Burger King’s Signature Pie Now Comes In New ‘Teh Tarik’ Flavour At Just $1

burger king

As you’ve already noticed, many fast food chains and restaurants are coming up with a locally-inspired menu because National Day is just 2 weeks away.

With a sudden surge in Nasi Lemak and Durian menus across the island, we gladly welcome ANYTHING ELSE that isn’t any of the abovementioned flavours.

For National Day, good guy Burger King brought back their popular Rendang Tendergrill and Hainanese Tendergrill.


While there wasn’t much fanfare, it certainly kept their loyal subjects content.

But Wait, There’s More!

If you thought that was all that Burger King was offering for the nation’s birthday, think again.

They also unveiled some delicious-looking snacks and add-ons to go with your Tendergrill burgers.

[caption id="attachment_36054" align="aligncenter" width="800"]burger king Image Credit: Burger King[/caption]

Here at DiscoverSG, we LOVE our Teh, if you couldn’t already tell. So while this little menu item was missed by most people, it didn’t miss our Teh-spotting eyes.

Sneaky sneaky. But we see you, Teh Tarik Pie.

[caption id="attachment_36055" align="aligncenter" width="988"]burger king Image Credit: Twitter User Xavier Lur[/caption]

If you love your Teh, then you should give this a shot. For just $1, it’s available at all Burger King outlets islandwide.

However, you can’t seem to have it delivered at the moment, so maybe just order and have it in Burger King instead.

At the moment, there’s no date given as to when the Teh Tarik Pie will be discontinued. So go get it while stocks last!

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(Header Image Source: Twitter User Xavier Lur)

From Merlions To Durians, These Uniquely S’pore Ice Cream Creations Will Make You Melt

Though we live in the tropics, we never cease to complain about how bloody hot the weather is. Recently, temperatures have managed to hit a high of 35 Degrees Celsius and IT IS NOT OKAY.

In response to this ridiculous heat, I’ve taken at least 3 cold showers per day over the weekend, and consumed enough Magnum ice creams to develop lactose intolerance. Okay, I exaggerate but you get my point.

Speaking of ice cream, Esplanade recently saw the opening of a local artisanal ice cream shop.

[caption id="attachment_35230" align="aligncenter" width="752"]Leeu SG Image Credit: Esplanade[/caption]

Introducing, Leeu SG.

You Mean, We Can Eat The Merlion?

With a logo of a lion’s head that looks way better than LiHo’s, this local artisanal ice cream is making waves across the nation for their iconic Merlion ice pop, The Icy Merlion.

[caption id="attachment_35226" align="aligncenter" width="752"]Leeu SG Image Credit: Esplanade[/caption]

The Icy Merlion is Vanilla and Strawberry-flavoured, because red and white are our national colours.

[caption id="attachment_35229" align="aligncenter" width="667"]Leeu SG Image Credit: imgflip[/caption]

That’s not all, there’s also a durian ice cream, aptly named The “Esplanade” that’s made to look like a durian.

[caption id="attachment_35227" align="aligncenter" width="752"]Leeu SG Image Credit: Esplanade[/caption]

Other items on the menu include soda floats and soft serve ice creams.

Choose from 4 different soda floats, each with their own locally-inspired names.

The lychee-flavoured Sentosa Breeze, The Red Dot with peach soda, The Zouk-Out Cure with yuzu lemon ginger soda, and The Old Timer which is a pandan-infused milk beancurd float.

Their soft serves are made with Blue Majik. No it’s not a drug. Blue Majik is a new superfood that’s a derivative of sea algae spirulina.

Every soft serve is served (no pun intended) in a normal or charcoal Taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped waffle).

For the month of June, Leeu SG will be selling their local desserts at discounted prices. Get your Merlion Ice Pop at $3.80 (U.P $4.80) and the Esplanade Ice Cream at $8.80 (U.P $11.80).

And lastly, you will be able to buy a unicorn float for $1 with any purchase of a drink.

[caption id="attachment_35228" align="aligncenter" width="1080"]Leeu SG Image Credit: @leahyhlee[/caption]

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get myself a Merlion to munch on and get that adorable AF unicorn float. Peace.

Leeu SG
Address: The Esplanade Mall, #02-07, Singapore 039802
Opening Hours: Daily: 11am – 10pm
Contact no.: 9489 7433

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(Header Image Source: Leeu SG)

Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day Is Over, But You Can Still Get Free Ice Cream This Weekend

While we all enjoy Ben & Jerry’s or Cold Stone Creamery, sometimes we just want a simple ice cream sandwich from the humble ice cream uncle.

[caption id="attachment_34004" align="aligncenter" width="638"] Image Credit: Ice Cream Journal[/caption]

You remember him with his scooter, offering some of your favourite ice cream flavours such as Peppermint Chocolate Chip, Mango, and Raspberry Ripple, sandwiched between your choice of wafer or that magical rainbow bread that we all thought has its own flavour.

[caption id="attachment_34002" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Image Credit: Klook[/caption]

However, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer wafer or rainbow bread because we all love free ice cream. Free cone day might be over but don’t fret.

Free Ice Cream!?

Klook has partnered with F&N Creameries and will be offering FREE ice cream sandwiches on their booking platform for customers to redeem from selected ice cream uncles along Orchard Road from 20 to 22 April 2018, between 2pm and 6pm.

[caption id="attachment_34003" align="aligncenter" width="480"] GIF Credit: giphy[/caption]

This collaboration is an initiative to help our friendly ice cream uncles go digital and convert into cashless payment.

Here’s how the redemption works.

Firstly, download the Klook app.

Secondly, select an ice cream sandwich and add it to your cart on Klook.

Next, apply the promo code ‘HELLOUNCLE‘ and check out.

Lastly, take the voucher to your selected ice cream uncle to redeem your free ice cream sandwich!

In case you got lost somewhere, here’s a how-to video.

[video width="800" height="800" mp4="https://cdn.discoversg.com/wp-content/2018/04/IceCreamUncle-HowToGIF.mp4"][/video]

You will be able to choose your flavours during the redemption of the ice cream sandwich.

However, do note that the redemption is limited to 300 ice cream sandwiches per uncle, each day.

[caption id="attachment_34006" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Image Credit: Klook[/caption]

Because Orchard Road is a long stretch, here are the exact locations of each ice cream uncle.

Uncle Tan:
Address: Orchard Road
Direction: Take Exit D from Orchard MRT and proceed to the street level. Uncle Tan’s mobile ice cream cart has a yellow umbrella and located outside Ion Orchard.
Vehicle Number: FK179P
Opening Hours: Wed – Sun: 12pm – 7pm, Mon – Tue: Closed

Uncle Chan:
Address: Orchard Road
Direction: Take Exit E from Orchard MRT and proceed to the street level. Uncle Chan’s mobile ice cream cart has a yellow umbrella and located outside Wisma Atria.
Vehicle Number: FK6689U
Opening Hours: Mon – Tue, Thu – Sun: 2pm – 9pm, Wed: Closed

Uncle Ang:
Address: Orchard Road
Direction: Take Exit B from Somerset MRT and proceed to the street level. Uncle Ang’s mobile ice cream cart has a yellow umbrella and located near Mandarin Oriental/Mandarin Gallery.
Vehicle Number: FBB6562X or AN6715X
Opening Hours: Fri – Sun: 11am – 6pm, Mon – Thu: Closed

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for a FREE ice cream sandwich treat!

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Here’s How You Can Win 6 Months Of Free Froyo And Even A Trip To Europe

Froyo fans better brace yourselves because Yolé is looking for frozen yogurt fanatics to be their #YoléTaster.

Yes, 25 lucky froyo fanatics will get the exclusive chance to be a #YoléTaster.


For a period of 6 months, each #YoléTaster will get to enjoy a complimentary daily serving of yogurt at any of Yolé’s 29 outlets islandwide.

[caption id="attachment_33789" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Image Credit: Yolé Singapore Facebook[/caption]

That’s a lot of yogurt and a lot of probiotics.

That’s not all, #YoléTasters will also get to try any new limited edition Yolé frozen dessert each month, delivered right to their doorstep.

If you’re interested, you can apply Yolé’s Facebook page for updates!

So, how deep is your love for yogurt?

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(Header Image Source: Yolé Singapore Facebook)

This Halal Cafe Puts A Sweet Spin On Murtabak – Serves Flavours Such As Kit Kat And Red Velvet

My fondest memory of travelling to Indonesia will always be the street food. The murtabak manis in particular has always been my go-to dessert after a long day of activities.

If you’re not too familiar with murtabak manis, it’s the Indonesian version of a ‘pancake’ that’s usually thick and sinful due to the excessive amount of butter and toppings such as sweet condensed milk, chocolate sprinkles, grated cheese, ground peanuts.

Terang Bulan is a muslim-owned eatery that offers murtabak manis with several unique flavours – there’s bound to be something for everyone here.

Sugar Overload

Terang Bulan offers 30 over flavours for you to choose from, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. The Pizza Terbul (from $9) comes with 4 flavours of your choice.

Some of their popular flavours would be the Kit Kat, Choju (chocolate and cheese) and Juna (banana and cheese).

[caption id="attachment_33695" align="aligncenter" width="1106"] Image Credit: @duashutter[/caption]

Freshly made upon order, you can expect hot pancakes, packed with your favourite toppings and drizzled with condensed milk. So bad for your health but so good for your soul.

In case you’re not up for sharing and you just want an entire terbul to yourself, they offer Mini Terbul (from $3.50/pc) as well.

[caption id="attachment_33696" align="aligncenter" width="2084"] Image Credit: @duashutter[/caption]

Aside from their usual murtabak manis base, they have a red velvet edition as well. Just imagine sinking your teeth in red velvet murtabak manis topped with velvety cream cheese and oreo crumbs.

The owner, Ms Adhita, who migrated from Indonesia to Singapore at 14 years old, personally went back to her hometown, Surabaya to learn how to make murtabak manis.

So you know this murtabak manis at Terang Bulan is as close to authentic as you can get.

[caption id="attachment_33700" align="aligncenter" width="2080"] Image Credit: @duashutter[/caption]

If you don’t have the time to head all the way to their stall, they do delivery as well. So you can get murtabak manis at the comfort of your own home.

Do give this murtabak manis a try if you’re ever in the East side. It’s definitely worth the calories.

Terang Bulan
Address: 430 Upper Changi Road, #01-04, East Village Mall, Singapore 487048
Opening Hours: Tue – Sun: 12pm – 8pm
Contact No.: 9230 9514
Price: $3.50 – $15

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(Header Image Source: @duashutter)

Ditch The Macs Queue For Chocolate Pie And Go For Legit Ones At Windowsill Pies

Singaporeans appear to have a sweet tooth. Or sweet teeth, in this case. The point is, with so many dessert franchises available in Singapore, we have so many options to choose from should a craving hit us at any time.

However, one particular type of dessert that doesn’t get enough love from us (in our opinion) is Pie. The dessert is traditionally more popular in Western culture but it offers so much versatility in the filling that goes into it.

Enter Windowsill Pies. These lovely pie-makers are making pie “hip” again with their interesting flavour combinations, using classic pie flavours as the base.

Pie, Anyone?

Windowsill Pies has 2 branches, though they recently closed the Suntec City branch and moved to Haji Lane.

[caption id="attachment_33391" align="aligncenter" width="982"] Image Credit: Image Credit: @windowsillpies[/caption] [caption id="attachment_33393" align="aligncenter" width="570"] Image Credit: Burpple User Nicholas Tan[/caption]

Since you’re already here, why stop at 1 slice? Go for the incredibly photogenic Strawberry Lemon Pie ($7.50 per slice) next.

This pie is perfect for those who love their Lemon Meringue Pie. Made with tangy and refreshing lemon curd, pockets of strawberry jam and sweet meringue, this Strawberry Lemon Pie is surprisingly easy on the palate, without being too jelak.

[caption id="attachment_33394" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit: Windowsill Pies Facebook[/caption] [caption id="attachment_33395" align="aligncenter" width="570"] Image Credit: Burpple User Julius Lim[/caption]

There are 3 flavours that contain alcohol. The Banana Cognac Pie ($7 per slice), Rum And Apple Pie ($7.50 per slice), and the Coconut Lime Vodka Pie ($8 per slice).

The Banana Cognac Pie is inspired by the classic Banoffee Pie, made with banana parfait, almond brittle, and cognac cream. No coffee here.

[caption id="attachment_33398" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Image Credit: Windowsill Pies Facebook[/caption]

No prizes for guessing what the Rum And Apple Pie is based on. A Christmas special that ended up being a permanent menu item, this Apple pie is made with poached apples, rum-soaked raisins and baked almond custard.

[caption id="attachment_33399" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: Windowsill Pies Facebook[/caption]

And finally, the tropical Coconut Lime Vodka. Lime curd, cubes of vodka jelly (OMG????) and coconut cream makes this pie. The only thing that’s missing is pineapple, else it’ll be a Pina Colada Pie.

[caption id="attachment_33397" align="aligncenter" width="590"] Image Credit: OpenTable[/caption]

If these don’t make you want to eat pie, feel free to live a pie-less existence, in gloom and misery. We’ll be here eating our pies, living life with clear skin and full 8 hours of rest.

Just kidding, we just really love pies okay?

Windowsill Pies
Address: 17 Haji Lane, Singapore, 189210
Opening Hours: Sun – Thu: 11am – 8pm, Fri – Sat: 11am – 10pm
Contact no.: 9004 7827
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(Header Image Source: Windowsill Pies Facebook)

Not Just Chocolate Pie – McDonald’s Introduces 4 New Thai Milk Tea Desserts

A few days ago, we were blindsided by the sudden news of the arrival of the Rich Chocolate Pie, Fish And Fries, and the Sweet Chilli Fish Burger.

Today, 4 new desserts show up in McDonald’s dessert kiosks islandwide.

First up is the Thai Milk Tea Hot Fudge Sundae.

[caption id="attachment_33364" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Image Credit: McDonald’s Singapore[/caption]

There’s also the Thai Milk Tea Cone, Thai Milk Tea Twist Cone, and the Thai Milk Tea ChocoCone.

[caption id="attachment_33365" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Image Credit: McDonald’s Singapore[/caption]

At the moment, these 4 new items are not available on the McDelivery portal. However, you can still get yours at any McDonald’s Singapore dessert kiosk.

Locate your nearest dessert kiosk here.

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(Header Image Source: McDonald’s Singapore)

These Unassuming Brown Boxes Contain A Different Curated Dessert Experience Every Month

Rose tea, gold leaf soft serve ice cream, rainbow prata… it seems every other week, some new type of food emerges onto Singapore’s food scene.

With the incredible variety of eats for us to choose from, it can all be a little overwhelming, even for the biggest foodies among us.

If you’re fan of food, but not so much the clutter that’s on our plates these days, Pare is here to help.

A Box Of Goodness Every Month

Pare was born out of its founders’ philosophy of trimming away the excess in the food scene today. A monthly themed dessert box, each month presents a different theme, and with it, a different kind of bake.

That means you can expect anything from cookies to macarons, to apple pies, depending on what kinds of produce are in season, and the story its creators – Felicia and Geraldine – wish to tell.

Last month, the box was themed around the duo’s childhood dreams of a fruit tart, inspired by the Enid Blyton books they read as children.

[caption id="attachment_30801" align="alignnone" width="1417"] Image Credit: Pare[/caption]

This month, it was a tea set that was all about the scone.

The box contained 3 scones and 3 accompaniments including jams and creams! This was inspired by the hours they would spend in cafes during their travels, slowing down, reflecting on life over a pot of tea. To complete the experience, it even came with a custom-blend floral black tea!

[caption id="attachment_30799" align="alignnone" width="3733"] Image Credit: Pare[/caption]

The scones came in 3 different flavours: Classic cream, lemon basil, and rosemary grana padano. These were paired with wild berry compote, honeyed cream, and roasted garlic cream cheese.

[caption id="attachment_30800" align="alignnone" width="5184"] Image Credit: Pare[/caption]

With each release, Pare hopes to share with the world a bit of magic, drawing from the stories of their childhood to the fleeting moments of everyday.

Next month, they will be presenting an entirely different concept.

Fastest Fingers First

Because the baking duo believe in serving only good things and pay great attention to detail, all their bakes are small batch only – specifically, they produce 10-15 boxes each month for a very lucky group of 10-15 people who manage to put in their orders first.

You order a box, pick it up, and enjoy it wherever and however you want!

[caption id="attachment_30803" align="alignnone" width="1508"] Image Credit: Pare[/caption]

The bakes come packaged in a recyclable brown carrier box – rustic, minimal, and oh-so-Instragrammable!

Have it in your office on a gloomy day, put on some good tunes and enjoy your bakes in the comfort of your own room, or gift it to a friend!

[caption id="attachment_30824" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Image Credit: @pare.sg[/caption]

Unfortunately, Pare rarely revisits and re-features an old box, but they’re not opposed to the idea if there is strong demand for a certain one. Look out for the surprise releases they hold occasionally, where they sell some of their baked items in very limited quantities. Whatever it is, the rule is always fastest fingers first.

To make sure you don’t miss out on Pare’s bakes, be sure to follow them on Instagram. The pair tease new releases on their stylish Instagram feed, and once these hints are out, it won’t be long before you can start putting in your order!

Prices differ from box to box, depending on the bakes and experience you’ll be receiving.

Love baked goods that taste and look amazing? Keep an eye out for Pare because they’ll be rolling out some amazing bakes in the coming months!

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If You Like Blackball, This Dessert Shop Will Have You Questioning Your Loyalties

If you’ve been to Taiwan, you’ll know that one of the snacks the country is well-known for is its Jiu Fen Taro Balls.

Sold along the streets of bustling Jiu Fen, these coloured balls are chewy and are served alongside other ingredients such as sweet potato and green tea balls, in red bean, green bean or sweet potato soup.

A party of flavours and textures, if you’re a fan of these dessert bowls and are a strong believer that ‘the more the toppings, the better‘, you’ll love Nine Fresh‘s local spin on the Taiwanese classic.

[caption id="attachment_30985" align="alignnone" width="3975"] Image Credit: Chee Kuen[/caption]

Nine Fresh

If this is the first time you’re hearing of Nine Fresh, you’re missing out!

Nine Fresh is a dessert stop that has been serving up quality cups of the delicious dessert for almost 5 years now.

That is, cups of grass jelly, beancurd, or ai-yu jelly (or a mixture of the three) heaped with beans (red bean, green bean, pinto bean, eight treasure bean), balls (mini taro ball, taro ball, durian ball), flavoured pearl jelly (aloe vera, mango, lychee, passionfruit), black pearls, and many more toppings.

At Nine Fresh, they’re all about keeping traditions fresh, and recently, they’ve done exactly that by rolling out 2 new series of desserts.

Nine Fresh Goes Local

The first is its Local Flavours series, which consist of dessert creations inspired by some of our favourite local desserts, including Chendol and Cheng Teng.

[caption id="attachment_30980" align="alignnone" width="2787"] L-R: The Cheng Teng Cup, Durian Yin-Yang, The Chendol Cup (Image Credit: Chee Kuen)[/caption]

The Chendol Cup ($3.80) has a grass jelly base and is topped with green chendol jelly, attap seeds, red bean, and taro balls.

With (almost) all the ingredients you’d typically find in a chendol dessert, this is a far less sweet variant of the coconut milk-heavy dessert.

The Cheng Teng Cup ($3.80) also has all the good stuff you’d find in the traditional dessert: pong tai hai, lotus nut, barley, and sago. These are served over a wobbly ai-yu jelly base. And of course, you can’t forget the taro balls!

[caption id="attachment_30984" align="alignnone" width="3024"] Image Credit: Chee Kuen[/caption]

As durian lovers, our favourite is the Durian Yin-Yang, a half beancurd, half grass jelly base that’s topped with black sugar jelly dice, taro balls, and a generous scoop of rich durian puree – yes, actual durian flesh. The flavourful and creamy durian, combined with the array of chewy and QQ ingredients in the cup make it a winner – and all for just $3.90.

Singapore’s Favourites, According To Data

Another exciting addition to Nine Fresh’s offerings is the Fanspiration Series, a bunch of cups and flavours that are essentially customer-generated.

The best-selling flavour and ingredient combinations based on Nine Fresh’s data, gathered from its create-your-own-cup promo this year, you can’t go wrong with these flavours that are beloved by many, many Singaporeans.

[caption id="attachment_30981" align="alignnone" width="3024"] The Yin-Yang Cup (Image Credit: Chee Kuen)[/caption]

Some of these items in this series include the all-black The Black Cup ($2.90), the all-white The White Cup ($2.60), and The Yin-Yang Cup ($2.90), which is half black and half white – at least when it comes to the base.

[caption id="attachment_30982" align="alignnone" width="4032"] Aww In One Cup (Image Credit: Chee Kuen)[/caption]

If you simply can’t decide between the bases (or love them all equally), the Aww In One Cup cup contains all three of them.

This cup comes piled with black pearls, taro balls, and mini taro balls on top. If you’re a first timer to Nine Fresh, we suggest you go for this so you can sample a little bit of everything and figure out which you prefer!

From there on, you can customise your own cup and create your own perfect combination of ingredients.

With so many decadent desserts out there, from rich chocolate treats to lava toasts, Nine Fresh is – literally – a refreshing change from the lot.

Priced very affordable from $2 to $3.90 for one of their pre-set cups, Nine Fresh’s desserts are a lighter option with so much to offer in the way of taste and flavour!

The next time you’re craving a refreshing dessert, make sure to pop by one of Nine Fresh’s 16 outlets – you won’t be disappointed!

Nine Fresh
Address: Find your nearest Nine Fresh Also read This Thai Bakery Is Baking Up A Storm Of Fluffy Loaves – And You Knead To Try It 

Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Finally Arriving In Singapore, So We Can All Become Basic AF

If you spend more hours than you care to admit online, watching YouTube videos of beauty and style gurus, you’ll probably have noticed that one thing always happens once fall rolls around – everyone starts talking about Pumpkin Spice Lattes.


A drink that makes a regular appearance on the Starbucks menu around this time of the year in various parts of world, the drink has never been released in Singapore – that is, until now.

Yesterday, Starbucks teased its arrival with this Facebook post:

With a caption reading “One week before I finally land in Singapore. The name’s _um_kin S_ice L_tt_.“, it’s basically a dead giveaway.

A blend of Starbuck’s signature espresso and milk, with flavor notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, the drink comes toppped with whipped cream and real pumpkin pie slices.

If the hashtag on the post is any indication, the Pumpkin Spice Latte will be dropping on 6 September. We don’t know about you, but we’re excited to finally find out what it is about these drinks that has everyone raving about them!

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(Header Image Source: NBC News)