Work Out At Singapore’s First 24-Hr Container Gym For Only $7/Hr

My 2018 New Year’s Resolution was to get fit and stay in shape.

I told myself,

“Alright, time to get a gym membership, get new workout clothes, a yoga mat and start fresh!”

This resolution of mine only stuck for a month because 1. gym memberships are CRAZY expensive and 2. all those hulk-like bodybuilders can be pretty intimidating.

Besides, all they do is grunt and hog the equipments 90% of the time.

Just recently, I was introduced to a 24 hour container gym that is automated and only charges you based on the hours you book your pod for. Talk about a dream come true.

Time To Get Fit Fam

The Gym Pod is Singapore’s first 24 hours automated container smart gym. It is designed such that you can enjoy an undisturbed and private workout at anytime of your choosing.

[caption id="attachment_36024" align="aligncenter" width="1080"]singapore gym Image Credit: The Gym Pod Facebook[/caption]

Thanks to The Gym Pod, you can now have your very own private gym containers to exercise in. This is a complete dream come true for those who can’t deal with the crowd! No more competing for gym equipments with other gym goers and crazy gym memberships.

The Gym Pod doesn’t come with a buffet-spread worth of gym equipments but you can definitely get the basics such as a treadmill, dumbbells ranging from 1kg to 20kg, an adjustable bench as well as a guided weight-plate-loaded bar, also known as a Smith Machine.

[caption id="attachment_36025" align="aligncenter" width="1080"]singapore gym Image Credit: The Gym Pod Facebook[/caption]

Their equipments may not be as fancy as compared to a typical gym, but they’re sufficient to provide you with enough challenging exercises to build your body in a safe way.

But the best part of this container gym is definitely the fact that they only charge you $7/hour. They don’t run on memberships so you no longer have to stress out about that gym membership you’re paying for every month.

First-timers get to enjoy a free hour of workout as well!

[caption id="attachment_36027" align="aligncenter" width="1080"]singapore gym Image Credit: The Gym Pod Facebook[/caption]

Users are not allowed to stay in the gym for hours in one session which means you get guaranteed access to space and gym equipments at your booked timings. You get your own private space to workout and not be affected by crowds as the gym container only fits a max of 3 people at each time.

Open all day, every day, feel free to gym away past midnight if that’s what you like. Don’t worry, the gym is fully automated and monitored 24/7 for your safety.

The process is entirely fuss-free. After your successful booking, a SMS with a 4 digit passcode of The Gym Pod’s door at the location of your choosing will be sent to you.

At the time of your booking, simply go to The Gym Pod, key in the 4 digit passcode, and you can enter and start your workout!

[caption id="attachment_36026" align="aligncenter" width="1080"]singapore gym Image Credit: The Gym Pod Facebook[/caption]

While there’s only 1 pod at located at the JTC Launchpad (next to Timbre+) for now, the lovely people being The Gym Pod are working with authorities now to place more Gym Pods at convenient locations.

Or, you can drop them an email of your suggested location and who knows, you might just see a Gym Pod near your place.

Gymming in Singapore just got a whole lot easier and a lot less intimidating. So, who’s up for a good workout session?

The Gym Pod
Address: JTC Launchpad @ one-north, 73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139957
Opening Hours: 24 hours, daily
Price: $7/hour

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(Header Image Source: The Gym Pod Facebook)

DBS Marina Regatta Combines Fitness, Food And Craft Into One Big Party At The Bay

For those of you who religiously watch Ninja Warrior and Wipeout and think you can conquer the courses with ease, then we’ve got news for you.

The DBS Marina Regatta is back once again for its 7th edition in celebration of DBS’ 50th anniversary, with 2 weekends of fun and challenges for adrenaline junkies and urban athletes.

The DBS Marina Regatta will be held at The [email protected] Bay on 26 – 27 May and 2 – 3 June 2018.

For The Fitness Buffs

Southeast Asia’s largest land and water obstacle course, the daunting Battle Bay Extreme returns again this year, with 3 levels of difficulty.

[caption id="attachment_34745" align="aligncenter" width="908"] Image Credit: DBS[/caption] [caption id="attachment_34742" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Image Credit: DBS[/caption] [caption id="attachment_34741" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit: DBS[/caption]

Choose from the Beginner (Initiate), Intermediate (Intense) and Advanced (Insane) levels and test your endurance, strength and speed. Here’s a peek at what the courses will be like.

Of course, you’re not expected to just “be ready” for such an intense challenge. So DBS has prepared a series of complimentary fitness and wellness activities around the bay starting from 17 April 2018.

Prices for Battle Bay Extreme start at $8 – $10 for Initiate and $28 for Intense and Insane.

You can register for the complimentary, pre-Regatta fitness classes and the Battle Bay Extreme here.

That’s not all, for an early-bird fee of $38, you’ll be able to try your hands at the six-foot wall, inverted ladders, rope climbs, quintuple steps and more!

All registered participants will receive a goodie bag with exclusive DBS Marina Regatta products and TripleFit discount passes!

[caption id="attachment_27929" align="aligncenter" width="1920"] Image Credit: Image Credit: DBS[/caption]

The Creator’s Market will feature the Mahota Grocers Market selling healthy snacks and drinks, an open area for wellness activities, and even a communal social kitchen.

There’s something for everyone in the family. Parents can choose to make your own superfood snacks such as granola bars and acai bowls while the kids can get creative in the hands-on upcycling, craft and wellness workshops available.

[caption id="attachment_34744" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit: DBS[/caption]

All workshops and classes are ticketed which means you’ll need to register and pay for them. Don’t worry though, all are priced below $20.

You can view the list of workshops available here and register for them on-site or online if you’re applying for the Mahota classes.

For The Sports Fans

Now for the main event of the DBS Marina Regatta – the dragon boating competition.

[caption id="attachment_34746" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Image Credit: DBS By The Bay[/caption]

Organised in partnership with the Singapore Dragon Boat Association, this is the 7th edition of the international dragon boating competition which sees over 80 teams from all over Asia compete for the cash prize of $147,000 – the largest prize amount for dragon boating in Asia.

That’s not all, this year’s competition will feature youths-at-risk and youths with special needs taking part in the Community Race category.

If you’re a fan of dragon boating, then this is a sporting event featuring the best teams in the region that you don’t want to miss!

For The Foodies

Singapore’s largest pop-up creative market, Artbox, is back bigger and better than before!

Taking over 140,000 square feet of space at the Bayfront Event Space, this year’s Artbox will feature over 400 regional retailers, a larger selection of food and beverage, creative art installations, and even a hammock and foam pit zone!

If this is your first time heading to Artbox, here’s a glimpse of what went done last year.

Artbox Singapore 2018
Bayfront Event Space
Date: 25 – 27 May 2018, 1 – 3 Jun 2018
Opening Hours: 3pm – 11pm
Why Book A Hotel Room When You Can Party On A Yacht For The Same Price?

(Header Image Source: DBS)

Bored Of Leg Day In The Gym? Train And Enjoy Singapore’s Scenery At OCBC Cycle 2018

With more executives paying closer attention to their health and physical wellness, exercise has become a part of everyone’s weekly routine.

However, exercising regularly does not remove the dread we feel when we have to tackle cardio workouts. Fortunately, there’re many ways for you to do cardio.

Enter, Cycling! It lets you clock in your cardio hours, train your legs, and travel around! Who doesn’t love the feeling of the wind in their hair?

No one does cycling better than OCBC Cycle and this year, the annual cycling extravaganza is happening in May!

[caption id="attachment_33905" align="aligncenter" width="1428"] Image Credit: OCBC Cycle Facebook[/caption]

A Casual Cycling Affair

While the OCBC Cycle might sound like a competitive cycling event, it is not! You can choose to take it easy and go for the non-competitive rides.

While The Straits Times Ride (23km) has been sold out, there’s still The Sportive Ride (42km).

[caption id="attachment_33906" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Image Credit: OCBC Cycle Facebook[/caption]

Roads and sections of the expressway are closed off for cyclists participating in both rides, offering scenic sights of Singapore’s city skyline – great way to get their Instagram-worthy selfies done!

[caption id="attachment_33911" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Image Credit: OCBC Cycle Facebook[/caption] [caption id="attachment_33901" align="aligncenter" width="5079"] The Sportive Ride and The Straits Times Ride[/caption]

Family Fun For Everyone

Cycling makes for a great family activity. Loop the kids into the fun and participate in the Mighty Savers® Kids and Family Ride!

[caption id="attachment_33902" align="aligncenter" width="1500"] Mighty Savers Kids Ride and Family Ride[/caption]

Themed ‘Bubbly Fun’, the route comprises zones that will be filled with curtains of endless bubbles!

Children as young as 2 years old can participate in the 100m course, while the older kids get to spend 20 – 30 minutes on the circuit.

For children between 2 – 5 years old who are participating in the 100m course, one parent will be allowed to walk alongside them for supervision.

[caption id="attachment_33907" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Image Credit: OCBC Cycle Facebook[/caption]

Don’t forget your cameras for that Kodak moment!

A Team-Bonding Event

The OCBC Cycle also makes for a great team-bonding activity for your company.

Gather your colleagues and join as a team of 4 and compete against other corporate teams in the OCBC Cycle Corporate Chase spanning 42km!

[caption id="attachment_33908" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Image Credit: OCBC Cycle Facebook[/caption] [caption id="attachment_33903" align="aligncenter" width="1500"] OCBC Cycle Speedway Championships[/caption]

There will be a total of 30 corporate teams and each company will be able to send 2 teams of 4.

[caption id="attachment_33912" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit: OCBC Cycle Facebook[/caption]

The winning team will be crowned the OCBC Cycle Corporate Chase Champion, complete with a trophy, a champion’s jersey for each rider as well as $400 prize money!

1st and 2nd runner up teams will receive $300 and $200 prize money respectively.

In the mood for a chillax ride with your colleague? Go for The Corporate Bike Ride or The Business Times Cycle of Hope – No race, no stress, no problem!

Discounts Galore And More Goodies

Signing up for OCBC Cycle this year will also entitle you to many discounts such as the Loyal Cyclists discount, discount on The Straits Times Run, as well as a further 10% discount when you pay using your OCBC Credit card.

That’s not all, your event pack will include an OCBC Cycle Shoe bag, a 2018 Mobike pass, a NETS FlashPay card with $2 stored value, vouchers from Robinsons, Timbuk2, and Polar, Personal Accident Insurance, your respective cycling jersey, as well as the 2nd piece of the unique 3-piece OCBC Cycle Finisher medal.

[caption id="attachment_33909" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Image Credit: OCBC Cycle Facebook[/caption]


You don’t even need to own a bike to participate!

[caption id="attachment_33910" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Image Credit: OCBC Cycle Facebook[/caption]

That’s right, Mobike has partnered up with OCBC Cycle so that participants are able to reserve and use a Mobike for the event!

While bike rentals have been available all along, participants had to pay for their rentals. This year, it’s completely free of charge!

However, do note that there are only 2,000 Mobikes up for rental, so sign up early and reserve your bike!

If you’re looking to unwind, OCBC Cycle 2018 is the best place for you to cycle on open roads and take your mind off work.

So gather your friends and family members and sign up for the OCBC Cycle 2018 here!

OCBC Cycle 2018
Singapore Sports Hub
Date: 5 – 6 May 2018

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(Header Image Source: OCBC Cycle Facebook)

8 Fun Fitness Classes For Ladies Who Cannot Cardio For Their Life

If going for a run or hitting the gym isn’t your cup of tea, welcome to the club. We can all admit that we’d rather stuff our faces with Doritos while watching reruns of Friends.

If you’re having trouble keeping to your New Year’s resolution of leading a healthier lifestyle, here’s a list of fun fitness classes for you ladies who might be intimidated to workout in a gym full of alpha males.

Grab your girlfriends and sign up for these classes. Who knows you might just find working out fun again!

Goodbye Gyms, Hello….

1. CruCycle

Raise your hands if spin bikes are your go-to equipments at the gym. This spin class takes your regular cycling to a whole new level!

[caption id="attachment_33325" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit: CruCycle Facebook[/caption]

This boutique indoor cycling studio located on Duxton Road, offers a series of high energy, full-body workouts held in a dark candle-lit room.

If you’re someone who loves to blast your music while working out, CruCycle is perfect for you as it fuses cool music, working out and energetic vibes all around!

CruCycle provides a range of classes with different levels. So if you’re new to spin, don’t worry they have classes suited just for you.

Address: 68 Duxton Road, Singapore 089527
Price: $50 (For first timers, 2 classes), $215 (5 classes, 1 month validity)
Contact No.: 
6509 8880
Image Credit: Juggernaut Studio Facebook[/caption]

Learning from a male instructor for the very first time may be intimidating however at Juggernaut Studio, be prepared to be trained by Singapore’s First Female Professional Boxing Champion, Nurshahidah Roslie.

Kickboxing is known to be one of the most effective and efficient workout to keeping fit.

If you ever wanted to learn combat-sports without the fear of getting hit or to just simply get out of your comfort zone, Juggernaut Studio is the best place for first time rookies!

Juggernaut Studio
Address: 57 Boat Quay, Singapore 049846
Price: $180 (1 month), $510 (3 months)
Contact No.: 6920 7515

3. Clubbercise

Have you ever wondered why clubbing isn’t considered a form of exercise yet? Dancing the night away in your six inch heels should really be considered an Olympic Sport.

Dance fitness Clubbercise has come up with a dance routine called Pulse. Done with lights out, you get to hold a glow stick in each hand as you dance to electrifying club music for 45 minutes.

[caption id="attachment_33329" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit: Virgin Active Singapore Facebook[/caption]

An instructor will guide you through the moves but feel free to improvise if you’re really feeling the beat.

If you’re an awkward person and you have two left feet, don’t worry. The room is dark. Barely anyone will notice your dorky dance moves!

Clubbercise By Virgin Active Tanjong Pagar
Address: Tanjong Pagar Centre, 7 Wallich Street, #06-01, Singapore 078884
Contact No.: 6908 8920

Clubbercise By Virgin Active Raffles Place
Address: Tower 2, One Raffles Place, Level 6, Singapore 048616
Contact No.: 6908 7878

4. Aerial Hoop

For those who are not afraid to fly, this may just be the perfect workout for you.

Aerial Hoop is considered an art form that requires strength, flexibility, balance, control and grace to master.

[caption id="attachment_33327" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: Aerial and Floor Facebook[/caption]

Aerial and Floor provides classes that will increase your muscle strength, tone your body especially the core. So if you’re looking at toning your body and gaining muscle strength, this is the class for you.

Also if you plan on joining the circus some day, you can learn how to perform aerial acrobatics while being suspended from a hoop mid air!

Aerial And Floor
Address: 7B Trengganu Street, Singapore 058461
Price: $38 (1 class, 1 week validity), $240 (8 classes, 2 month validity)
Contact No.: 9677 7948
Image Credit: WeBarre Facebook[/caption]

If you’re new to the barre scene, you can try out their Fundamentals class which offers you a taste of Barre in an intimate setting and a slower pace, while hardcore workout junkies can opt for the Webarre HIIT class which pushes limits and burns calories.

Get ready to tuck, lift and plié your way through this class.

WeBarre Tanjong Pagar
Address: 86B Tanjong Pagar Rd, Level 2, Singapore 088507
Price: $40 (1 class, 2 weeks validity), $355 (10 classes, 4 months validity)
Contact Number: 6221 5539

WeBarre Telok Ayer
Address: 5A Stanley Street, Level 2, Singapore 068724
Contact Number: 6221 9256

WeBarre Clarke Quay
Address: 39C North Canal, Level 4, Singapore 059295
Contact Number: 6535 0104

6. Aqua Cycling

Get wet, tone up and get fit!

Aqua Cycling is a water-based fitness craze which has you spinning on a stationary bike submerged in water.

[caption id="attachment_33331" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit: Aquaspin Facebook[/caption]

This form of exercise is highly effective at burning 3 times more calories than regular land based exercises. Time to combat those cellulite!

Aqua cycling classes organised by Aquaspin, is designed to give you a full body workout and helps strengthen your core, back and upper body all at the same time.

All you pregnant ladies out there, if you’re looking to keep fit throughout your pregnancy, this aqua cycling classes are perfect for you!

Due to the buoyancy of the water, less strain is put on your back, hips and other parts of your body.

Best part, being in a pool means you won’t be a hot sweaty mess after an intense cycling workout.

Aquaspin YWCA
Address: 6 Fort Canning Rd
Price: $50 (1 session), $180 (4 sessions)
Aquaspin Shangri-La

Address: 22 Orange Grove Rd, Singapore 258350 
7. Pole Dance

Think pole dancing is easy? Well, think again.

Pole dancing is an exciting way to get fit. SLAP (Singapore Lap And Pole) Dance Studio offers classes that delivers a great cardiovascular workout, strength training, fun dance routines and acrobatics.

[caption id="attachment_33332" align="aligncenter" width="1134"]
Image Credit: SLAP Dance Studio Facebook[/caption]

It’s a perfect way to break out of your comfort zone and try out something new for the year. For just $15, treat yourself and a girlfriend to an hour workout class filled with a bit of striptease, lap and pole dance!

Professionally trained instructors at SLAP conducts classes suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced pole and exotic dancers. So don’t worry if you have no prior experience.

SLAP Dance Studio
Address: Robinson Square, 144 Robinson Road, #17-02 (reception), #10-01, #11-02, Singapore 068908
Price: $100 (10 sessions)
Contact No.: 6636 4622
Image Credit: Boogie Bounce Xtreme Singapore Facebook[/caption]

All you need to do: Step on a mini trampoline and jump your way through exercises choreographed to chart-topping music.

Even NASA scientists have proven that bouncing on a mini trampoline is 68% more effective than jogging and yet requires less effort!

The principles behind the programme are aimed at High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) to maximise the most effective fat burning process in the cardio section. Say hello to toned legs and flat tummy for days!

Boogie Bounce Xtreme Singapore
Address: Various ActiveSG Sport Centres

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(Header Image Source: Aerial And Floor Facebook)

There’s A Superhero Themed Cyclothon Happening In Singapore And All Are Welcome

Many Singaporeans will probably have noticed that in the past couple of years, it’s been fun runs galore here on our little red dot.

While each run has had its own unique draw, from loud, pumping music, to cartoon character themes, runs just aren’t for everyone.

Sure, there may be plenty of things to keep you distracted from the fact that you’re running, but the relatively short 5K can still be quite the challenge, especially for those of us who haven’t done any kind of physical activity in a long time.

If running isn’t your cup of tea, there’s another sporting event happening soon – and at this one, you’ll have a couple of wheels to help you out.

The annual OCBC Cycle is back.

[caption id="attachment_30551" align="alignnone" width="1456"] Image Credit: OCBC Cycle[/caption]

Happening from 18 – 19 November, OCBC Cycle is Singapore’s most happening cycling event. An event that brings together cyclists young and old, from the greenest to the most seasoned, everyone is welcome to be a part of this cycling fiesta.

OCBC Cycle 2017 has something for everyone, with 3 riding categories for people who just want to have a good time. The best part? This year’s event will be graced by superheroes.

Ride With Friends

[caption id="attachment_30552" align="alignnone" width="1429"] Image Credit: Image Credit: Ocbc Cycle[/caption]

A Super Hero-themed ride, come dressed in your favourite Marvel or DC heroes and heroines! Better yet, come dressed like famous superhero (or supervillain) duos like Batman and Robin, Professor X and Magneto, or the Joker and Harley Quinn, with your partner or your bestie.

[caption id="attachment_30554" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Image Credit: insing[/caption]

You can even go all out and pimp your ride with superhero elements – just make sure it doesn’t become a hazard when you cycle! Capes can be especially dangerous for cycling superheroes.

The best dressed person with the most fearless getup will get to walk away with a Casio EXILIM EX-FR100 Action Cam (worth $629) that’s perfect for capturing action-packed outings like these.

[caption id="attachment_30555" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Image Credit: Unsplash[/caption]

A scenic route that will take you past some of the most iconic landmarks of Singapore, including the other-worldly Singapore Sports Hub, majestic Supertrees at Gardens By The Bay, and the Marina Bay Sands, make sure to take in all the sights as you cruise through this 23km route.

Ride With Family

Want to spend some quality time with the family?

[caption id="attachment_30556" align="aligncenter" width="855"] Image Credit: OCBC Cycle[/caption]

The Mighty Savers® Kids and Family Ride guarantees a great time for even the youngest of the pack.

[caption id="attachment_30557" align="alignnone" width="1500"] Image Credit: OCBC Cycle[/caption]

Themed ‘Bubbly Fun’, the route comprises zones that will be filled with bubbles by bubble blowing machines. The kids are sure to have a ball with the bubbles, popping them as they cycle!

[caption id="attachment_30558" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Image Credit: Image Credit: OCBC Cycle[/caption]

If you’d like to take it easy and go for a leisurely ride, go for The Corporate Bike Ride. Pick between the 23km The Straits Time Ride and the 42km The Sportive Ride, and take on the city with a group of at least 15 cyclists!

Amp up the team spirit and ditch the event jersey in favour of one of your own company tees. Deck yourselves in your company colours, make post-cyclothon dinner plans, and make a day of it!

After all, the company that plays together, stays together.

[caption id="attachment_30560" align="alignnone" width="1259"] Image Credit: OCBC Cycle[/caption]

Gear Up For OCBC Cycle 2017

Sticking with the cycling theme, the OCBC 2017 participation medal comes in the form of 1/3 of a stylized bicycle gear.

[caption id="attachment_30561" align="aligncenter" width="244"] Image Credit: OCBC Cycle[/caption]

Wear it around your neck like a badge of honour once you’ve finished OCBC Cycle 2017. If you come back for subsequent editions of the OCBC Cycle in 2018 and 2019, you can combine the 3 pieces to form a complete gear!

Don’t have a bike of your own? Don’t worry, you can rent yourself a bike for this event! Some reliable places to get your bikes are T.K.H Leisure, Cycle To The Park, S-Lite Event Support and more. With these bike rental services readily available, finding a bike to ride with should be the least of your worries!

If you know you’re long overdue for some exercise, or just like sweating it out with like-minded people, register for OCBC Cycle 2017 here! And make sure to take your best pals along because everything is better when you do it with a friend!

OCBC Cycle 2017
Venue: Singapore Sports Hub 
Date: 18 – 19 Nov 

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(Header Image Source:

Because Working Out Is A Pain, These 6 Unconventional Gyms Are Making It Fun To Burn Calories

Tired of going to the gym or need a change from your usual HIIT sessions?

Keeping fit can be a dud, and sometimes, switching things up can be a big help, especially when you’re losing steam keeping up with your fitness routine.

If you’ve hit this point, here are some other fitness classes you can sign up for. Not only will you have a blast, you’ll also burn some major calories! Don’t settle for the mundane, because there is a world of exciting fitness alternatives out there!

1. WeBarre

[caption id="attachment_29015" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Image Credit: Sassy Mama[/caption]

WeBarre is the first boutique barre studio in Singapore. With a range of  dynamic programmes such as WeBarre Fundamentals, WeBarre Signature Multi-Level and WeBarre HITT, these sessions will help you find your inner poise and grace.

[caption id="attachment_29014" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Image Credit: Price:
$38 per class

2. SURFSET Singapore

Drawing inspiration from the adventurous spirit of surfers, SURFSET Singapore focuses heavily on the core with a fun and engaging workout.

They offer three different fitness programs to maximise an individual’s potential: SURFSET Balance, SURFSET Core, and SURFSET Sweat.

[caption id="attachment_29016" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Image Credit: Price: $35 per class

3. Aquaspin

If regular spin class is not challenging enough for you, Aqua Spinning may be the way to go.

[caption id="attachment_29017" align="aligncenter" width="610"] Image Credit:
Sassy Mama[/caption]

Aquaspin has revolutionised aquatic training by adapting land-based exercise programs for the water. They have combined regular sports such as running, cycling, body weight training, and aerobics with the benefits of water resistance training.

An aqua spin class will put you through various types of intensive pedalling exercises. Far from just splashing about in the water, just one session will allow you to burn up to 800 calories!

Aqua Spin
Address: Polo Club, 80 Mount Pleasant Rd, Singapore 298334
Opening Hours: Daily, 8.30am – 9pm
Image Credit: BBOUNCE Studio screams “Singapore’s Hottest Hybrid Workout!” on their website, and we can see why. They offer a range of comprehensive strength and cardio workouts on TRAMPOLINES. Unleash your inner kid as you take on their fitness classes. 

BBOUNCE Studio’s founders, Joel Tan and Leslie Kwok (both former national swimmers) emphasise low-impact and fun exercises that improve lymph flow while purging toxins from your body cells.

If you’ve been putting off fitness for the longest time, BBOUNCE is an excellent first step to get back into shape.

Address: Polo Club, 80 Mount Pleasant Rd, Singapore 298334
Opening Hours: Daily, 8.30am – 9pm
5. Pulse by Virgin Active

[caption id="attachment_29019" align="aligncenter" width="768"] Image Credit: Picture a club with the lights out, where the club anthem is booming – except everyone is in activewear. That’s essentially what Virgin Active offers.

Pulse is a class that involves high energy dance moves, during which you can burn up to 500 calories. In addition, each participant will hold a bright fluorescent glow stick in each hand to illuminate the dimmed room.

[caption id="attachment_29021" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Image Credit:
Here, you’ll hardly feel like you’re exercising, and you’ll work up a sweat before you know it!

Virgin Active
Address: Tanjong Pagar Centre, 7 Wallich Street, #06-01, Singapore 078884
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 6.30am – 10.30pm; Sat – Sun & PH: 8am – 8pm
6. Bungee Dance Workout by Dancevault

You may or may not have seen this new workout popping up on your Facebook feed – Bungee Dance Workout offered only by Dancevault.

[caption id="attachment_29114" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Image Credit: Described as a full workout, this low-impact workout is recommended to anyone who’s looking for cardio and muscle toning movements, all in one session.

Fun fact: The insanely strong and durable bungee cords are able to support up to 2500kg, so people of any size and weight can be rest assured they’ll be safe during their workout.

Address: 135 East Coast Road, #02-01, Singapore 428820
Opening Hours: Daily, 9.30am – 10pm
Price: $22 per class

Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining an active lifestyle.

But of course, it’s only normal to get lazy and to lose motivation, especially when your workouts start to become routine and monotonous.

In these instances, switch things up with any one of the unique fitness classes available in Singapore! Not only are they fun, they’re also physically challenging – your body will surely thank you later for it!

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10 Shiok Experiences And Eats To Turn Things Up A Notch The Second Half Of May [15-31 May]

The year seems to be flying by so quickly. In the blink of an eye, we’re already at the end of May!

Who says we have to wait till the June holidays to have fun? There are tons of things to do and new chow places to try out right now!

Think themed parties of all sorts, international artists on our shores, and healthy desserts! Whether you’re a party animal, fitness junkie or music guru, we’ve got your weekend plans sorted.

Here are 10 a-may-zing (get it?) activities you need to head down to ASAP!

Play & Discover

1. Urban Ventures Vol. 6

It’s no secret that eating is our national pastime–and we’re proud of it.

That’s why Urban Ventures has its latest edition centred around social dining experiences!

[caption id="attachment_26169" align="aligncenter" width="1706"] Image Credit: Urban Ventures[/caption]

LOBELAB will be creating a social haven in Duxton Plain Park for 3 days this May.

It features live music, interactive artworks, an artisan’s market and a dance party. There are also interactive workshops, urban furniture and mouthwatering grub.

What we’re most excited for though, is the Pop-Up Library, Yin Yang Yoga Session and Upcycling Your T-Shirt Workshop!

It’s surely a journey into the more human, playful and friendly side of public spaces in Singapore.

Urban Ventures
Where: Duxton Plain Park, 1 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089140
When: 19 – 21 May, 4pm till late
Admission: Free

2. Zouk 26th Anniversary

Zouk is turning 26!

To celebrate, they’re throwing a big birthday bash, and everyone’s invited.

[caption id="attachment_26164" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit: Zouk[/caption]

Many new clubs have sprouted up recently, but good ol’ Zouk will always be a familiar spot for our best nights out.

Did you know Zouk is ranked no. 4 in the DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs in the World in 2017? The club has also attracted tons of internationally acclaimed DJs like Hardwell, Tiesto and Disclosure.

With complimentary entry for all, this is the party to let your hair down and go into celebration mode!

Zouk 26th Anniversary
Where: 3C River Valley Road, The Cannery, Singapore 179022
When: 18 May, 9pm – 2am
Contact no.: 6738 2988
Admission: Invite Only: 9pm; Open To Public: 11pm Onward; Free Entry For All (Non-Member)

3. Fitness Fest

Fitness junkies, listen up!

Come together with other fitness and health lovers at this ultimate fitness festival.

[caption id="attachment_26168" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Image Credit: Bayfront Event Space, 12A Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018970
When: 20 – 21 May

4. Lily Singh – How To Be A Bawse

What up everyone, it’s your girl Superwoman!

If this rings a bell, you’ll be delighted to know that Lilly Singh is coming to Singapore!

[caption id="attachment_26171" align="aligncenter" width="946"] Image Credit: Kallang Theatre, 1 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397688
When: 24 May, 8pm
Contact no.: 6324 0764
Admission: $93 – $244

5. Party Like Gatsby

Turn the nostalgia of the golden 20s into reality at this glamorous event.

Party Like Gatsby transports you into the famous novel ‘The Great Gatsby’.

[caption id="attachment_26167" align="aligncenter" width="1500"] Image Credit: Party Like Gatsby[/caption]

‘The Great Gatsby’ centres on a young millionaire, Jay Gatsby. Jay is famous in his city for his mesmerising parties, hosted every weekend at his glamorous residence.

At Party Like Gatsby, spend an evening with him at a fantastic venue with stunning decorations. World-class entertainment includes burlesque, live music, as well as fire and aerial shows.

To date, over 40 cities in more than 10 countries have experienced its wild parties and intense shows. Finally, the party has reached the Pearl of the East–Singapore.

Be sure to come dressed elegantly, and get lost in the magic of the roaring twenties.

Party Like Gatsby
Where: Tanjong Beach Club, 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 098942
When: May 26, 7pm – 2am

6. Island Escape

This really is a month for parties, isn’t it?

There’s even this one off our shores, at St John’s Island!

[caption id="attachment_26172" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Image Credit: Island Escape Ticket Office, 31 Marina Coastal Drive, Singapore 018988
When: 27 & 28 May, 12pm (Sat) – Sunset (Sun)
Admission: $55


7. Multiply. A Majestic Playground

Designers, makers and art lovers unite!

For 2 days only, Keepers and Straits Clan will provide the perfect platform for you to eat, drink, shop, and play.

[caption id="attachment_26163" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit: Matter[/caption]

This is a one-time-only takeover of the historic and iconic New Majestic Hotel building.

Expect a pop-up of unique experiences through 30 rooms. Discover over 50 Singapore designers, artists, craftsmen, tattoo artists, chefs and mixologists.

This event is a tribute to the diverse inspirations that drive our community of artists, designers and makers that make up the creative soul of Singapore.

Remember to bring cash as many designers will be launching special edition capsules!

Drop by and experience something new, game-changing, and yet so close to home.

Multiply. A Majestic Playground
Where: New Majestic Hotel, 31-37 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089845
When: 27 & 28 May, 11am – 10pm


8. Crystal Castles

Fusing low-res electronic noise and pop hooks, Crystal Castles finally brings its music to our shores.

The duo is best known for their energetic live shows and moody home-made productions.

[caption id="attachment_26170" align="aligncenter" width="1830"] Image Credit:
From gothic electronic paeans to distorted digital raves, from cinematic synth and noise crecendos to hip hop and trap infused synth pop, their music is all anchored in feeling.  

Crystal Castles been described as smuggling goth, rave, synthesized pop, electro and a festival-ready live act into the rock crowd.

If that’s your jam, you know where to go.

Crystal Castles
Where: ​*SCAPE The Ground Theatre, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978
When: Tuesday 23 May 2017
Admission: Limited Early Bird – $70; Standard – $80; Doors – $90
We know all too well that 1 meal is sometimes not enough.

That’s why we were overjoyed when Dookki, which means 2 meals in Korean, opened its doors in Singapore!

[caption id="attachment_26166" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: Pholar[/caption]

This fun and “Full-filling” dining concept has steadily gained popularity within and out of Korea.

The first meal begins with the much loved, signature Tteokbokki dish. Choose from 8 types of air-flown Tteokbokki, and your preferred level of spiciness from 7 types of sauces.

The second meal adds rice, kimchi, sweet corn and other ingredients to create the all time favourite Kimchi fried rice–and all for $18.80.

We know where we’ll be stuffing our faces this weekend.

Dookki Singapore
Where: Suntec City, 3 Temasek Boulevard, #B1-107 (East Wing), Singapore 038984
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 11am – 10pm
Contact no.: 6266 2425

10. Bojio Cafe

We didn’t expect to find this gem in the heart of Tampines.

The quirkily named cafe allows families and friends to jio (invite) each other for a healthy desserts!

[caption id="attachment_26165" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Image Credit: Kopitiam Bot[/caption]

Their homemade ice-creams, waffles and toasts are friendly to the very young, very old, as well as health-conscious friends.

The story behind its founding is all too relatable. Mr Chan, the star chef, and Mrs Chan’s picky family members love hunting for dessert spots all over Singapore.

Inspired to open a shop of their own, they created a DIY ice cream recipe, purchased the machinery and ingredients required, and never looked back.

All their hand-made ice-cream contains reduced sugar, children friendly milk/cream, no preservatives or colouring and only fresh fruits.

Don’t say bojio, and drop by for something sweet!

Bojio Cafe
Where: Westgate 3 Gateway Dr #02-28 Singapore 608532
Opening Hours: Sun – Thurs: 11.30am – 9.30pm; Fri – Sat: 11.30am – 10pm

There’s so much to do this month that we can hardly catch our breath!

But we’re going to try to head to all these events anyway, and make our last bit of May as fun as possible. And we think you should too!

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10 Must-Try Events And Eats For An Out Of This World May [1-15 May]

It’s the start of a new month!

That means a whole new wave of fresh events, food havens and shopping spots to drop in on.

There are rad runs for the fitness junkies, movies by the beach for those who just want to chill, and affordable new restaurants that have sprung up to excite the foodie in all of us.

Here’s a checklist of 10 fun, exciting activities for a marvelous start to May!

Play & Discover

1. Star Wars Festival

Star Wars fans rejoice!

Come May the 4th, Gardens by the Bay will come alive with Star Wars themed highlights, transporting you to a galaxy far, far away.

[caption id="attachment_25505" align="aligncenter" width="990"] Image Credit: Shut the world out and dance the night away at the Star Wars themed Silent Disco, or chill out at an outdoor movie screening.

Chewbacca, one of the heroes of the Rebellion, and Kylo Ren, dark warrior from the First Order, will also be in town for the festival!

Star Wars Festival
Where: Gardens By The Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018953
When: 4 May – 6 May
Time: 3.00pm – 11.00pm
Contact no.: 6420 6848
“The Dark side, and the Light. Choose Your Side. Run. It is your Destiny.”

Another event happening in conjunction with Star Wars Day is the intense and epic Star Wars Run!

[caption id="attachment_25502" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Image Credit:
Culture Trip[/caption]

The race pack itself is pretty sick, including a themed drawstring bag, t-shirt, towel, and Yoda or Darth Vader plush toy, depending on which side you’ve pledged your allegiance to.

Join the ever first Star Wars Run in Singapore with fellow fans and family, and look forward to a night dedicated to all things Star Wars.

Whichever side you’re on… May the Force be with you!

Star Wars Run
Where: Bayfront Event Space (Open tarmac space beside Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre), 12A Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018940
When: 6 May
Time: 10km Competitive Run at 7pm; 4.5km Non-Competitive Run at 8pm
Contact no.: 9773 7734
Sunset Cinema

Celebrate the best things about living in the tropics at Sunset Cinema, the newest open-air cinema event at Singapore’s beautiful Tanjong beach.

[caption id="attachment_24229" align="aligncenter" width="930"] Image Credit: Sunset Cinema[/caption]

Think award-winning new film releases, tropical beach sunsets, DJs, bars, food stalls, and deck chairs. Knockout film features include ‘Jackie’, starring Natalie Portman, and ‘Lion’, a movie starring Dev Patel that’s based on true events.

Head over for the perfect way to relax with friends, and experience the beautiful tropical evenings of Singapore like you’ve never done before.

Many of the tickets have already been snapped up, so gather your friends now and get your tickets ASAP!

Sunset Cinema by Peroni
Where: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa Singapore 098942
When: 5 May – 14 May

4. The Music Run

Come May, AIA will be bringing the beat to Singapore with The Music Run, the world’s loudest 5km running course.

[caption id="attachment_25508" align="aligncenter" width="5520"] Image Credit: Sentosa Island
When: 6 May
Time: 5.00pm
Singapore Heritage Festival

This is something a true, blue Singaporean won’t want to miss.

Explore the nooks and crannies of our island home at Singapore Heritage Festival 2017!

[caption id="attachment_25501" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Image Credit: Highlights include ‘Video DJ: Pop Rules’, a dance party at the old Caldecott Broadcast Centre, proving history doesn’t have to be boring. 

You’ll also get the rare opportunity to check out normally inaccessible places, such as Bukit Pasoh.

So come on down and uncover the untold stories of Singapore’s shared spaces and way of life!

Singapore Heritage Festival
Where: All around Singapore
When: 28 April – 14 May
Contact no.: 6701 1232
Heads up, Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

And what better way to celebrate the most important woman in your life than by attending a lovely outdoor concert together?

[caption id="attachment_25500" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Image Credit:
‘s Mother’s Day Concert will be held among the lush greenery of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

If you have fond memories of going on picnics with Mum as a child, this is the perfect way to relive those memories.

The delightful repertoire includes excerpts from Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto, Tchaikovsky’s Fourth and Sixth Symphonies, and Massenet’s beautiful “Méditation” from Thaïs.

A limited number of Mother’s Day gifts will also be given out, so drop by the SSO booth with Mum to get your hands on it!

SSO Mother’s Day Concert
Where: Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, Singapore Botanic Gardens, 1 Cluny Road Singapore 259569
When: 14 May
Time: 6.00pm
Admission: Free


7. Brine

If you’ve been to The Laneway Market, you’ll be excited to know that its sister restaurant has just opened!

Brine aims to deliver unique restaurant-level fare at down to earth prices.

[caption id="attachment_25509" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Image Credit: Brine[/caption]

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find different flavour pairings in all the dishes at this chill, casual eatery.

Quirky creations include The Crunch, a dish with soft-poached egg, puffed rice, marble potatoes, truffle mushroom pate, and ebiko, as well as the battered John Dory burger with homemade tartar and tomato basil concasse.

We know where we’ll be booking our next lunch appointment!

Where: 775 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198743
Opening Hours: Everyday except Monday. Lunch: 12.00pm – 3.00pm, Dinner: 6.00pm – 10.00pm
Contact no.: 8748 0788

8. The Masses

“Contemporary, happy food” is what this resto serves.

The Masses stays true to its word by using fresh, seasonal produce and allowing recipes to be simple, yet dynamic.

[caption id="attachment_25648" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Image Credit: Burpple[/caption]

If you’re familiar with the affordable French food chain, Saveur, you’ll be delighted to know that The Masses is opened by the same owner!

You’ll find familiar dishes on the menu, such as the crab and caviar angel hair pasta. Must-tries are the deep fried camembert dessert, 12-hour braised short ribs, and The Egg–a silky egg custard served with spoonfuls of salmon roe and flying fish roe, alongside crispy house chips and hazelnut butter.

Most of the dishes are priced below $20, making it truly quality restaurant fare at affordable prices.

The Masses
Where: 85 Beach Rd, Singapore 189694
Opening  Hours: Mon, Tues & Thurs 12.00pm – 9.30pm; Wed, Fri & Sat 12.00pm – 12.00am; Sun 12.00pm – 9:00pm
Contact no.: 6266 0061

9. Salmon Samurai

Salmon lovers rejoice!

Newly opened Salmon Samurai is set to serve salmon in all its delicious forms.

[caption id="attachment_25510" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit: Salmon Samurai[/caption]

Maki, sashimi, donburi… the list goes on.

If salmon dishes are your go-to, you must pay a visit to this salmon specialist.

The casual eatery offers a host of salmon-centric dishes, including the omega donburi, salmon mentaiko udon, and the hearty garlic shoyu salmon with runny onsen egg.

Salmon Samurai
Where: 100 Tras Street, Singapore 079027
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 11.00am – 8.00pm; Weekends: 12.00pm – 6.00pm
Contact no.: 6543 6823


10. Makers Fashion Bazaar

Makers Singapore isn’t just any ordinary arts retail store.

What’s unique about it is it features handmade and designed goods that you can’t find anywhere else.

[caption id="attachment_25504" align="aligncenter" width="950"] Image Credit: Tech In Singapore[/caption]

With a focus on fashion entrepreneurship and arts & crafts, you’ll find products made through hours of love and effort.

Some of the unique wares you can expect at this bazaar include pet products, journals made from vintage children’s books, fudge, handmade baby quilts, cool garments, flavored handcrafted soap, all kinds of jewelry, and many many more.

Come on down to show your support for a generation of local creative talents!

Makers Fashion Bazaar
Where: 18 Tai Seng Shopping Mall
When: 1 May – 7 May
Time: 11.00am to 8.00pm
Contact no.: 8828 1989

We can’t wait to drop in on these exciting events, and chow down at these delicious food spots!

With Mother’s Day falling on 14 May, why not take the chance to spend some quality time with Mother dearest at these events?

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10 Electrifying Experiences To Enjoy To Close Off April [16-30 April]

We’ve been having a rad April so far, and we hope you have too!

If you haven’t, don’t fret! The second half of the month has even more to offer. There are parties, runs, run parties, and so much more! Not forgetting the many new food spots that have sprung up, to satisfy cravings we didn’t even know we had.

Here’s a calendar of fun and exciting activities to fill up your 15-30 April! We wouldn’t miss them if we were you. 

Play & Discover

1. Amoy St. Bloc Party

This month, Amoy St. Bloc Party returns for its second edition!

If you were there for last year’s affair, you’ll remember a rowdy celebration of food, drinks, play and music, with more than 3,000 party-goers.

[caption id="attachment_24941" align="aligncenter" width="930"] Amoy St. Bloc Party[/caption]

Expect nothing less at this year’s street festival! Soak up the bustling atmosphere of the area, which houses a bunch of cool, edgy restaurants and bars in a row of colorful shop houses.

Participating chow joints include French-Japanese Izakaya Le Binchotan, Mediterranean Maggie Joan’s, New York cocktail bar Employees Only, Burger Joint, Birds of a Feather, boCHINche, and many more!

Groove the evening away with yummy food and boozy drinks, to live performances, featuring local music acts and an exciting headliner.

The party doesn’t stop there–come night, Ding Dong’s playful restaurant space will be reworked into a retro dancefloor for the after-party.

Amoy St Bloc Party
Where: Amoy Street
When: 23 April, 3pm-10pm (Afterparty at Ding Dong until 12am)

2. Singapore Ink Show

Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting your first tattoo. Maybe you’re already a tattoo veteran on the hunt for your next masterpiece.

Regardless, come celebrate body art at the Singapore Ink Show!

[caption id="attachment_24943" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Image Credit: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Raffles Boulevard Suntec City, Singapore 039593
When: 21 April 12pm – 9pm; 22 April 11.30am – 9pm; 23 April 11.30am – 8pm

3. City 65 Music Festival

Because Singapore can’t get enough of its music festivals, here’s the latest one to join the list!

The first CITY65 Music Festival will be taking place this Saturday, within the chill, urban forest vibes of Tin Hill Social Kitchen & Bar.

[caption id="attachment_24940" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit: Astronauts[/caption]

Local bands and singer-songwriters are set to steal the spotlight at this music event that aims to bring together and support local musicians.

It’s about time we got in on the local indie music scene! Expect to see a total of 13 acts including Jack & Rai, Dru Chen, Falling Feathers, Stopgap and Kings.

Admission is free for children under 12, so feel free to bring your little ones to this family-friendly event!

Did we mention all tickets come with a free drink? Consider your Saturday night plans made.

City 65 Music Festival
Where: Tin Hill Social Kitchen & Bar, 100 Turf Club Road, Horse City, Singapore 287992
When: April 15 – April 16 (Apr 15 at 1pm to Apr 16 at 2am)
The only thing that can get you more pumped than a good run or a dance party is a smashing combination of them both

That’s exactly what you can expect at this year’s Electric Run Recharged!

[caption id="attachment_24948" align="aligncenter" width="1500"] Image Credit:
22 April, 6pm – 9pm
Price: $95/pax
Maybe you want to do something a little more relaxing.

Whether you appreciate art, love flowers, or anything in between, Gardens By The Bay has the perfect exhibition for you.

[caption id="attachment_24945" align="aligncenter" width="1100"] Image Credit:
See art blossom before your eyes as you take a leisurely stroll with your loved ones through this year’s Tulipmania.

Be enthralled as Vincent Van Gogh’s famous self-portrait and art piece “The Starry Night” come to life with the vivid hues of tulips.

More than 100 varieties of tulips and hyacinths will be on display in this striking palette of colours.

Tulipmania at Gardens By The Bay
Where: Flower Dome
When: 1 Apr – 7 May, 9am – 9pm

6. Nat Geo Earth Day Run

Runs seem to be a recurring theme this month. Here, we have one you can participate in for a good cause!

National Geographic is holding Singapore’s first and only run, powered solely with renewable energy!

[caption id="attachment_24949" align="aligncenter" width="1058"] Image Credit:
23 April, 2.30pm – 8.30pm
Never fret again if you’ve been looking for all-day dim sum eatery!

Canton Paradise’s newest outlet at Marina Bay Sands serves up dim sum, roast specialties, Hong Kong style congee and noodles, and Cantonese wok-fried dishes.

[caption id="attachment_25072" align="aligncenter" width="640"]
Image Credit: Burpple[/caption]

Feel right at home in its swanky interior, and bask in its naturally lit, lively atmosphere.

Must tries include the Handmade Meatball Congee ($9.80) that have a velvety smooth and silky texture. Mmm.

The tasty Steamed Molten Salted Egg Yolk Custard Piggy Bun ($6.80/3 pieces) is also sure to make it to your Instagram!

Canton Paradise Marina Bay Sands
Where: 2 Bayfront Avenue #01-02 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
 Singapore 018972
Opening Hours: Mon – Thu: 10.30am – 10.30pm; Fri – Sun, Eve of PH, PH: 10.30am – 11.00pm
Contact no.: 6688 7052
Always wanted to try Ebi Ramen by a Japanese Michelin starred chef?

Jimoto Ya’s signature ramen was created by Chef Nobumasa Mieda of Michelin-Starred Kaiseki Restaurant Mieda from Sapporo Hokkaido.

[caption id="attachment_24946" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Image Credit:
Jimoto Ya[/caption]

A distinctive aroma that’s similar to prawn noodle soup will hit you the moment you enter this eatery.

You’ll taste the difference in their ramen immediately. The broth is made from a special blend of amaebi (sweet shrimp) and tonkotsu.

Take your pick from the 5 types of ramen available: Ebi Shio ($16.50), Ebi Miso ($16.50), Ebi Shoyu ($16.50), Ebi Curry ($16.50) and a cold Hiyashi Cyuka ($18.50).

Jimoto Ya
Where: 3 Pickering Street, Nanking Row, 01-44/01-45 (opp Hong Lim Complex) Singapore 048660
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 11.30am – 10.00pm, Closed Sun
Contact no.: 6223 3397

9. Garang Grill

This is one grill that lives up to its name.

With cuts infused with bold charcoal flavours that are truly Singaporean, this pop-up restaurant by New Ubin Seafood has our mouths watering.

[caption id="attachment_24939" align="aligncenter" width="1366"] Image Credit: Garang Grill[/caption]

Garang Grill is perfect for those with a garang appetite, with their Western spread mixed with a touch of local flavour.

Charred to perfection, their signature USDA Prime Rib-Eye Steak ($90 for 500g) is complemented with Garang Fried Rice, where the rice is infused with beef fat and chilli padi.

End your sumptuous meal with a sweet bang, with the Mao Shan Wang Creme Brulee ($9) or the Gula Melaka Banana with coconut ice-cream ($8).

We must press that this restaurant is open for a limited time only. So do head down before it disappears forever–don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Garang Grill
Where: 5 Swan Lake Ave, Singapore 455711
When: Till 25 June, daily except Mon, 11.30am – 2.30pm AND 6.30pm – 10.00pm


10. The Local People X Singapore Changi Airport Art Market

The Local People are travelling to the east this month!

The organizers of the coolest art markets have set their next meeting ground for artisans and craft-hunting hipsters: Singapore’s Changi airport.

[caption id="attachment_24944" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Image Credit: Terminal 3 Basement 3, Changi Airport
When: Art Market 29, 30 April 2017, 12pm – 9pm
Concept Store 29, 30 April and 1 May 2017, 12pm – 9pm

What are you waiting for?

With Labour Day weekend just round the corner (yay to short work weeks!), there’s more than enough time to check out these exciting activities, and round up your April with a bang!

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10 Awesome Activities To Kick Start Your April [1-15 April]

Unfortunately, there won’t be anything to do this April…

…April Fools! Of course there is.

This month is one with something for everyone! There’s a run for the fitness junkies, a pet fair for the animal lovers, and a whole lot of yummy food events for the rest of us who just love to eat.

Here’s a calendar of fun and exciting activities to fill your 1-15 April! We’re not pulling your leg when we say you shouldn’t miss them.

Play & Discover

1. Teh Tarik Run

So you want to run, keep fit, and stay healthy. But you also can’t stay off good ol’ prata and teh tarik.

Well, Teh Tarik Run 2017 proves you can do both! At the same time, no less.

[caption id="attachment_24337" align="aligncenter" width="1888"] Image Credit: Blk 1202 Unit #01-01 Seafood Centre East Coast Park, East Coast Parkway, 449881
When: 9 April, 7.10am

Price: $49
It’s no news that our tiny island is a hotspot for famous international artists.

This year is no different. April’s offering is five-time #1 DJ in the world, Armin van Buuren!

[caption id="attachment_24338" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit:

For the less acquainted, Armin is a progressive trance DJ and producer of cinematic and synth sounds.

The Embrace World Tour is closely related to Armin’s latest album ‘Embrace’, which embraces different styles, genres, and sounds.

Internationally acclaimed artists Mr. Probz, Kensington, Eric Vloeimans, Cimo Fränkel, Betsie Larkin, Angel Taylor and BullySongs will be performing live too!

Armin Only Embrace World Tour
Where: The Meadow, Gardens By The Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
When: 1 April,  4.00pm-11.50pm
Probably the most luxurious event this month is the Singapore Yatch Show!

Here’s your opportunity to discover some of the world’s finest superyacht and international yacht brands.

[caption id="attachment_24339" align="aligncenter" width="2808"] Image Credit:
ONE°15 Marina Club, 11 Cove Drive, #01-01, Sentosa Cove, 098497
When: 6-9 April
Contact no.: 6304 7950


Celebrating 51 years of friendship between France and Singapore, the annual French festival Voilah! brings the ooh la la to Singapore yet again.

[caption id="attachment_24340" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Image Credit:
101-103 Cluny Park Road Singapore 259595
When: 8 April-21 May

5. Tsum Tsum Carnival

Everyone’s favourite cylindrical Disney characters have reached CapitaLand’s malls for an interactive Tsum Tsum Carnival!

You’d be lying if you said you don’t think these little creatures are cute as anything.

[caption id="attachment_24341" align="aligncenter" width="1372"] Image Credit: Time Out[/caption]

Take pictures with the cylindrical-shaped figures in recreated scenes from Disney Tsum Tsum’s animation shorts.

But that’s not all! Other activities include the Ninja Castle Challenge, making your own Disney Tsum Tsum characters from Play-Doh and racing Disney Tsum Tsum Tomica die-cast cars.

So grab your family and friends for the cutest event yet!

Tsum Tsum Carnival
Where: Participating CapitaLand malls: Sembawang Shopping Centre, Lot One, Bukit Panjang Plaza, JCube, IMM, Westgate, The Star Vista, Junction 8, Plaza Singapura, Bugis Junction, Bedok Mall, Raffles City, Tampines Mall
When: 1 April
Our favourite day of the year–it’s Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day!

You heard us right. Free. Ice-cream.

[caption id="attachment_24342" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Image Credit:
Scoop shops all over the country
When:  4 April, 12pm-8pm
This one’s for you junk food lovers out there who love to snack! (That’s all of us, really.)

World Snack Fair 2017 is here to satisfy all your sweet and salty cravings!

[caption id="attachment_24343" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Image Credit:

This yummy exhibition will feature hundreds of different snack brands from all around the world.

Popular brands you will be familiar with include Japanese brands Meiji and Calbee. We can hear the crunch of potato chips already!

There will also be Ichiban kuji for Otakus who wish to try their luck, getting some rad anime merchandise. What’s more, a maid and butler cafe will also be set up on-site for those who enjoy themed cafes!

World Snack Fair 2017
Where: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Raffles Boulevard, Level 3, Concourse 1-4, Singapore 039593
When: 7-8 April (9am – 10pm), 9 April (9am – 9pm)
Contact no.: 6560 5424

8. Michelin Guide Street Food Festival

Have you tried Michelin starred local food?

Now’s your chance to try food from Michelin starred eateries, all under one roof!

[caption id="attachment_24344" align="aligncenter" width="5742"] Image Credit: MICHELIN guide Singapore[/caption]

This is a celebration of multi-cultural and delicious local street food. They’re coming from the kitchens of more than 12 Michelin starred restaurants and celebrated Bib Gourmand eateries.

Expect star dishes including many local street food favourites and a selection of international street cuisine!

Join us at the ambient, breezy Coliseum at RWS for a meal you won’t forget!

Michelin Guide Street Food Festival
Where: The Coliseum, Resorts World Sentosa
When: 14-15 April
Price: $20 per pax


9. Pet Expo

You won’t have to leave Fido at home for this one.

Welcome to Pet Expo 2017!

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Bring your furry friend to the biggest pet fair this year! There will be a whole lot of businesses present, as well as educational and engaging activities focused on pets and their well-being.

Look forward to a series of informative talks and intense competitions planned to bring the pet community together!

This year, fish lovers too can look forward to participating in competitions for aquatic animals, while families can bring children to learn more about aquatic animals and marine life.

Join in on a fun-filled learning journey towards pet ownership!

Pet Expo 2017
Where: Singapore Expo Hall 7
When: 14-16 April, 11am-8pm
Price: $5 per day / $12 for 3-Day Pass (Free entry for children below 12)

10. Artbox

Hipsters and art market lovers rejoice!

Artbox—Bangkok’s famous hipster market—is coming to Singapore this month.

[caption id="attachment_24506" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Image Credit: The Lawn @ Marina Bay, 8A Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018984
When: 14-16 April, 21 – 23 May, 3pm – 11pm
Price: Free entrance

Don’t be a fool this April!

Come join in on these cannot-miss events to kick off your April on a strong note. We kid you not, you’ll have a whale of a time!

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