This Flea Market Is Painting S’pore CMYK From 20-23 Sep, With Over 500 International Stalls

When it comes to flea markets, no one does it better than the Thais — from Chatuchak to Pratunam to Rot Fai, these chaotic, yet rewarding shopping hubs provide a one-of-a-kind experience that you can’t find anywhere else.
One major problem with these Thai markets, however, is that they’re…well, located in Thailand, which means that we’re only able to visit them a few days out of every year at most.
[caption id="attachment_37309" align="aligncenter" width="595"]CMYK Image Credit: CMYK[/caption]

If you’re already experiencing withdrawal symptoms since your last Bangkok trip, you’ll be glad to know that another Thai-inspired flea market called CMYK: The Shade Of Young Enterprise is making their way to our shores this week.

More Stalls Than Ever

Short for “Creative Millennials Youth Karnival” (points for creativity, we guess), the market aims to “give visitors fresh new experiences for connecting, communicating, showcasing, and purchasing”.
Sounds like a worthy cause, but the key takeaway here is that there’ll be more than 500 stalls selling food, clothes, handicrafts and more.
[caption id="attachment_37307" align="alignnone" width="1080"]CMYK Image Credit: Cereal Citizen[/caption]
So who exactly will be running these stalls? Well, the usual hipster suspects like Cereal Citizen and The Bulb Station will be making expected appearances, and with vendors from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand (duh), Hong Kong and Australia setting up shop as well, you’re bound to find something worth spending your money on.
[caption id="attachment_37314" align="alignnone" width="1192"] Image Credit: CMYK[/caption]
In true Thai market fashion, shopping isn’t the only thing you can do there — there’ll be a host of live music performances to keep you sane as you trudge through the crowds, as well as “motivational talks by international leading entrepreneurs” to keep in line with the young business motif that they’ve cultivated for themselves.
[caption id="attachment_37308" align="aligncenter" width="600"]CMYK Yup, looks like a Thai Flea market to us.
Image Credit: CMYK[/caption]
The CMYK market will open from the 20th to 23rd of September (this Thursday to Sunday for those who don’t use calendars) at Bayfront Event Space, from 3pm to 11pm.
Admission is also free, which may or may not be a good thing depending on how much you hate people. At least you’re getting the real Thai market experience this way?
CMYK: The Shade Of Young Enterprise
Venue: Bayfront Event Space (Nearest MRT: Downtown)
Date: 20th – 23rd September
Admission: Free
Website I Facebook
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(Header Image Credit: Cereal Citizen, Loma Whale)

This Thai Bakery Is Baking Up A Storm Of Fluffy Loaves – And You Knead To Try It

Thai Baàng holds a special place in our heart, for we believe that they make one of the best breads in Singapore. This bakery may be small, but the bread they churn out isn’t.

Located in the corner of Kitchener Complex at Lavender, this Thai bakery also recently opened their second outlet at Orchard Xchange.

[caption id="attachment_37288" align="aligncenter" width="6000"]Thai Baang Second Outlet at Orchard XChange | Image Credit: Discover SG[/caption]

Tradition Brings Comfort

Following her love for traditional comfort Thai Bread she discovered on a trip to Thailand early 2017, Jovi – owner of Thai Baàng, left her job as a financial advisor to open up this bakery.

After spending a few months in Bangkok to pick up the art of making traditional Thai bread, Jovi opened Thai Baàng in mid-2017.

Particular about the quality of bakes that leaves her bakery, everything is made fresh daily in the kitchen she has in both stores.

With no preservatives or bread softener added, each bread is baked in a tin container to help hold it’s shape and keep it warm, even after sitting out for 30 minutes. This helps to keep the bread soft and fluffy on the inside, creating that soft and chewy texture.

[caption id="attachment_37286" align="aligncenter" width="4032"]Thai Baang Image Credit: Discover SG[/caption]

With over 30 flavours of bread in their shop, here are some of their most popular flavours:

Banana Chocolate Bread ($2.70)

[caption id="attachment_37291" align="aligncenter" width="6000"]thai baang Image Credit: Discover SG[/caption]

They have a variety of sweet breads but this is perhaps our favourite of them all! The dark chocolate and mashed banana complemented each other well without being overly sweet.

Thai Milk Tea Butter Sugar ($3.00)

[caption id="attachment_37284" align="aligncenter" width="6000"]Thai Baang Image Credit: Discover SG[/caption]

What’s Thailand without their Thai Milk Tea? If you love Thai Milk tea then this bread is right up your alley. Honestly, we can eat this bread in one sitting.

Thai Milk Tea With Chocolate ($3.00)

[caption id="attachment_37287" align="aligncenter" width="6000"]Thai Baang Image Credit: Discover SG[/caption]

If the plain one doesn’t cut it for you, then we highly recommend the Thai Milk Tea with Chocolate bread. This is perfect for all chocolate lovers. Just like the Banana Chocolate bread, this option comes with chunks of chocolate in every bite.

What draws us to their bread is that they do not skimp on the ingredients used in their bakes.

Curry Chicken ($2.70)

[caption id="attachment_37300" align="aligncenter" width="6000"]thai baang Image Credit: Discover SG[/caption]

This is the perfect alternative to curb your cravings for curry chicken. This bread comes with generous portions of chicken, egg, sausage which blends well with the soft and chewy texture of the bread.

Tom Yam Chicken ($2.70)

[caption id="attachment_37281" align="aligncenter" width="6000"]Thai Baang Image Credit: Discover SG[/caption]

Fresh out of the oven, this bread smelled heavenly and we just couldn’t wait to dig in.

This bread tastes exactly like sipping on a hot, spicy bowl of tom yam soup in BKK.

Mushroom Vege ($2.70)

[caption id="attachment_37285" align="aligncenter" width="6000"]Thai Baang Image Credit: Discover SG[/caption]

Remember those old school bakery that sells mushroom mayo buns?

This option brings back those memories – except that this bread got a whole new upgrade. Put together the savoury mushrooms and crunchy radish along with the soft, fluffy bread, this is the perfect comfort food for kids and adults alike.

Asides from the bread, Thai Baàng also sells other delicacies such as the Chili Shrimp Glutinous Rice ($1.50). Just like how their breads are generously filled, this was no exception as well!

[caption id="attachment_37301" align="aligncenter" width="6000"]thai baang Image Credit: Discover SG[/caption]

Don’t be fooled by it’s colour as the chilli shrimp is honestly not that spicy! This delicacy has just the right amount of spice and balanced proportion between the chilli shrimp and glutinous rice.

You can also look forward to their selection of cakes.

We love the Banana Chocolate Cake ($7.00) which consists of of a layer of chocolate sponge cake atop a layer of banana cake. Both flavours blended well with each other in this moist cake.

[caption id="attachment_37289" align="aligncenter" width="6000"]Thai Baang Image Credit: Discover SG[/caption]

Last but not least, they also have a selection of Swiss Rolls starting from $5. From Traditional Butter Kaya ($5) to Coffee Rum And Raisin ($5.50), their swiss rolls makes the perfect afternoon tea snack!

[caption id="attachment_37290" align="aligncenter" width="6000"]Thai Baang Image Credit: Discover SG[/caption]

Thai Baàng’s fresh bakes will have you hooked at first bite and are totally worth a trip down! So if you’re looking for an alternative from BreadTalk or Four Leaves, we highly recommend getting the breads from this Thai bakery instead.

Come early and you might just catch a fresh batch out of the oven! You can also give Jovi a call to reserve your breads as they run out fast.

Thai Baàng Bakery (Lavender)
Address: 809 French Road #01-41, Kitchener Complex, Singapore 200809
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 8.30am – 8.30pm, Sat: 8:30am – 8pm, Sun: 9am – 7:30pm
Contact no.: 9722 1213

Thai Baàng Bakery (Orchard Xchange)
437 orchard road, B1-37 Orchard MRT Station, Singapore 238878
Directions: Orchard MRT Exit A, head up the escalator on your left and turn right
Opening Hours:
8.30am – 8.30pm, daily
Contact no.: 
9722 1213

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(Header Image Source: Discover SG)

After You’s Thai Thai Must Try Shibuya Toasts Are Coming To S’pore For One Weekend

As part of The Finest Thai Festival organized by the Royal Thai Embassy, After You will be bringing their sweet desserts to Singapore so that you don’t have to step one foot off the island to feast on their legnedary Shibuya Toasts.

This weekend, from 8 to 10 September, stop by the Thai Embassy in Orchard to explore the best of Thailand.

There’s always room for dessert

This is the first time ever that After You will be coming to Singapore, even if its just for one weekend. This is your chance to eat all the Shibuya toasts!

[caption id="attachment_29827" align="alignnone" width="1030"] We just can’t get enough of durian? (Image Credit: After You)[/caption]

Their most popular item is the Shibuya Honey Toast, that comes in all sorts of flavors like sticky toffee, cheese, strawberry cream and nutella. There’s even a durian sticky rice shibuya toast!

[caption id="attachment_29826" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Ferrero Toast that comes with a side of ice cream (Image Credit: After You)[/caption]

The Shibuya Special Black Toast is for those wondering how charcoal toast would taste like.

If that’s too much bread for you, After You also has other desserts like buttermilk pancakes, brownies, and an absolutely delicious chocolate lava cake.

[caption id="attachment_29828" align="alignnone" width="1118"] Look at all that gooey chocolate (Image Credit: After You)[/caption]

Eat, shop, try the lucky draw. Repeat!

Besides After You, there are plenty of other Thai food stalls, local brands and fashion designers that will be at the festival.

Aromatherapy label HARNN is one to look out for if you love natural, soothing skin care. They carry everything from essential oils to body scrubs, so that you can recreate the spa experience in the privacy of your own home. April’s Bakery will also be bringing their trademark pork pies that currently aren’t available at the Singapore outlets – be sure to grab one while they’re hot!

Another reason to stop by the festival is the Thai traditional lucky draw at the Soi-Dao Tree by the Sansiri Family, where you stand a chance daily to win a round-trip to Bangkok from Singapore.

If you are planning on stopping by The Finest Thai Festival, remember to bring loads of cash as NETS or credit cards are not accepted.

It’s going to be an exciting weekend, so be sure to go early so that you won’t miss out anything.

The Finest Thai
Address: Royal Thai Embassy, 370 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238870
Date: 8-10 September, 12pm – 9pm

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(Header Image Source: beterinaryo/ After You)

10 ‘Die Die Must Try’ Events And Eats To Rev Up Your First Half Of June [1-15 June]

Aaand it’s finally June!

If you’re in school, that means the long awaited June holiday break. If not, there’s always the weekend to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

With a whole bunch of exciting events to go to and new eats to sample, this month’s line-up of events surely does not disappoint!

Think fun festivals of all kinds, shopping till you drop at The Great Singapore Sale, and new cafe openings. Whether you’re a beach bum, die-hard foodie or someone who appreciates great music, we’ve got some ideas on how you can spend your weekend!

Here are 10 activities you need to head down to ASAP!

Play & Discover

1. Faber-Castell Art Festival

It’s time to pick up your colouring pencils again!

Faber-Castell, the makers of brilliant pencils and creative goods, adds colour to the month with its first ever art festival.

[caption id="attachment_26604" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit: These include lessons on fashion illustration, brush calligraphy, hand-lettering, and watercolour painting. You can also bond with family over art competitions, badge making, and mind mapping.

There will also be an art exhibition, where proceeds from the sale of artworks will be donated to the Singapore Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Make sure you nose around the huge spread of Faber-Castell products on sale too!

Faber-Castell Art Festival
Where: Singapore ION Orchard #04-13 & Marina Square #02-190A, 6 Raffles Boulevard, S039594
When: 27 May – 4 June, 11am – 9pm daily
Contact no.: 6339 8787

If you remember watching Channel 8’s The Little Nyonya, you’ll jump at this chance to be part of that world.

The Peranakan Festival offers the most immersive chance to learn about the vibrant Straits Chinese culture in Singapore!

[caption id="attachment_26611" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Image Credit: The Peranakan Festival[/caption]

Expect a slew of performances, including the traditional Dondang Sayang, a humourous love ballad.

Kids will love the arts and crafts workshops, where they’ll learn stamp carving, silk screen printing and book cover art. You’ll also get to have fun dressing up and taking pictures in Nyonya or Baba traditional kebayas!

Try your hand at making (or wolfing down) traditional desserts, Nasi Ulam, sireh and betel nut, at the cooking classes and food tastings here.

Finally, sit down for high tea with the less privileged elderly and children from Lengkong Bahru and beneficiaries from Prison Fellowship Singapore, and learn the heart of the Peranakan community.

Peranakan Festival
Where: Claymore Connect, 442 Orchard Rd, S238879
When: May 27 – June 17, 11am – 6pm
Contact no.: 6262 4428
Lo And Behold Group Festival

This one’s for those who live for decadent food and extravagant parties.

Lo & Behold’s month-long festival shows us Singaporeans how to party with class and style!

[caption id="attachment_26610" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Image Credit: Party like Grace Kelly at Electroball: The Golden Age of Hollywood, at swanky 1930s bistro-bar The Black Swan. Or head to OverEasy Orchard, for a Riverdale-themed bash!

If you’d rather eat than party, catch an epic Pizza-Off happening at Extra Virgin Pizza. As part of the festivities, Tanjong Beach Club will also be serving up an All You Can Eat Bottomless Brunch.

If you want to learn a little something, The Rabbit Hole will be playing host to a snazzy Gin Workshop, so bottoms up!

Lo And Behold Group Festival
Where: Various locations
When: 29 May – 25 June
Contact no.: 6338 8035

4. DBS Marina Regatta

Been dreaming of the perfect beach getaway, but haven’t got the time to go?

Well, DBS brings the beach to you at this year’s DBS Marina Regatta, Singapore’s first and only urban pop-up beach!

[caption id="attachment_26607" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Image Credit: DBS Marina Regatta[/caption]

Held at Marina Bay, there’ll be plenty to do, eat and drink–like a real beach, but better.

Laze around in hammocks with an ice cold cocktail in hand (we recommend one from Potato Head’s Coconut Bar), take yoga classes hosted by lululemon, or get your blood pumping by tackling Singapore’s largest inflatable water obstacle course.

DBS Marina Regatta 2017
Where: The Promontory@Marina Bay
When: 1 – 4 June | (1 June) 4pm – 9pm; (2, 3, 4 June) 10am – 10pm
Remember how much you loved listening to stories as a kid?

StoryFest brings that spark back, with a showcase of the best storytelling from Singapore and around the world.

[caption id="attachment_26612" align="aligncenter" width="1400"] Image Credit:
StoryFest SG[/caption]

There are workshops and performances for everyone–kids, adults, and aspiring storytellers themselves!

Families will be transported to faraway lands at Enchanted Tales, which features folk and fairy tales from Russia, Africa and France.

Adults too can choose from a selection of adult audience shows, including a monologue and a story slam in the Singapore Showcase.

There’s even a workshop where you can learn to use stories to build emotional literacy in children, and one where the audience themselves are used to form a story.

It’ll surely be a happy ending to the day, no matter which you choose!

International Storytelling Storyfest
Where: The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, S179429
When: 2 – 4 June
Contact no.: 6332 6919

6. Beerkini Rocks

Beach, beer, bands and babes…

That, and a whole lot more, is what you’ll find at Bikini Bar’s quarterly beach party, Beerkini Rocks!

[caption id="attachment_26603" align="aligncenter" width="2270"] Image Credit: Music fans can look forward to rock classics and chart-toppers by talented local rock and alternative acts O.K Ready! and Rockweller.

Also not to be missed are their crazy drink offers, with Jaeger Shots at $8, Monster Bombs at $9, and Buckets of Bintang going at $40.

Bikini Babes will also be challenging rock and rollers to exciting beach games with prizes to be won!

Beerkini Rocks
Where: Bikini Bar 50 Siloso Beach Walk #01-01, Singapore, S099000
When: 3 June, 3.00pm – 11.30pm
Contact no: 6631 8938
Bangkok’s famous April’s Bakery has finally opened in Singapore!

And it’s serving up Hong Kong-style Lao Po Bing (Wife Cake) with a twist.

Choose between sweet and savoury options depending on your mood–both are stuffed with flavourful, colourful fillings, wrapped in a thin, flaky crust.

For an afternoon snack, try the fragrant Pork with Gravy, or the subtly sweet Pork with Honey.

For dessert, get the Thai Milk Tea, Green Tea, or go for the popular Taro (with a hidden gingko nut within!) and Pumpkin flavours.

These Cantonese-style pies are handmade and baked fresh daily to ensure they taste great, and they’re all priced at only $2 each!

We suggest you head down early, because the yummier flavours get snapped up real quick.

April’s Bakery
Where: April’s Bakery Singapore, Tampines MRT Station, #01-31, S529538
Opening Hours: 8.00am – 10.00pm, or till sold out (Mon-Sun)
Contact no.: 8122 7604
This newest addition to the themed cafe scene may be the most magical one yet.

The quirky Enchanted Cafe charms at first sight with its beautiful decor, complete with a magical garden and collection of spell books.

[caption id="attachment_26606" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Image Credit:
Enchanted Cafe[/caption]

But what’s most striking is the presentation of its dishes.

Think: Bright red cherry compote, blackberries and blueberries in a vivid splash against a deep blue plate, sprinkled with seemingly handpicked bits of nuts and leaves. That’s what makes up the tangy, yet sweet Berries Compote French Toast ($14.90).

For something traditional with a twist, there’s the Ngoh Hiang Burger ($18.90), which is exactly what it sounds like, complete with bits of water chestnut and black garlic sauce made from scratch.

The most instagramable thing here is the Sorcerer’s Elixir ($9.90), a blue drink that turns glittery purple after an orange liquid is added.

This has to be the most enchanting cafe to open since the Harry Potter Cafe.

Enchanted Cafe
Where: Rangoon Road, Singapore 218374
Opening Hours: Closed on Mon; Tue: 10am – 10pm; Wed – Thur: 12pm – 10pm; Fri: 11am – 11pm; Sat: 10am – 11pm; Sun: 9am – 8pm
Contact no.: 8813 1086


9. PC Show

Maybe you’ve been thinking of swapping out your laggy PC for a new one.

Well, there’s no better time than the annual PC Show!

[caption id="attachment_26608" align="aligncenter" width="1170"] Image Credit: Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, S018956
When: 1 – 4 June, 12pm – 9pm
Contact no.: 6299 8633
Shopping. Many of us do a whole lot of it–often, more than we should.

Well, a 10 week period starting from 9 June just gave us even more reason to do so!

[caption id="attachment_26609" align="aligncenter" width="1480"] Image Credit:
Your Singapore[/caption]

For both tourists and locals alike, there’s no better time to hit the stores than during the Great Singapore Sale!

This is the time when retail stores in Singapore feature their greatest sales and markdowns.

Had your eye on a dress, but couldn’t bear to part with that kind of cash? We say it’s now or never.

Stretch your dollar and fill those shopping bags with bargains of all kinds–from fashion to jewellery, electronics to toys, to spa treatments, hotel stays, food, and visits to local attractions!

The Great Singapore Sale
Where: All over Singapore!
When: 9 June – 13 August
The Projector: How An Abandoned Theatre Became An Artsy Alternative Cinema

Goodbye Artbox, Hello Thai Festival – Authentic Thai Eats Without The Heat Or The Crowd

If you’re feeling the regret from not heading to Artbox or you just can’t get enough of Thai goodies and eats, fret not because the Thai Festival is coming to our shores!

[caption id="attachment_25521" align="alignnone" width="960"] Image Credit: Royal Thai Emabassy Facebook[/caption]

Happening at the Royal Thai Embassy right in the heart of Orchard Road, this all-Thai festival will offer up your favourite Thai dishes, alongside apparel and knick-knacks.

[caption id="attachment_25517" align="alignnone" width="960"] Image Credit: Royal Thai Embassy Facebook[/caption]

Popular Thai dishes like pad thai, mango sticky rice and thai milk tea will be up for sale. Look out for performances that highlight Thai culture like Muay Thai and traditional Thai dance performances.

[caption id="attachment_25516" align="alignnone" width="959"] Image Credit: Royal Thai Embassy Facebook[/caption]

If you’re looking for an authentic Thai experience without having to fly out of the country, head on down to Thai Festival 2017!

Thai Festival 2017
Address: Royal Thai Embassy, 370 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238870
Date: 4-7 May 2017
Time: 10 AM – 9 PM

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Best Thai Eateries In Singapore So You Don’t Have To Queue For 10,000 Years At Nakhon

Spicy Phad Thai, fragrant pineapple rice, tongue-numbing tom yum soup – there is no denying that Singaporeans absolutely love the taste of Thailand.

Ask “best Thai eateries” and Nahkon Kitchen might immediately come to most Singaporeans’ mind. However, the perpetual long and snaking queues at most of their outlets can be a major put off.

Thankfully, the selection of Thai eateries in Singapore is aplenty. Here are some of the best Thai eateries in Singapore so that you don’t have to queue for (a seemingly) 10,000 years at Nahkon!

1. Soi Thai Kitchen

Located in the foodie neighbourhood of Serangoon Gardens, Soi Thai Kitchen is one of the newer Thai eateries to hit our local Thai dining scene.

[caption id="attachment_22212" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Credit: Credit: Website

2. Ah Loy Thai

Ah Loy Thai is indisputably another popular Thai eatery in Singapore. During peak periods, wait times here can stretch up to 45 minutes.

[caption id="attachment_22215" align="aligncenter" width="1077"] Credit: Credit:[/caption]

Having been around for over a decade, you can expect consistently delicious Thai food at economical prices.

Be sure to order some their signature dishes such as Butter Calamari, Phad Thai and Tom Yum Soup!

Ah Loy Thai
9 Tan Quee Lan Street, Shaw Towers, #01-04, Singapore 188098
Opening hours: Mon to Thu 12nn to 3pm & 4.15pm – 8.30pm; Fri to Sun 12nn – 3pm & 4.15pm – 9.30pm

3. First Thai Restaurant

Amidst the plethora of cafes and restaurants along Dhoby Ghaut, you can still find some authentic and cheap Thai food here at First Thai Restaurant.

[caption id="attachment_22217" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Credit: Credit: Credit:[/caption]

A bowl of Thai boat noodles is unlikely to satisfy your late-night hunger pangs.

[caption id="attachment_22221" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Credit: Website

5. Sixty6

At just under two years into the Thai F&B scene, Sixty6 is one of the under-radar Thai eateries that serves authentic and economical Thai fares.

[caption id="attachment_22575" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Credit: Credit: Website

5. Nana Thai Restaurant

Tucked amongst a plethora of Thai eateries in Golden Mile Complex, Nana Thai Restaurant stands out with authentic and humbly-priced Thai dishes.

[caption id="attachment_22226" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Credit: Credit: Credit:[/caption]

This relatively new kid on the block serves up some of Thailand’s famous eats and street food.

[caption id="attachment_22228" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Credit: Because Bangkok Is Overrated, Let These Hidden Gems In Thailand Take Your Breath Away

7 Nearby Travel Destinations To Consider For Your 2017 Long Weekends!

Wanderlusters rejoice! This 2017 brings about a fantastic slew of seven long weekends, signalling you to dig out that travel bucket list and finally tick off some places.

If you are stumped for ideas on where to head to, here are some travel destinations you should totally consider. Whether you fancy a romantic getaway or an adventurous trekking expedition, we have complied a list of seven nearby travel destinations you can consider heading to for your 2017 long weekends!

1. Hua Hin, Thailand

Forget the shopping paradise of Bangkok. Thailand’s seaside beach town, Hua Hin, boasts a delightful mix of cosmopolitan meets seaside ambience. Located a short 3.5 hours bus ride away from Bangkok, Hua Hin is a cheaper and more convenient location than heading to the other resort islands!

[caption id="attachment_20731" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Credit: Credit: Heading To Thailand? Here Are Two Places You Must Visit For An Epic Holiday!

2. Boracay, Philippines

Located right in the heart of Philippines, Boracay is no doubt the ideal weekend island getaway for sun-lovers and young couples. Its pristine white beaches and clear turquoise-blue waters are postcard perfect and will certainly make you want to lounge in the sun all day.

[caption id="attachment_20737" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Credit:[/caption]


Besides suntanning, Boracay also offers various exciting water sports that are bound to keep you occupied the whole time! Indulge in exhilarating activities such as diving, snorkeling, paragliding, windsurfing and many more in the day.

At night, choose from a huge variety of restaurants and bars dotting the beach that serve up delectable multi-cuisines and cold drinks.

[caption id="attachment_20738" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Credit: Credit:[/caption]

While the trek up both Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi is relatively challenging, the views are absolutely breathtaking. Likewise, both treks can easily be completed within a day, though we highly suggest an overnight climb as climbing in the day would prove to be extremely hot.

[caption id="attachment_20740" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Credit:[/caption]

Yogyakarta is also known for its rich culture and traditional arts. Of course, no trip is complete without paying a visit to the world-famous Borobudur Temple!

Ideal weekend getaway for: beginner and intermediate climbers

4. Sapa, Vietnam

Set in the mountainous region of Northern Vietnam, Sapa is increasingly becoming a hotpot for photography-enthusiasts. Host to several hill tribes, expansive rice terraces and lush vegetation, Sapa is a no doubt a picturesque town.

[caption id="attachment_20742" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Credit: Credit: Credit: Credit:[/caption]

Take a stroll by along the seafront at Gurney Drive to walk off those full stomachs. Alternatively, explore the artsy-fartsy side of Penang by finding the numerous hidden street art located within the UNESCO Heritage site of Georgetown.

Ideal weekend getaway for: foodies and friends of foodies

6. Melbourne, Australia

Heading to Melbourne over the long weekend might seem a little far-fetched but it certainly is possible with the numerous flight deals! If cafe-hopping and getting high on caffeine sounds like your idea of a perfect long weekend getaway, then Melbourne is the place for you!

[caption id="attachment_20745" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Credit:[/caption]

Host to an overabundance of cafes, you will easily be able to pop into any one along the streets and grab one of Melbourne’s signature cuppas. In addition, Melbourne also boasts a wide selection of shopping options, from local designers to international brands.

[caption id="attachment_20746" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Credit: Credit:[/caption]

You absolutely cannot miss trying their local army stews, bibimbap and korean pancakes. Likewise, a food trip to Seoul will not be complete without indulging in delectable and savoury meats at a Korean barbecue restaurant! Additionally, if you have the time, you might even be able to catch a concert featuring some of Korea’s famous music artists or bands.

[caption id="attachment_20747" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] Credit:[/caption]

With the onslaught of shopping and departmental malls, coupled with plenty of night markets, restaurants and cafes, Seoul is undeniably a heaven for foodies and avid shoppers alike!

Ideal weekend getaway for: major Korean pop fans, foodies and those seeking some retail therapy

Escape the hustle and bustle of the Singapore city life by heading to these destinations over the long weekends! Whether you are looking for a mad weekend getaway or a quick digital detox, these travel destinations will certainly fit the bill.

It is never too early to start making those travel plans for the upcoming long weekends in 2017! Furthermore, with the brand new year already starting, we highly suggest that you start scouring for exclusive travel deals now. As the saying goes: if not now, then when?

(Header image credit:

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Heading To Thailand? Here Are Two Places You Must Visit For An Epic Holiday!

This December, we were invited to fly over to Thailand on a 3D2N trip. Our ambassador, Valerie, flew over, and she had the opportunity to visit two PlearnWan Panich restaurants. One is located in popular metropolis Bangkok, and the other is located in a town exuding old world charm, Huahin.

[caption id="attachment_20646" align="aligncenter" width="709"] Valerie at the branch in Bangkok[/caption]

What exactly does ‘Plearnwan’ mean?

It means “to play and learn”, and the restaurants are designed to emanate an air of classical romance.

There is a unique theme at each branch. For example, the branch in Bangkok is gorgeously old-fashioned, nostalgic, and full of cute little knick-knacks

[caption id="attachment_20647" align="aligncenter" width="399"] Cute little display items at Plearnwan Panich Bangkok[/caption]

The interior design accentuates the theme and will enrich your dining experience.

Without further ado, let’s dive into Valerie’s experience at the Plearnwarn Panich branch in Bangkok! 

Plearnwan Panich in Bangkok

 The Plearnwan Panich branch is situated at Siam Square 1 in Bangkok, Thailand.

“Blast to the past” best summarises the theme and overall, the restaurant gave off chill hangout vibes.

Just a 30 minutes ride from the airport, this is a great stop over before you head to other parts of Bangkok.

To our delight, the menu is presented in two languages – Thai and English!

When dinner was served, it was no less than a gastronomical fare.

[caption id="attachment_20667" align="aligncenter" width="399"] Old school biscuits to go with our drinks[/caption]

The mains were delish – authentically Thai food, just the right amount of spiciness, and oh-so-good.

Just when we thought the food couldn’t get any better, desserts were served! There are plenty of desserts to choose from, and they were as quirky and cute as the décor.

These were soft, moist and chewy. You can dip them in either condensed milk or kaya!

Last but not least, this dessert comes in corn and coconut flavor. Chewy on the inside, this was a real delight.

All in all, the ambience was delightful and serene. It was like being transported into a different world – back to the past with comfort food and homey décor.

Plearnwan in Huahin

Valerie then took a three-hour ride to Huahin, where she explored the wistful and cutesy village.

[caption id="attachment_20654" align="aligncenter" width="938"] There are booths featuring carnival games in the background![/caption]

There is a rustic charm to the ambience at both the village and hotel (Piman Plearnwan). Rudimentary elements are even incorporated into the facilities, so you enjoy the old-world charm in its entirety!

[caption id="attachment_20652" align="aligncenter" width="938"] A big water tub in the hotel. You’ll have to scoop the water out and shower yourself with it![/caption] [caption id="attachment_20651" align="aligncenter" width="938"] The intricately and intriguingly designed hotel room in Piman Plearnwan[/caption] [caption id="attachment_20650" align="aligncenter" width="938"] The lounge area[/caption]

Plearnwan in Huahin opened 7 years ago.

Like the Bangkok branch, they serve comfort and homey food at affordable prices. Their food is so genuine, even their coffee beans are sourced locally. If you’re looking for a great place to chill over food, you won’t go wrong at Plearnwan at Huahin.

[caption id="attachment_20649" align="aligncenter" width="886"] Valerie loved her breakfast set so much that she had the same set for two days![/caption]

Anyone visiting Thailand should set aside some time to visit Plearnwan to soak in some old school nostalgia, whether in Bangkok or Huahin.

And each of the Plearnwan Panich branch is beautiful in its own way. The Bangkok branch’s décor, ambience and food made Valerie feel at ease and contented, especially after a flight.

On the other hand, the village (community) in Huahin is captivating with the traditional carnival booths and sentimental furnishings.

Coupled with good and affordable food, the Plearnwan Panich branches are simply unmissable and must-visit spots!

Plearnwan (Huahin):

Piman Plearnwan (the hotel Valerie stayed at in Huahin)

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Because Bangkok Is Overrated, Let These Hidden Gems In Thailand Take Your Breath Away

Thailand has long been one of our top favourite travel destinations. Instead of flocking to the usual tourist spots such as Bangkok and Phuket, how about visiting somewhere different and undiscovered?

Head to these 9 picturesque & hidden spots in the Land of Smiles before everyone discovers it!

1. Northern Thailand

Surrounded by dense forests and tall mountains, northern Thailand enjoys a cooler climate compared to the rest of the country. For a long time, it was pretty much cut off from the rest of the world due to political issues. While it has since opened up, the area is still pretty rustic and retains much of its original charm!


a. Grand Canyon Chiang Mai

[caption id="attachment_12799" align="alignnone" width="2289"]Mind-Blowing-Grand-Canyon-Chiang-Mai Image credit: VacayHack Grand Canyon Chiang Mai[/caption]

Less than an hour away from the city centre of Chiang Mai lies the unexpected and beautiful Grand Canyon Chiang Mai.

There are no insane crowds as of now, because the awesome landscape is still pretty much a local secret. So swim, sunbathe and cliff jump all you want in this offbeat tranquil space before others know about it!

Address: 244 M.3 T.Namphrae A.hangdong, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50230

How to get there: Be adventurous and rent a motorbike! Follow Google Map directions after keying “Grand Canyon Chiang Mai”. You can also arrange a red truck or taxi to bring you there.

b. Phu Chi Fa

[caption id="attachment_12855" align="alignnone" width="1600"]phu-chi-fa-sunrise Image Credit: Book Thailand Now Phu Chi Fa[/caption]

This hidden spot is one of the locals’ favourite places to catch the sunrise, especially during winter from October to February. Because of its remote location and winding roads, it is still an undiscovered and secret spot to most foreigners.

Trek up the 1.8 km trail to the summit and be rewarded with spectacular and breathtaking views, particularly the sea of clouds at dawn! On a clear day, you can even soak in lovely views of the Mekong River and Laos.

Address: Amphoe Thoeng, 130 km from Chiang Rai city. Phu Chi Fa is a mountain located in the area of the Pa Mae Ing and Pa Mae Ngao National Forest Reserve. It’s in Amphur Thoeng in the Chiang Rai Province.

How to get there: 3-hour bus ride from Chiang Rai bus terminal at 1 pm.

2. Southern Thailand

Southern Thailand is a haven for many popular beach and island resorts in the country, including the original Thai paradise island – Phuket, Ko Samui and Krabi.

However, there are many more less well-known but surreal beaches and picturesque islands. 


a. Railay Bay

[caption id="attachment_13185" align="aligncenter" width="1500"]Credit: RailayBay Credit: Railay Bay is a narrow peninsula near Krabi. It is accessible only by boat. Known for mind-blowing views of the sunset, this small crescent beach comes alive in the evening. But not to worry, you will still be able to find your private space easily on this amazing beach.

railay-beach-climbing-tourImage Credit: Almond Beach Club
Railay Beach rock climbing

Rent a kayak on Railay West Beach from the resorts or right in front of Walking Street. Paddle out to the south of the beach towards the rocky coastline and you can glide through some natural cave tunnels for a fun thrill!

Witness the crumbling limestone cliffs by the bay that will be tinted with rich red and orange colours as the sun sets. Feeling adventurous? Challenge yourself by climbing these towering cliffs for a magnificent bird’s eye view of the pristine beach.

These are just some experiences that will surely guarantee an unforgettable vacay!

How to get there: Take a 15-minute boat ride from Ao Nang Beach in Krabi

3. Northeast Thailand

Northeast Thailand, or Isan as it is commonly known, is home to the best national parks in the country. Here are two fascinating sites in Ko Chang – Thailand’s third largest island. You’ve got to discover it before everyone else does!


a. Koh Chang’s waterfalls

[caption id="attachment_12802" align="alignnone" width="800"]mind-blowing-waterfall Image credit: Geocaching Kai Bae Waterfall[/caption]

Koh Chang is famous for its waterfalls. One of the better and hidden ones is Kai Bae. Tourists may flock to the other waterfalls, but Kai Bae is a well-kept secret of Koh Chang’s local residents and long term expatriates.

It cannot be found on the tourist map, but good news: the waterfalls is relatively easy to access! Free for all to enter, this hidden waterfall is just 30 minutes from the beach!

The best time to visit is from May to November, where there will be enough water plunging from the top to the plunge pool below. Enjoy the refreshing swim and create memories with your loved ones.

How to get there: It’s so undiscovered, it deserves better directions.

Start your walk at the 7-eleven opposite the entrance to Kai Bae Hut. Take the dirt road leading inland, passing by workers’ homes on the right and Sanook Sanag Resort on the left. Following, you will see the laundry for Sea View Resort on your left.

The dirt road now meanders through a pomelo field, passing by the water tower on your right. A few hundred metres further on, look for a stone walled compound about 50 metres off the road on your left.

Another few hundred metres and you will come to a paved road with a couple of bungalows and a concrete sign in Thai. Look out for a sign in English pointing the way to the footpath leading to the waterfall shortly.

4. Western Thailand

Characterised by high mountains and steep river valleys. Western Thailand is home to most of the country’s less-disturbed forest areas. If you are seeking an adventure after your usual shopping haunt in Bangkok, head to Kanchanaburi. It’s just a 3 hours’ drive from the capital city, and the Thais believe it is one of the most beautiful provinces in the country!


a. Srinakarin National Park

[caption id="attachment_13046" align="alignnone" width="2880"]huay-mae-khamin-waterfall Image Credit: Amazing Wallpapers[/caption]

Featuring natural waterfalls, hot springs, and caves, the Srinakarin National Park spans a total area of 1,532 square km. Furthermore, the lush deciduous forest is filled with abundant native wildlife such as leopard cat, slow loris and civets.

Do not forget to check out one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand – the breathtaking 7-level Huay Mae Khamin Waterfall!

How to get there:

By Boat: Charter a boat at Mong Krathae Pier or Tha Kradan Pier, 12 km from the intersection leading to Srinagarindra Dam. It costs 1,500 THB (10 persons) to 3000 THB (30 persons). Upon arrival at Huai Mae Khamin Pier, walk for about 200 metres to the waterfall.

By Bus: Take a Song Thaeo from Wat Thung Lat Ya in Amphoe Mueang passing Ban Ton Maphrao, Ban Nam Mut, Phut Ta Sian and Namtok Huai  Mae Khamin. The bus departs at noon and is about 4 hours’ ride. (Note: Departure time subject to change.)

Admission fee: 300 THB for adults, 200 THB for children

b. Elephant’s World

[caption id="attachment_12863" align="alignnone" width="1600"]elephants-world Image Credit: The World Is Not That Big[/caption]

At Elephant’s World, it’s you who will be working for the elephants, not the other way around!

How is this possible? Elephant’s World is a non-profit elephant refuge that offers an interesting and responsible alternative to the usual tourist elephant camps. Functioning like a “retirement home”, the village houses sick, old, disabled, abused and rescued elephants within the jungle-clad mountains by the River Kwai.

Led by a volunteer guide, you can help take care of Elephants by gathering food, feeding and bathing them. The idyllic environment allows visitors plenty of time and space for intimate encounters with the elephants. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience that brings you up close to the lovely animal.

Leave the camp feeling great that you have done something good for the elephants rather than harm them. Moreover, we don’t get such experience in modern Singapore!

Address: 90/9 Moo 4, Baan Nong Hoi, Amphoe Mueang, Tambon Wang Dong, Kanchanaburi 71190, Thailand

How to get there: From Kanchanaburi, follow the 3199 road and turn at the intersection 38/1 for going to Nijiko Resort and Country Club – นจโกะรสอรท แอนด คนทรคลบ and follow the Elephant’s World signs.

With these awesome hidden spots in Thailand so close to Singapore, it seems like your next mind-blowing vacation neither needs to be far away nor expensive!

Rather, what you need is an open mind! Furthermore, there’s so much to do in each of these secret places in Thailand.

You don’t even need to spend big bucks or endure long exhausting flights that sap your energy before you reach paradise! Head to these surreal places before they get too crowded for comfort.

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With the upcoming long weekends and June holidays, many of us are likely to be in search of a quick getaway. Some of us may already be enjoying the start of our long coveted summer holidays! How does the Land of Smiles, Tom Yum Goong and Mango Sticky Rice sound to you?

A mere 2h and 10 minutes away from Singapore*, Bangkok is a popular destination for both local travellers and visitors from Asia Pacific alike. The vibrant capital of Thailand has more to its name than palatable street food, and being a shopper’s paradise. Marvel at the grandeur of the Grand Palace and Wat Arun, explore the floating markets on a wooden boat, and experience the bustling nightlife of the city. There is much to do in this multi-faceted city whether you are interested in food, shopping, museums, architecture, palaces and temples, or simply unwinding.

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