzz[/caption]

For every 30 paper cranes you fold, Hai Di Lao will reward you with a free $6 dish of your choice.

Fret not if you do not know how to fold these cranes, the staff will teach you how!

Health hack

Fats? *shudders* Coagulated fats? *fear intensifies* 

Congratulations, you have just discovered the hidden horror… and we’ll let you know how to overcome it. Not with a crucifix, but with your trusty ol’ ladle!

The longer you boil your soup, the more concentrated it becomes. This causes the soup to become loaded with nitrates, fats and excess protein.

[caption id="attachment_16186" align="aligncenter" width="1824"]Credit: butter believer Credit: butter believer[/caption]

That white film floating on the surface of your soup isn’t the trail left by the Loch Ness monster.

It’s actually coagulated fats, nitrates and protein, which is no good for you. So, ladles up, and scoop away the white stuff!

Redeemable manicure hack

Who would pass up the opportunity of a free manicure? Not me!

The good news is, Hai Di Lao’s renowned manicure services are redeemable. Should the long queue prevent you from getting your manicure before dining, all is not lost.

[caption id="attachment_16496" align="alignnone" width="640"]
hai-di-lao-nail-art credit: cdn-geo dayre[/caption]

Should you wish to celebrate your grandma’s birthday there, the restaurant also offers a free platter of longevity buns to senior citizens on their special day.

This is in addition to the small gift that Hai Di Lao will present to the birthday guest, and the birthday songs that they will croon in 3 different languages.

[caption id="attachment_16185" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]credit: c3.staticflickr credit: c3.staticflickr[/caption]

Protect-your-phone hack

A cracked phone screen is the ultimate nightmare for every phone user. This is why Hai Di Lao offers free phone screen protectors to keep your phone screens shiny and spanking new.

[caption id="attachment_16198" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Credit: Credit: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #03-09, VivoCity, Singapore 098585
Telephone numbers: +65 6250 7557 (for reservations) +65 6250 7667 (for enquiries)
Opening hours: 10.30am – 6am

Price: varies depending on the dishes ordered
Official website:

Header image credit: where to get Hai Di Lao soup base!

Apple iPhone 7 Launch Has Descended Upon Us – Avoid These Places Until The Hype Dies Down

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you must have heard about the iPhone 7. Rumours of the newest Apple iPhone being headphone jack-less and a duel camera proved to be true when Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) introduced our newest obsession (we want it, we need it, we gotta have it!) at Apple’s inaugural September Keynote.

While you can get your pre-orders for Apple’s newest brainchild tomorrow (Sept 9) on the Apple website. If you would rather have the experience of seeing and touching the phone in person before dropping a mean thousand dollars, the phone is available in stores next Friday (Sept 16). While the new iPhone 7 is great news for any big tech fan out there for the rest of us it means seeing hordes of people queuing up at your local telcos.

We gathered a list of places to AVOID if you’re not keen on a) getting your hands on the iPhone 7  b) struggling to make your way through a very excited and impatient crowd.

1. Orchard Road

(Image credit: VIVO
(image credit: Jurong
(image credit: Causeway
(image credit: suntec-city
(image credit: MBS
(image credit: )

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6 Eats Around Singapore That Are Bound To Bring Your Tastebuds To Life!

Everyone knows that Singapore is a food paradise, it can get pretty difficult to choose when Singapore has such an extensive array of delicacies. We’re always sourcing for new places to get our food on so we asked some of our favourite brand ambassadors where were their favourite underrated places to eat, and they did not disappoint!

Here are a list of the most underrated places to get some food here in Singapore recommended by Discover SG’s brand ambassadors :

Novita Lam

Novita Lam

Boon Tong Kee

BTK1(Image credit: Novita is that she really wants to see polar bears in their natural habitat. This talented 22 year old NUS Business student designs on the side and she can speak 6 languages!

Novita loves .

Noreen Fong

Noreen Fong

Noreen is not stranger to the spotlight, she’s been in the performing arts since primary school! She’s dabbled in English AND Chinese theatre, Chinese opera, hip hop and ukulele! The 21 year old NUS student has a weakness for puppies (just like we do!), and she wants to one day visit London and Paris ( “the pastries, cheesy food and ice cream!!!”).

Ninja Bowl

Yasai Bowl(Image credit: as her favourite underrated place to fill her tummy! Noreen tells us that the rice bowls are really healthy yet still satisfy her hunger, her favourites? The ‘Yasai’ and ‘Noka’ rice bowls.

The ‘Yasai’ rice bowl is crafted from salmon poke, mixed sultanas, tomatoes and a poached egg. A simple, healthy and satisfying meal for one!

Noka Bowl (Image credit: 6222 8055
Contact: Mon – Fri: 9.30am – 9pm; Sat – Sun: 9am – 6pm

Kimberley Yong

Kim Yong

Last week we did a feature on Kimberley, talking about her life, fashion and her love for Starbucks. The 20 year old blogger and model loves capturing memories through the medium of photographs and blog entries. Her love for eyeliner (“it makes me feel sexy”) and her wish to one day visit Cambodia (“I really want to visit the country I was born in”) is just the tip of the iceberg!

Brownice Ice Cream

Brownice 2 (Image credit: Brownice Ice Cream)

Brownice (Image credit: Brownice Ice Cream)

It can be difficult to find eateries in Singapore which targets vegans, but Kimberley has got you covered! One of her favourite places to grab a slice is Brownice. Vegan friendly and delicious, Kimberley loves indulging in food especially when she doesn’t feel guilty after (“After all it’s vegan!”).  Brownice is primarily an ice cream place that serves up some milk-free ice cream, which is great news for our vegan and lactose intolerant friends!

Brownice Ice Cream
8 Sin Ming Road, #01-03 Sin Ming Centre, S575628
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm
Contact: 6456 6431

Flavour Flings

(Image credit: FF3(Image credit: Flavour Flings her top pick for something salty and filling! She tells us that Flavour Flings is her favourite place to grab a quick bite. On why she keeps coming back to this quiet eatery? “I tired my very first salted egg fried there and it tasted so good.” At Flavour Flings you can find some unique dishes that are served up doused in salted egg!

Flavour Flings
Blk 121 Hougang Avenue 1, #01-1348, S530121
Opening Hours: Mon: 11am – 4pm, 5.30pm – 9pm; Tues – Weds: Closed; Thu – Fri; 11am – 4pm, 5.30pm -9pm; Sat-Sun: 9am – 4pm, 5.30pm – 9pm
Contact: 6286 005

Here in Singapore we’re lucky to never run out of food options, we pretty much have it all. But it can be pretty difficult to choose a place to eat when we’re surround by so many makan places! Head on over to any of these places if you’re looking for something unique, underrated and delicious!

This article is part of our ongoing Brand Ambassador Series!

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5 Adult Playgrounds That Will Make You Feel Like A Child Again

Living in Singapore isn’t just about malls and shopping (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE malls and shopping), you can find some pretty exhilarating and unique things to do on our tiny island. We sourced out some of the best adult playgrounds you can find across Singapore!


Bounce 1(Imagre credit: 2. Laser Tag

Laser Tag 1(Image credit: allows you freedom to choose where you want to play! Bummer is you have to enquire and book in advance! If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional and controlled, opt for Flying Trapeze 1(Image credit: , this GO Kart1(Image credit: and Megazip2

(Image credit: Tripadvisor)

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LTA Secretly Launched A High Tech Bus Stop – This Is What It Looks Like!

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(Image credit: Xavier Lui)

Travelling with kids? The book shelves are going to keep your kids occupied. Filled with books for kids and adults, this book shelve is a much appreciated addition for any book lovers out there!

4. Useful Additions To The Bus Stop

4(Image credit: interactive4
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Singapore’s Late Night Eats Near MBS, Yishun And More For Pokemon Go Addicts!

Pokemon Go has taken Singapore by storm for weeks now, with throngs of Singaporeans gathering at parks, malls and even the streets of Orchard Road and Marine Bay Sands till the wee hours.

Because of this, we’ve decided to create a list of late night eats that are conveniently placed near Pokemon hotspots and places where you can catch the rarest Pokemon.

Don’t expect any fast food joints on this list, it’s all local food that is bound to fuel you up after a long night of Pokemon catching!

1. Night Safari

If you have decided to go to the Night Safari to enjoy both the real and virtual animals, you would probably have stayed long past the closing hours of the Night Safari eateries.

We found the closest eatery to this national attraction, and the good news is they’re open way past the Night Safari. The bad news? They’re a pretty long walk from the Night Safari.

Springleaf Prata (susanwong)
Image credit:SpringLeaf
Image credit: Spring Leaf 2
Image credit: ChompChomp
Image credit: RK Eating House
Image credit: RotiPrataHouse

Image credit: RPH

Image credit: Just Go La

For those staying in the North and Central Singapore, Upper Thomson is the best place to grab some grub. With quaint cafes serving up some really good coffee in the day and small restaurants offering really affordable and delicious food by night, it’s no surprise that it’s grown so popular.

A great place to get some cheap supper? If you’re a night owl who prowls the island for late supper you would have definitely heard of the Roti Prata House. They have a wide variety of pratas including durian and milo but if you’re a little more traditional stick to the firm favourites.

Distance: 5 mins by car, 23 mins if you’re walking

Address: 246M Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574370
Contact: 6459 5260
Opening Hours: 7am – 2am

Image credit: Chef Quak

Image credit: 353 8400
Opening Hours: 24 hours

4. Tampines West

Al azhar 2
Image credit: Al Azhar
Image credit: 6785 1265
Opening Hours: 24 hours

Saffron shop
Image credit:
Saffron briyani
Image credit: Foursquare

A stone’s throw from Al-Azhar is Saffron’s Cafeteria, if you’re starving and need something to fill your stomach this is the place to head to. A firm favourite among patrons is the Briyani, according our sources the servings are huge, enough to fill two adults and they’re really affordable, at an average price of $6 that is a steal! Best part? It’s 24 hours! So you know where to head to when those midnight Bryani cravings hit!

Address: Blk 201D Tampines Street 21, # 01-1163, S529393
Contact:6787 6010
Opening Hours: 24 hours

5. Chinese Garden

Image credit:
boonlay nasi lemak
Image credit: 6266 4466
Opening Hours: 6:30AM–3:30AM

curry puff 1
Image credit: 6345 5225
Opening Hours: 24 hours

6. Marina Bay Sands

Image credit: MBS2
Image credit: rare Pokemons, but with so many eateries either closing before 11 or way beyond our price range, Makansutra Gluttons By The Bay is one place you can definitely have you fill under a budget.

Makansutra Gluttons By The Bay is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat no matter the company, if you’re riding solo grab some Mee Goreng from The Old Satay Club or Soon Lee’s Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee. If you’re in a big group, do supper family style, share the famous Huat Huat BBQ Chicken Wings or the Alhambra Padang Satay.

Distance: 3 mins by car, 15 mins if you’re walking

Address: #01-15, 8 Raffles Ave, 039802
Contact: 6336 7025
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs, 5pm-2am; Fri-Sat, 5pm-3am; Sun, 4pm-1am

7. Lot One

Image credit:
Image credit: CCK3
Image credit: CCK4
Image credit: Pokemon Go Guide: How To Catch Pikachu & Where To Catch ‘Em All!